Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will asks Sami if she still thinks Stefano could help him get custody of his daughter. Sami says she does. Will says he wants Sami to make that happen. He wants her to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.

Marlena walks through the town square and runs into Brady. Marlena wants to explain to him what he heard John telling her before. Brady stops her and reveals that he asked Kristen to marry him.

Kristen joins Stefano in the living room at the mansion and shows him her engagement ring.

Cameron and Abigail continue kissing. Cameron tells Abigail now they can relax and finish their food. Cameron then suggests it can wait a little longer as they kiss again. They get up and Abigail begins undoing his shirt.

Kate goes to Gabi's room. Rafe answers the door and Kate slaps him calling him a son of a bitch. Rafe questions what's going on as Kate accuses him of lying. Rafe doesn't know what she's talking about as Kate wants to know where Nick is.

Justin goes to the coffeehouse and talks with Sonny. Justin mentions having a meeting with a client there but offers to talk if Sonny has anything to talk about. Sonny admits there is and asks Justin if he can help Will with the custody mess.

Will asks Sami if she thinks Stefano will help him. Sami asks what changed since he didn't want to fight for custody before. Will thinks back to finding out about Sonny and Nick's fight. Will tells Sami that he now knows who Nick really is and is not going to let him raise his daughter.

Rafe tells Kate to back up as he didn't lie to her about anything and doesn't know what she's talking about. Kate asks him about Will giving up his parental rights. Rafe insists that he had nothing to do with it and just found out today. Rafe wonders as well why Will would give up his rights to his child.

Sami again asks Will what changed. Will says he has to find a way to stop Nick and wants Sami to talk to Stefano. Will asks Sami when exactly she's going to ask Stefano to help them.

Stefano asks Kristen about getting Brady to propose. They joke about it. Stefano says destroying John and Marlena is one thing but he hopes she can pull the trigger on Brady.

Brady and Marlena argue. Marlena calls Kristen deranged and incapable of loving. Marlena insists that Kristen is just using him to hurt her and John. Brady is sick of hearing it. Marlena says they are trying to get through to him. Marlena asks Brady to give it some time. John arrives and suggests Brady tell Kristen to go to Hell where she belongs. John argues that Brady cannot marry her.

Abigail and Cameron continue kissing. Cameron takes her by the hand and they head out of the living room but Abigail stops him and says they can't do this.

Stefano tells Kristen that he's concerned. Kristen understands but feels she's proven herself. Stefano notes that she is very tough. Kristen says she will be doing Brady a big favor in the end. Stefano asks if that favor is ruining John and Marlena's lives. Kristen says Brady doesn't need them in his life and they toast to that.

Brady tells John it's insanity to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Brady says he and Kristen are in love and he doesn't give a damn if they don't accept it because he doesn't accept them. Brady storms off. Marlena tries to explain to John that she was just trying to talk some sense into Brady. John tells her to stop trying and stay out of it.

Kate questions Rafe not knowing Will gave up his rights. Kate asks what Rafe thinks about it. Rafe says he knows what it's like to be shut out of a child's life and he cares about Will so he thinks it's unfair. Kate brings up Gabi. Rafe says Gabi has a mind of her own and he doesn't think she will let Nick dictate her child's future. Kate asks why he thinks Will gave up his rights. Rafe suggests Sami threatening Gabi might have done it. They talk about how Will would know that would cause the child pain and might not have wanted to put his child through it. Kate admits she's now feeling sorry. Rafe suggests she apologize on her knees if she means it. Kate gets on her knees and asks if she hurt him. Rafe says he's pretty tough and they kiss.

Sonny and Justin sit together with coffee. Justin asks about Will not wanting to sign over his rights. Justin wonders how he can give advice when he doesn't know the whole story. He asks how Nick forced Will to give over his rights. Justin reminds Sonny that everything is private between them. Sonny tells him that a long time ago, something happened with Will and now it's coming back to haunt him.

Sami tells Will that she just moved into the mansion so she can't go making demands to Stefano. Will argues that they have no time. Sami agrees but says they have to strategize. Sami suggests Will come over to the mansion and be the one to tell Stefano everything. Sami says Nick won't know what hit him.

Cameron puts his shirt back on and apologizes for not asking. Cameron agrees that her first time should be more special. Abigail thinks back to seeing Cameron giving an envelope of money to a man at the hospital. Abigail tells Cameron that it's not about her, her first time, or being special but about him.

Justin asks Sonny what Will did as he can't help without knowing what it is. Sonny calls it very complicated. Justin worries that it may be dangerous and risky. Sonny talks about standing by the people you love and fighting for them. Sonny declares Will doesn't deserve this and he's not going to let him go through it alone as he then rushes out.

Brady returns home to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen asks what's wrong. Brady says nothing as he's happy to be home. Kristen talks about thinking about redoing the home decor. Brady gets a call from John and answers, asking what he wants. John says he hates all of this. Brady says not as much as he does. John asks if they can sit down and work it out. Brady says he's heard John and Marlena enough and he's sick of it. Kristen listens from the doorway. Brady argues that John hates the woman he loves and doesn't want him to be happy. Brady tells John to deal with the fact that he loves Kristen and is marrying her as he hangs up.

Sami goes to the Pub and looks through the windows. She talks about Will asking her and Stefano for help. Sami says she knows she said she would stay away from Nick and Gabi but oh well.

Rafe and Kate continue kissing until they are interrupted by someone entering.

Kristen rejoins Brady in the living room. Brady tells her about running into John earlier and his phone call just now. They talk about John and Marlena knowing about their engagement. Kristen suggests in time it will get better. Stefano enters and shakes Brady's hand, congratulating him. Brady appreciates his wishes. Stefano asks for a moment alone with Brady. Kristen kisses Brady, grabs his phone, and exits. Stefano talks to Brady about making sure he will keep Kristen's best interests at heart. Brady says he will as he loves her very much. Behind the door, Kristen looks through Brady's phone and says she will put one more nail in John and Marlena's coffin just for good measure.

Cameron asks Abigail if she doesn't want to make love because of him and not because she's not ready. Cameron's phone then rings but Abigail asks him not to answer.

Sonny apologizes for interrupting Rafe and Kate, saying he wasn't looking for them. Sonny quickly exits as they try to stop him. Kate goes after Sonny.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and sees Justin. Justin tells him that Sonny just left and was looking for him. Will thanks him and goes to leave but Justin stops him and says he spoke to Sonny before he left. Justin asks Will if there's anything he wants to discuss with him.

Sonny runs into Sami at the Pub. Sami asks if he's okay.

John sits down at the town square. John thinks back to Brady's birth. John declares that he made a vow to Isabel to always take care of Brady and that's what he's going to do.

Marlena arrives at the hospital. She stops and wonders how to fix this.

John says if only Brady would listen to reason as he gets a message and steps away.

Marlena's phone rings and she heads back to the elevator.

Stefano talks to Brady about becoming family and family being everything to him. Brady understands and plans to love and protect Kristen. Brady knows that requires getting along with his family and gives him his word. They shake hands on it. Kristen finishes texting John and Marlena from Brady's phone. as Brady comes out of the room. Brady tells Kristen that he just assured Stefano to love, protect, and honor her. Brady and Kristen kiss. Kristen suggests they go get something to eat and gives him his phone back as they then exit together. Stefano steps out of the living room and says he hopes Kristen knows what she's doing.

Cameron says he has to answer as it's the hospital. Cameron tells them he's on his way. He tells Abigail that he has to go in. He tells Abigail that he likes her a lot but can't keep doing this. Cameron suggests next time they meet in a public place so this doesn't happen again as he exits leaving Abigail frustrated.

Sonny tells Sami that he went upstairs to see Gabi but she wasn't there. Sami asks why he's upset then. Kate comes down followed by Rafe which Sami questions.

Will asks Justin what Sonny said. Justin says whatever he said or Will says is in confidence. Will tells him the situation is settled for now but could change. Justin says every case is handled differently. Will thanks him for the offer and exits.

Sonny decide he has to go and exits the Pub. Sami starts to go after him but Rafe stops her, saying he needs to talk to her for a second.

Brady and Kristen walk through the town square and come across John and Marlena. Brady questions if it's an ambush. John raises his phone and says he thought Brady had second thoughts. Marlena asks why Brady texted her. Kristen reveals she texted them because he didn't tell her what happened so she took it into her own hands to try and break down the barriers and come to a compromise. Brady declares it not possible. Kristen apologizes. Marlena blames Kristen and says it's all on her.

At the hospital, Cameron thinks back to Abigail. Cameron then calls her. Abigail is glad he called and apologizes for what happened. Cameron says he's the one who should be apologizing.

Sonny catches up with Will at the town square, mentioning he called and left a voicemail. Will apologizes and says he just saw Justin who said he was looking for him and asks what's up.

Rafe asks Sami about not telling him that Will gave up his rights. Sami says it's not about him or Kate. Sami says it's about her, Will, and Lucas. Rafe realizes that's why he found Sami and Lucas in the evidence room. Kate questions what she was looking for. Sami says she and Lucas were trying to help their son. Rafe thought maybe Will did it because of Sami to stop the madness. Sami says it's the last thing she wanted. Rafe suggests maybe Will didn't want to put his child through what he went through. Rafe talks about everything Sami has done. Sami says there is no reason Will should've signed the document and she's doing everything she can to fix it.

Marlena tells Brady that he's smarter than this. Brady tells her she should be more dignified as he can't believe her being so cynical and judgmental. Brady announces he's marrying Kristen, is in love with her, and doesn't care what they think about it. Brady tells them to stay out of his life as he walks off with Kristen.

Abigail tells Cameron that he has every right to be frustrated with her but he argues that he doesn't. Cameron doesn't want her to feel pressured about being with him as it's fine to just be friends. Cameron says he likes her and her company. Abigail tells him that she didn't feel pressured. Cameron states that he is the problem. Cameron says he has to go and they'll talk soon as he hangs up.

Rafe tells Sami that Gabi is not going to keep Will from his daughter. Sami thinks Gabi will do whatever Nick tells her to do. Rafe wants to talk about it but Sami says she's busy and has unpacking to do. Rafe asks what she's unpacking. Sami reveals that she moved in to the DiMera Mansion with EJ so if he needs her, that's where she will be. Sami exits the Pub. Rafe remarks that Gabi has moved in to Victor's with Nick while Sami has moved in to Stefano's with EJ. Kate decides she should go see Sonny since he saw them together so she can fix that.

Sonny tells Will that he just wanted to see him. Will notes that he is a little disturbed and asks if he saw or heard something. Sonny thinks back to seeing Kate and Rafe together. Will wants Sonny to tell him what it is.

Marlena tells John that she knows he was urging her not to get involved but she couldn't stand and watch Kristen waving her ring around. John turns and walks away without a word.

Brady and Kristen return home, stopping outside the door. Kristen talks about feeling awful about causing him to be pulled further apart with John and Marlena. Brady doesn't blame her and calls it a sweet thought. Brady says she's his family and that's all that matters. Brady hugs her and she says she's sorry as it appears they are being watched from the bushes.

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