Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/22/13


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Brady enters the living room at the mansion and hugs Kristen as they call each other fiancée. Brady asks if she's told Stefano yet. She says she couldn't since he's in Chicago. Brady hopes he takes the news better than John did. Kristen says they have the whole house to themselves but Brady says he has to go back out because there's someone else he has to tell and has to do it face to face. Brady adds that it can't wait.

Sami asks EJ if they are really about to move in to the mansion together. EJ knows it's not the romantic beginning but Sami notes that EJ is willing to deal with Stefano to help her. Sami calls it incredibly romantic and kisses him. Sami then jokes that she will deck Kristen if she gets into her face which makes EJ laugh.

Nick enters the coffeehouse and asks Sonny where Will is.

Gabi and Will walk outside the town square. Gabi says she knows what he did but wants to hear it from him. She asks if he's really okay with giving up his daughter. Will admits he's not okay and it's tearing him apart.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing. Chloe arrives outside the Cabin but stops at the window where she looks inside at them kissing. Chloe gets teary eyed and turns away. She looks over at the door.

Kristen tells Brady that she understands as they have the rest of their lives to be together. Brady admits the decision was sudden. Kristen tells him to do what he has to do. Brady thanks her and they kiss. Kristen tells him that she's so happy. Brady then exits. Kristen remarks that something is very wrong.

Nick asks Sonny where Will is and assumes he's with Gabi. Sonny tells Nick that he's wasting his time as he doesn't have to tell him a damn thing.

Gabi apologizes to Will, saying she didn't want things to be like this. Gabi says they can work things out as they are friends and connected for life. Will apologizes for saying anything. Will says it hurts but he knows he did the right thing as Sami would've never left her alone. Will brings up when they and Nick were the only ones that knew until Chad told everyone. Gabi worries what people will think when they find out. Will says he'll deal with it. Gabi states that she knows why he did this.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing until they hear a noise. Jennifer jokes about seeing a bear out there once as Daniel gets up to check the noise. Daniel grabs the broom and goes outside but doesn't see anything so he heads back in. Daniel goes back to kissing Jennifer. Chloe remains outside holding back tears as she then walks away.

EJ and Sami go to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen answers the door expecting Brady.

Brady goes to the rectory and tells Eric that he has news. Eric hopes he dumped Kristen but Brady reveals he asked her to marry him. Eric calls him a moron.

Will asks Gabi what she thinks she knows. Gabi says Nick made some kind of deal with him because he knows something about his family that could hurt him if it got out. Gabi adds that she knows he used it to convince him to sign the papers. Gabi doesn't want to start on Nick since he's trying to protect her and the baby. Will questions if they need to be protected from him.

Nick tells Sonny that he needs to tell him where Will is. Sonny questions what he's going to do if he doesn't. Sonny asks if he'll dig up some dirt and force him into a legal agreement. Nick says he needed to protect Gabi from Sami. Sonny accuses Nick of wanting to protect the baby from the gay boys since he can't stand the idea of them having anything to do with the child. Nick tells him that he's right.

Chloe returns home and tells Nancy that she went to the cabin and saw Daniel and Jennifer making love. Nancy is not surprised and tells her she shouldn't have gone. Chloe declares that it's over as she's lost Daniel for good. Chloe cries about Daniel loving Jennifer and says she wanted to die when she looked in the window. Nancy tells her to think and they will come up with a strategy but Chloe says nothing will work. Nancy encourages her. Nancy reminds Chloe that she has Parker and says Jennifer will never give Daniel a kid so she's just a blip on the radar. Nancy tells her to think about her long term goals. Chloe says Nancy doesn't know Daniel like she does. Nancy says she only needs to know that he's a man but Chloe says there's a lot more. Chloe says she knows Daniel better than anybody and remembers when he fell in love with her. Chloe says she had his heart and soul but threw it away. Chloe adds that Daniel never would've cheated on her so he never will on Jennifer either.

Daniel and Jennifer lay together and kiss. Jennifer says it's the happiest she's been in a really long time as they made it together. Daniel says he'll never let go again.

Brady questions Eric not judging. Brady assumes Eric won't marry them but he says he didn't say that and is glad that he told him personally. Eric asks who else knows. Brady says only Eric and John. Eric wonders how John took the news and then asks about telling Victor, Marlena, and Sami. Brady assures him that no one else knows. Eric knows how strong he feels about Kristen and hopes he will be happy. Eric says he will always want the best for him. Brady thanks him. Eric asks what's on his mind but Brady claims nothing. Brady then stops and says that's not true and asks Eric not to make a smug remark if he tells him. Brady then admits he's scared.

EJ tells Kristen that they came to see Stefano but she informs them that he's in Chicago at a meeting. Kristen offers to deliver a message but EJ reveals that he, Sami and the children are moving in. Kristen calls it wonderful. Sami says they are very excited. Kristen hugs her. Kristen adds that Chad is thinking about moving back in and now they are so Stefano will be pleased and Brady will be ecstatic. Sami then notices the ring on Kristen's finger and asks what it is.

Gabi tells Will that she knows it's Sami they need to be protected by. Will says he's the one that will be hurting and signed the papers so he can't see his baby. Gabi brings up Will starting with the paternity test. Gabi wonders if Sami and EJ wanted it so they could sue for custody. Gabi blames Sami for pushing Will into it and how she could've pushed him into suing for custody. Will questions thinking he's a pushover to let that happen. Gabi talks about Sami getting people to do things but now she can't. Gabi tells Will that she would never stop him from seeing his daughter or being in her life. Will tells her to work it out for Nick then.

Sonny talks about people saying Nick used to be a decent understanding nice guy and asks what happened. Nick says that guy was weak and got hooked on pain pills and ended up killing someone. Sonny questions him being strong by blackmailing his own cousin. Nick threatens Will and starts to leave but Sonny stops him. Nick then tells him to get his hands off and calls him a faggot. Sonny punches Nick down. Nick gets up and they begin fighting. Nick punches him and says he knows he's trying to get his parole revoked. Sonny says he thinks the whole world is out to get him. Nick says he doesn't know what he's been through. Sonny suggests he talk to someone like a priest or shrink to know how messed up he is. Nick says he loves Gabi and that's all he needs. Sonny questions why he wants to destroy Will then. Nick says Will has Sonny so he'll be just fine and then he exits.

Brady tells Eric that he's been engaged twice to women he loved and they are both now dead. Brady says women he love tend to pay a big price. Eric calls it a horrible coincidence. Brady admits to having a lot of anxiety as he doesn't want to lose Kristen.

Kristen apologizes for springing it on them as she assumed Brady told but they are getting married. Kristen talks about Brady proposing. EJ notes Brady becoming his brother in law. Kristen says with them moving in, life is just getting better and better. Kristen says she'll have a sister again in Sami.

Chloe talks to Nancy about Daniel's first love Rebecca. Nancy thinks Daniel is a player. Chloe talks about breaking up her marriage with Lucas. Nancy brings up Vivian convincing Chloe that Daniel was unfaithful if he's so loyal and true in her mind. Chloe says she's still the same insecure girl on the inside and couldn't believe Daniel could be in love with her but he was. Nancy wants to give her a reality check. Nancy then asks about Daniel with Nicole. Chloe says they were just having fun together until Nicole fell in love and then Daniel broke it off because he only loved Jennifer. Chloe cries that she saw tonight that he loves Jennifer the same way he loved Rebecca and the only way he'll ever leave her is if she asks him to.

Gabi tells Will that she knows Nick but Will argues that she doesn't. Nick then arrives saying he had been looking everywhere for Gabi. Nick asks Will what's going on. Gabi tells Nick that Will thinks he wants to keep him totally out of the baby's life. Nick claims he never said anything like that and wants it to be up to Gabi. Nick thinks Gabi looks tired and takes her home.

Daniel gives Jennifer a gift box and it's a necklace with her birthstone. Jennifer talks about how beautiful it is. Daniel puts it on her and calls it perfect. Daniel calls it one of a kind just like her. Daniel says he's so happy that he had just the right moment to give it to her. Daniel declares this night as a whole new beginning and they kiss.

Chloe cries about how happy she was when she found out Parker was Daniel's son as she thought she would finally get the life she should've had with the love of her life and child. Chloe says it's all she ever wanted and can't have it with anyone else. Chloe asks what she's going to do.

Brady thanks Eric as he knows he's not a fan of the marriage. Eric brings up what Kristen did to Marlena. Brady calls it a long time ago. Eric says he's forgiven Kristen and wants her to have a long, happy life but feels there's too much history with Brady. Brady thanks him for being upfront about his feelings. Brady tells him about John lying to him about everything and accepting Kristen in his life. Brady says he heard John talking to Marlena and that they will do anything to get something on Kristen. Brady says they never give up. Eric tells him that he will have to live with it if he marries Kristen. Brady questions it being impossible that she's changed. Brady tells Eric that he knows better than anyone that it's possible to change.

EJ says he and Sami should get going but will be back tomorrow morning before Stefano returns. Kristen says she knows Stefano will be pleased to know his children are so happy. EJ sends Sami to get the car ready so he can talk with Kristen. Sami exits. EJ says to Kristen that her situation changed quickly. EJ says now that she has what she wanted, he asks if she's sure she still wants it. Kristen assures him so EJ hopes she will be happy. EJ apologizes if their previous conversation offended her. Kristen says they're all going to live with Stefano so she won't be offended by his opinions. They talk about the new chapter of their lives in the Mansion.

Eric tells Brady that he believes people can change especially when they love someone like Brady does Kristen. Brady says he's changed too as he was in a low point of his life after losing Madison and lost hope. Brady never thought he'd be in love or happy again until he met Kristen. Brady understands it's hard due to Kristen's history with Marlena but he hopes to put it aside and focus on happy how she makes him. Eric says he'll work on it. Brady says it means a lot. Eric thanks him for coming by and offers him coffee. Brady calls a rain check and exits.

Nick brings Gabi home to her room. Nick notes that she didn't say anything the whole way back while he thought she'd be excited about moving in with Maggie and Victor in the Kiriakis Mansion. Gabi says that Will said she doesn't know Nick and then she asks if she does.

Daniel holds Jennifer. She turns to him and tells him to wait.

Parker starts to cry so Nancy goes to check on him. Chloe remarks that she's sitting there alone drinking tea while Jennifer doesn't deserve Daniel. Chloe paces and looks up at a picture of Daniel and Parker. Nancy tells Parker that everything will be okay to stop his crying. Chloe grabs the picture and declares everything is going to be okay.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and hugs Sonny. Sonny asks if he's alright. Will says Gabi swears he'll be a part of the baby's life but he doesn't trust Nick. Sonny tells him there's no reason to trust Nick. Will says Gabi loves Nick so much that she'll give him whatever he wants.

Nick assures Gabi that she knows him better than anyone has and he loves her more than anyone as they then kiss.

Brady returns to the Mansion as Kristen apologizes for EJ and Sami finding out but Brady thinks it's better that Sami heard it from her. Kristen asks if he's in a better mood than when he left. Brady says he was worrying about things he didn't need to worry about. Brady wants to set a date as soon as possible. Kristen couldn't agree more.

Daniel and Jennifer sit together. She tells him that nothing is wrong but she just wanted to thank him for fighting for her. Daniel says they fought for each other but the fight is over as he kisses her.

Chloe continues holding the picture of Daniel and Parker. Nancy returns to her and says Parker is already back asleep. Nancy suggests giving up could be the first step in getting over Daniel. Chloe wonders who says she's giving up as finally everything has become crystal clear. Chloe declares that she knows what she needs to do for Daniel, herself, and Parker, and she will.

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