Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/29/13


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Chloe gives Jennifer the ultimatum that Daniel can either have Jennifer or Parker but not both. Jennifer questions how Chloe could use Parker like this. Chloe claims she's protecting her son. Jennifer says she's going to call Daniel but Chloe warns that if she does then he will lose his son forever.

Hope helps Nick and Gabi bring Gabi's boxes into the Kiriakis Mansion where they will be living. Nick puts boxes up and comes back down to listen in on Hope and Gabi talking. Nick thinks back to Vargas threatening him in prison.

Eric talks with Vargas at the rectory and apologizes for the job only being part time. Vargas thanks him. Vargas then tells Eric that he hasn't been straight with him and he deserves better from him.

Rafe and Kate finish making love. Rafe jokes that they should break up every day. They laugh together and then kiss.

Jennifer questions Chloe taking Parker away from Daniel forever. Chloe tells Jennifer that Daniel would have to find Parker as she reveals that Parker is not in New York since Nancy took him out of the country where Daniel will never find him.

Daniel asks Nancy how Parker is doing. Nancy says he's perfect. Daniel asks if he's had a chance to see a lot of New York. Nancy nervously looks around as Daniel waits for an answer. Nancy claims he's having a great time with her family. There's a knock at her door as someone speaks in Portuguese. Daniel overhears and wonders what's going on. Nancy claims it's just their neighbor. Nancy says she has to go as they finish their conversation. Maggie then arrives at the apartment, surprised to see Daniel as she thought he was in San Francisco. Maggie says she brought a train for Parker but Daniel informs her that Parker is in New York with Nancy. Daniel mentions San Francisco getting derailed but says things couldn't be better.

Jennifer accuses Chloe of bluffing. Jennifer says she gets that Chloe was upset by what she saw at the cabin but these games are not good for Parker. Chloe tells her not to tell her about her son. Chloe opens Jennifer's laptop and puts in a flash drive. Chloe opens up a webcam chat with Nancy. Nancy has Parker. Chloe tells Nancy to tell Jennifer where she really is. Nancy reveals they are in Brazil. Jennifer asks what's going on as she doesn't believe her. Nancy shows the camera out the window to prove where she is. Chloe tells Jennifer that Brazil is where Parker will stay unless Jennifer agrees to leave Daniel alone.

Hope tells Gabi not to be surprised if Nick doesn't want to talk about his time in prison as Nick continues to listen in. Gabi talks about it breaking her heart to hear. Hope encourages her to let Nick talk to a therapist. Hope talks about Ciara being with Victor out back. Hope advises Gabi not to take Victor too seriously. Gabi thanks Hope as she hugs her. Nick returns and calls Gabi the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Vargas talks to Eric about a lot of people doing outreach do it to make themselves feel better but Eric followed through like a good guy. Vargas says he really appreciates it and asks what happens if he blows this chance. Eric says it would be on Vargas if he did but he doesn't think he will.

Rafe tells Kate that he really did call her to talk but it didn't seem right to break up for no reason. Kate says there are many good reasons but Rafe says there are none good enough. Kate thinks the last hour spoke for itself. Rafe asks if she's saying she doesn't want to break up. They talk about how it wasn't supposed to be like this. Kate admits she felt sad ending things earlier. Rafe says the same and asks why they are ending it when they don't have to. Kate brings up Stefano. Rafe says he doesn't run their lives. Kate tells Rafe to understand that it would be war if Stefano knew. Rafe insists he won't find out then. Kate brings up Sonny finding out. Rafe jokes with her. Kate realizes she will be late for a meeting and kisses him. They agree to meet up later as Kate gets out of bed.

Maggie tells Daniel how good it is to see her like this and recalls telling Jennifer to clear the air. Maggie can't believe Jennifer listened. Daniel says it wasn't quite so simple but eventually it worked out. Maggie talks about worrying that Chloe would mess things up. Daniel says she tried. Maggie asks if Daniel truly understands what's on Chloe's mind. Daniel says it's not going to work and he's about to make sure that she knows it.

Jennifer tries to get through to Nancy and calls this insane. Jennifer asks her to bring Parker home. Nancy says she would love to as Parker says he misses his dad. Chloe tells Jennifer that she can make it happen as she knows what to do. Jennifer grabs her phone. Chloe warns her against calling Daniel. Jennifer says she's calling the police because she can't take a child away from his father. Chloe then declares that Daniel has no rights to Parker and shows her the birth certificate.

Hope goes to the rectory and asks Vargas how things are going. Vargas talks about settling in. Hope mentions Eric sticking his neck out for him and fighting for this program. Vargas says he won't be sorry and will get no trouble from him.

Nick tells Gabi that she is officially moved in. Gabi talks about Hope being so sweet to her and wonders if she still will be after finding out about Will signing away his rights. Nick says that's all on him. Gabi wishes they talked about first. Nick reminds her that she was in the hospital and it was the only thing he could do to help her and keep Sami away. Gabi says he's right but wishes things didn't have to be this way. Gabi informs Nick that she told Rafe as he was going to find out eventually. Nick asks how Rafe reacted. Gabi thinks he was shocked but is going to eventually understand. Nick swears it gets easier as he hugs her.

Rafe makes up his bed and finds one of Kate's bracelets so he calls her. Rafe asks if she's busy. Kate says she's about to have her meeting at the coffeehouse. Rafe tells her about the bracelet and says to meet him in the town square if she wants it back. Kate tells him to give her 15-20 minutes and she'll text him. They hang up. Kate thinks back to calling Stefano to tell him to leave her alone.

Jennifer tells Chloe that it can't be Parker's official birth certificate since the father is blank. Chloe says she filled out the paperwork to have Phillip removed and Daniel put on but they made a mistake. Jennifer argues that Daniel can fight it and go to court. Chloe says it could take years to work out. Jennifer says she has no conscience. Chloe brings up what Daniel has done with DNA tests. Jennifer questions Chloe using that against him. Chloe accuses Jennifer of making things ugly with cops and court. Jennifer argues that Chloe is trying to take his son. Chloe shouts that he's her son and she wants to raise him with Daniel but she doesn't want Jennifer anywhere near him so she will raise him outside of the country if she has to.

Maggie asks Daniel if he and Jennifer could come over and cheer Victor up as he's been in a foul mood. Daniel wants to hold off on telling people about he and Jennifer as he wants to clear things up with Chloe. Daniel says they have to be fair to Parker. Maggie jokes about wanting to shout the news and have a party. Daniel hugs her goodbye as she exits. Daniel checks hie phone and then says to hell with it as he exits the apartment.

Jennifer tells Chloe that this is sick and cruel to take Daniel away from Parker. Chloe says Parker will adapt but Daniel will never forget his son. Chloe blames Jennifer for punishing Daniel. Chloe tells her to give up Daniel or she will keep Parker out of the country and Daniel will never see him again. Jennifer tells her that even if she gives up Daniel, he will not love Chloe.

Rafe sits in the town square with Kate's bracelet and thinks back to being with her. Daniel approaches with flowers in hand. Daniel points out the bracelet. Rafe asks about the flowers being for Jennifer. Daniel then asks who the bracelet is for.

Maggie returns home and greets Nick and Gabi. Maggie is glad they are here and tells Gabi to consider it home. Gabi shows her the ring. Maggie calls it beautiful. Nick thanks her for understanding. Maggie tells Gabi that she's going to give her the most beautiful elaborate baby shower. Gabi cries happy tears and worries that it's too much. Maggie calls Gabi family now.

Rafe claims to Daniel that the bracelet is Gabi's and he's giving it back to her. Daniel mentions hearing Gabi and Nick got married at the Horton house. Rafe talks about them being so young. Rafe asks about Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel says things are going great. Rafe says he'll see him around as he goes to look for Gabi. Daniel then stops him, noticing that he left his bracelet behind. Daniel wonders where he's seen it before. Kate walks by and Daniel realizes.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she doesn't want her in Parker's life. Jennifer calls it just a tactic for her to get Daniel back. Chloe calls her toxic for her son. Chloe says she wants her out of Parker and Daniel's lives. Jennifer tells her to forget it because it's not going to happen.

Hope tells Vargas that she knows how hard it is as she was in prison and knows what it was like to get out. Hope gives him information on Marlena to talk to and her contact information as well if he needs to talk. Vargas tells her not to worry as he's not going to blow a really good opportunity.

Maggie brings food for Gabi. Nick gets a message that he has to go to work so he kisses Gabi goodbye and exits. Maggie notes that Gabi is patient with Nick's hovering. She talks about him being scared when she was in the hospital but everything is fine now. Maggie asks if Sami has kept her distance. Gabi says Nick has made sure of that.

Kate approaches Rafe and Daniel. Daniel gives the bracelet back to Rafe and says he'll see him later. Daniel walks on as Kate worries. Rafe tells her not to worry as he's on it and follows after Daniel.

Jennifer calls this ridiculous and says she's calling Daniel to tell him what's going on and figure it out. Chloe tells her if she tells him anything then she's off to Brazil. Jennifer argues Daniel's rights. Chloe reminds her that she has no rights. Jennifer says they can fight it in court. Chloe says she'll leave the country and never be found. Jennifer can't believe she's doing this. Chloe blames Jennifer for cornering her. Jennifer says she always makes herself the victim. Chloe tells her that it's up to her to either give up Daniel or let him suffer the consequences.

Eric returns to the rectory as Hope finishes a call. Hope mentions Vargas leaving while she was on the phone and commends Eric for doing a good thing. Eric talks about Vargas having a second chance.

Vargas walks through the town square and thinks back to prison with Nick as he walks on.

Rafe catches up with Daniel outside the town square and wants to explain. Daniel says it's not his business. Rafe tells Daniel that he and Kate don't want anyone to know as it's complicated with their lives. Daniel tells him not to worry as he can keep a secret. Rafe thanks him for understanding. Daniel questions it. Rafe says it surprised them too. Daniel tells Rafe to be careful as Kate can be a handful. Rafe mentions knowing Kate did things while Daniel was with Chloe. Daniel says he hopes Kate is happy as she deserves a second chance. Daniel tells him to be careful as he walks on.

Jennifer tells Chloe that this isn't possible. Chloe says it's already done. Jennifer says it wouldn't work since if she leaves Daniel then he would know something's wrong. Chloe tells her to come up with an excuse but Jennifer insists that Daniel would know she's lying and wouldn't let it go. Chloe says if she really loves Daniel then she will find a way to make him believe her or he will lose his son. Jennifer gets a text from Daniel that he's on his way. Chloe tells Jennifer to figure it out fast. Jennifer tells Chloe that she really hates her. Chloe says she knows as she exits.

Maggie and Gabi sit with their feet up as Maggie tells her to get used to the mansion. Maggie tells Gabi that she can do anything she wants with the smile she puts on Nick's face. Gabi talks about feeling lucky and never imagining being where she is now. Gabi feels loved and safe. Maggie thinks Nick feels the same way. Gabi agrees after where he was a year ago and says they are both really lucky. Maggie says this is how her life is going to be from now on.

Nick talks on the phone outside of the town square. Nick finishes his call and Vargas approaches with a wrench in hand.

Kate paces in the town square until Rafe returns and tells her that Daniel agreed to keep quiet. Kate doesn't want to rely on that as Daniel has every reason to want her miserable. Rafe says Daniel is his friend and won't say anything. Kate worries about two people finding out in the same day and thinks they need to be more careful. Rafe agrees and suggests he should give her the bracelet back later in private. They agree to meet back at Rafe's place after work. Stefano then arrives in the town square and approaches.

Nancy talks on the phone to Chloe and tells her that she handled Daniel. Chloe talks to her about telling Jennifer the truth so that she will have to break up with Daniel. Chloe says Jennifer got it in the end so she's done all she can and it's up to Jennifer now.

Jennifer cries at home as Daniel arrives at the door. Jennifer answers the door to see Daniel with flowers as she wipes away tears.

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