Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen asks Brady what happened and what he thinks she can fix. Brady drops to one knee and asks Kristen to marry him because he loves her more than anything. Kristen accepts his proposal and they kiss. Kristen stops and asks what changed his mind.

Nicole sits at the coffeehouse and complains about Eric's prison outreach but says there's nothing she can do about it. She then says someone's gotta do God's work so it might as well be here as she takes an envelope with her and she exits.

Eric, Hope, and Vargas enter the Rectory. They complain about the heat so Eric goes to check the hall. Vargas asks Hope if she can recommend any counseling for him. Hope agrees to look into it. Vargas says it might be helpful as he can't imagine anyone spending time locked up and not wanting to talk about it.

Nick and Gabi kiss in bed after finishing making love. Nick calls it the first time since getting married and asks if it was different. Gabi says it was better as they continue kissing.

Abigail approaches Jennifer at home and asks if she's going somewhere. Jennifer tells her that she's going to Smith Island to get away for a couple of days. Abigail asks if she means from Daniel. Jennifer wishes they could fix it but says that Daniel thinks they are too much work and she can't say that he's wrong after everything that's happened.

Daniel stops packing his bag and says he can't leave things like this with Jennifer. Daniel suggests they could talk and listen. He looks at the photos of them together and grabs his phone. Daniel says he has time before his flight and he has to make it right.

Nancy asks Chloe what she's doing at home. Chloe is checking flights to San Francisco. Nancy tries to stop her and warns her that she's overplayed her hand with Daniel once and not succeeded. Nancy suggests she stop and takes her phone. Chloe tells her to chill out but Nancy tells her to stop unless she wants Daniel back in Jennifer's arms. Chloe declares she wants Jennifer out of all of their lives for good.

Kristen tells Brady it doesn't matter why he changed his mind as she's thrilled to marry him and they kiss. Kristen then calls it a little sudden how he did a 180 since he was concerned about John and Marlena. Brady stops her and tells her to let him talk. Brady assures her that he has no reservations because it feels right in his heart. Kristen hugs him as Brady tells her that he loves her. Brady says he's never seen her so happy. Kristen says she's really happy and they kiss.

Nancy tells Chloe that she can't push things if she wants Jennifer to disappear. Chloe agrees to think about it. Nancy tells Chloe that it's not about her ego so she has to strategize. Chloe decides she's going to take Parker for a walk while she figures out a way for them and Daniel to be a family again.

Abigail asks Jennifer why she's so angry with Daniel. Jennifer thinks back to seeing Chloe in his room and then arguing with Daniel. Jennifer tells Abigail that she appreciates her concern and help but she doesn't want to have the conversation. Jennifer tells Abigail there's nothing she can do and she's good. Jennifer says it's all on her and she needs to step back and put her mind on other things. Abigail offers to go with her but Jennifer doesn't want her to put her life on hold as she'll only be gone a couple of days. Abigail suggests she call Daniel one last time but Jennifer states that they've talked it through and the last thing she wants today is to hear from Daniel.

Daniel starts to call Jennifer but stops and decides not to. Daniel says he will just show up and tell her he loves her then take it from there. Daniel grabs his things and rushes out.

John walks out of the town square leaving a message for Brady saying he needs to talk to him as he knows they can work this out.

Brady checks his phone and sees he has a voicemail from John. Kristen returns to him with champagne as Brady puts his phone away. Brady asks her to put it on hold as he has something to do. Brady assures her that he's not having second thoughts but has something extremely important to do. Kristen hugs him and says they have time to celebrate. Brady says he loves her and kisses her goodbye. Brady then exits the mansion. Kristen says to herself that it's really happening and she has to share the news with somebody.

Hope is impressed by Vargas seeing an opportunity to turn his life around. Eric returns and says someone has to come fix the heat but he knows somewhere that they can go have lunch so the three of them exit together.

Gabi tells Nick that she feels so lucky. Nick does as well and promises it's just the beginning of making their lives perfect as he kisses her. Nick mentions Maggie offering to let Gabi move in with him at the Kiriakis Mansion since his parole requires him to live with family. Nick says after the baby is born, they can look into getting a place of their own. Gabi notes he's given it a lot of thought and she thinks it's a great idea. Nick kisses her until the phone rings. Gabi answers the call from Caroline. Gabi says she has to go downstairs and cover at the Pub. Nick tells her that they are married now so they have the rest of their lives to spend together and kisses her.

Nicole goes looking for Chloe but Nancy answers the door and tells her that Chloe went out. Nicole walks in anyways as Nancy says she didn't invite her in. Nicole calls Nancy a houseguest that is wearing out her welcome. Nancy tells her to get out but Nicole says she can't kick her out of Daniel's place. Nancy asks whys he's there. Nicole says it's to make sure Chloe knows her place.

Chloe walks through the town square with Parker and runs into Jennifer.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and asks Abigail if Jennifer is there because he needs to talk to her but Abigail tells her that he's too late as Jennifer is already gone to Smith Island to be alone.

Chloe notes Jennifer's ticket to Smith Island and suggests her directions. Jennifer mentions knowing the way since she grew up here. Chloe tells her that she wouldn't want anything to ruin her trip.

Eric, Hope, and Vargas enter the Brady Pub. Hope asks if Vargas is okay. Vargas says he just hasn't been in public in a long time and will have to get used to it. Hope tells him to take his time and relax as she approaches Gabi. Gabi asks if she's ready to order. Hope questions Gabi being at the Pub working when she just got married. Gabi says Caroline had therapy and asked her to cover. Gabi says she's happy to do it after all she's done for her and Nick. Hope hugs her and thanks her. Eric sits with Vargas and encourages him to look into employment opportunities. Vargas says he's not sure what's out there for him as he's not a genius like some but is not afraid to work hard for what he wants.

Daniel tells Abigail that he can't believe he already missed Jennifer. Abigail says Jennifer didn't say much but she sensed things didn't go well the last time Daniel talked to Jennifer. Daniel thinks back to their last conversation of bringing up Jack. Daniel decides he shouldn't have come by. Abigail agrees. Daniel leaves the photos of them with Abigail. Abigail notes that they both looked happy there. Abigail gets a call and steps away. Daniel then goes to exit just as Kristen arrives and asks where he's going.

Nicole and Nancy continue to argue. Nancy says she can tell Chloe any message Nicole has. Nicole asks if she means Chloe's tramptastic pursuit of Daniel. Nicole calls Chloe desperate and says she has to do her own dirty work. Nicole adds that she's been there for Chloe more than Nancy has. Nancy suggests Nicole leave. Nicole asks about Nancy's husband. Nancy warns Nicole to leave before she hurts her but Nicole says she can't as she has business with Chloe. Nicole declares she's about to rain all over Chloe's parade.

Chloe talks to Jennifer about living in the cabin with Lucas until she met Daniel. Jennifer questions why she's doing this when she's trying to walk away but Chloe keeps trying to provoke her. Chloe brings up their history as family. Jennifer calls her a horrible mistake that Lucas made. Jennifer tells her that Daniel isn't there so Chloe doesn't have to turn on a performance. Chloe says she's just trying to make conversation. Jennifer suggests they talk about last night. Jennifer says Chloe somehow knew she was going to see Daniel so she made it look like they slept together and then pretended it was innocent. Chloe claims she doesn't know what she did. Jennifer stops her and calls her a liar. Jennifer then calls Chloe a tramp. Chloe says she had her doubts about Jennifer but is now 100% certain that Daniel will never ever want to be with her.

Hope goes upstairs to see Nick. She notes that he is glowing after the wedding. Hope thanks him for being so understanding and letting Gabi cover for Caroline on their wedding day. Nick says it's the least he could do after Caroline had always been in his corner. Hope is proud of how he's turned his life around and seems happy. Hope still thinks it'd be good to talk to someone about his time in prison. Hope adds that she loves and cares about him and wants his happiness with Gabi but she doesn't want any baggage to haunt him. Hope asks him to think about talking to someone.

Vargas talks to Eric about being in and out of institutions his whole life. Eric says he truly believes everything will work out. Vargas hopes he's right and says either way he has a new outlook and will make the best of this opportunity to make sure he never sees the inside of a cage again.

Brady meets with John outside of the town square. Brady asks what he wants. John says he's not perfect and made a mistake. John says he was wrong to lie to him and to mislead him about accepting Kristen. John says he did it because he loves him and his instincts were propelling him to protect and take care of him. John hopes Brady can give him a second chance.

Kristen hugs Daniel and says she's happy to find him there as she has good news to share. Kristen asks about Jennifer but Daniel says she's gone away for awhile. Kristen says they must not have patched things up after assuming they did. Kristen decides she will leave Jennifer a note. Daniel starts to leave but Kristen talks about her history with Jennifer. Kristen says she cares about her so she asks Daniel if he did it.

Jennifer calls Chloe delusional to believe she has insight into Daniel or her. Chloe warns her about talking like that in front of Parker and having psychological effects on him. Chloe says Daniel loves Parker more than anything in the world. Chloe then walks away.

Daniel asks Kristen what she means. Kristen asks him if he slept with Chloe.

Eric tells Vargas not to worry as lunch is on him. Vargas and Hope thank him as Eric steps away. Vargas thanks Hope as well for all of her help. Hope believes people can change with the right opportunity and support. Hope mentions her cousin Nick Fallon getting out of prison and getting his life on track. Hope brings up them being in Statesville at the same time and asks if he knew him. At the counter, Eric congratulates Gabi. Gabi mentions not having a church ceremony this time and says she's sorry for how things turned out. Eric knows it was a tough situation. Eric gives her a bottle of wine as a wedding present. Eric thinks with love and faith, a bad situation can be turned into a miracle. Gabi calls it perfect. Eric says she can celebrate after the baby is born. Gabi hugs him and thanks him, saying his forgiveness means more than anything. Vargas tells Hope that Nick Fallon's name sounds familiar and asks if he's part of the prison outreach program. Hope says he's not. Eric returns to them and says Gabi and Nick will be very happy. Eric informs Vargas of Gabi being Nick's wife after they got married today. They get ready to leave. Vargas gets up and looks back at Gabi and then follows Eric and Hope out of the Pub.

John asks Brady to say anything. Brady turns and reveals he's marrying Kristen and then walks away.

Chloe returns home to the apartment with Parker. Nicole notes Chloe's good mood and asks what has her on such a high note.

Jennifer arrives at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island and heads inside.

Daniel questions where Kristen heard that he slept with Chloe. Kristen says she heard it from Jennifer. Daniel says that doesn't make sense as it never happened. Kristen says that's not the impression Jennifer has and informs Daniel about Jennifer going to see him last night but finding Chloe at the door and Daniel passed out half-naked in bed. Daniel is surprised and assures her that never happened but Kristen informs him that it's what Chloe told Jennifer to make sure there was no misunderstanding. Daniel thanks Kristen with a hug and rushes out.

Chloe sends Parker with Nancy to put him down for a nap. Nancy asks if she's sure she wants to be alone with Nicole. Chloe says Nicole is always in a mood. Nancy takes Parker talking about telling her a story about an evil blonde witch. Chloe asks Nicole what's up. Nicole says she wanted to talk about her application for the music board at the church since it's been reviewed and rejected. Nicole opens the envelope and pours out the shredded paper pieces. Chloe tells her it's no big deal. Nicole assumes she can handle rejection. Chloe suggests she leave now. Nicole says Daniel might be okay with Chloe living there but she won't let her use Eric and the church to further her sinful agenda. Nicole then exits. Nancy returns and asks about the shredded paper. Chloe calls it confetti and they're going to celebrate that Daniel and Jennifer are finally over.

Jennifer sits down in the cabin and thinks back to the last time she was there when Daniel saved her life. She states that everything was so right and wonders how it went so wrong. Jennifer then exits the Cabin.

Eric and Vargas return to the rectory. Eric says it feels even hotter in there. Eric decides to go find Father Matt about the problem. Vargas comments on the heating problem and removes his shirt. Vargas then grabs some tools and begins working on the radiator.

Gabi returns upstairs to Nick as Caroline was able to get back to work. Gabi shows Nick the wine from Eric. Gabi declares that she wants to share it with Will after the baby is born. Nick asks why. Gabi says for the first time in awhile she feels like things will be okay and they will raise the baby together so she wants to raise a toast with Will and Nick but Nick says no. Nick says Will can't be a part of that. Gabi asks what he's talking about. Nick tells her to leave it alone but Gabi says no and asks what he's not telling her about Will.

Vargas continues to work on the heater as Nicole enters the rectory and gets startled by Vargas.

Gabi wants Nick to explain why he's acting like this since they both know that Will is going to be a part of their little girl's life but Nick says he's not. Nick reveals that Will signed away his parental rights so to the law, Will is no longer the father of her child.

Kristen returns home to the DiMera Mansion and finds Brady pouring champagne. Brady then decides their missing something and pulls out a ring. Brady places the ring on her finger. Kristen tells him that he's making all of her dreams come true and hugs him then they kiss.

Nancy asks Chloe about Daniel and Jennifer being over for good and asks if she has a plan. Chloe says she just ran into Jennifer and she's biting the dust. Nancy asks if she's leaving for good as she doesn't understand. Chloe tells her that all she knows is that Daniel's getting on a plane and Jennifer's getting on a boat so she will take comfort knowing tonight that they will be thousands of miles apart.

Daniel arrives at the cabin on Smith Island and goes inside looking for Jennifer but she's gone. Daniel then turns to exit just as Jennifer was returning to the cabin.

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