Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/5/13


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Chloe says Daniel is a good man that knows what real love is. She asks him not to shut her out. Daniel then kisses her.

The curtains open on the stage and Cameron appears doing a stripper routine dressed as a boxer. Abigail and Chad exit the club wondering where Cameron went and Chad says they drove to Chicago for nothing. Abigail then says she left her purse and goes back inside to get it. Abigail goes back in and grabs her purse and then sees Cameron stripping on stage in front of the crowd of cheering women.

Nicole goes to the Rectory and asks Eric about going to the religious conference. Eric says he might not be coming back.

Kristen goes to John's hotel room and gives him the box she got out of a drawer at the mansion. John opens it and inside are old pictures of them. Kristen says she felt the need to share them with him.

Jennifer sits alone at home until Hope arrives. Hope says she can't believe what she's heard and asks what happened.

Daniel and Chloe kiss onto the couch.

Hope tells Jennifer all that she heard from the hospital but she didn't think it sounded like Jennifer. Hope says she knows how happy she was with Daniel so something is not right. Jennifer agrees. Hope asks if she can work out whatever it is but Jennifer says no.

Daniel and Chloe continue kissing until Daniel stops and says he can't. Chloe argues that he can and this is right and meant to be as they then resume kissing.

Nicole asks Eric about not coming back. Eric says he has only talked to Father Matt about it but he has transfer papers as the bishop is considering moving him after the conference. Nicole argues about everything he's done here and says they need him. Nicole calls it horrible news and brings up all that Eric has done for the school. Eric suggests there could be a Parrish that needs him more. Nicole asks him what he means. Eric says he got an e-mail from the bishop about changes including him moving out of St. Luke's. Nicole rips up the paper and says it's problem solved.

Kristen says it's so strange looking at the old picture of she and John. She says she thought they were in love and happy but now she feels real love. John says they both know she doesn't love Brady and is only using him. Kristen says that's all she came for and tells him to enjoy his trip down memory lane. She jokes about his hair back then and then exits.

Chloe and Daniel continue kissing as Chloe starts to try and undress him but he stops and says it's not right. Chloe reminds him that they were in love once and that Parker is proof. Daniel recalls what Jennifer did at the hospital. Chloe says she was cruel to him. Daniel declares that he can't use Chloe to get over his own problem. Chloe talks about how Jennifer hurt him and wanted to. Daniel says that's not Jennifer as she doesn't lie and isn't cruel. Daniel states that he is a mess and has no right to take advantage of her. Daniel says hurting Chloe would be like hurting Parker. Chloe repeats that he's the best man she's ever known.

Jennifer tells Hope that it's not complicated as she wasn't ready to move on and isn't over Jack and is not ready for a relationship. Hope knows she was happy with Daniel. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it but Hope isn't buying it. Hope asks if it has to do with Chloe. Jennifer claims it's only about her and Daniel. Jennifer asks Hope to leave.

Chad waits outside the club for Abigail but then decides to just head back inside. Abigail stares on in shock as Cameron continues his routine. Girls from the crowd put money in Cameron's underwear. Cameron then looks up and sees Abigail. Cameron stops and stares and then rushes off stage. Chad returns to Abigail and jokes about seeing Cameron. Abigail wonders why he's a stripper. Chad jokes about it. Abigail says it's not funny and worries about Cameron seeing her. Abigail says she's going to leave but the bouncer stops her and says she's not going anywhere.

Nicole argues that Eric just got here and everything he's done for the school and the hospital. Nicole doesn't understand. Eric suggests they frowned upon him asking Kristen and Brady to resign. Eric talks about missing her but Nicole says he isn't going anywhere. Eric brings up the vow he took. Nicole turns away and holds back tears. Eric tells her it's okay and not to be upset. Nicole wonders what she will do without him. Nicole blames Kristen for it all.

At the town square, Kristen walks by overhearing two nurses talking about Jennifer breaking up with Daniel.

Daniel tells Chloe that she should go but she says he shouldn't be alone. Daniel insists that he will be fine and will go see Parker tomorrow. Chloe says it will be easier if Nancy brings Parker back. Daniel says she doesn't have to. Chloe says she'll be back tomorrow to get the rest of her things. Chloe tells him to focus on Parker because he hasn't lost him. Daniel thanks her as she exits. Chloe stops outside and calls Nancy. Chloe tells her that Daniel and Jennifer are done so she can bring Parker back now.

Jennifer looks at a picture of her and Jack until Kristen arrives. Jennifer apologizes and says it's not a good time. Kristen says that's why she came and isn't leaving until she knows she's alright.

Cameron catches up with Abigail and Chad as he informs them that he asked the bouncer to make sure they didn't leave. Cameron can't believe they followed him and invaded his privacy. Chad continues joking around. Chad says they were worried about him and trying to help him. Cameron says if they were his friends then they wouldn't be there but Abigail calls it crap.

John says Kristen brought the pictures for a reason and he better find out what that reason is.

Kristen tells Jennifer that she likes Daniel and wanted them to be happy. She asks if it's about Jack. Jennifer tells her to go. Kristen is worried about her. Jennifer tells her not to be. Kristen says the way she dumped Daniel is not like her as she doesn't hurt people. Kristen worries that she will have a hard time living with what she's done. Jennifer says Daniel is the one who really got hurt.

Daniel remains at the apartment and thinks back to Jennifer breaking up with him as he holds the necklace he gave her. Daniel tosses it into a drawer as Maggie arrives. Maggie apologizes and can't believe how Jennifer treated him. Daniel doesn't want to talk about Jennifer so Maggie says they won't and hugs him.

Abigail and Chad continue questioning Cameron. Cameron says it's his personal business. Abigail brings up Cameron paying off the guy at the hospital. Cameron questions her not asking him about it. Abigail says he practically shut the door in her face. Chad mentions Abigail being a virgin again. Cameron feels he doesn't owe an explanation. Abigail says they must not be friends because friends help each other. Cameron says Abigail has never trusted him and that's what has held them back. Cameron says she doesn't have to worry about him anymore as he can take care of himself. Chad then asks about the gun they saw him carrying.

Nicole decides she's going to call the bishop and tell him he can't move Eric. Eric tells her that she can't do that about a confidential matter. Nicole says she was a lost sheep until Eric brought her back. Eric encourages her to keep going on with her life and every day will get better. Eric says they will be thankful for the time they had and how much good they did for each other. Eric thanks Nicole for helping him with his nightmares and always having his back. Eric stops before leaving and says he has one more favor to ask of Nicole.

Maggie talks about Daniel drinking and offers him tea. Maggie wishes she knew what to do to make him feel better because she feels like it's her fault for being Jennifer's biggest cheerleader. Maggie wants nothing to do with Jennifer after what she did to him but doesn't know why she did it. Daniel tells her it's because of Jack.

Kristen tells Jennifer that there's enough hurt to go around. Jennifer asks her to leave. Kristen starts to but stops and says Jack wouldn't want her to pass up happiness. Kristen then exits. Jennifer says to herself that she's sorry to Daniel but didn't have a choice. The doorbell rings again and this time it's Chloe. Jennifer calls it a bad time. Chloe calls it a rough day.

Nicole tells Eric that he can ask her anything. Eric wonders about Vargas as he'll be Father Matt's responsibility but he hopes she will cut him some slack. Nicole says they get around great now. Eric didn't know they worked things out. Nicole says it will be easy for them to coexist. Eric says he is really going to miss her. Eric then exits. Nicole says to herself that he doesn't know the half of it.

Chad keeps laughing as Cameron explains that the gun is a prop for his stripper routine. Abigail asks why he's doing this. Cameron says he needs the money to pay back student loans and to help out his mom. Cameron says he had borrowed money from the guy he was paying back. Chad asks why he didn't just come to him as family. Cameron says he's not going to take money from the DiMeras as it's his problem. Cameron begs them not to tell anyone. Abigail promises not to and Chad then apologizes for giving him a hard time. Cameron says he'd probably give him a hard time too if the tables were turned. Cameron then walks away to get back to work.

Jennifer tells Chloe to leave now. Chloe says it won't take long but she wanted to tell her that Parker is on his way back. Chloe threatens that if Jennifer does anything to get Daniel back then she will take him away again. Chloe reminds her that Daniel can be with Jennifer or Parker but not both. Jennifer questions her thinking about anyone but herself. Chloe says she doesn't care what she thinks only that she's out of the way. Jennifer worries about Parker and says he needs Daniel. Jennifer says she hopes Chloe's happy as she walks away.

Daniel knows Maggie is worried but assures that he won't go out and do anything stupid. Daniel talks about having Parker still as a reason to keep a clear head. Daniel adds that drinking won't help or make anything better. Maggie is glad. Maggie says what Jennifer did was hurtful or classless and she made sure she knew it. Daniel assures her that he will be okay. Daniel decides he's going for a walk to get some air. Maggie tells him to let her know when Parker is back. Daniel thanks her and says he didn't want to talk and wants to be alone but he's so glad she came by as they hug.

Kristen returns home to the DiMera Mansion. She notices roses on the table. She says it's not her fault that men are the weaker sex.

John continues looking at the old photo of he and Kristen and wonders what she's trying to tell him.

Kristen goes to the flowers and throws the card away. She sits down and opens a drawer.

Nicole says to herself that it's not the bishop who did this but God doing something about her impure thoughts. Nicole adds that she know she asked for help but didn't think he'd answer her. Nicole says she knows she doesn't deserve to be trusted but this is really hard. Nicole says Eric gets her through the day when they are tough. Nicole cries asking God not to let Eric leave. Eric returns and reveals the transfer papers were for someone else and went to the wrong e-mail. Eric says he'll be gone a couple days and be right back so it was all just a big mistake. Nicole happily asks if he's sure as she looks up after her prayer.

Abigail tells Chad that Cameron will never forgive her for this. Chad laughs it off and says he'll get over it. Abigail wants him to stop laughing and says it's awful that he has to do this. Abigail wishes for another part time job for him. Chad talks about how much this pays. The curtains on the stage open up again as Cameron appears dressed as a cop this time and begins his stripper routine.

John sits with the old photo and thinks back to he and Kristen being together at that time in the past. John says one thing's for sure and that is that it's not over. John drops the box in the trash.

Kristen looks at an old photo of she and John and says John doesn't think this is over. She tosses the photo into the fireplace.

Daniel walks through the town square as Jennifer walks in from the other side and they stop when they see one another. Daniel turns and walks away.

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