Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will wakes up to answer a call from Sami and asks what she wants. Sami asks if he got his messages but Will says he hasn't been in a talking mood lately. Will insists he's not mad at her as he has himself to blame. Sami assures him that she is going to take care of it and she won't let Nick keep him away from his daughter but Will asks her to stay out of it. Sami tells him not to worry as she has everything handled and then hangs up. Sonny enters and asks Will what Sami did now. Will says it's what she's going to do and that's make a bad situation worse.

Nick and Gabi lay in bed together as Nick wishes her a happy wedding day. They talk about Gabi's ring and she calls it the best day of her life.

Rafe gets a phone call while in bed with Kate. Rafe says it better be important as he answers a call from the station. Rafe asks if they're serious and sure about it. Kate kisses his neck until he hangs up. Kate asks if it was bad news. Rafe responds that it's Stefano. Kate asks if he's dead. Rafe says no, he's back in Salem.

EJ and Sami sit together at the town square as EJ asks about Will. Sami says it bugs her that Will has given up. EJ talks about Nick working his way around the legal system. Sami wants to get him out of the picture. EJ has something important to talk to her about and says she was in the middle of something when he wanted to tell her last night. Sami notes that it sounds serious. EJ informs her that Stefano has moved back to Salem.

Kristen sits with Stefano in the living room. Stefano asks about Brady. Kristen says he's still sleeping. Stefano wonders if he had pleasant dreams on his first night at the mansion. Stefano jokes that he stayed awake thinking about what she has in store for John and Marlena. They talk about it being brilliant. Brady enters and Kristen greets him with a hug. Kristen invites him to join them for breakfast but Brady reveals he's going out with John for breakfast.

John sits at the town square and thinks back to talking to Brady about agreeing to accept Kristen in his life. John then crumples the newspaper with Kristen on it.

Gabi tells Nick that she saw Will yesterday and she felt weird about not inviting him to the wedding. Nick asks what Will wanted. Gabi says he wanted to talk about something important but then he didn't and took off. Gabi wants to call Will and find out but Nick tells her not to.

Sonny suggests Will call Sami back but Will thinks she's going to do whatever she wants. Sonny tells him that people are going to start asking questions about why he signed away his rights. Sonny suggests a cover story since he can't tell that Nick is blackmailing him. Will doesn't know what to say. Sonny knows he's going to take a lot of heat for it. Will hopes people think he didn't just do it for Sonny. Sonny tells him that at least he knows the truth. Will feels he should've accepted responsibility from the beginning.

Sami asks EJ how long Stefano has been back in Salem. EJ tells her that he came back yesterday. Sami questions EJ not telling her that he knew he was coming back. EJ says he was hoping Stefano would change his mind about coming back. EJ admits that he went to see him last night. Sami gets upset about EJ keeping it from her.

Kristen asks Brady about not telling her about breakfast with John. Brady says he knew what her reaction would be and says John invited him. Brady adds that John is ready to accept her in his life. Kristen jokes about coming along. Brady thinks she's afraid of John talking him out of being with her but says he can't. Brady suggests he and John have some alone time and then Kristen can join them so he can see how good they are together. They agree and kiss as Brady then exits. Kristen goes back to the living room. Stefano tells her that John is trying to outmaneuver her. Kristen responds that he can try all day but it won't work.

Gabi asks why she shouldn't call Will. Nick tells her that her wedding day should be about her and Will can deal with his own problems. Gabi gets up to go get ready. Nick then grabs his phone.

Will tells Sonny that he could say he decided that their original plan was the best thing for his daughter to have a stable environment. Sonny brings up Kate and Marlena weighing in. Sonny brings up telling his daughter in the future. Will admits he doesn't know what he's going to do about any of it. Will gets a message from Nick that he wants to see him.

Rafe asks Kate if she's okay. Kate says she's just surprised as she had a feeling Stefano wasn't coming back but now he's there. Rafe asks how she feels about it. Kate says she couldn't care less but then suggests they think about ending this.

EJ thinks Sami is overreacting. Sami talks about everything she's been through to help Will. EJ thought he was helping her by not adding more. EJ says Stefano coming back will have no impact on their relationship. EJ says they both hated his influence on their relationship. Sami then calls Stefano the one man who could help Will. EJ hopes she's not thinking about getting Stefano involved in this.

Sonny questions why Nick wants to meet with Will. Will doesn't know as he already gave him everything he wants. Will wonders if it's possible that Gabi told Nick that he went to see her and then Nick told her everything. Will suggests maybe Gabi wouldn't stand for it and Nick had to back down. Sonny tells him not to get his hopes up as Nick would spin it in his own way. Sonny thinks Will should tell Nick to take his meeting and shove it. Will says he can't as he thinks there's a chance. Will hugs Sonny and then goes to get dressed.

Sami tells EJ that she does want Stefano's help. EJ brings up how much she despises him. Sami says she would do anything to help Will. EJ says she has no idea what she's saying. Sami says she won't ask him to take a hit out on Nick. EJ asks what she wants then. Sami talks about Stefano always having someone on the inside so he can get the evidence they need. Sami gets up and says they are going to see Stefano right now so EJ reluctantly follows her.

Rafe asks if Kate is saying she wants to get back with Stefano. Kate says she wants nothing to do with him and that Stefano feels the same but he wouldn't want to see her with anyone else. Kate worries about if he finds out about them and brings up what Stefano has done to Rafe before. Rafe says he knows how Stefano works and isn't afraid of him so he doesn't give a damn if he finds out about them. Rafe kind of likes the idea of driving Stefano crazy. Kate calls Rafe the bravest man she's ever met and they kiss.

Stefano tells Kristen that John is fighting back. Kristen assures him that John can't out think her. Stefano tells her to hope that Brady cares more about her. The doorbell rings so Kristen answers and it's Chad. Chad guesses it's a bad time.

John and Brady meet at the coffeehouse. John thanks him for meeting him and says he made their order. They hope they can work things out. Brady appreciates that John is trying to accept Kristen in his life. Brady brings up John being a former ISA agent and knowing how to work people. John insists that he's not working him. John says he did a lot of thinking while he was gone and can't let Brady be out of his life just because he doesn't approve of Kristen. John says he understands that she's become very important in his life. Brady says he loves Kristen so John says he has no choice but to accept her. Brady still is not sure that he believes it.

Rafe tells Kate that he has to go because of Gabi as he wants to check in before the wedding. Kate offers to go with him as she has a gift for Gabi. Rafe calls her very generous. Kate jokes about not letting it get around as they kiss.

Will meets Nick in the town square. Nick brings up Will going to see Gabi and asks what it was about. Will asks if he can't talk to his friends. Nick mentions Will wanting to say something important but she knows he changed his mind so he wants to know now. Will admits he was going to tell Gabi that her fiance is a son of a bitch and that marrying him would be the worst mistake she ever makes.

EJ follows Sami out of the town square. Sami refuses to change her mind but EJ warns her about getting favors from Stefano. Sami talks about Stefano loving Will. Sami admits she's desperate. Sami says she hates Stefano but right now all she sees is Stefano as Will's savior. EJ says Stefano will just see her desperation and that will make his day. Sami asks what if EJ talks to him instead unless he's not willing to. EJ doesn't want to get sucked back into Stefano's world. EJ says Sami's happiness means everything to him. Sami thinks Stefano will want to help if EJ is with her. Sami promises to make sure that EJ doesn't get sucked back in. Sami thinks Stefano will work with them unless EJ thinks he won't because Stefano hates her and that they're together.

Kristen apologizes for snapping as she opened the door and hugs him, saying she's glad to see him. Chad says he thought about what she said and decided he could at least welcome Stefano home. Kristen talks about how he could live at the mansion too. Chad asks how Brady likes it. Kristen says he admitted it wasn't so bad.

Brady says John's trip must have changed him since he was calling Kristen every name and saying she was just using him but now a couple months later, he has a completely different attitude. Brady asks if he's saying that Kristen isn't using him or he's fine with it. Brady says John's either lying to him now or was lying to him then and asks which one it is.

Chad goes into the living room and greets Stefano. Stefano greets him with a hug and tells him how wonderful it is to see him. Stefano mentions hearing Chad's had a rough time with the loss of his sister and his breakup with Melanie. Chad admits he had a difficult time. Stefano is sorry for not being there when he needed him. Chad tells him not to worry as he never was. Stefano asks why he's here then. Chad says Kristen wouldn't stop bugging him about it and some of what she said got through to him to decide to maybe give the family another chance.

Rafe and Kate go to the Pub to see Gabi. Rafe says he knows she's busy and he just wanted to make sure she's okay. Gabi assures that she's fine. Kate tells Gabi that she has another wedding gift for her. Gabi says she already gave her a day at the spa and gave Nick a job so she's done a lot for them. Kate gives her earrings to be something blue at the wedding. Kate suggests she can one day give them to her daughter. Gabi hugs her and thanks her as Rafe smiles.

Nick tells Will that Gabi won't listen to a word he tells her about him. Will says he's known Gabi for a lot longer than him so if he tells her that she's marrying a lying, blackmailing, homophobic idiot then he's pretty sure she will have a big problem with it. Nick tells Will that he would have a bigger problem as would everyone who covered up his shooting EJ. Nick declares he has no problem with gay people but he just thinks they should have nothing to do with children. Nick warns Will to never try to turn Gabi against him because it won't work and he will use everything he has against him. Nick says it's his wedding day and that's the only reason he's there instead of at the police station. Nick adds that as long as he and Gabi are still in Salem then they are going to run into Will and he doesn't want it to be unpleasant. Will comments on never seeing his daughter. Nick thinks it's all for the best. Will asks why Gabi can't know about it then. Nick says he did it for Will because if Gabi finds out what Will did then she could tell Rafe and Will would spend his life in prison. Nick says he doesn't want to see that as Will is family and walks away.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano has accepted them being together. Sami wants to go then but EJ stops her and says she doesn't understand that Stefano will want something in return from her. EJ asks her if she's willing to pay that price.

John admits to Brady he could have overreacted to what he thought Kristen was saying before. Brady apologizes for how he found out about them since he knows it was a shock and wrong to keep it a secret. Brady doesn't understand John saying that Kristen told him that she was using him as he calls that a flat out lie and wonders why he'd say that. Kristen then enters the coffeehouse.

Gabi asks Rafe about he and Kate coming together and if they are friends. Rafe says something like that so Gabi asks why. Kate waits outside the Pub and thinks back to Rafe telling her that Stefano's back.

Stefano is glad Chad decided to give a second chance. Stefano talks about enjoying Europe but says he couldn't wait to come back to his family since that's what's important to him. Chad talks about being at Stefano's funeral so he must have nine lives. Stefano asks if he's not going to move in. Chad says Kristen has pushed it but he hasn't made up his mind yet. Stefano thinks they can work together to get back to their old days. Stefano tells Chad that he's his son and that's all that counts.

Sami says she doesn't need to be reminded how Stefano operates but will do anything for her kids including selling her soul to Stefano if it means Will gets to be in his daughter's life. EJ admits he'd do the same for Johnny. EJ tells her they don't talk to Stefano until they go through every other option. Sami asks what other option there is that doesn't involve EJ going to the darkside. EJ talks about looking into lawyers. Sami says all Gabi has to do is write Nick's name on the birth certificate. Sami begrudgingly agrees to wait to talk to Stefano. They kiss. EJ thanks her. Sami says unless Will's back is against the wall then she won't hesitate to go to Stefano and ask for a favor. EJ then says there may be another way to ensure Stefano helps them if they go to him. Sami asks what it is.

Brady greets Kristen with a kiss. Brady tells John that he invited her to join them but they weren't quite done. Brady gets a call from work and Kristen insists they'll be fine. Brady steps out to answer the call as Kristen sits with John. Kristen asks John what he's really up to.

Rafe tells Gabi that he's gotten to know Kate a little better and she's not who he thought or who Sami said she was. Rafe calls her an interesting woman. Gabi asks what that means. Nick enters and greets Gabi with a kiss. Gabi talks about him being gone for so long. Nick sends her to finish getting ready upstairs. Gabi hugs Rafe and then goes upstairs with Nick.

Sonny joins Will at the town square and Will says things didn't go so well as now he knows what he's been doing wrong and that was treating him like he was the same person he was before he went to prison and went nuts. Will says Nick honestly believes that everything he's doing is right. Will says trying to be reasonable is a complete waste of time since Nick doesn't care what anyone wants but himself. Will calls it such a losing battle. Sonny hugs him.

EJ tells Sami that he thinks she's right that at some point that Stefano will be the best option. Sami calls him the only option. EJ says after speaking with Stefano, there is something they can do to assure his help. Sami says whatever it is, she'll do it. EJ warns her as she asks what he's thinking. EJ says he and Sami and the children would have to move in to the DiMera Mansion together.

Kristen tells John that he will have to do a lot better if he wants to win his son back. John says they were just having a nice breakfast. Kristen thinks it's a lot more than just breakfast. Kristen tells John that the only way to Brady is through her and asks if he can handle that.

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