Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/28/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. Victor happily asks if this means he finally had enough of Kristen.

The thug that beat up Brady that Kristen paid off tells her that it's very important that they talk but Kristen says he needs to stay out.

Eric goes to the rectory and talks with Nicole. He needs a favor. She tells him that he can ask her for anything.

Marlena calls Eric and leaves a message that they need to talk as it's important. Marlena adds that it couldn't be more important.

Daniel goes to the apartment looking for Chloe but she's not there.

Jennifer comes down the stairs at home and Chloe arrives at her door. Chloe says there's no point in trying to make nice as they both know each other. Chloe's phone rings but she ignores it and says she wants to talk to Jennifer as she's been real busy. Chloe tells her that they are way past games.

Eric checks his phone and says he'll have to check his messages later as he goes back to Nicole. Eric asks her about sharing her space with Vargas as he enters the room.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she doesn't know what she means but it's not a good time. Chloe tells her that they are going to talk and be brutally honest. Jennifer asks why she's there. Chloe tells her that she saw her, she saw it all. Jennifer asks what she's talking about. Chloe mentions the windows to the cabin. Jennifer calls her disgusting. Chloe says it's time for them to be honest as she's finally realized that everything's changed.

Victor talks about how proud he is of Brady and wants to get a drink but Brady stops him and says he's misinterpreting everything. Brady informs Victor that he's still very much with Kristen and he came to tell him something. Victor declares that he won't let it happen.

Kristen tells the thug that he did a poor job and tells him to get out because they can't be seen together. He says he can't go until he tells her what's going on. He says things have been kind of bad lately with bills and he needs help with money for his family. Kristen calls it a sad story and says she already paid him for his job so she tells him to get out.

Eric tells Nicole that Vargas will use his desk and only be there for a while. Vargas talks about being excited to look for a job. Eric encourages him and exits the room. Vargas mentions to Nicole that it's kind of cozy.

Jennifer questions Chloe sneaking up to the cabin. Jennifer calls her disgusting and orders her to get out. Chloe tells her that she can't throw her out. Chloe says Daniel is everything. Chloe says when she saw them through the window, she finally got that he really does love Jennifer and that means that she's lost him.

Daniel sits at the apartment and looks over at Parker's train set. He dreams of watching Jennifer play with Parker.

Chloe says Jennifer must be thinking of how she could be so blind or in denial. Chloe talks about thinking Daniel could never love anyone else the way he loved her. Chloe says she came back to Salem hoping to get him back but when she looked in that window, she saw Daniel's total love for Jennifer. Chloe asks if Jennifer loves him as she needs to hear it from her. Chloe asks if Jennifer truly loves him.

Vargas finishes a phone call looking for a job. He tells Nicole that he can't get past the secretaries. Vargas decides to continue trying. Nicole gets uncomfortable and decides she needs some air so she exits.

Eric meets Marlena at the Pub and asks what's going on. Marlena feels like she's destroyed everything and keeps making things worse as John's never been so angry. Eric mentions Brady telling him what John tried to do. Marlena blames herself for ruining it and losing everything.

Victor reminds Brady that he's an addict and calls Kristen the worst addiction that he will ever have. Victor calls Kristen a slut. Brady says he's a man looking for happiness. Victor tells him that he will be miserable as Kristen sill suck his soul dry. Brady calls this a waste of time and thanks Victor for his faith in him. Brady goes to leave but Victor asks him to wait.

The thug talks to Kristen about his daughter being sick and needing money. Kristen continues to tell him no and asks him to leave again. He says he did a good job for her and went the extra mile to make sure he was ok. He mentions going to the hospital and seeing John and Marlena. He says he remembers things. Kristen suggests he forget everyone's names and her address. He offers to do anything as another job but she doesn't want him around and orders him out again.

Daniel decides he's not going to sit around and wait. He's going to surprise Jennifer so he exits the apartment.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she hates doing this but if she insists on the truth then she admits she deeply loves Daniel and has for a long time. Jennifer says there were times when she fought it but he never gave up and kept fighting for her. Jennifer adds that they have had ups and downs but passed every test. Jennifer says that's how they know their love is strong and real. Jennifer knows it's not what she wanted to hear but she loves Daniel. Jennifer talks about all she loves about him and always will. Jennifer asks Chloe not to do this as Daniel is waiting for her to talk to her. Jennifer tells her to go hear what Daniel has to say so they can be done here. Chloe tells Jennifer that they are a long way from done.

Victor tells Brady that the last thing they should do is fight as it's wrong on so many levels. Victor suggests he will look at what he'd lose if he keeps fighting him. Victor hopes they have the longest engagement possible but he gives Brady his blessing. Brady hopes and thinks he means it. Brady hopes Maggie has influenced Victor. Brady thanks him and hugs him as he then exits.

Kristen continues telling the thug to get out but he insists on needing money and suggests they make a deal. Kristen tells him to leave, make sure no one sees him, and never come back. He then walks out the door.

Marlena tells Eric that her marriage to John might be over, Brady may never speak to her again, and she can't crawl out of the hole she dug herself in. Eric suggests prayer. Eric reminds her of God helping her in the past and knows he would do it again.

Daniel walks out of a gift shop with a new toy train for Parker. He walks on and bumps into Nicole. They talk about Daniel getting the train for Parker. Daniel mentions being on his way to see Jennifer as they are together now and they worked through all of their problems. Daniel says he knows it might be hard for her to hear from him but thinks it's best that she does. Nicole thinks back to her argument with Chloe and mutters that's what she meant. Nicole tells Daniel that she's glad things worked out for him because he deserves to be happy. Nicole asks if Chloe knows yet.

Jennifer tells Chloe that they are done because she's not going to keep doing this with her. Jennifer wants no more harassing, lying, and scheming. Jennifer suggests they just move on. Chloe tells her she hasn't been paying attention. Chloe tells Jennifer that she never said a word about moving on.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't want to talk about Chloe but they are handling things. Nicole apologizes for prying and suggests Daniel tell Chloe soon if he's going to tell her. Nicole tells him to have fun with Parker as she walks away. Daniel starts to walk on but stops and heads the other way.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she had the impression because Chloe talked about losing Daniel. Chloe says they still have some very important things to work out like Parker.

Vargas talks on the phone about trying to turn his life around in prison and tries to convince him of giving him a chance at a job but gets turned down. He angrily hangs up as Nicole returns to the room. Vargas complains that no one wants to hire an ex-con. He says Eric's project is a failure. Nicole reminds him that he's only been trying for an hour. Nicole tells him that sometimes, turning your life around takes a little time. Nicole adds that Eric is helping her too. Nicole says she nor Eric will give up. Vargas asks what she did to need Eric's help. She says it doesn't really matter. Nicole tells Vargas that it hasn't been long since she got out of prison so she knows what he's going through. Vargas is surprised. Nicole jokes about making Father Eric Project t-shirts.

Marlena tells Eric that she isn't sure about prayer. Eric calls her one of the most empathetic people on the planet and talks about her feeling like she's at rock bottom. Eric encourages her to ask for help. Eric gets a message from Father Matt to stop by his office. Eric doesn't want to leave Marlena but she insists she's fine. Eric hugs her goodbye and exits the Pub. Marlena prays that she does not want to lose John, she wants Brady back in their lives, and she wants everybody to know what she knows about Kristen.

Kristen complains to herself about the thug until Brady returns and says she won't believe it but Victor is coming around and said he wouldn't fight their marriage. Kristen is surprised and kisses him. Brady talks about how unbelievable and amazing it was as Kristen continues kissing him. Kristen suggests they stop talking and just start celebrating.

Vargas and Nicole share prison stories as Eric returns and says it's nice to see them getting along. Eric asks Vargas about the job search. Vargas admits it's tougher than he thought. Eric encourages him to hang in. Vargas suggests he would move out if he doesn't get something soon. Nicole suggests the handyman job since he fixed the heating. Eric mentions it being part time but Nicole insists it's better than nothing.

Henderson talks to Victor about being so glad to hear he and Brady worked things out. Victor informs Henderson that he let him think he's coming around so that he doesn't lose him to a psycho whore. Victor tells Henderson that he will be there when Brady needs to run somewhere. He hopes Brady will have a switch flipped to see what kind of hell that Kristen has planned for him.

Brady and Kristen kiss in bed until Kristen's phone rings and it's the thug again. He stands outside the Pub and asks her one more time to do the right thing as he really needs cash. Brady asks her if everything is alright.

Daniel returns to the apartment looking for Chloe again but she's still not there. Daniel declares that she should've been back a long time ago.

Jennifer reminds Chloe of Daniel's rights. Chloe's phone rings but she ignores it and keeps talking about Parker. Chloe says she is Parker's mother and has loved him for two years. Chloe says they will get through this too. Chloe talks about how Parker reacts around Jennifer. Chloe says she's fine with Jennifer hating her but she dumps that hate on Parker too. Jennifer says she loves Parker but Chloe says Parker doesn't love or like Jennifer. Chloe talks about Parker being scared of her. Jennifer calls it absurd and asks how she could say that. Chloe calls it a big problem so she's decided that Jennifer can no longer be around her son. Jennifer is sorry she feels that way and reminds her that she loves Daniel so she's going to be in his life which means she will be involved with Parker. Chloe tells her to think again.

Eric asks Vargas what he thinks of Nicole's idea. Vargas suggests part time could mean less pressure. Eric agrees to check in with Father Matt and he'll be the new part time handyman. Vargas thanks him and says he will still continue to make calls looking for part time. Vargas thanks Nicole on his way out. Eric tells her that was a good thing she did. Nicole calls it from one ex con to another. Eric mentions her not wanting Vargas around before. Nicole says he obviously is grateful for the chance and wants it to work.

Vargas goes to his room and looks at the list of job contacts. He crumples up the paper saying he no longer needs this.

Kristen hangs up on the call and goes back to kissing Brady. The thug says Kristen had her chance and now it's time for plan B.

Marlena walks through the town square and gets a call from the thug, introducing himself as Cy. He says Marlena doesn't know him but he thinks she can help him. She tells him to call her office to make an appointment. He hangs up and says that's plan B.

Daniel paces with his phone and decides to try to call Nancy. He asks her if she's heard from Chloe. Nancy asks what he means. Daniel says he's having a hard time tracking her down and asks how Parker is doing. Nancy says he's perfect. Daniel asks if he's had a chance to see a lot of New York. Nancy nervously looks around as Daniel waits for an answer.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she knows she's upset and asks if they can find a way to work this out. Chloe says she's already worked things out and declares Jennifer will have no more contact with Parker. Chloe tells Jennifer that she will either take herself out of Daniel's life for Parker or she doesn't and Daniel will suffer the consequences. Chloe gives the ultimatum that Daniel can either have Jennifer or Parker but not both.

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