Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Kristen head in to the DiMera Mansion as Kristen continues to complain about upsetting Brady but he does not blame her. Kristen says she should've known John and Marlena wouldn't accept them. Brady tells her not to worry as they kiss.

Sonny tells Will that he just wanted to see him. Will notes that he is a little disturbed and asks if he saw or heard something. Sonny thinks back to seeing Kate and Rafe together. Will wants Sonny to tell him what it is.

Rafe and Kate go to the coffeehouse but can't find Sonny. Rafe says there's no need to panic. Kate talks about seeing the expression on Sonny's face and worries about who he may tell because if he opens his mouth then it's over.

Sonny tells Will that he doesn't want secrets between them so he owes him the truth about Rafe and Kate.

Daniel and Jennifer lay together at the cabin. They get up together and talk about their night as they then kiss.

At home, Chloe thinks back to seeing Daniel and Jennifer making love at the cabin. Chloe grabs her bag and goes to leave but trips over one of Parker's toys. She picks it up and then heads out.

Daniel and Jennifer kiss and talk about not wanting to get up.

Chloe walks through the town square finishing a phone call with Parker who's with Nancy. Nancy gets on the phone and talks to her about Parker. Chloe says Nancy is going to be busy and tells her to text her when it's ready. Nancy asks Chloe if she's sure about doing this. Chloe tells her she's counting on her to do what needs to be done. Nicole appears behind Chloe and asks what needs to be done. Nicole assumes she has another crazy scheme to get Daniel back.

Daniel and Jennifer talk about everything being right now and being happy together. Daniel realizes he never showed up at his conference and didn't even call in. Jennifer apologizes. Daniel tells her that he has one more thing to do to make things right with them.

Will asks Sonny what about Rafe and Kate. Lucas interrupts, Will tries to get an explanation still but Sonny calls it no big deal. Lucas asks if it was about Nick and Gabi. Lucas talks about wanting to win a custody battle. Lucas tells Sonny to tell if he knows anything that can help.

Rafe asks Kate what she means that it would be over. Kate worries about Stefano or Sami finding out. Rafe says it's too late for that and reminds her that she's happily divorced. Rafe jokingly wonders what Stefano would do. Rafe tells her it's impossible to keep a secret in Salem. Kate brings up Gabi being pregnant with Will's baby. Kate doesn't think they need to be a complication to them.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing onto the couch. Brady looks up and thinks he sees someone through the window. Brady gets up and looks out the back door to check but doesn't see anyone. Brady swears that he did see something move before. Brady goes back to kissing Kristen. Kristen stops and still feels she ruined the whole day. Kristen mentions having something special cooked. Kristen tells Brady that no one else is home so they have the mansion to themselves as they continue kissing.

Sonny tells Lucas that Gabi wants Will to see the baby. Lucas wonders what Nick said about it and if Gabi knows what Nick did. Will explains that Gabi knows he didn't want to sign his rights away but doesn't know why he did. Lucas gets a call and steps away. Will says Sonny obviously didn't want Lucas to know what he was about to say. They walk off together.

Daniel and Jennifer get dressed. Jennifer gives Daniel his phone and he has a missed call from Chloe. Daniel assumes she must have wondered where he was but she didn't leave a message. Daniel tells Jennifer that it's like the rest of the world doesn't exist when they are here. Daniel reminds Jennifer that Chloe will be waiting when they get back but he has let her know there is no chance. Daniel tells Jennifer that everyone will be clear this time. Daniel says he knows what it takes to get through to Chloe. Daniel says he hates to leave but he wants to be on the next ferry back so he can set Chloe straight and start their lives together.

Chloe asks if Nicole is still obsessing over Daniel and calls it pathetic. Nicole says Daniel is her friend and she doesn't want them to get hurt. Chloe asks if Jennifer won't ruin his life. Nicole says she won't as much as Chloe did. Chloe accuses Nicole of being jealous of her. Chloe says she will never be alone and pitiful like Nicole because she has a son which is something Nicole will never have. Nicole tells her to take it back but Chloe calls it true. Chloe says she's the only one left in the town that gives a damn about Nicole but she pushed her away. Chloe blames Nicole for standing in her way while Jennifer got with Daniel.

Kate asks Rafe how he thinks Will is going to deal with it. Rafe says Will survived her with Stefano and has a lot of other things on his mind. Kate agrees that Will could be the least of their problems. Rafe realizes she's really worried about Stefano. Rafe thinks Stefano can't do anything that he hasn't already tried. Rafe says Stefano divorced her and wonders if she expects her life to be on hold. Kate calls it complicated with Stefano, Sami, and Will. Kate suggests maybe they should just end this. Rafe asks if that's what she really wants. Kate says it's not. Will and Sonny enter the coffeehouse. Will greets them and tells them that they don't have to pretend because Sonny already told him. Sonny apologizes if he was out of line but quickly explains that he only told Will that they both know about Will signing over his parental rights. Will apologizes for disappointing Kate. Kate says it's Will's life and not hers. Kate knows he felt it was the only thing he could do. Will asks for a moment alone with Rafe. Kate and Sonny step aside. Kate asks Sonny about not saying anything. Sonny jokes with her. Will tells Rafe that he knows it's a huge relief for him after the abortion clinic and the wedding so he probably doesn't want him to ruin Gabi and the baby.

Daniel and Jennifer walk through the town square. Jennifer talks about not going with him to make things worse. Daniel agrees that Chloe needs to hear it from him. They agree to see each other later. Jennifer wishes him luck. Daniel says he's feeling incredibly lucky and kisses her until she leaves. Daniel then pulls out his phone and calls Chloe. He leaves a message for her to call him as soon as she gets the message as it's important.

Chloe tells Nicole that she's wrong about saying Jennifer won and she lost. Chloe insists that she's going to win and doesn't need Nicole's help. Chloe tells Nicole that Daniel doesn't want her in his life so she doesn't want Nicole in her life either. Nicole says she gets it so she'll stand back and watch her implode. Nicole tells Chloe that she's not going to get what she wants. Nicole says Daniel may be too good for her but is a million times too good for Chloe. Nicole walks away as Chloe yells after her that she's a loser. Chloe says she never quits and thinks back to Daniel and Jennifer making love. Chloe walks on through the town square and checks her phone to see Daniel's missed call.

Kristen and Brady have dinner together at the mansion. Kristen suggests going to bed a little earlier tonight. She asks Brady where he went last night. Brady tells her that he went to St. Luke's to talk to Eric. Brady says Eric was cooler than he thought and they don't have to worry about him since he advised him to do what he wants and not worry about what others think. They finish their food and start kissing but the doorbell rings. Kristen goes to answer the door and it's Daniel. Daniel hopes he didn't come at the wrong time and says he was just looking for Chloe. Daniel says he had some time so he came to thank Kristen in person for helping him get his life back.

Kate tells Sonny that she just assumed he would tell Will. Sonny says they do tell each other everything but he's still dealing with walking in on them in Gabi's room. Rafe tells Will that Gabi is his sister but Will is family too and he would hate to see him torn out of his baby's life. Rafe says Gabi feels the same way as they talked about it. Will is glad Gabi feels that way and brings up Nick. Kate comes back and tells Will that she knows someone pressured him into giving up his parental rights so she wants to know who and why and what they are going to do about it.

Kristen asks Daniel if he talked things out with Jennifer. Daniel says they worked things out thanks to Kristen informing him of the misunderstanding. Kristen jokes about being a matchmaker. Daniel calls it true love. Brady says he knows what he means. Daniel mentions looking to tell Chloe. Brady tells him to do what he's got to do.

Chloe gets a text from Nancy saying that everything is done as she asked. Chloe responds that it will all be over soon and then life will be good again.

Jennifer calls Abigail from home and leaves a message that she's back and everything is so good. Jennifer looks at the necklace that Daniel got her.

Daniel thanks Kristen again and then notices her ring. Daniel congratulates them on their engagement and says they will all go out and celebrate. They talk about no one else reacting that way so they'd love to. Brady thanks Daniel for his support. Brady mentions a headache coming and going. Daniel suggests he get checked out or it could just be stress. Daniel reminds Brady of getting beaten up not long ago. Kristen thinks back to paying off the thugs. Daniel encourages Kristen to get Brady to make an appointment. Kristen promises to take care of Brady.

Will tells Kate that he doesn't think there's anything they can do with it. Kate brings up Nick working for her and asks why Nick has a problem with Will being in his daughter's life. Will says he's afraid of Sami being involved. Rafe questions this all being about Sami. Lucas arrives and tells Kate that they need to talk about business. Rafe says he has to get back to the station as well. Lucas pulls Kate away while Rafe exits. Will tells Sonny that Kate's not going to back down so he wonders what to say. Sonny says anything but the truth. Will wonders why he can't tell them what Nick has over him. Sonny says she'll fire Nick and he'll go to prison so everything would get worse. Sonny hopes Lucas can get Kate to back off. Will says if he doesn't then he will have to find another way to keep the secret. Lucas tells Kate to back off. Kate insists that she could do so much to help Will. Kate says Lucas and Sami in the evidence room was amateur. Lucas argues that she can't help. Kate says Nick is obviously holding something over Will. Kate insists that she would never judge whatever Will did. Lucas tells her that she will hurt Will even more if she gets involved which Kate agrees she does not want. Sonny finishes a call from T as Will looks through the window at Kate. Sonny tells Will that T wants to play basketball tomorrow but Will says he's not up for it. Sonny suggests it would be fun and a distraction from Nick. Sonny reminds Will of the good stuff in his life. Sonny brings up Gabi saying she would make sure Will is going to be a part of his baby's life. Sonny tells Will not to worry about Nick as he hopes he won't be able to control Gabi. Sonny apologizes for Kate finding out. Will says it's not his fault as she would find out sooner or later. Sonny says he wanted to tell him earlier but couldn't find him. Will thinks back to telling Sami to get Stefano's help to get Nick out of the way. Will tells Sonny that he just had to handle some stuff.

Outside the coffeehouse, Kate talks on the phone to Rafe, telling him that Sonny won't tell anyone but it's getting harder to come up with excuses when people see them together. Kate says Sonny walking in on them made her realize that ending this is the right decision before it gets too complicated. Rafe guesses he can't change her mind then as they finish their conversation and hang up.

Brady and Kristen talk about telling other people about the engagement as Kristen comforts him. Brady decides he should tell Victor. Brady tells her he loves her and kisses her. Brady exits. Kristen stands alone until the doorbell rings. She answers it to see the thug who beat up Brady that she paid off. He tells her not to worry as he waited until Brady left and now it's just them.

Daniel goes to the apartment looking for Chloe but she's not there.

Jennifer comes down the stairs at home and Chloe arrives at her door.

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