Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/15/13


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Brady finishes a phone call outside the coffeehouse as Marlena approaches. Brady asks how she's doing. She says she's about the same and is going to get a latte before going to the hospital. Brady stops her and says she can't go in there.

Kristen tells John that the only way to Brady is through her and asks if he can handle that.

Sami asks EJ if he's serious about moving in to the DiMera Mansion. EJ says that's what Stefano would want if she wants his help. Sami brings up living there in the past. EJ says it's different now as they have no secrets. EJ talks about them being together and they kiss until Rafe walks by.

Hope talks to Jennifer at her home about Daniel. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it. Hope asks if Jennifer is giving up and going to let Chloe win. Jennifer says she can't do this right now.

Nick enters Gabi's room as she talks about he's not supposed to see her in her dress. Nick says he just wants to be with her and kisses her. Nick calls March 15 the day he marries the love of his life.

Vargas does pushups in prison. He gets up and crosses out the circled date of March 15 on his calendar. He declares today the first day of the rest of his life.

Eric talks with Father Matt in the rectory about Vargas being released today. Nicole enters and asks if they are out of their minds.

Kristen tells John that he will have to do more to get his son back. John says it's been made clear that she's part of the bargain and he can deal with that.

Marlena asks Brady why she can't go into the coffeehouse. Brady explains that John is inside as they were having breakfast together and they have a real chance. Marlena says she's okay with not wanting her to mess it up. She asks about his first night at the DiMera house. Brady calls it very comfortable. Marlena wishes him a nice day and walks away.

Kristen questions John offering a truce as Brady re-enters. John says he knows Kristen is skeptical but he wants to show her how serious he is.

Rafe tells Sami and EJ not to worry as he was just passing through on his way to Gabi's wedding. Sami gives her congratulations. Rafe says she's very happy and he hopes after it's all over then Gabi, Will, and Nick will start focusing on giving the baby a great life. Rafe starts to walk on but Sami stops him and says he has to know what Nick has done. Rafe asks what she's talking about. EJ tells Sami to let him tell Rafe. EJ tells Rafe that Nick has been saying unkind things about Sami. Rafe says he's sorry about anything that was said that shouldn't have been said. Rafe then walks away. EJ hopes Sami wasn't actually going to tell him. Sami thinks he deserves to know that his sister is about to marry a creep. EJ brings up Will and says Nick would tell everything about him. Sami hates that Nick is getting away with this. EJ tells her to think about his suggestion. Sami asks about EJ and everything Stefano has done to him, if he's really thinking about moving back in after all he's been through.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows it's difficult after what happened. Nicole questions letting a jailbird move in. Eric says he became a priest to help others. Nicole thinks things will be stolen. She asks why Eric is being so naive about this. Eric says he has to have faith. Nicole tells him to listen because she knows what she's talking about. She asks Eric not to let this guy move in and worries about him hurting Eric.

Vargas thinks back to being in prison with Nick and saying he'd pay him back big time. Vargas declares that day is going to be today.

At the Pub, Caroline gives Gabi a gift for something old. Gabi hugs her and thanks her.

Kristen says she doesn't know what to say as she and John laugh when Brady returns to the table. John says it's perfect that Kristen is there because he has something to say to both of them.

Nick says he and Gabi being together is because of Caroline because without giving him a job, they might not have met. Caroline tells them that marriage is tough so they shouldn't blow it as she walks away. Gabi can't believe that Will's family is being so nice. She thinks they know they want to give the baby the life she deserves. Nick says he hopes so as they exit together.

Eric assures Nicole that nothing is going to happen to her. Nicole tells him that he can't bring some criminal in that could hurt him and take him away. Eric says it won't happen but Nicole says he doesn't know that. Nicole talks about knowing what ex-cons are like and how they think. Nicole says she's been with a few and reminds Eric that she was in prison.

EJ and Sami walk through the town square talking about moving into the DiMera Mansion. Sami tells EJ that Stefano will start working on him. EJ says he knows Stefano and thinks he just wants to spend time with his grandchildren. Sami doesn't think it will stop him from being a psychotic monster. EJ then informs Sami that Kristen moved back in with Brady so they will be there too. Sami thinks there's no way that Brady is living in the mansion.

Brady asks John what he wants to say. John says he knows that they have strong feelings for each other but he never expected it which is why he had a huge reaction at first. John says he would like to start all over again and asks if they can do that to bury the hatchet.

Eric tells Nicole that her being in prison made him think she'd be more compassionate. Nicole says she wishes the guy the best and hopes he changes but she doesn't have faith that it's what he really wants and doesn't know why Eric thinks he can perform a miracle. Eric says it worked for Nicole. Nicole worries about losing Eric again. Eric says he has to get to Statesville and he exits. Nicole mentions going to a higher power.

Brady asks John how they start over. John suggests dinner with the three of them tonight. Brady asks about Marlena. John says he doesn't think that will work and asks what they say to the offer. Kristen agrees and says it might be kind of fun. John says he will contact his assistant. Kristen calls it interesting and says she has to leave. Kristen kisses Brady goodbye and exits. John thanks Brady for agreeing. Brady asks what made him do it. Kristen stands outside and wonders what's going on with John and what he's up to. Kristen decides it's going to be so much fun as she walks on.

Sami tells EJ that there's no way Brady would do that but EJ informs her that he moved in yesterday. Sami declares that she can't live with Kristen. Sami brings up Kristen trying to kill Marlena. EJ suggests she probably feels really sorry. Sami mocks it. EJ thinks she should try because they could end up being related. Sami thinks moving in would be a disaster. EJ reminds her that it would be for Will even if she has to suck up to Stefano and Kristen. Sami tells EJ that if she says no, she's not moving in and EJ isn't either even if Stefano orders him to.

Rafe goes to the Horton House. Hope tells him that it's nice of him to come and talks about Rafe not being happy about the wedding. Rafe says he loves his sister and she loves Nick so he'd lose her if he didn't support the wedding. Rafe adds that Nick loves Gabi. Rafe says he's there to convince himself so his feelings will go away after he sees Gabi happy with what she wants. Gabi and Nick then arrive and greet Hope and Rafe. Hope asks if they're ready. Nick says he's been ready for a long time. Hope says the justice of the peace will be there soon. Nick asks for a quick word with Rafe so Hope takes Gabi to get ready. Nick tells Rafe that there was just something he wanted to get off his chest.

EJ assures Sami that he doesn't take orders from Stefano and he's not going anywhere without Sami and the children with him. EJ suggests Will go see Stefano to mend some fences if he's serious about his help. EJ gets a phone message about needing to go to a meeting. Sami kisses him. EJ asks her to think about it as it's her decision. EJ says he will back her in whatever she wants to do but it's up to her. They kiss again and EJ then walks on.

Nick tells Rafe that it means a lot to him that he's there. Rafe asks if that's all he wanted to get off his chest. Nick clarifies that his parents were married in this house and talks about Tom and Alice loving family. Nick wanted to clear the air and tells Rafe that he's family to him now, his brother. They shake hands and Rafe wishes him the best as they hug. Nick says he will give Gabi a wonderful life.

Jennifer gives Gabi a gift to be something new. Gabi talks about not needing anything but Jennifer and Hope insist on her opening the gift which is a shawl. Jennifer mentions it being from Nick's mom Jessica. Hope then gives Gabi another gift that is from them which is a bracelet to be her something borrowed. Gabi talks about feeling so blessed. Nick enters and says that's how he felt the first time he saw her.

Nicole returns to the rectory saying she won't ask Father Matt for another favor. Nicole worries that Eric is going to get hurt but Caroline enters and tells her that no one is going to hurt Eric.

John tells Brady about visiting everywhere in Europe that he went with Brady's mom and remembered how much he loved her. John says he realized that he couldn't lose Brady as his last link to Isabella. John says he couldn't do that with or without Kristen. Brady doesn't think John's feelings about Kristen have changed and says that will be a problem. Brady brings up what he said on New Year's Eve. John says he was so upset then so he must have misspoke. Brady questions if he lied to him about what Kristen said.

Kristen goes to the hospital and approaches Marlena. Marlena doesn't want to talk to her. Kristen tells her that Brady did fine in the DiMera Mansion. Marlena brings up Brady having breakfast with John. Kristen mentions being there too. Marlena questions that. Kristen says it was just her and John like old times. Kristen adds that John has accepted her as the woman Brady loves. Marlena doesn't believe her. Kristen reveals that she, Brady, and John are going to have dinner together tonight. Marlena says she's not going to get her riled up. Kristen gets a text from John's assistant telling her the restaurant they are having dinner at so she shows it to Marlena.

Rafe tells Gabi that Nick is a good man that will love her, provide for her and keep her safe.

Vargas gets dressed out of his prison jumpsuit.

Gabi and Nick have their wedding ceremony and say their I Do's. They exchange their rings.

Vargas puts a ring on his finger.

The Justice of the Peace announces Nick and Gabi husband and wife. They kiss as Hope, Jennifer, and Rafe applaud.

Vargas is told that he's a free man and is asked if he has any plans. He says that he does.

Nicole talks to Caroline about thinking Eric is making a really big mistake. Caroline believes she cares about him and asks her what it is, accidentally calling her Chloe.

John tells Brady to listen to him. John talks about Marlena getting so upset that she couldn't talk to him about Kristen so he was totally unprepared to see what he walked in on. John admits he was shocked and upset and said things he now regrets. John asks if Brady believes that. Brady decides he has to go. John asks about dinner. Brady says they are still on and exits.

Sami walks through the town square with a coffee. She thinks back to talking to EJ about moving in. Sami says he's right, if it means helping Will. Sami dreams of living in the mansion and being ordered around by Kristen. Sami continues walking and says she can do it for Will.

Marlena questions Kristen having dinner with John. Kristen calls it great and says John must have been thinking clearly in Europe without Marlena. Kristen says John must have decided that he was wrong about her. Marlena says she will talk to John. Kristen mentions John not talking to her and tells her to face the facts that John is back and not for her. Kristen then walks away.

Nicole corrects Caroline on her name. Caroline says she just got mixed up and asks what the problem is with Eric. Nicole tells her about the prison outreach that's going to turn St. Luke's into a halfway house. Caroline asks what's wrong with that. Nicole says an ex-con will be living there. Caroline if she asks if she means herself. Nicole tells her about the man and asks Caroline to talk to Eric but Caroline says no because she trusts Eric's judgment and suggests Nicole should too.

Vargas signs his release papers as Eric enters and asks if he's ready. Vargas says he can't tell him how grateful he is for the opportunity. Vargas thinks Salem will be the perfect fit for him.

Nick tells Gabi that they did it and no one is ever going to between them and their family ever again.

Sami continues telling herself that she can do this for Will. Sami then continues her dream of living in the Mansion with Kristen ordering her around and dreams of hearing Marlena's voice telling her to run and save herself then throwing a drink in Kristen's face. Sami then continues saying she can do it and she has to.

Brady joins Kristen outside the town square and kisses her. Kristen asks how things went after she left. Brady says it went okay but John is bad at hiding his real feelings. Kristen tells him that John is worried about him. Brady says he's beginning to understand why John acted the way he did when he found out about them. Kristen asks what he's talking about. Brady says John talks a good game but he doesn't think John ever got her out of his system.

Marlena goes to the Pub where John is seated inside. Marlena approaches and greets him. Marlena sits with John and says it's good to see him. Marlena mentions going a couple rounds with Kristen who told her that John was taking her and Brady to dinner. Marlena says she didn't believe it when she said it but then says she gets what John's doing. Marlena says John came back to nail her and asks if he's going to destroy Kristen.

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