Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel dreams about waking up from a bad dream in bed with Jennifer. Daniel then wakes up on the couch and there's a knock at the door. Daniel tries to ignore it but it's Chloe.

Abe talks with Nicole at the Rectory about Vargas fixing the heater. Abe talks about his file not mentioning he was good with tools. Vargas stops behind the doorway and listens in. Abe asks Nicole how she's handling being around a hardcore ex-con.

Chloe continues knocking and asking if Daniel is there as it's important. Daniel reluctantly gets up and answers the door. Chloe apologizes for waking him but surprises him with Parker. Daniel hugs him.

Brady finishes a call in the living room at the mansion as Kristen walks in. Brady tells her about being fine after his check up with no damage from his mugging. Kristen thinks back to paying Sy off. Kristen calls it great news and wants to celebrate as Brady kisses her until the doorbell rings. Kristen tells him to stay there and she'll get rid of whoever it is. Kristen answers the door and it's Hope. Kristen asks what she's doing there. Hope reveals she has good news that they may have caught one of the muggers who put Brady in the hospital.

Nancy returns with Parker. Daniel jokes with Parker about getting taller and stronger. Daniel asks about New York. Chloe says they will have plenty of time to talk about that. Daniel mentions Chloe packing her things. Nancy doesn't understand why Chloe has to move out. Daniel says Chloe knows so she can explain. Nancy asks Daniel how he is after everything.

Jennifer stretches at home and then goes to leave as Lucas arrives. Lucas is ecstatic and hugs her. Lucas is very glad that she got the message and dumped Daniel. Lucas thinks she must be feeling fantastic.

Hope enters asking if Brady's there. Kristen asks how she found the mugger. Hope talks about investigating it. Kristen asks what his name is and how she can be sure. Hope says the guy fits the description and she wants them to come to the station to identify him. Brady enters and wants to do it, saying he wants to put the guy away.

Nicole reminds Abe that she's an ex-con too. Abe explains that Vargas did ten hard years. Nicole talks about at first not liking the prison outreach program but says Vargas is doing great and he knows right and wrong. Nicole says Vargas wants to put the past in the past to make something of himself. Nicole says it's going great and Vargas is a pro. Nicole decides to go get him so Abe can see for himself.

Victor joins Maggie in the living room, asking what happened as he left for one night. Victor asks what happened with Daniel and what that woman did to him.

Daniel talks to Parker about playing ball. Nancy insists they need to talk about what happened with he and Jennifer. Nancy starts to complain about Jennifer but Daniel decides he's going to take Parker out for some time alone so Chloe can pack. Daniel thanks her for bringing Parker home. Daniel wants Chloe and Nancy gone by the time they get back. Daniel goes to get his things. Nancy complains to Chloe about Daniel's mood. Chloe says he will get over it and Jennifer and she'll be there with their son. Nancy warns her that Daniel will never forgive her if Jennifer says anything about what she threatened. Chloe reminds her that Jennifer knows the consequences.

Lucas pours drinks for he and Jennifer and toasts to what he calls the smartest decision of her life. Lucas reminds her that he told her that Daniel was all wrong for her and that he's a user and a taker that she didn't need. Lucas brings up Sami doing a 180 on him and suggests trying to set Jennifer up with Rafe. Jennifer asks really. Lucas understands if it's too soon but commends her for doing the right thing by cutting Daniel off. Jennifer drops her drink.

Maggie tells Victor about being unable to get the things that Jennifer said to Daniel. Maggie calls it vicious and wrong. Victor blames himself for encouraging Daniel towards Jennifer. Victor wonders what's wrong with her. Maggie says Jennifer says she can't get over Jack. Victor says she should've told him from day one instead of leading him on and dumping him. Maggie starts to cry. Victor says he's sorry for her and Daniel as he hugs her.

Jennifer cleans up her drink. Lucas apologizes if it hit her harder than he thought. Jennifer says it's okay and doing the right thing sometimes hurts. Lucas encourages her to be strong and says she did really good. Jennifer says she was fooling herself. Lucas says all that's important is that she got wise. Jennifer doesn't want to bash Daniel anymore as she was cruel to him. Jennifer says Daniel isn't a bad man, just the wrong man. Lucas doesn't want to argue and suggests they catch a movie but Jennifer says she has a lot do so she has to run and clear her head. Jennifer assures him that she's okay and is going to be fine. She walks him out. Lucas tells her again how happy he is as they say goodbye and Lucas exits. Jennifer then follows out.

Nancy takes some aspirin. Chloe apologizes for making her rush back. Nancy says it's okay as she's not sure they could've kept pretending to be in New York. Chloe mentions Parker becoming more talkative. Nancy brings up that if Jennifer says one word. Chloe assures her that she won't say anything and is committed. Chloe decides she's going to spend time with Daniel and Parker but Nancy tells her no since Daniel wanted alone time but Chloe insists.

Daniel sits with Parker in the town square playing a game on his laptop. Daniel asks Parker about his trip and calls him amazing. Daniel says he's so glad he's back.

Hope finishes a call. Brady tells her they will be right behind her to identify the mugger. Hope says she will see them both at the station as she exits. Kristen decides she will meet Brady there. Brady wonders why. Kristen says she will have to go straight to her office but Brady offers to drop her by because of construction traffic. Brady says they were in it together so he wants her there at the station and they exit together.

Abe talks with Vargas about Eric coming back later in the week. Nicole returns to the room mentioning looking for him. Nicole is glad they met. Abe says he seems to be doing fine. Abe tells Vargas to feel free to call if there's a problem. Vargas doubts anything will come up and calls it a great place to get back on his feet. Abe says he has a meeting and will see them later so he exits. Vargas calls him a nice guy. Nicole says he's one of the good ones. Vargas says he's going to go back to work on the hot water heater. Vargas stops and asks Nicole if Eric got the plans that EJ left. Nicole asks about EJ being there. Vargas asks if she knows him. Nicole informs him that she was married to him twice.

Kristen goes to Hope's office at the station and looks through the files on her desk. Hope enters and startles her. Hope asks where Brady is. She says he's parking the car and was hoping to find information on the mugger. Hope tells her the mugshot isn't there yet but will come. Hope suggests they wait for Brady.

Victor apologizes to Maggie for blowing up like that. Maggie says it was so hard as what she saw wasn't the Jennifer she knew. Maggie questions if she ever really knew Jennifer. Victor says they will be there for Daniel and he's there for her. Victor wishes he could do something as he hugs her.

Daniel continues playing with Parker as Chloe joins them. Daniel asks what she's doing there. Chloe says she hopes she's not intruding but she wanted to say she knows she's made a lot of big mistakes but the one time she did the right thing was bringing Parker back to him so their family could be complete. Daniel tells her to sit and shows her the game Parker is playing. Jennifer goes jogging nearby and stops when she sees them. Jennifer watches and then turns and walks away before Daniel turns around. Daniel realizes he left his phone at the apartment so Chloe says she'll take care of Parker. Chloe says this is fun as Daniel goes off to get his phone. Chloe says to herself that it's going to take some time.

Vargas questions Nicole marrying EJ twice. Nicole calls it ancient history. Vargas talks about the weight of the DiMera name in prison. Nicole apologizes and says everyone in town knows about her and EJ's drama so she's not used to getting into it. Vargas sits and asks her about marrying the same guy twice. Nicole knows it sounds crazy but says it made sense to her then. Nicole jokes about being insane. Vargas thinks she seems sane to him. Vargas starts to leave but Nicole stops and says he asked her so many questions so she wants to ask one. Nicole asks him how come he's so easy to talk to.

Hope talks with Kristen about the mugger. A cop enters and gives Hope the file with the mugshot. Hope shows it to Kristen and she's relieved it's not Sy so she quickly assures Hope that it's definitely one of the muggers. Hope encourages her to take her time. Kristen insists on being positive that it's him. Brady arrives and Kristen shows him the mugshot. Brady says he's never seen the guy before. Hope asks if it's not one of the guys who attacked him. Brady says no way but Kristen reminds Brady that he was hit from behind so he couldn't see. Hope brings up that in Kristen's statement, she said she didn't get a good look at either guy. Kristen says she must have been in shock and apologizes saying it was worth a shot. Kristen asks Brady to take her to her office but Hope says they just updated their mugshot book so they should take a look while they're there. Brady agrees to.

Sy sits counting his money and thinks back to his deal with Kristen. Sy shakes his head and declares it's not nearly enough.

Vargas questions Nicole thinking he's easy to talk to. Vargas credits it to living in the same place for ten years and just talking and listening. Nicole apologizes. Vargas talks about all the prison sob stories he's heard. Nicole asks if that's what he thinks she was giving. Vargas says it sounded like she was being honest and he doesn't think she's about self pity. Nicole feels she's just settling for whatever comes but Vargas encourages her. Vargas calls her a smart girl. Vargas heads to the basement to go back to work leaving Nicole with a smile.

Jennifer walks outside the Pub talking on the phone about going out to lunch and being busy. Jennifer hangs up.

Daniel returns to the apartment and hears Nancy singing from the shower. Daniel looks around for his phone but finds Nancy's passport on the table.

Sy says he's gotta do it as he has no choice. He makes a call and says they don't know him but they need to talk.

Brady and Kristen look through the mugshot book but don't find anything. Kristen calls it a waste of time. Brady suggests they look at some more. Kristen calls it pointless and says they all start to look alike after awhile but Brady finds Sy's mugshot and identifies him. Kristen thinks back to talking with him. Brady assures Hope that it's one of the muggers as he remembers punching his face. Hope asks Kristen if she recognizes him.

Sy's call is to Victor. Victor asks who it is. Sy says they can get to that when they meet as he has information he will want to have about his grandson Brady and the woman he's with, Kristen DiMera.

Jennifer makes a call telling someone she really needs to see them now.

Chloe sits with Parker and tells him how glad she is to have him back. Chloe tells Parker that any time someone asks where he went, he is to say New York and not Brazil as she calls it their special secret.

Daniel picks up Nancy's passport and looks at it, seeing it is to Brazil.

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