Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe comes in with an envelope. Nancy asks about it. Chloe calls it the key to Daniel's heart. Nancy questions her continuing to go after Daniel when he only wants Jennifer. Chloe points out that he's the father of her child. Nancy brings up everything Chloe has tried and says she's concerned about her game plan. Nancy tells her that she's going to need a magic wand.

Maggie greets Daniel at the hospital. She notes his mood. He says he didn't get much sleep. Maggie asks what happened with Jennifer last night. Daniel suggests Maggie not bring Jennifer's name up in the future.

Abigail joins Jennifer at home and asks about Gabi's wedding. Jennifer says it was beautiful. Abigail asks if she's trying to keep busy to keep her mind off Daniel and wants to know what Chloe did now.

Cameron wakes up in bed with a phone call. He answers asking what they want now.

Marlena says John came back to nail her and asks if he's going to destroy Kristen. John doesn't want to get in to it. Marlena wonders why else he'd tell Brady that he's trying to accept Kristen in his life. Marlena asks if he's buying into her routine. John responds that he doesn't owe Marlena an explanation or anything at all.

Brady says John talks a good game but he doesn't think John ever got her out of his system. Kristen asks why he thinks that. Brady talks about John loving Marlena. Kristen says she got over John a long time ago. Brady brings up John giving her these chances. Brady says John must have thought he could move on but she couldn't. Brady says he knows John well enough that this is making him crazy.

Chloe asks Nancy for some space. Nancy says she just can't wait to see the key to Daniel's heart. Chloe opens the envelope and declares that this is not it.

Maggie tells Daniel that she feels there's been a terrible misunderstanding since she knows how Jennifer and Daniel feel about each other and it shouldn't be this hard. Maggie tells Daniel not to let true love go. Daniel tells her that he's not the one who let it go.

Abigail asks Jennifer what happened. Jennifer thinks back to seeing Chloe with Daniel and then Chloe telling her that they didn't have sex. Jennifer tells Abigail that she doesn't want her involved. Abigail threatens to kill Chloe. Jennifer tells her it's not about Chloe but about her and Daniel and it's something they have to deal with. Jennifer asks her about her date with Cameron. Abigail says it went fine but doesn't want to change the subject. Jennifer wants Abigail to be happy and go do something fun. Abigail agrees to and hugs her goodbye as she exits.

Marlena tells John that they can't survive this if he keeps walking away and not talking to her. John doesn't know what to say. John tells her that she was the one person that he always counted on. Marlena insists she's still that person and that she loves and misses him so much. Marlena brings up what they have been through and survived. Marlena questions if this is what's going to tear them apart. Roman enters and greets them. Roman apologizes for interrupting.

Kristen asks Brady about thinking they're making John crazy with jealousy. Brady recalls John being so angry when he first found out about them and how he said she admitted to just trying to hurt him but now he's backing off. Kristen asks Brady when he thinks John was lying.

Cameron says on the phone that he has it. Cameron adds that he knows he was late. Cameron tells them to try not to be obvious as he hangs up. Cameron then gets up and pulls out a box from under his bed with money inside.

Maggie questions Daniel about Jennifer letting go. Daniel doesn't want to have this conversation. Daniel then asks Maggie to help with Parker while he goes to San Francisco for a medical conference. Maggie asks Daniel if the conference is really that important when things are so unresolved with Jennifer. Daniel says she's the one that needs to get things resolved but he doesn't see that happening. Maggie insists that Jennifer loves him. Maggie says she loves them both and doesn't think Jennifer can take another loss. Maggie tells him they both shouldn't be miserable as she then exits.

Chloe tells Nancy about trying to get Daniel on Parker's birth certificate. She wanted something with their names together to shove in Jennifer's face and an excuse to go see Daniel. Chloe then gets a call from Daniel. Daniel tells her that he's coming over.

John greets Roman. Marlena asks Roman to excuse them for a minute so he steps away. Marlena tells John that she has a right to know the truth after everything Kristen has done to them. Marlena talks about John believing Kristen. John blames Marlena for not being honest with him. Marlena believes John knows what Kristen is up to and is only doing this to get through to Brady. Marlena says she's okay if he can't tell her the plan but wants to know about them. John says he can't and exits the Pub.

Brady tells Kristen that he's always believed in her. Kristen jokes with him. Brady says she told him that John would say anything to keep them apart. Kristen suggests John could just be saying he's making an effort with her to get him back. Brady says John's never lied to him but it's possible. Brady hopes he's being sincere but if not then he can't keep them apart. Kristen hugs him and says she hopes not. Kristen says she has a good idea to find out his true intentions. Kristen says Brady won't like it but suggests they get married. Brady says they talked about this. Kristen clarifies that she's not saying they actually get married but drop the idea to John to see how he reacts and how he really feels. Brady doesn't want to lie or risk ruining everything. Brady wants to take it one day at a time. Kristen understands and hugs him. Kristen says she's thankful that they have each other. Kristen mentions feeling bad for Daniel and Jennifer going through a bad time. Kristen decides she should go check on Jennifer. Kristen talks about people seeing for who she used to be. Brady promises that John will never hurt Kristen like he did before again. Kristen says she's not worried. Brady kisses her and says he'll see her tonight. Kristen says she's looking forward to it and walks away.

Cameron goes to the hospital and asks a nurse if anyone came by looking for him. She says they haven't until Abigail arrives. Abigail hopes he's free. Cameron mentions his break and walks on with her.

Roman asks Marlena if he had lousy timing. Marlena tells him it's not his fault and she appreciates his concern but it's not his problem. Roman doesn't like seeing her hurting and would do anything he could to make it better.

John makes a call for his dinner reservations with Brady and Kristen. John looks up and promises to Isabella that he won't lose Brady.

Kristen goes to Jennifer's. She asks if it's a bad time but Jennifer says it's not and invites her in. Kristen asks how she is since she hasn't seen her since Chicago. Jennifer says she's good but Kristen asks what happened.

Chloe gets prepared for Daniel coming over. Nancy asks why Daniel wanted to see her. Chloe says she didn't ask as long as he didn't find out what she did. Nancy mentions Chloe telling Jennifer the truth so that she wouldn't tell Daniel. Nancy talks about how Chloe could explain it. Nancy wishes her luck as Daniel then arrives. Chloe asks Nancy to excuse them but Daniel says it's alright. Daniel informs Chloe about his conference that he has to go to and will be gone for a week. Nancy suggests taking Parker to New York with her and Parker wouldn't know Daniel was gone.

Cameron talks about being happy to see Abigail being herself. Abigail thanks him and notes Cameron looking tired. She wants him to take care of himself. Cameron tells her not to worry as he will be fine.

Marlena tells Roman that there is something he could do for her. Marlena says she cherishes their friendship more than he knows but right now things are so fragile that she can't do anything to put her marriage in jeopardy. Roman asks if she wants him to keep his distance. Roman says he can and will do that but if she needs him, he'll be a phone call away. Roman then exits.

Brady joins Maggie at the coffeehouse and asks her what's wrong. Maggie says she's worried about almost everyone she cares about. Maggie asks if he's talked to Daniel. Brady says he hasn't and doesn't know what went down with he and Jennifer. Maggie says Daniel isn't confiding in her and hopes he'd lean on his friends. Brady agrees to look into it and see if he can do anything. Maggie asks about living in the DiMera Mansion. Brady tells her that it's fine and going great. Brady adds that John is starting to understand that Kristen is part of his life now and accepting her.

Jennifer sits with Kristen and tells her about her huge fight with Daniel because of Chloe and how she went to Daniel's hotel room and found Chloe. They talk about Chloe saying they didn't have sex. Kristen calls it weird and wonders why she would do that. Kristen tells Jennifer not to just sit and wonder. Kristen encourages her to fight for her man.

Daniel agrees with Nancy if it works out for her. Nancy goes to get Parker so Daniel can bond with him before he goes. Daniel comments that it sounds like Nancy is homesick. Daniel suggests they get a nanny like they originally planned and Nancy can go back home since this doesn't seem to be working out for any of them. Chloe says she's sorry. Daniel notes that she keeps saying that but things keep getting worse. Chloe questions what Jennifer said to him. Chloe says she meant it when she apologized. Daniel asks what she was sorry for.

Cameron sits with Abigail and they talk about playing dominos. Cameron wishes he could but he's busy with another double shift. Abigail calls it a bummer. They agree on a rain check.

Chloe tells Daniel that she apologized to Daniel for kissing him because she thought Daniel would have told her. Daniel says they haven't really spoken. Nancy brings Parker in. Daniel takes Parker and says they will be back in an hour or two as they exit. Nancy explains to Chloe that she needs to get back in Daniel's good graces but Chloe tells her not to worry as things are finally starting to go her way with or without help. Chloe declares that something amazing just happened.

Kristen questions Jennifer about Chloe and tells her not to let her win. Jennifer claims she's trying. Kristen talks about she and Brady having far worse obstacles but she'd never let anything in the way of the man she loves.

Brady talks to Maggie about John starting to understand. Brady mentions part of him still believing John loves Kristen. Maggie questions him thinking John is jealous. Maggie recalls what Kristen did to John and Marlena. Maggie insists that John would never be jealous of his own son but he wouldn't forget. Brady states that Kristen didn't do a thing to Maggie but she can't keep an open mind. Brady asks if Maggie thinks John is lying about accepting Kristen in his life.

Marlena goes to John's hotel room. John answers the door and she asks to come in so he allows her. John says he doesn't want to hear about Kristen. Marlena asks how he's so willing to reach out to Kristen but not to her, his wife.

Cameron tells a nurse he's going to get some more coffee as he walks away, followed by a man. Abigail returns and tells a nurse that she walked off with Cameron's pen. The nurse sends Abigail the way that Cameron went.

Jennifer thanks Kristen. Kristen asks if she's going to take her advice. Jennifer says she's going to walk away as Daniel is letting Chloe stomp on his heart. Kristen insists that he doesn't want to but it's for his son. Jennifer says if Daniel hasn't figured Chloe out by now then she can't change his mind. Kristen encourages her to fight for Daniel and try again.

Daniel walks through the town square with Parker. Daniel talks about not seeing him for a few days and it will be rough for him. Daniel talks about not even knowing Parker was his not too long ago. Daniel is sorry for not being there at the beginning of his life but promises to never let him down. Daniel tells Parker he loves him as Parker hugs him.

Maggie tells Brady that she doesn't know what John is thinking. Brady warns of John trying to play him. Maggie says John is putting a lot on the line for him and going to dinner. Maggie tells Brady that he owes it to John to give him the benefit of the doubt. She asks him to never forget how much John loves him.

John tells Marlena that he can't tell her what she wants to hear. Marlena says she doesn't want everything. John asks her to leave so she does but stops and goes back in, saying he's not getting rid of her that easy. Marlena tells John that she's his wife and deserves an answer so she's not leaving until she gets one.

Cameron enters the waiting room with the man. He tells Cameron he better not be late again. Abigail follows and watches through the door as Cameron gives the man an envelope full of money.

Chloe tells Nancy that she played this perfectly since Daniel hasn't talked to Jennifer. Nancy asks what she's going to do when Daniel does talk to Jennifer.

Jennifer walks through the town square and comes across Daniel seated with Parker. Jennifer greets Daniel and asks if they could talk for a minute about Chloe and about them.

Kristen goes home to the DiMera Mansion. She sits down and thinks back to John breaking up with her years ago. Kristen says whatever John is up to, he will know the pain she felt that day.

Marlena tells John that she knows everything that's wrong with their marriage is because she was not honest but they don't have to have a problem fixing it. John tells her that all he can say is that he would not give Kristen a second chance in a million years but right now, Brady can't know that because if he does then he's afraid he will lose him. Marlena is thankful. John then opens the door to see Brady standing in the doorway.

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