Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nick walks out of the town square paranoid. He thinks back to Vargas reminding him of their deal and sits on the bench having flashbacks of prison. Will approaches and asks Nick what's going on.

Sami goes to the Pub and meets with John. Sami talks about not telling her what she's doing with her life is wrong and insists she won't move in to the DiMera Mansion. John clarifies that he won't ask her to move out and is actually kind of glad that she's in there.

The thug that beat up Brady, Sy, calls to confirm his appointment with Marlena.

At the hospital Marlena talks about Sy calling her private line at first and how she will say she isn't accepting new clients.

Brady and Kristen walk through the town square talking about wedding plans. Brady has to go and kisses her goodbye. Brady walks on. Kristen turns around as Sy approaches. Kristen asks what he's doing there. He says he has something she might want to see.

Kate walks by and asks Chloe if she's planning a trip. Chloe says she isn't going anywhere but Kate recognizes the airline ticket. Kate says she knows Chloe wouldn't leave Daniel and asks her to come clean as to what she's up to now.

Jennifer calls Daniel a wonderful man and says she cares about him but can't stop thinking about Jack and keeps comparing her feelings for them and it's not the same. Jennifer declares that Daniel is not Jack and never will be. Daniel says he would never try to replace Jack. Jennifer insists she's not ready to move on and wants to end this. Daniel wonders where this is coming from. Daniel says he sees the look in her eyes and doesn't think she means a word she's saying.

Will continues asking Nick what's wrong but Nick thinks he just wants dirt to use against him. Nick then storms off but Will follows.

John tells Sami that he doesn't approve of the mansion but he knows better than to try and get her to change her mind. Sami thanks him. John brings up Brady's relationship with Kristen. John hopes since Brady is not speaking to him, Sami will spy for him.

Kristen calls Sy like a bad penny. He says she knows how to get rid of him. Kristen says to follow him and they will settle it once and for all as they walk off.

Chloe talks to Kate about missing Parker. Kate is surprised she didn't go with him since Daniel went to a convention. Chloe claims she wasn't thinking. Kate says she doesn't believe a word from her.

Daniel talks to Jennifer about never pushing her. Daniel says he saw how much she loved Jack as he was a great man but he never tried to be Jack and he couldn't be. Daniel says she never compared them until now. Jennifer insists that she's not trying to hurt him. Daniel doesn't understand as she was so happy talking about their future but now this. Daniel asks her one last time to tell him what's wrong.

Sonny and Abigail talk at the coffeehouse. Abigail notes never seeing Will so happy so she's glad that they worked things out. Sonny says he's glad as well and things are amazing. Sonny says they are still working things out with Nick and Gabi but he's glad they are doing it together.

Will catches up to Nick and says he doesn't care about him but he wants to know if there's something that will affect Gabi and the baby that he should know about. Nick tells him to stop being such a drama queen as he's just under a lot of pressure. Nick says everything he does is to keep Gabi and the baby safe. Will still wonders why he's so freaked out. Nick blames stress and says he didn't mean to go off on him. Nick then states that he owes Sonny an apology too for saying something he shouldn't have in an argument. Nick apologizes for calling Sonny a faggot.

Kristen and Sy walk out of the town square. Sy still wants money for his sick daughter but Kristen reveals he doesn't have a daughter. Sy asks if it really matters. Kristen questions him trying to play a DiMera. Sy questions a DiMera getting outed by the hired help. Sy gives her an envelope and says she will want to look at it before giving an answer.

Sami tells John that she would love to help but can't make waves with her landlord. John questions Sami watching this train wreck and asks if she cares about Brady. Sami says she does as Brady enters the Pub and says he didn't expect to see them together. John says he didn't expect to see Brady at all. Brady asks what's going on. John says Sami just wanted to talk about Marlena. Marlena then enters the Pub.

Chloe tells Kate that it would serve her right if she never let Parker see her again. Ann rejoins Chloe's side and backs her up. Chloe says she's going to immediately cut off all negative influences in Parker's life.

Jennifer tells Daniel about walking into the house and seeing Jack's picture. She talks about not getting over the guilt and realizing Jack was the only man for her. Daniel asks if she really thinks Jack would want her to be alone. Daniel says Jack is no longer here. Jennifer talks about moving on too fast. Daniel says Jennifer admitted to loving him. Jennifer claims she thought it would make her miss Jack less but she doesn't. Daniel says he understands and thinks she just needs time. Jennifer tells him that Jack is between them and that will never change. Daniel questions how she could know. Daniel offers to take it slow and do whatever she needs. Jennifer says she just needs to end this now.

Abigail tells Sonny that he and Will make it seem so easy. Sonny says they have no secrets. Abigail hugs him goodbye as she has to go. Sonny thinks back to seeing Rafe and Kate together.

Will asks Nick if he's sorry he thought it or said it out loud. Nick calls it wrong and says he doesn't blame Sonny for wanting to beat the crap out of him. Will says he doesn't either. Nick adds that he will apologize to Sonny himself. Abigail walks by and asks what he'd be apologizing to Sonny for.

Marlena greets John, Brady, and Sami. Sami says she has to go and hurries out. Brady tries to follow but John stops him.

Kristen tells Sy that nothing will change their deal and their business is done so she's not going to open the envelope. They both say they will do what they have to do.

Kate says Chloe is the only negative in Parker's life. Kate praises Daniel and tells Chloe to have a nice trip as she walks away. Chloe and Ann talk about it. Chloe wonders what's taking so long. Ann decides she'll go to Jennifer's and see if they broke up and if she can get her fired.

Daniel says Jennifer has said this before and it's never about them. Jennifer talks about listening to her gut as she knew it couldn't work. Daniel says things were perfect at Smith Island. Jennifer claims she just got caught up in the moment. Jennifer says being with him made her realize that she still felt empty and lonely inside. Daniel doesn't believe a word she's saying. Jennifer knows it's not what he wants to hear. Daniel only sees pain in her eyes. Jennifer says she's really not trying to hurt him but feels she was using him to fill a void. Jennifer says friendship isn't love. Jennifer talks about Jack being her soulmate. Jennifer says there can never be anyone else.

Nick tells Abigail that he and Sonny had a fight but it was his fault as he said something idiotic and needs to tell him that he didn't mean it. Nick's phone rings and has to go on a work emergency so he says he'll talk to Sonny later as he rushes off. Abigail asks Will if Nick is okay. Will says he doesn't care. Abigail stops him and asks what's going on as he thought they worked things out for the sake of the baby. Will doesn't want to get into it but hopes it will sort itself out. Will then walks away.

Brady tells John that he's not his son anymore. Brady tells John and Marlena to focus on working things out with each other because there's no chance of fixing things with him. Brady declares they are done and exits the Pub.

Sy starts to walk away from Kristen but stops and warns her about the picture in the envelope he gave her being worth thousands to someone else. Kristen tells him to get out so he walks away. Kristen sits down and pulls the envelope back out.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows how hard it's been for her. Jennifer says she can't do this and asks him to go. Abigail returns home and starts to leave for interrupting but Jennifer tells her that Daniel was just leaving. Daniel says they will talk later as he exits. Ann walks up after Daniel walks out. Ann calls Chloe and tells her that Daniel just left looking very unhappy. Chloe smiles.

Marlena tells John that he doesn't have to say anything but tells him that she's not giving up on them or Brady as she then exits the Pub.

Brady and Sami return home to the DiMera Mansion. Brady asks her about what John talked to her about. Sami admits that John asked her to keep an eye on Kristen. Brady questions doing that under Stefano's watch. Sami assures him that she said no. Brady is glad but says it doesn't matter as he and Kristen are in love.

Kristen looks through the pictures in the envelope and they are of her and Sy talking the night Brady was beat up. Kristen worries then says things will be okay as she's a DiMera and he can't win.

Nick meets with Kate in the town square as she texted him. Kate says the problem is with Nick. Kate says she didn't like his answers earlier so she decided to meet without Rafe. Nick says he's not hiding anything but Kate tells him not to con someone who's been playing this game since before he was born. Kate says Nick obviously did something to get Will to sign over his rights and she's hoping he changed his mind about it.

Will talks with Sonny at the coffeehouse. Will tells him about his weird conversation with Nick. Will says Nick looked upset and said he needed to apologize to Sonny. Will adds that Nick found an excuse not to come do it. Sonny says either way Nick is still a homophobe trying to keep Will out of his daughter's life. Will says he wouldn't care what Nick thought if it wasn't for Gabi and the baby. Will adds that he doesn't know how he'd get through it without Sonny. Sonny says he isn't going anywhere but he has been keeping something from him and doesn't want to anymore.

Daniel goes to the apartment looking for Chloe but she's not there. Daniel starts to call but Chloe then enters. Chloe asks what's going on. Daniel tells her that he knows what she's done.

Will asks if he needs to sit down. Sonny says it's not about them but something he found out totally by accident. Will asks what it is.

Nick tells Kate that he's not having second thoughts as he knows what he did was right for Gabi and the baby. Nick brings up Sami but Kate only cares about Will. Kate calls Gabi a sweet girl and says Will was her first love so she knows there's no way Gabi would keep her daughter from her father unless she was coerced by Nick. Kate asks what Nick did and why he did it.

Abigail asks Jennifer what happened as she's shaking. Abigail worries about interrupting. Jennifer says they were finished. Abigail doesn't understand what happened as she was so happy earlier. Jennifer says she hurt Daniel badly and if she were him, she'd never forgive herself.

Daniel tells Chloe about not going to San Francisco because he found out Chloe let Jennifer believe they slept together. Chloe says she can explain but Daniel doesn't want to hear it. Daniel asks where she's been since he tried calling. Chloe claims she was at the spa. Daniel questions her knowing what it's like to be honest. Chloe asks what happened. Daniel thinks she knows exactly what happened.

Nick tells Kate that he doesn't tell Gabi what to do. Kate says he did tell Will what to do. Kate says she knows Nick better than most. Kate notes that today something is getting to him. Nick says he has a lot on his mind. Kate thinks it's more than that. Kate says she could use her influence to help him as she has in the past or she can use it to unearth his deepest, darkest secret. Kate suggests he consider that and decide what he wants. Kate says she will be in touch as she walks away.

Sonny tells Will that it's not necessarily a big deal but since Kate's his grandmother and he's having a baby with Rafe's sister. Will asks if it's about Gabi but Sonny says it's about Kate and Rafe.

Kate walks by the coffeehouse and looks in the window. She texts Rafe that she thought he was meeting her at the coffeehouse.

Jennifer cries as Abigail doesn't understand what happened between her and Daniel. Abigail encourages Jennifer to just apologize if she hurt Daniel. Jennifer says he won't understand. Abigail insists that Daniel needs to know how she really feels.

Chloe asks how she could know what happened. Daniel says he knows she saw Jennifer earlier since she was a wreck. Daniel asks Chloe what she said to her and demands that she talk.

Sami tells Brady that she gets it as people said a lot about EJ. Brady admits he thinks EJ is a joke but he knows he can't change Sami's mind any more than anyone could change his mind about Kristen. Brady suggests it's time to just give up.

Sy approaches Marlena in the town square and introduces himself. Marlena brings up their appointment. Sy suggests they might not need a meeting since they are here and what he has to say won't take long. Kristen sees them together from a distance.

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