Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sy approaches Marlena in the town square and introduces himself. Marlena brings up their appointment. Sy suggests they might not need a meeting since they are here and what he has to say won't take long. Kristen sees them together from a distance.

Will asks Sonny what it is about Rafe and Kate but Kate enters and asks if they are okay. Will wants Kate to tell him.

Chad talks to Cameron at the hospital about hanging out and brings up a festival Abe mentioned. Cameron says he has to work. Maxine sends Cameron where he's needed in the lab. Chad asks Maxine about making Cameron work double shifts. Maxine says they are policy. Chad asks about working in other hospitals. Maxine says working at more than one hospital is against state law.

Jennifer cries as Abigail doesn't understand what happened between her and Daniel. Abigail encourages Jennifer to just apologize if she hurt Daniel. Jennifer says he won't understand. Abigail insists that Daniel needs to know how she really feels.

Daniel says he knows Chloe saw Jennifer earlier since she was a wreck. Daniel asks Chloe what she said to her and demands that she talk. Chloe claims not to know what he's talking about. Chloe says it's not her fault or her business. Chloe is tired of Daniel blaming her for Jennifer's meltdowns. Daniel questions her doing nothing to upset her.

Sy tells Marlena that he thinks the envelope is something that will interest her.

Abigail wants Jennifer to talk to her as she doesn't understand. Jennifer tells her that she realized she doesn't love Daniel. She claims she cares about him but doesn't love him and now he knows it. Abigail questions her telling him that as it doesn't make sense. Abigail asks if something happened. Jennifer thinks back to Chloe's ultimatum. Jennifer says she can't explain it to her right now. Abigail wants her to try. Jennifer claims she realized they were moving too quickly and that was just desperate to fill the void. Abigail asks if it's about Jack.

Chloe continues telling Daniel that she didn't do anything to Jennifer. Daniel wants the truth. Chloe asks what Jennifer said this time. Daniel tells her to forget it as it's not important. Chloe wants to know why he's blaming her. Daniel ends the discussion and says he was obviously wrong in his assumptions. Chloe asks if that's an apology. Daniel warns her not to push him. Daniel decides he's going to go to New York to be with Parker but Chloe tells him that he can't.

Kristen watches Sy with Marlena. Sy tells her that she needs to see what's inside. Marlena tells him it's inappropriate to meet outside of her office. Sy asks for an exception for her to look in the envelope. Marlena says she will see him at her office and walks away. Kristen goes to confront Sy but runs into EJ. Kristen tells him not now and tries to continue but Sy is gone.

Will tells Kate that Sonny was just about to tell him something about her and Rafe so he thinks that Kate and Rafe are going to do something to Nick. Kate wished he hadn't said anything. Sonny doesn't want secrets. Rafe arrives so Will asks him what's going on between them.

Abigail asks if Jennifer feels guilty about moving on from Jack. Jennifer doesn't want Abigail involved and claims she's fine. Abigail tries to encourage her but Jennifer stops her and begs her not to talk about it anymore. Abigail apologizes for pushing her and offers to do anything. Jennifer wants to be alone. Abigail says she'll be there if she wants to talk. Abigail hugs her and tells her that she loves her. Abigail exits as Jennifer sits down crying.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn't understand why he shouldn't go to New York. Chloe tells him that it doesn't make any sense as she could just ask Nancy to bring Parker back. Chloe adds that she couldn't go with him and she misses Parker too. Chloe says she could ask Nancy to bring Parker back sooner than later. Daniel agrees to wait then but says he won't wait that long to talk to Parker. Chloe insists on being the one to call so she calls Nancy. Nancy asks if everything is okay. Chloe pretends to be talking about Parker. Chloe tells her that Daniel wants to talk to Parker so she gives Daniel the phone. Nancy puts Parker on the phone. Daniel asks Parker if he's having a good time in New York but Parker responds that he's not in New York so Daniel asks where he is. Nancy takes the phone back and claims Parker is tired after sight seeing. Daniel asks where they are now. Nancy says they are home at the apartment now. Daniel says he understands. Nancy has Parker say I love you and Daniel says the same. Nancy and Daniel finish the conversation and hang up. Daniel thanks Chloe and says he always feels better after hearing Parker's voice. Chloe brings up the situation with Jennifer but Daniel tells her that she needs to go and be out of his place today. Daniel says he got her a new place so he wants her to leave without stalling and to leave her key so she doesn't use it like the night he was drunk. Daniel says it will be better for everyone and tells Chloe to go pack now. Daniel says he doesn't want her there when he comes back as he exits. Chloe says to herself that she's not giving up on Daniel and follows out the door.

Sonny tells Kate and Rafe that they can tell Will or he will have to. Will wants someone to tell him before he freaks out. Kate reveals to Will that she and Rafe are seeing each other and are in a relationship. Will thinks it's a joke and asks Sonny what's going on but Sonny tells him it's the truth.

Kristen complains about Sy. EJ wonders what's going on but quickly says he won't be dragged into it. Kristen tells EJ that he already is in it and that he owes her.

Jennifer sits alone with the necklace Daniel got her until there's a knock at the door. Jennifer gets up and answers to see Chloe. Chloe tells Jennifer that whatever said she said to Daniel was not enough so it's time for her to stop playing games and do what needs to be done.

Chad runs into Abigail outside the Pub. Chad asks her if something's going on with Cameron since he blew him off about hanging out. Abigail says he's had to work a lot of double shifts. Chad informs her that Maxine said they don't allow double shifts and it's against the law to work at another hospital. Abigail thinks back to seeing him hand over an envelope of money. Chad realizes she's worried about him too.

Will still doesn't believe it. Kate tells him that they are together. Sonny says he wouldn't believe it either if he didn't walk in on them. Will wants to know where. Rafe says it isn't important but Sonny reveals that it was Gabi's room. Will asks why they were having sex in Gabi's room. Kate and Rafe quickly say they weren't. Sonny repeats that he doesn't want secrets. Kate wants Will to keep it secret as it's imperative that no one knows. Will wishes he didn't know and then exits. Kate asks Sonny if he's happy now.

Maxine sits with Daniel at the hospital. She asks him about not going to San Francisco and notes him looking like hell. Maxine asks if things are okay between he and Jennifer. Maxine says she will keep asking until he talks. Daniel says things are a little tense right now but they will work them out. Maxine says he's too smart to let a woman like Jennifer slip away so he's going to fix whatever is wrong. Daniel agrees that he will.

Jennifer doesn't know what to tell Chloe or what more to do. Chloe wants her to try harder to actually break Daniel's heart and make it clear that there is no hope for them now or ever. Jennifer calls it insane. Chloe says if she doesn't then she's gone and will make sure Daniel never sees Parker again. Jennifer asks how she can be so cruel. Chloe claims she's being a good mother making sure that Parker has his father. Jennifer calls it horrible and disgusting. Chloe says what she's doing is pointless. Chloe then notices the necklace Daniel got her. Jennifer tells her that Daniel gave it to her at the cabin. Chloe questions Jennifer not giving it back to him. Chloe thought she was serious about Daniel having Parker in his life. Chloe screams at her to prove it. Jennifer says she can't hurt Daniel like that. Chloe calls her selfish and cowardly for not doing the right thing. Jennifer says it's not the right thing and calls Chloe sadistic, twisted, and delusional. Chloe tells Jennifer that she'll be on the next flight to Brazil and tells her to have a nice life.

Marlena's secretary calls her to inform her that Sy canceled his appointment. Marlena is surprised and tells her she will see her later. EJ approaches and asks for a moment of her time. EJ says he has something important that he needs to talk to her about.

Sy goes to Marlena's office for their meeting but finds Kristen inside. Kristen tells him the doctor is out and she's in.

Rafe catches up with Will outside and calls it unexpected. Rafe apologizes if it upsets him. Will says he's not upset enough to stop doing it. Rafe tells him that no matter what, he will always care about him. Rafe wants to know what happened with he, Nick, Gabi, and the baby and how Nick got him to sign away his parental rights.

Jennifer stops Chloe from leaving and says she will break things off with Daniel permanently like she wants her to. Chloe says it's good that she finally got the right idea. Chloe warns her that if she blows things again then it will be on her when Daniel never sees Parker again. Chloe exits. Jennifer shuts the door and holds the necklace.

EJ sits with Marlena at the town square and she asks what's on his mind. EJ says he wanted to talk about Sami and mentions moving in to the DiMera Mansion. EJ says it's important to him that she understand he loves Sami very much and is in the relationship for the long haul. EJ calls it wonderful being with Sami. Marlena is pleased for the children. EJ is glad and trusts she won't stand in the way of their happiness. Marlena says Sami's happiness is the most important thing to her. EJ is glad because Sami needs her love and support. EJ thinks it would mean a lot to Sami if Marlena stopped by the mansion to wish her luck. Marlena says she will absolutely not.

Sy asks what Kristen is doing there and where Marlena is. Kristen warns him about screwing with a DiMera. Kristen wants the photos and the copies. Kristen says they can do it the easy way or the hard way. Sy tells her that she doesn't understand. Kristen says she understands that he thinks he's calling the shots and that Marlena would protect him. Kristen says she could make one phone call to Stefano and he'd be in a very precarious situation or maybe even dead. Kristen suggests they settle this once and for all.

Abigail tells Chad that she is worried about Cameron as they walk through the town square. Abigail thinks Cameron could be in some type of trouble. She has no idea what but has to find out in order to help him.

Rafe tells Will that he cares about him but Will says he knows the answer. Will says he respects Gabi being Rafe's priority. Rafe says Will won't be kept from his child no matter what papers were signed.

Kate doesn't get why Sonny is so interested in her personal life. Sonny says he's only interested in Will's state of mind and making sure he doesn't lose his daughter. He thought Kate would be more interested in only helping Will. Rafe and Will re-enter. Kate says she understands Will is going through a lot and she doesn't want to add to it but she needs him to understand that discretion is needed. Will agrees not to say anything. Kate thanks him. Rafe decides they should get going so he and Kate exit together. Sonny apologizes for not telling Will earlier as that was awkward but he promised no secrets. Will tells Sonny not to worry about it and he can't be mad as he's been keeping something from him too.

Cameron walks through the town square. Chad and Abigail come out and follow him.

EJ understands Marlena's reluctance. Marlena is adamant that she will never go near the DiMera Mansion for any reason and mentions Kristen living there. Marlena walks away to get back to work. EJ remarks that he hopes he gave Kristen enough time.

Kristen offers Sy $5000 in exchange for all of the photos and then he can either keep his mouth shut or she can shut it for him permanently. Sy takes the money and gives her the envelope. Kristen tells him to get out so he leaves. Kristen looks at John and Marlena's wedding photo and knocks it over then exits Marlena's office.

Will informs Sonny about asking Stefano for help. Sonny can't believe it. Will feels he has no other choice. Sonny asks if he's doing it because of what Nick called him.

Daniel finishes a call about Chloe picking up her key and says this is good as getting Chloe her own place is step one. Jennifer then approaches Daniel.

Rafe and Kate walk out of the town square. Rafe trusts that Will won't tell anyone. Kate states that maybe it doesn't matter and they don't need to sneak around. Kate suggests maybe Stefano already knows.

Will tells Sonny that he would've done this no matter what as it's about him and he has to be part of his child's life. Sonny questions involving the DiMeras and if Nick gets hurt. Will says that's not what he wants. Sonny agrees that Will doesn't have any other choice.

Marlena goes to her office and notices her wedding photo knocked down so she stands it up.

Sy counts out his money and declares it won't be close to enough but he can't get caught by Kristen either. Sy decides he will have to find another way.

Kristen returns home to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks if everything went according to plan. Kristen thanks him for his assistance. EJ is happy to be of service and asks what's going on and why she had to get to know Marlena's patient. Kristen tells him that it will all be revealed in time. EJ hopes it doesn't interfere. Kristen promises not to screw up his relationship. EJ exits. Kristen says now that the problem is solved, it's on to the next step of her plan. She pulls a box out of a drawer and opens it.

Jennifer is glad she found Daniel. Daniel is too as he has something to say to her. Chloe arrives and hides behind the corner. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not giving up on them. Jennifer asks him not to make this hard but Daniel kisses her as Chloe watches looking upset.

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