Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer is glad she found Daniel. Daniel is too as he has something to say to her. Chloe arrives and hides behind the corner. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not giving up on them. Jennifer asks him not to make this hard but Daniel kisses her as Chloe watches on looking upset.

Cameron walks past the Pub. Abigail and Chad follow. Abigail stops and asks if it's okay to be following him. Chad reminds her that they have to find out if he's in trouble.

Nick sits at the Pub and gets a text from Vargas to meet him at the Rectory.

EJ enters the rectory, looking for Eric but finds Vargas. Vargas greets him already knowing who EJ is.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion to see for himself that Sami now lives there. Lucas questions how Sami could move her kids back in to the house of horrors.

Maxine and Ann see Daniel and Jennifer kissing. Jennifer questions what Daniel is doing. Daniel says he is not letting Jennifer go because he loves her and they will get through whatever is going on.

Cameron enters his hotel room. Chad and Abigail wait outside. Abigail complains about feeling like a stalker. Chad points out that he's lied to them about working double shifts and he could be in trouble. Abigail says it feels wrong. Chad asks what she's not telling him. Abigail thinks back to seeing him hand over money. Abigail claims it's nothing and suggests they leave but Chad says Cameron lied to them and they need answers.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he needs her and has never loved anyone like her. Chloe continues watching. Daniel calls Jennifer perfect. Daniel continues pleading with her. Jennifer looks over at Chloe. Daniel says he will never leave her alone. Daniel talks about how Jack would want her to be loved and he loves her. Daniel says she is everything to him. Jennifer thinks back to Chloe telling her to break Daniel's heart. Jennifer stops Daniel and says they are done and over.

Chad starts to knock on Cameron's door but Abigail stops him and says they can't confront him like that. They talk about wanting to know what's going on. Abigail says she will talk to him privately so he doesn't feel ganged up on. Abigail promises to tell Chad everything. Chad agrees and walks away. Abigail knocks on Cameron's door and he answers the door shirtless asking what's up.

EJ talks with Vargas in the Rectory and decides to leave a note for Eric. Nick arrives and stops in the doorway.

Lucas continues mocking Sami for living in the DiMera Mansion. Lucas tells her that he will not be dropping Allie off at a place like this. Sami admits she should've told Lucas before. Lucas says she should've asked him as they have joint custody. Sami calls it an emergency. Lucas says he hates being there. Lucas tells Sami that he's not taking Allie into the mansion with her. Lucas threatens to sue for full custody if she stays in the mansion.

Chloe sends Ann to get closer to Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel asks to go somewhere more private but Jennifer refuses. Daniel doesn't believe her. Jennifer says she heard him and tells him to listen to her as they settle this once and for all. Jennifer says she's tried to tell him and he needs to get it. Jennifer talks about misleading him because she was confused and calls their night at Smith Island a mistake. Daniel accuses her of lying as Chloe, Ann and Maxine continue watching. Jennifer insists that it's true. Daniel argues that she wanted to be with him. Jennifer calls it sex and not love and she needs more than that. Jennifer tells him not to touch her.

Cameron tells Abigail that he was just on his way to work. She feels bad about the way they left things and wants to talk but Cameron says he can't be late. Cameron tells her that they are good so she doesn't have to worry about being a virgin because it's no big deal to him. Cameron insists that he really likes her and wants them to work so they will but he has to go. Cameron agrees to call her tomorrow and shuts the door. Chad comes out from around the corner and asks Abigail about being a virgin.

EJ gives Vargas his note for Eric and then exits. Nick then enters. Nick says it's stupid for them to meet. Vargas says it will be his call. Nick worries about EJ seeing him. Vargas says he'd come up with an excuse. Nick asks if he knows who EJ is. Vargas says every con knows the DiMera family. Nick explains that EJ is with Eric's sister and was married to Nicole. Vargas stops Nick from leaving.

Lucas and Sami continue to argue. Lucas says he's done trying to figure out why Sami keeps coming back. Lucas says he feels sorry for Johnny and Sydney but will protect Allie from it. Lucas brings up what EJ has done. Sami wants Lucas to listen to her explain why she's in the house. Lucas tells her to tell him why she's living there. Sami calls it a great house for kids. Lucas doesn't buy it. Sami asks him not to punish Allie by not letting her live with her brother and sister. Lucas says it's all about Sami which is all she cares about so Sami finally blurts out that she's living there to try and save their son.

Jennifer accuses Daniel of treating her like a child. Jennifer talks about Daniel not taking it seriously when she warned him about Chloe. Jennifer says Chloe won't ever stop but it's too late. Daniel tries to argue but Jennifer says there is no them. Jennifer tells Daniel that he is not half the man that Jack was and she won't disgrace his memory by pretending he is. Jennifer shouts at him that she does not want to be with him as Maggie had joined the crowd of nurses watching.

Abigail tells Chad to keep his voice down so Cameron doesn't hear. Chad talks about things making sense now knowing she's a virgin. Abigail calls him an ass and then they hide around the corner as Cameron exits his room. Cameron holds a gun as he walks on. Chad holds Abigail back as she wonders why Cameron has a gun.

Nick reminds Vargas that people could see them here. Vargas says they have time. Vargas talks about the money Nick earned him in prison and wants it to be a payday. Nick says he got lucky and it would be a big gamble. Nick asks if he's willing to lose all that money. Vargas says he wouldn't be happy. Nick suggests he go to another town but Vargas says he likes it here. Vargas says he deserves better than what he has to work with. Vargas says they've worked too hard. Nick exits.

Lucas questions Sami as to how living there will help save their son. Sami agrees to tell him if he promises not to say anything. Lucas agrees. Sami explains that Will wants to be with his daughter and said he would do anything to get Nick out of the way so she agreed to come to Stefano. Lucas questions wanting Stefano to kill Nick. Sami says she just means get him out of the way. Lucas suggests they just go back to the evidence room and try again but Sami says they can't risk getting caught. Lucas asks why EJ doesn't just do it. Sami says EJ and Stefano have a complicated relationship so she's living there to suck up to Stefano and get him to help. Sami says with his help, Will could be with his daughter so she would make a deal with the devil to help Will. Lucas thinks she's making a huge mistake.

Daniel asks why Jennifer is doing this and refuses to give up but she insists that they are over. Ann remarks to Maxine that she always knew Jennifer was a bitch but this is hardcore. Jennifer gives Daniel his necklace back. Jennifer then adds that she's quitting her job there and asks Daniel if he gets it now that she doesn't want to see him anymore so he should stay away from her. Jennifer storms off. Maggie approaches Daniel and says she's sorry. Daniel stops her and walks away. Chloe watches Daniel with a smile.

Chad and Abigail watch as Cameron is buying coffee at the town square. They wonder why he has a gun. Chad then goes back to Abigail being a virgin. She calls him a jackass. Chad thinks she should've told him while they were together. They then hide as Cameron comes out of the coffee shop and keeps on walking. They rush to follow him.

Lucas tells Sami that even if Stefano agrees to help Will, she will be in his debt. Sami says it's better her than Will. Sami says it's on her instead of Will. Lucas repeats that she will owe Stefano DiMera. Sami asks if he has a better idea. Lucas says he's working on it. Sami asks him to bring Allie home. Lucas tells her to not call this home. Sami wants Allie with Johnny and Sydney as she argues that the kids will love the mansion. Lucas asks how long they will be there. Sami says Will is coming too and is doing what he has to do. Lucas states that he hates it. Lucas agrees to bring Allie by tomorrow but warns Sami to never pull a stunt like this again. Sami promises not to. Sami reminds Lucas not to say anything especially Kate. Lucas knows and remarks that Nick will never see this coming.

Chloe follows Daniel home to his apartment. Daniel tells her it's a bad time. Chloe reveals that she was there to give Daniel his keys and saw his fight. Chloe says she couldn't believe it and calls it out of control. Chloe says they don't have to talk as she doesn't know what happened. Chloe tells him that she's sorry.

Jennifer sits at home crying. There's a knock at the door which she hopes is not Daniel as she can't do this again. Maggie says she knows Jennifer is in there and tells her to open the door so she does. Maggie asks Jennifer what is wrong with her.

EJ returns home to the mansion. Sami welcomes him home with a candle lit dinner. EJ asks what it's for and if she cooked. Sami talks about getting some of his favorites. EJ asks what the occasion is. Sami says she just wanted to do something nice for him. EJ calls it sweet and kisses her. EJ asks what she did, assuming she did something bad. Sami argues that she didn't as EJ continues kissing her. EJ says he won't judge her. Sami says she didn't do anything. EJ says he will understand. Sami swears but says he won't. EJ asks what she did. Sami informs him that Lucas was there and was really mad so she had to tell him about their plan to get Stefano to help Will. EJ gets upset and asks if she wants the plan to fail. EJ worries about Nick finding out. Sami insists Lucas won't tell but EJ points out that Lucas hates the DiMera family and doesn't think he will keep his mouth shut.

Nick sits outside the town square and says he can't believe Vargas is there. Nick says there's got to be a way as Lucas approaches and asks what he means.

Chad and Abigail follow Cameron to a building. Chad eyes a girl outside. Chad and Abigail go check in with the bouncer. He asks if they are sure they are in the right place. Chad says they are and they head inside the club. Chad and Abigail enter looking around the crowd. They talk about not seeing Cameron. Chad and Abigail wonder why Cameron would hide it as Chad doesn't see anything wrong with the place.

Jennifer tells Maggie that she doesn't feel well. Maggie is not surprised after she humiliated Daniel in front of the whole hospital. Jennifer says she tried to tell Daniel in private but he wouldn't let up. Jennifer says she made a mistake with him and was still mourning Jack. Maggie calls it no excuse to rip a man to shreds. Jennifer says she tried to be gentle and nice but he wouldn't listen. Maggie questions her public humiliation. Maggie says she's known her since she was young and she's never been anything but kind and sweet until today. Maggie adds that what Jennifer just did was heartless, cruel, and completely unnecessary.

Chloe talks to Daniel about wanting to yell back at Jennifer even if it wasn't her business. Chloe says she heard Jennifer still blames her so she offers to clear things up. Daniel tells her that the only thing she needs to do is get out. Chloe says what Jennifer said was wrong and he didn't deserve it. Chloe says it was bitchy and ugly but Daniel warns her to never talk about Jennifer like that.

Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't see Cameron anywhere. Chad looks around at girls. Abigail reminds him to pay attention. Chad tells her to look around so she does and realizes everyone in there is a woman. Chad wonders if it's a women's bar then they notice the male waiter. Chad wonders if Cameron's a waiter. Abigail drags Chad away to go look further. After they've left the crowd, the curtains open on the stage and Cameron appears doing a stripper routine dressed as a boxer.

Sami argues with EJ that Lucas won't let Nick find out. EJ warns her about Stefano finding out and becoming suspicious. Sami says Lucas was threatening to take Allie away. EJ doesn't think Lucas would follow through but Sami argues that he could sue for full custody. EJ tells her to watch what she says. They argue back and forth until they end up kissing.

Maggie tells Jennifer that she broke her heart with Daniel's tonight. Jennifer says she didn't mean to. Maggie tells her what she's done is unforgivable and she knows it. Maggie exits and Jennifer breaks down crying.

Chloe apologizes to Daniel for upsetting him and says she hates seeing him like this. Daniel says it's not her fault. Chloe says it's not his fault either and argues that Jennifer is wrong. Chloe refuses to leave him thinking Jennifer is right. Chloe says Daniel is a good man that knows what real love is. She asks him not to shut her out. Daniel then kisses her.

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