Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Kate lay in bed together as the phone rings. Kate tries to answer it but Rafe says it's too early and can wait. Rafe then kisses Kate while her phone goes to a missed call from Stefano.

Sami enters the DiMera Mansion. She looks at the photo of Stefano and asks what he has to say about her moving in. Stefano then enters and says welcome home.

Abigail is at home and thinks back to seeing Cameron exchange an envelope of money with a man at the hospital. She texts Cameron who was asleep in bed. Cameron wakes up and checks his phone as the message asks if he's running late.

Sonny joins Will outside the town square. Sonny mentions having to work but thought it was more important to spend time with him. Will notices Sonny's hand and asks what happened. Sonny claims he must have banged it on something and it's no big deal but Will asks him what happened so Sonny admits that he got into a fight with Nick.

Nick wakes up and Gabi is seated nearby. Nick asks if everything is okay. Gabi says she couldn't sleep as she was just thinking about Will saying that she doesn't know Nick. Nick calls it crazy and says she knows him better than anyone. Gabi disagrees and says after thinking about it all night, she realized that Will was right.

Sonny tells Will that he started the fight with Nick. Will asks why and what Nick said to cause it. Sonny doesn't want to talk about it but Will insists. Will says Nick's problem is with him and he doesn't want Sonny caught up in the middle. Will asks what Nick did so Sonny informs him that Nick called him a faggot.

Nick tries to reassure Gabi but she says there's so much about Nick that she doesn't know. Gabi says she's told him everything about her and it made her feel closer to him. Gabi talks about everything happening and Will being shut out of his daughter's life. She wants to know what happened to Nick in prison.

Cameron calls Abigail and tells her that he didn't forget as he was looking forward to it. Cameron hangs up and reaches under his bed then stuffs money in a steel box. Cameron then pulls out a gun and places it in the box. He puts the box in his drawer.

Rafe and Kate continue kissing until her phone rings again and they agree for her to get it this time. Kate checks her phone. Rafe asks what's wrong. She says it's nothing but business. Rafe reminds her that he's a trained FBI agent so he's really good at reading people. Rafe then checks Kate's phone and sees the message from Stefano, informing Kate that he's back in town. Rafe comments that with Stefano, it's always personal.

Sami questions Stefano welcoming her into his home. She points out that EJ isn't there so he doesn't have to force himself to be nice. Stefano calls it her home too and the kids too and open to Will. Sami thanks him for his hospitality. Stefano calls her now part of the family. EJ enters and greets Stefano. EJ hugs Sami and mentions breakfast being ready. Stefano says he will leave EJ and his future bride to enjoy themselves as much as they can. Stefano exits. Sami asks EJ if she missed an engagement announcement.

Will tells Sonny that he's not surprised since Nick is a homophobe but it doesn't justify him calling Sonny a faggot. Sonny suggests they turn the tables and let everyone see Nick for the homophobic jerk that he is. Will brings up his family. Sonny questions protecting Nick. Will says Nick would run to the police. They both apologize and say they were angry. Will encourages Sonny for hitting Nick. Will states that Nick is the guy that's going to raise his little girl.

Nick talks to Gabi about going to prison and says he was the least prepared guy in the world for what was to come. Nick says that world has it's own set of strict laws and he broke one right away which cost another inmate another three years on his sentence and almost cost him his life. Nick says he didn't know and that there are things that happen in that place. Nick thinks back to screaming no as Gabi asks him what happened.

Rafe asks Kate if she wants him to talk to Stefano on her behalf. Kate thinks it's sweet that he wants to be protective but she thinks it would be a terrible idea to rattle Stefano's cage. Rafe thinks Stefano was trying to rattle her cage with the text but Kate says she's not rattled. Kate assures Rafe that she no longer has feelings for Stefano. Kate says she did love him. They talk about loving and losing. Kate recalls Stefano blackmailing her into marrying him and then she came back to eventually fall in love with him. Kate tells Rafe that she's a happier person with him.

Sami asks EJ why Stefano called her his future bride. EJ assumes it's Stefano giving his blessing that he hopes their reunion is permanent. Sami felt more like Stefano was handing out a life sentence. EJ asks how she feels. Sami says it is her decision and she chose to be there. EJ asks what is bothering her. Sami says Stefano being nice to her creeped her out. EJ calls it vintage Stefano. EJ talks about how Stefano can be. EJ promises to keep Sami safe and not let anyone hurt her.

Nick wishes Gabi could understand but says there's things about life on the inside that can't be thought about and must be forgot. Nick says there was a certain order with the inmates and he had to play all the angles to figure out how to make the right alliances. Nick thinks back to Vargas threatening him in prison for ratting him out about a fight and then Vargas offering to protect him but that Nick would owe him. Gabi asks Nick how he survived for four years. Nick thinks back to being given a book with pills inside. Gabi asks Nick what he did.

Cameron goes to Abigail's with flowers. He apologizes for keeping her waiting. Abigail calls the flowers sweet. Cameron hopes that means he's forgiven. Abigail understands he was busy saving lives. Cameron talks about missing breakfast. Abigail suggests brunch and says there's no rush since her mom is out and they both have time. Cameron calls her beautiful.

Sonny talks with Adrienne at the coffeehouse. She has a gift bag for Will which surprises Sonny as he calls it a bit much. Adrienne explains that it's for Will's baby girl so Sonny quickly tells her that she can't give it to him.

Will remains seated outside the town square. He pulls out the sonogram photo and looks at it.

Nick tells Gabi that a lot of people in prison use drugs as a way to escape and cope but he didn't. Nick says he somehow remembered who he was before he started using and wanted to get back to being that person. Gabi asks what he did. Nick explains that Statesville is run like a small town with hundreds of prisoners. Nick says he found ways to work the system to his advantage and traded the pills for protection. Gabi asks if that's what led to him being stabbed. Nick explains that someone thought he was going to snitch on them which is the worst thing you can do in there. Nick says they were wrong as he wasn't going to since by then he had learned not to rat out another inmate. Gabi questions if they still tried to kill him. Nick explains that the stabbing was just a warning and if they wanted him dead then he would be. Gabi hugs him and says she's sorry he had to go through that. Nick calls Gabi the reason he's still there. Nick says he got out of prison not knowing what was going to happen and then he met Gabi and everything came together better than he ever could have imagined. Nick hugs her and thanks her for saving his life and giving him the family he's always wanted as they hold back tears.

Sami tells EJ that he's already done so much for her and her family. EJ calls it their family. Sami hates that EJ is under Stefano's roof and has to deal with him. EJ doesn't care as long as he has her and the children. EJ kisses her and picks her up then carries her up the stairs.

Rafe and Kate kiss until Kate decides they have to get going as she has to get work. Rafe decides to take a shower. Kate says she will join him. Rafe goes to the shower while Kate remains in bed and decides to call Stefano. Stefano says she must have got his message. Kate says she knew he was back in town before that not that she cares. Stefano asks why she called then. Kate tells him to leave her the hell alone as he will never be part of her life again and she's moved on. Kate hangs up and gets out of bed. Stefano laughs and wonders who she has moved on with.

Abigail asks Cameron about work and if he had any more run ins with Ann. Cameron says he doesn't worry about her. Abigail thinks he shouldn't have to deal with her when working so hard. Abigail says she knows he pressures himself a lot because of Lexie. Cameron agrees that it's a lot to live up to. Abigail asks Cameron if they are past their previous misunderstandings. Cameron says they are. Abigail insists that he could talk to her if something was on his mind. Cameron states that there is one thing weighing on him.

Sami and EJ begin kissing in the bedroom. They undress one another and kiss onto the bed where they begin to make love.

Sonny explains Will's situation with his daughter to Adrienne. Sonny says Will is trying to move on and that's why she can't give him the gift. Adrienne is surprised and wonders why Will would do this when he wanted to be in the baby's life. Adrienne questions this being the best decision for Will to give up the legal rights to his child. Kate enters and overhears that, questioning when the hell that happened.

Cameron tells Abigail that spending time together has been great. He calls her funny and smart and says he's really comfortable around her. Abigail feels the same. Cameron notes that sometimes it gets awkward like right now. Abigail didn't feel awkward until now. Cameron says she knows what he means. Abigail figures she does. Cameron thinks they can bust through that. Abigail is glad to hear that so things aren't awkward. Cameron then kisses her.

Rafe goes to see Gabi after she texted him that it was important. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Gabi says everything is fine but she wanted him to hear from her that Will has given up his rights to the baby. Rafe asks if she's serious. Gabi tells him that everything has been filed with the courts and is official that Will has no claim on baby Arianna anymore. Rafe calls it the last thing he expected. Gabi states that it's a good thing. Rafe sits with her and says he doesn't mean to pry but brings up Nick threatening to do anything he possibly could to keep her safe. Rafe asks if this is part of that. Gabi says all she can say is that it's what needs to happen to keep Arianna safe from Sami since she could push Will to fight for custody but now that can never legally happen. Rafe asks if Will is okay with it. Gabi says Will knows she won't keep him from her and he'll always be in her life. Rafe wishes she told him about this. Gabi says it happened fast. Gabi says she has to get to class and mentions to Rafe that she and Nick are moving into the Kiriakis Mansion which surprises him. Rafe tells her that they aren't done talking about all of this. Gabi thanks him for looking out for her but says now she has Nick. Gabi then exits.

Kate questions Will voluntarily signing over his rights to the baby. Sonny tells her that's what happened and it's a done deal. Kate questions if Sonny talked Will into it. Adrienne argues that Sonny did nothing but support Will. Kate declares that Will would never abandon his daughter and asks when this happened. Adrienne says it happened a few days ago. Sonny tries to stop Kate but she declares that she's going to find out why Will did this. Kate storms out as Sonny decides he must warn Will.

Sami and EJ lay in bed together as EJ says it now truly feels like home. Sami gets a call from Will that he needs to see her now in the town square about his baby.

Cameron tells Abigail now they can relax and finish their food. Cameron then suggests it can wait a little longer as he kisses her again.

Kate goes to Gabi's room as Rafe opens the door. Kate slaps him and calls him a son of a bitch.

Adrienne asks Sonny if Will is in some kind of trouble and if that's why he was so willing to give up the baby. Sonny apologizes but says he can't tell her anything else. Adrienne understands but says she and Justin are there if they need anything as she exits. Sonny tries calling Will.

Sami meets with Will outside the town square and asks if something happened with the baby.

EJ returns to the living room where Stefano tells him that he hopes EJ and his bride to be are settling in. EJ says they are but they are not engaged yet. EJ asks about Kristen but Stefano hasn't seen her. Stefano explains to EJ that he meant before that he wants EJ and Sami to feel at home. EJ is sure he believes that. EJ moves a pawn on the chess table. Stefano questions thinking that's wise. EJ calls it just his first move as he heads back upstairs.

Will asks Sami if she still thinks Stefano could help him get custody of his daughter. Sami says she does. Will says he wants Sami to make that happen. He wants her to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.

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