Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel arrives at the cabin on Smith Island and goes inside looking for Jennifer but she's gone. Daniel then turns to exit just as Jennifer was returning to the cabin.

Nick reveals that Will signed away his parental rights so to the law, Will is no longer the father of her child. Gabi says that doesn't make any sense and asks why Will would do that.

Will and Sami walk out of the town square. Sami hates that he's sad and blames herself for it. They sit down as Will tells her that Nick was going to use what he knew either way. Sami says she knows he was thinking about his family. Sami tells him the custody issue is not over as she will make sure he can be a part of his daughter's life and knows how to make it happen.

EJ and Eric sit together at the coffeehouse as EJ gives him a check from the DiMeras for the new school. Eric mentions he will get it to Nicole. EJ asks how Nicole is.

Vargas continues to work on the heater as Nicole enters the rectory and gets startled by Vargas. Vargas greets her and apologizes for scaring her. Nicole says it's okay. Vargas says he's trying to fix the heat. Nicole asks if he minds if she stays. Vargas says he doesn't but might be there awhile if she wants to leave. Nicole says it's fine as Vargas goes back to work. Nicole checks him out and calls it quite fine.

Chloe tells Nancy that now that Jennifer and Daniel are a thousand miles apart, she's going to close the distance between them. Nancy thinks it's a bad idea. Chloe says if Daniel is in San Francisco then she needs to be as well. Nancy questions her bumping into Daniel 2000 miles from home. Chloe says she's got a plan. Nancy calls it déja vu.

Jennifer thought Daniel went to San Francisco. Daniel says he's here because he loves her and is not going anywhere until he makes it right.

Gabi grabs her phone and says she is going to call Will and find out what happened and why. Nick takes her phone and says it doesn't matter since it's their original arrangement. Gabi thinks everyone knowing Will is the father changes everything. Gabi says she knows Will would never just sign his baby away unless someone was holding a gun to his head. Nick admits it was something kind of like that.

Will tells Sami that it's amazing that she never changed after asking her to stay out of it but she keeps pushing back in. Sami tells him that he can't live his life pretending his daughter doesn't exist. Will assumes EJ is involved. Sami tells him the deal with Nick isn't worth the paper he signed. Sami says what Nick is doing is wrong. Sami tells Will that she can make sure he's in his daughter's life and that Gabi and Nick get shut down. Sami says she can make sure that Will is the one that decides how he wants his daughter raised.

Vargas tells Nicole that he thinks he fixed the heater as it feels like it's starting to cool down. Vargas exits as Nicole says not really.

Eric tells EJ that Nicole is great. EJ talks about Nicole working in the convent not being natural. They joke together. EJ says they aren't friends but he knows she's been through a lot. Eric calls it a slow process but she's getting through it. EJ says she's lucky to have Eric. Eric thanks EJ for the check and they shake hands. EJ says it wasn't easy as Eric mentions God forgiving sinner and then exits. EJ goes to the counter and asks Sonny about Will. Sonny says he's not great after being shoved around by Nick. EJ notes that Sonny sounds like he wants to rip Nick apart. EJ asks what if he told him there may be a way to make Will's pain go away.

Gabi asks Nick what he did. Nick says Will knows his baby almost died because of Sami so maybe he signed his rights away to make sure she left them alone and now he's back with Sonny. Nick says it's exactly where they were before in putting the baby first and he'll be the father so the three of them can be the perfect family they dreamed of. Gabi says no and thinks Nick did something to make Will walk away from his daughter.

Will tells Sami that he doesn't think it's okay to take his daughter away from Gabi as he wants her to have both parents. Sami just wants to make sure he's in his daughter's life. Sami talks about the only evidence Nick has so if it disappears then he would have nothing and couldn't make the agreement stick. Will mocks the idea being simple. Sami mentions her and Lucas almost getting it. Will says it's a big deal because he signed the paper to protect Lucas. Sami says they care about him and have a better plan with someone who can help him and make sure the evidence disappears. Sami says this person can be convinced. Will questions if she wants to involve Roman and the family. Sami reveals that she's talking about Stefano.

Chloe finishes a call and tells Nancy that she just got an audition for voiceover work in San Francisco so she'll have a reason to be there and bump into Daniel. Chloe hugs her and thanks her for taking care of Parker. Nancy questions if she really thinks Daniel will see it as coincidence and not a staged event. Chloe tells her that she has everything going for her right now. Nancy says Daniel is not an idiot. Chloe feels he's hurt and vulnerable. Chloe says the most important thing is that she's been able to see that Daniel still wants her deep down.

Jennifer re-enters the cabin. Daniel tells her that he went to her house to talk to her and try one more time to figure out why they are not on the same page and he ran into Kristen. Daniel says Kristen asked him if he slept with Chloe and he told her he had not. Daniel adds that she continued as to where Jennifer got the idea. Daniel explains to her that he didn't know that. Jennifer realizes he had no idea why she slapped him. Daniel says now he knows what happened. Jennifer says he didn't deserve any of that as she had no idea. Daniel worries about the thoughts that must have been in her head. Daniel says Chloe will have to answer for what she did but what's important is that he loves Jennifer. Daniel hates that he didn't listen to her before to know that there were bigger problems going on. Daniel apologizes to her. Jennifer says she can see how sorry he is but she still doesn't understand why Chloe apologized for what happened when nothing happened. Daniel informs Jennifer that Chloe came on to him and kissed him that night.

Sonny asks EJ what exactly he means. EJ says it seems that Will is accepting that Nick is calling the shots. Sonny doesn't see any other option. EJ says there are always other options and the question is if he has the stomach to exercise them. Sonny asks if he means something illegal. EJ says Nick is blackmailing Will which is not legal.

Gabi brings up Nick saying he had something on the Hortons and never telling her what it was. Gabi asks if Nick blackmailed Will. Nick says he lost his mind after what Sami did. Nick says Will is not strong enough to keep Sami away so if Will had access to the baby then Sami would too. Nick brings up Sonny being there and claims they were threatening to use his record against him for a custody issue to have Will and Sonny raise the baby together. Gabi says Sonny hates her. Nick claims he had no other choice.

Will questions Sami wanting to get Stefano involved. Sami reveals the plan to move in to the DiMera Mansion as Stefano protects family. Will can't believe it since she hates Stefano. Will says the last time he saw Stefano, he held a gun on him for blackmailing him and ruining his life. Will says what Sami is talking about doing is worse than what Nick did.

Chloe talks on the phone asking for Daniel's hotel information in San Francisco but she finds out that he canceled his reservation and wonders why.

Daniel explains to Jennifer that Chloe kissed him but he pushed her away and told her to go away as he was with Jennifer. Jennifer asks why he didn't tell her. Daniel says he thought he was finally clear with Chloe and wanted to forget the whole thing for Parker's sake. Daniel adds that that's what he thought Chloe apologized to her for. Jennifer says Chloe was just playing them against each other like she does. Daniel assures her that he loves her and has never been confused about that. Daniel knows it's a lot to take in and offers to give her time but Jennifer kisses him. Daniel asks if that means she doesn't need time to think. Jennifer tells him they are really good and they continue kissing.

Nicole asks Vargas about fixing the heater. Vargas says he's pretty good with his hands so he gave the tools a shot. Eric enters and asks Nicole what she's doing there. Nicole says she works there and then complains about the prison outreach program. Eric introduces Nicole to Vargas. Nicole assumes he's the plumber but Vargas reveals he's the prison release guy.

Gabi questions that Sonny threatened Nick. Nick says he did and he had no choice but to blackmail Will. Gabi worries that he could go back to prison. Nick says he backed them in a corner. Gabi says Will doesn't deserve that. Nick blames Sami and Sonny and says he had to act fast. Nick says he didn't blackmail him but he knows something about Will's family that could hurt him. Gabi talks about the rest of Will's family being so good to them. Gabi now feels like she's lying to a priest again. Nick says they aren't lying to him since Eric doesn't know about the deal. Nick tells her that the only people who know are Will, Sami, Lucas, EJ, and Sonny. Nick asks if Gabi won't tell anyone else.

Sonny questions if EJ is trying to enlist him into pressuring Will to do what he's planning. Sonny says he wants to help Will but doesn't want to manipulate him into doing something he doesn't want. Sonny asks EJ why he cares so much. EJ says he likes Will, wants Sami to be happy, and thinks it would be fun to crush Nick. EJ then exits.

Will questions Sami planning to commit a crime to cover up his crime. Sami says Will was driven to do what he did. Will says he shot someone. Sami feels that what Nick is doing is worse than shooting someone because he's hurting an innocent child. Will says he's just telling the truth. Sami can't believe Will's defending him. Will can't believe that Sami is moving back to the place where she shot EJ. Sami says she'd do anything for him. Will doesn't want Sami's help as every time he gets it, he needs more help from someone else. Sami admits she deserves that and says she always pushes so hard to make up for everything. Sami asks if he someday wants to say the same thing to his child as she walks away.

Chloe tells Nancy that Daniel canceled his trip and wonders where he is. She tries calling Daniel's cell phone.

Daniel's phone is on the floor as he and Jennifer continue kissing. Daniel asks Jennifer if she's sure because he wants it to be special. Jennifer says she knows how much he loves her so she knows it will be special and they kiss down to the floor in front of the fireplace.

Nicole calls it awkward. Eric says he was trying to keep it from being awkward but she wouldn't stop. Eric introduces Vargas to Nicole. Vargas says it's nice to meet her. Nicole apologizes for her big mouth. Eric sends Vargas to get cleaned up and thanks him for fixing the radiator. Vargas mentions that he's good with his hands for anything he needs as he exits. Nicole talks about the ex-con being left there alone. Eric mocks her worries. Nicole is not thrilled to be living under the same roof as an ex-con.

Gabi tells Nick that she can't understand why he did what he did because she doesn't think it will work. Gabi says Will is her friend. Nick tells her that they can't be sentimental about it. Nick gets a message and says he has to go sign for a package. Nick tells her to breathe and he'll come back to figure this out together. Nick kisses her on the head and exits. Gabi repeats that Will is her friend and she grabs her phone.

Will sits alone outside the town square as a little girl approaches and he imagines her as his daughter asking why he didn't want her. She asks him where the library is so Will sends her on his way.

EJ joins Sami at the town square and notes she doesn't seem very happy. Sami wants some good news about his conversation with Sonny. EJ says he planted a seed but Sonny is being protective of Will. Sami says Will wants to do the right thing and their conversation didn't go well but she thinks he will have a change of heart when he sees Gabi and Nick raising his child. EJ says he may just need some time. EJ then asks if she made a decision on moving into the DiMera Mansion.

Chloe declares something isn't right. Nancy tells her to stop and think. Chloe says she needs to go find Daniel and Jennifer if he's with her. Nancy says she doesn't know that they are together and if she goes barging in then she'll make Daniel angrier than he is. Nancy reminds her that they messed things up on their own before. Chloe states that she can't let Jennifer win. Nancy says they have done everything they can to convince Daniel that Jennifer is not the right choice for him so they have to sit back and do nothing.

Daniel and Jennifer make love in front of the fireplace in the cabin.

Eric reminds Nicole that she's an ex-con too. Nicole worries about being killed in her sleep. Eric is more worried about what Nicole could do to Vargas. Eric says Nicole has changed so she should think more than anyone that Vargas deserves the same chance.

In his room, Vargas says to himself that Nicole's not quite as naive as Eric but he still thinks this will work out just fine.

Sami tells EJ that she is ready to take the next step with him but isn't sure the DiMera Mansion is the right way to do it. EJ says they could have their own wing and stay to themselves. Sami says it'd be great for her getting Stefano on Will's side but she worries about EJ too. EJ says it's exactly what he wants. Sami brings up his issues with Stefano and asks if he's sure he's ready to deal with him on a daily basis.

Gabi goes to the coffeehouse and sees Sonny, saying she was asking for Will. Sonny says they accidentally took each other's phones. Sonny tells Gabi that Will has nothing to say to her. Will then arrives and tells him to let him decide that. Will asks what's up as he thought her wedding was today. Gabi says this can't wait and asks if they can go somewhere and talk.

Daniel and Jennifer kiss. Jennifer tells him it was perfect. Daniel holds her and tells her she was perfect as they continue kissing.

EJ holds Sami and suggests maybe living with his father is the best way to work out their issues but more importantly is about making Will happy. Sami kisses him and thanks him. EJ promises her that the baby will know Will is her father.

Nick returns to Gabi's room but finds she is gone.

Gabi and Will walk outside the town square. Gabi says she knows what he did but wants to hear it from him. She asks if he's really okay with giving up his daughter.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing. Chloe arrives outside the Cabin but stops at the window where she looks inside at them kissing.

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