Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer walks through the town square and comes across Daniel seated with Parker. Jennifer greets Daniel and asks if they could talk for a minute about Chloe and about them. Jennifer understands if he doesn't want to in front of Parker but Daniel says it's important as long as they are civil. Jennifer says she would wait until they're alone but she feels that if they don't straighten this out now then they never will.

Nancy talks to Chloe about Jennifer and Daniel talking and figuring out what Chloe did. Chloe doesn't think they will get that far.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows she and Chloe talked. Jennifer is surprised and asks if Daniel understands then why she got so upset and lashed out but Daniel says he was hoping she could enlighten him.

Abigail follows Cameron and watches through the door as Cameron gives the man an envelope full of money. Ann runs into Abigail and asks her to step out of her way.

Kristen goes home to the DiMera Mansion. She sits down and thinks back to John breaking up with her years ago. Kristen says whatever John is up to, he will know the pain she felt that day.

Marlena tells John that she knows everything that's wrong with their marriage is because she was not honest but they don't have to have a problem fixing it. John tells her that all he can say is that he would not give Kristen a second chance in a million years but right now, Brady can't know that because if he does then he's afraid he will lose him for good. Marlena is thankful. John then opens the door to see Brady standing in the doorway.

Kristen pours a drink as EJ enters and comments that it's early for vodka. Kristen says he's right and switches to gin & tonic. EJ talks about staying sober when talking with Stefano. Kristen tells him that he's not home. EJ says that gives them some time to talk. Kristen asks if he has something he wants to talk about. EJ says he wants to talk about her as he heard John is back in town. EJ comments that Kristen looks like she's about to jump out of her skin.

John greets Brady. Brady says he didn't expect to see them together and calls it a surprise.

Kristen asks EJ who told him John was back. EJ says not much happens without him noticing. EJ assumes it complicates things with Brady. EJ suggests it could be an opportunity.

John asks Brady how long he's been at the door. Brady tells him long enough to know how much better they are doing and he's glad about that. Marlena says she is too. Brady asks if John invited Marlena to dinner. Brady says he knows Kristen is not her idea of fun but it would mean a lot to him if they could all start acting like a family again.

Marlena tells Brady that it would mean a lot to her for all of them to talk and listen but John says right now he and Marlena have a lot of talking to do so they should stick to just the three of them. John asks what he can do for Brady. Brady says he came to thank John. Brady admits he thought John might be playing him and not being honest about giving Kristen a second chance but he spoke to Maggie who helped him realize what an amazing thing he was doing.

Kristen tells EJ that they can talk about other things than John. EJ is curious to how John took the news of Brady moving in to the mansion. Kristen says he took it better than expected. EJ tells her to wait until he finds out that he asked Sami to move in tonight and she didn't say no. Kristen calls it good for Stefano and good to have the family all there. Kristen promises to behave with Sami because EJ loves her. EJ asks about Brady and why they really moved in.

Ann argues with Abigail. Abigail calls her a jealous bitch that will pay for stabbing Jennifer in the back and tells her to go away. Abigail walks away but Ann follows her.

The man tells Cameron not to give an attitude and not to be late as he exits the room.

Ann follows Abigail and tells her not to talk to her that way. Ann calls her the worst of the Hortons for calling her names and threatening her. Ann accuses her of assaulting Chloe and warns that she'd be in jail if she wasn't a Horton.

Chloe talks to Nancy about hoping it's days before Jennifer and Daniel talk since Daniel is going to the medical conference. Maggie arrives and says she came to see Chloe. Chloe wonders why. Maggie reminds her that she has her number and this time she's not going to get away with it.

Jennifer questions Daniel not getting why she was so upset. Daniel stops her and says there's no point in rehashing everything. Daniel tells her that he's not angry anymore because nobody understands better than he does.

Chloe questions Maggie coming over to threaten her. Nancy tries to interrupt but Maggie cuts her off and asks for a moment alone with Chloe. Chloe says it's fine and won't take very long so Nancy exits, saying she'll be back soon. Maggie tells Chloe that Daniel doesn't love her and she's never going to hurt him again.

Jennifer asks Daniel what he thinks he understands so well. Daniel brings up Chloe being his son's father so she's going to be in the picture. Daniel says he's tried everything and done everything he can do but she still doubts him. Jennifer says she doubts Chloe and her taking advantage of him. Daniel declares this isn't about Chloe but about Jack.

Kristen tells EJ that they'll both stay out of each other's agenda. EJ says his is to marry Sami. Kristen says she only cares that he's happy. Kristen adds that she thought she would be the first to the altar with Brady. Kristen says nobody loves a wedding as much as her so she'll have a lot of planning to do and brings up Sami's history. EJ points out Kristen changing the subject every time he brings up Brady and asks her to talk to him.

Brady tells Marlena about the gondola plaque that John brought him. Brady says he knows they've been having problems but all he really ever wanted was to feel like he belonged and part of a family. John tells him that they have always been a family and hopes dinner is a start to resolving their issues. Brady asks if he really thinks that's possible. John says he does. Brady then turns to John and calls him a lying son of a bitch. Brady reveals that he heard them from the door plotting against he and Kristen. Marlena tries to explain but Brady yells at her to stop. Brady yells at John. John shouts that he loves him but Brady screams that he's sick of his lies and done with them both.

EJ asks Kristen to stop deflecting. She asks him to do to the same. They say they care about each other. EJ wants to know why he knows so little about her. EJ assumed she had a plan with Brady but now wonders if she has genuine feelings for him. EJ just wants to know how things stand. Kristen says she would love to know too. EJ asks if she's not sure. Kristen shouts back asking why it matters so much when it's none of his business.

Ann talks about Abigail attacking Chloe. Ann calls her worse than Jennifer until Cameron interrupts and asks what's going on.

Maggie tells Chloe that she's been the source of Daniel and Jennifer's problems and had an agenda since she came back to town. Chloe asks if she has anything better to do than try to play matchmaker. Maggie asks if she has something better to do than trying to break them up. Chloe says everyone's obsessed with their pathetic love life and it's doomed to fail. Chloe talks about how often they break up and declare they aren't meant to be.

Jennifer questions Daniel thinking Jack is the problem between them. Daniel says he knows how much she loved Jack. Daniel says they were dealing with a very complicated situation before and now even more. Daniel says they had a good relationship and can't just jump back in. Daniel thinks she felt like she owed him for saving her life. Jennifer doesn't want to downplay that. Jennifer says it doesn't make any sense what he's saying. Daniel says those intense experiences brought them together quickly. Daniel suggests it was too soon and she wasn't ready. Daniel believes she's afraid in some way of betraying Jack and that's why she's pushing him away and using Chloe as an excuse to do it. Nancy walks nearby and spies on them from a distance.

Cameron tells Ann that she's completely out of line. Ann accuses Cameron of only getting his job because of Lexie. Ann continues to argue with Abigail. Cameron says he has connections and doesn't like to use them but won't hesitate if Ann doesn't start using her words more carefully.

Chloe tells Maggie that if Daniel and Jennifer were meant to be than they would've worked it out by now. Maggie blames Chloe for their problems. Maggie says Chloe will one day be out on her own and exits.

Jennifer questions Daniel's belief that she's sabotaging their happiness and not Chloe playing games or Daniel trying to keep her from it. Daniel decides he has to go to catch his flight to San Francisco. Daniel thinks it will be good timing for all of them. Jennifer questions Daniel just walking away. He says she asked him to and he thinks they both need it. Daniel tells her to take care as he walks away with Parker while Nancy continues to watch. Jennifer sits down upset as Nancy smiles.

EJ apologizes to Kristen. Kristen says she's sorry for snapping at him as she's just not used to opening up about her feelings. EJ says he understands. Kristen tells him that she really does care deeply about Brady and she'd like to think they won't be miserable but it might be too much to hope for. EJ compares it to he and Sami and says he owes their happiness to Kristen. EJ insists on returning the favor but Kristen questions if he thinks she can't succeed on her own without him.

John wants Brady to hear him out. Brady doesn't want to hear more lies. Brady questions why Marlena looks upset when she got what she wanted. Marlena argues that they aren't against him. Brady yells about them not believing Kristen could love him. John tries to speak but Brady screams at them to both go to Hell as he storms out.

EJ says he's just offering his help. Kristen doesn't know why she's being so emotional and apologizes. Kristen talks about another time when she was going to marry the man of her dreams in this room and she locked up all those childish dreams forever when it went to hell. Kristen doesn't feel like talking about it. EJ decides he will leave then. Kristen hugs him and apologizes as she tells him to take care. EJ exits.

Ann tells Cameron that she doesn't answer to him. Cameron tells her to apologize but she decides to go back to work. Ann walks away. Abigail stops him from following and says she's not worth it. Cameron says people like that drive him crazy and questions her doing that because she doesn't like her mom. Abigail notes that he seems intense and asks if he's okay. Cameron says he's not. Abigail apologizes and says he's seen her through her problems now she wants him to talk to her.

Maggie finishes a phone call with Charlie at Jennifer's as Jennifer returns home. Maggie tells her about the cabin on Smith Island opening up for the season. Maggie says Jennifer looks terrible. Jennifer responds that she feels worse. Maggie asks what happened now but Jennifer says she can't go into it again. Maggie doesn't know what's going on and wishes she would call Daniel to sit and talk. Jennifer tells her that's what she just did and got it all out there and it's worse than it's ever been.

Daniel brings Parker back to Chloe and says he just came to say goodbye. Chloe asks if everything's okay since Daniel seems stressed. Daniel says he just doesn't like being away from Parker. Daniel gives her the information to reach him. Chloe says she will miss Parker too. Nancy appears in the doorway and gives Chloe a thumbs up before entering the room and wishing Daniel a good trip. Daniel wishes her the same. Daniel tells Parker he loves him and then exits. Nancy tells Chloe about taking a walk and seeing Daniel and Jennifer talking or arguing. Nancy declares it did not end well.

Kristen prepares to leave the Mansion as Brady arrives and says it's good she's there. Kristen asks what's going on. Brady says it's nothing she can't fix right here and right now.

Cameron tells Abigail that he's upset because he has to work with someone like Ann when he's trying to give 100% so there's no excuse. Abigail asks if that's why he's been working so many extra shifts lately. Cameron says everyone at the hospital loves and respects Lexie so he has big shoes to fill. Abigail gives him his pen back that she walked off with. Cameron thanks her and says he has to get back to work. Abigail says she'll see him soon. Cameron says he's looking forward to it and walks away.

Nancy tells Chloe that he couldn't hear what they were saying but it looked like Daniel was still clueless. Chloe wonders why Jennifer didn't tell him but says she'll take it.

Maggie asks if Jennifer is sure she told Daniel everything she wanted to say. Jennifer says she couldn't. Maggie questions what's to gain by keeping things inside and suggests Daniel could surprise her. Maggie tells her that she loves her and wants her to be happy. Maggie hugs her and tells her to call if she needs anything even if she has to knock some sense into Daniel. Jennifer thanks her as Maggie exits. Jennifer picks up her phone and holds it.

Daniel packs his bag at his hotel room. He comes across pictures of he and Jennifer and declares he has to make this right.

Jennifer calls Charlie about the cabin on Smith Island. Jennifer tells him that she would like to get it ready herself since she needs to go somewhere quiet to be alone for awhile. She thanks him and hangs up.

Marlena follows John through the town square. John wants her to leave him alone. Marlena wants to talk but John tells her she ruined everything. Marlena tries to get through to him but John tells her to stay out of Brady's life and out of his as he walks away in anger.

Kristen asks Brady what happened and what he thinks she can fix. Brady drops to one knee and asks Kristen to marry him because he loves her more than anything.

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