Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes to the rectory and talks to Eric about the Easter sermon. Nicole enters and greets Sami, wishing her a happy Easter. Sami asks who Vargas is.

Nick talks on the phone outside of the town square. Nick finishes his call and Vargas approaches with a wrench in hand. Vargas says he looks pale. Nick asks how. Vargas tells him it must be real.

Will meets with EJ at the DiMera Mansion. EJ says Sami told him that Will wants Nick taken care of.

Rafe and Kate agree to meet back at Rafe's place after work. Stefano then arrives in the town square and approaches. Rafe remarks about the police being glad to have Stefano back. Stefano asks about walking in on a private conversation. Kate tells him that he did.

Ann goes to Chloe's and asks what she missed. Chloe tells her that she just saw Jennifer and Daniel should be there now. Ann doesn't understand. Chloe says it could go either way which is why she's falling apart.

Jennifer answers the door to see Daniel with flowers as she wipes away tears. She invites him in as Daniel asks if something happened. Jennifer tells him that they just left.

Eric informs Sami of Vargas being from the prison outreach. Sami brings up it being dangerous. Nicole says she didn't agree at first but now thinks it's worthwhile. Eric gets a call and exits. Sami tells Nicole that it couldn't be more obvious and says she knows exactly what she's after.

EJ notes Will being very quiet. Will thinks EJ is clear on what needs to be done. EJ says he is and wants to make sure that Will is clear. EJ tells Will that if Stefano agrees to the favor then there's no going back on it.

Kate tells Stefano that she was just asking Rafe about Gabi and the baby. Rafe says she's doing great. Rafe tells Stefano that he will see him around as he walks away. Kate tells Stefano that she was hoping to never see him again. A woman joins Stefano's side as Stefano tells Kate that he wants her to meet someone.

Nick tells Vargas that he can't be seen with him. Vargas talks about paying his debt and doing his time. Nick tells him not to do this. Vargas says he's speaking the truth. Nick calls the whole thing a mistake.

Ann doesn't get what Chloe is saying and asks about Daniel and Jennifer. Chloe says she never knows with Jennifer. Ann says Jennifer will do what's best for her even if she knows letting Daniel go is best.

Daniel asks Jennifer who was there. She claims that it was Lucas. Jennifer says they are fine and takes Daniel's flowers. She asks if Daniel has talked to Chloe yet. Daniel says he hasn't but left her messages and she hasn't called back. Daniel says he is still going to let Chloe know that he and Jennifer are together for good and nothing and nobody will ever come between them. Jennifer holds back tears. Daniel asks her what's wrong.

Stefano introduces Kate to Cecily. Stefano notes Kate being his most recent wife. Kate says it's unfortunately true and wishes Cecily avoids ending up the same.

Will tells EJ that asking Stefano for help was a last option as he couldn't stand not being in his daughter's life. EJ understands. Will wonders if Stefano will expect a payment as he is afraid that Stefano will blackmail him again. EJ suggests Stefano could help him out of the goodness of his heart. Will says he will just have to wait and see. EJ brings up Will being against the idea at first and asks why he changed his mind.

Vargas talks to Nick about overlooking his mistake and protecting him. Nick says he's on parole so they can't be seen together. Vargas comments on Gabi and Nick moving fast. Nick warns him to stay away from her but Vargas tells him that was the wrong thing to say.

Nicole tells Sami that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Sami says there's only one reason that Nicole is clinging to this job and she knows what it is. Nicole thinks back to her dreams about Eric. Nicole tells Sami that she has to get back to work. Sami tells her that no matter what she does or where she works, no one will forget or forgive her for everything she's done to them.

Daniel asks Jennifer what happened as she is obviously upset. Jennifer says there is no easy way to do this.

Will asks EJ about trusting him not to share any private information with Sami. EJ says it depends. Will adds that he can't tell him without his word since if Sami found out then she would find a way to make it worse. Will asks EJ please. EJ gives Will his word. Will then reveals to EJ that Nick didn't force him to sign the papers because of what Sami did as that was just an excuse and he wanted him out of his daughter's life because he's gay.

Nick apologizes to Vargas. Vargas says the first thing out of one's mouth is what is meant. Nick says Gabi has been through hell and they have a baby coming. Vargas only cares about their deal and asks Nick if he remembers. Nick says he does. Vargas mentions being a handyman at the church now. Vargas talks about Hope and Eric helping him out. Vargas says he and Nick got something bigger planned. Vargas tells Nick to take care of his wife and just wait as he will be in touch when the time is right. Vargas then leaves to head back to the church.

Nicole notes Sami having a lot of time on her hands and suggests she puts her energy into her own screwed up life instead of staying in hers. Vargas arrives and stops outside to listen in. Sami talks about all Nicole has done and brings up what she did to Jennifer. Nicole questions Sami judging her and says Sami's life has been one catastrophe after another. Sami tells Nicole that no one buys her act and this isn't the place for her to atone. Sami then warns Nicole that if she hurts Eric in any way, she will make her pay. Sami then exits. Vargas enters and asks Nicole if she's okay.

Kate joins Rafe outside the Pub. Rafe asks how it went and if Stefano suspected anything. Kate says Stefano suspects something every minute which is why they have to be careful because she doesn't want anything to happen to Rafe. Nick comes around the corner and sees them.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's been feeling uneasy since they got back from the cabin at Smith Island as everything is moving so fast in their lives. Jennifer says she's been rethinking things. Daniel doesn't understand. Jennifer then states that she's not ready for this relationship now or ever.

Rafe and Kate see Nick and call him over as they wanted to talk to him. Nick says it's not a good time for him but Rafe tells him to make it one.

EJ questions Nick being homophobic. Will says he admitted it to him and called Sonny a faggot. EJ says he's sorry. EJ says he now understands why Will is so angry. Will says he can't and won't do it to his daughter. EJ asks about Gabi. Will says he can't tell her because of what Nick knows and everyone would suffer. EJ tells Will that he's a good man that will be a wonderful father. EJ assures him that he and Stefano will take care of it.

Nicole tells Vargas that she's fine. Vargas says the door was open so he heard some of what Sami said to her. Nicole says they have a lot of history. Nicole asks how much he heard. Vargas notes that he heard she lost her baby and is sorry. Vargas asks how long ago it was. Nicole says it's been a few months as it was just before Eric came back to town. Vargas asks how far along she was. Nicole says she almost was full term. Vargas adds that he's really sorry. Nicole thanks him. Vargas asks about Sami saying Nicole was trying to blame it on someone else. Nicole admits she made it sound like someone tried to hurt her and the baby but she lied. Nicole calls it the worst mistake she ever made.

Chloe and Ann sit together in the town square as Chloe explains that Nancy and Ann are in Brazil and her plan to make Jennifer stay away for good. Ann asks what if doesn't work and Jennifer just tells Daniel the plan. Chloe admits it's risky but the reward is high and she thinks Jennifer knows Daniel would choose his son. Ann asks if Daniel could come after her to keep Parker out of her life. Chloe informs her that no one is listed on Parker's birth certificate as the father so Daniel has no legal rights. Chloe says she holds all the cards.

Daniel asks Jennifer what she's doing. She begs him not to fight her on this. Daniel says they made their way back to each other and now after their amazing night at Smith Island she's saying this. Jennifer claims she had time to think. Daniel doesn't believe her and senses there's something she isn't telling her. Daniel then realizes Chloe got to her. Jennifer denies it but Daniel says it must be why she didn't call him back. Jennifer keeps saying no but Daniel asks Jennifer to please tell him what Chloe did.

Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ and Will, asking if everything is okay. Will says EJ has been great. EJ says he was just explaining to Will about making a deal with Stefano. Stefano then returns home with Cecily. Stefano greets them and introduces Cecily to EJ, Sami, and Will. Cecily goes to freshen up. Stefano says she can only stay the evening as she's on her way to China in the morning. Stefano says it's good to see them. Sami tells him that Will has news to share with everyone. Stefano congratulates Will on becoming a father.

Nick sits with Rafe and Kate at the Pub. Rafe says he hasn't seen him since Will signed away his rights and feels Nick had something to do with it. Kate suggests Rafe back off a little bit. Rafe wants to know why Nick pushed for it. Nick says he's just taking care of his wife and child. Rafe thinks there's more to it than that. Kate thinks Nick seemed upset when he ran into them and asks what's going on with him.

Vargas tells Nicole not to worry as he's in no position to judge her. Vargas says everyone does crazy things now and then. Nicole thanks him. Vargas can't imagine her pain of losing her child. Vargas says no one would be in the right mind after that. Nicole says she had to take responsibility for what she did and has for that terrible lie. Vargas says he can tell the loss still hurts. Nicole admits it does every day. Eric enters and asks if everything is okay.

Ann tells Chloe that she should tell Daniel that she doesn't want Jennifer near Parker. Chloe says she still wants Daniel and can't do that if Jennifer is still in the picture. Ann mocks Jennifer. Ann doesn't want Chloe to end up in Brazil. Chloe says she would stay there for the rest of her life if it made Daniel hate Jennifer. Chloe says Daniel will hate her if Jennifer keeps him from his son.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it has nothing to do with Chloe. Daniel asks what it is then as he doesn't get where it's coming from. Jennifer says she doesn't want to hurt him. Daniel tells her to stop and they can get through it together as he loves her with all his heart.

Stefano tells Will that he will learn that there is nothing more important than being a father in life. Will says he's looking forward to it. Stefano jokes about Sami becoming a grandmother. Stefano exits to make sure his guest is enjoying herself. Sami asks EJ how he thinks it went. EJ says he thinks he was very accommodating. EJ thinks it's a good start. Will decides he's going to go. Sami assures him that they are on the right track and are going to get his daughter back. Will exits as EJ hugs Sami.

Nick says he's fine and just has a lot on his mind. Rafe says he will have a lot more on his mind if he pushes Will out of his baby's life. Rafe says Will is a good person who wants to be close to his daughter and Gabi cares about him. Rafe says Will is no threat. Nick says Sami made things worse. Rafe says they are two different people and there's no reason for this. Nick asks if they are through. Rafe says yes. Nick admits he's under a lot of pressure but assures that he will not slack at work as he has a family to support and he takes it very seriously. Nick then exits the Pub. Kate remarks that something else is going on with Nick.

Nicole tells Eric that everything is fine now. Vargas tells Eric that he found a place in town that sells used tools. Vargas goes to work on the light-stand in the church. Eric asks Nicole about Sami. Nicole says she can handle her. Eric says she shouldn't have to and asks what Sami said to make her upset.

Ann tells Chloe that Daniel would hunt her down if she left with Parker. Chloe talks about already having her ticket so she'll change cities and Daniel will never find them. Ann tells her that she would lose any chance of having him. Chloe says it's all or nothing and the only choice she has.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's not enough. Daniel says they have fought through wars and are still here together. Daniel asks how loving each other is not enough. Jennifer cries. Daniel asks her one last time what happened and what this is really about.

Nicole tells Eric that she was upset but it's not Sami's fault. Nicole says she has to deal with people judging her for what she did but sometimes there's acceptance from where it's least expected. Nicole says Vargas was great about it. Sister Annabelle enters and apologizes for interrupting. Nicole says she has to get going anyway. Annabelle tells Eric about urgent e-mails. She exits with Nicole to give Eric some space. Eric checks his e-mails and seems surprised by what he sees.

Kate tells Rafe that something was different as Nick wasn't angry and defensive like usual and seemed shaken. Rafe hopes what he did to Will may have finally got to him. Kate hopes he has second thoughts.

Nick walks out of the town square paranoid. He thinks back to Vargas reminding him of their deal and sits on the bench having flashbacks of prison. Will approaches and asks Nick what's going on.

Sami tells EJ that Will seems different and she wonders what happened to make Will go to Stefano. Sami asks EJ if he knows anything and if Will opened up to him. EJ says he just knows that he and Stefano can make sure that Nick is no longer a problem. Sami kisses him.

Ann notes Chloe being a nervous wreck. Chloe wants to know what's going on and what's happening. Kate walks by and asks Chloe if she's planning a trip.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she can't keep it from him as he will figure it out. Jennifer claims it's all about Jack. Daniel brings up Jennifer saying before that Jack would want her to be happy. Jennifer calls him a wonderful man and says she cares about him but can't stop thinking about Jack and keeps comparing her feelings for them and it's not the same. Jennifer declares that Daniel is not Jack and never will be.

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