Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe watches from the gate as Daniel asks if Jennifer has a minute as he's been thinking about her all night. Jennifer then slaps Daniel. Daniel is confused as Jennifer tells him to stay away from her.

Will and Sonny argue at the coffeehouse about Will wanting to tell Gabi about Nick's blackmailing him. Sonny doesn't think it's a good idea but Will insists as he does not want Nick to raise his kid. Sonny reminds Will that he will have to tell Gabi that he shot EJ but Will doesn't care.

Rafe and Gabi talk at the Pub about Gabi taking care of herself and the baby. Rafe asks if she's excited about the big day. Gabi wants to know if Rafe is coming to the wedding for sure.

John goes jogging through the town square. He stops and thinks back to his last run-in with Kristen, then walks on.

Stefano hugs Kristen as she says it's all going exactly according to plan in her destruction of John as Brady appears in the doorway and sees them. Kristen says Stefano is going to love the endgame. Brady listens in as Kristen says for it to work how she wants, Brady is absolutely essential.

Daniel questions Jennifer slapping him as he just wanted to talk but Jennifer says she doesn't want to talk to him ever again and storms off as Chloe watches with a smile.

Stefano asks what exactly Kristen meant. Kristen talks about Brady giving her life meaning as Brady listens from behind the doorway. Kristen talks about loving Brady and needing Stefano to accept him. Stefano says he will do everything he can not to let her down. Brady enters the room. Kristen claims she thought he was sleeping and tells him that they were just talking about him.

Daniel pulls out his phone as Hope walks by calling out for Jennifer. Hope asks Daniel about Jennifer storming off. Daniel tells Hope about the slap but he doesn't know why. Hope calls it really weird since Jennifer was going to work things out with him. Hope wonders what could've made her so mad. Chloe watches and thinks back to what she did. Daniel says Jennifer has never been so angry. Daniel recalls having a lot to drink and doesn't know how it all happened. Daniel insists he didn't do anything to be slapped. Daniel decides he should call her but then realizes she won't answer. Daniel says he'll go to her house but gets dizzy when he gets up. Hope tells Daniel to let her go talk to her and find out what's wrong. Hope advises Daniel take a cab home and go to bed and she will call him later. Daniel says he owes her one. Hope mentions him saving Jennifer's life before. Hope then walks Daniel off as Chloe watches.

Rafe tells Gabi that he will do whatever he can to make it to the wedding. Gabi thinks that means he won't make it and asks if he hates Nick or is mad at her. Rafe just wants to make sure she's not rushing into anything. Rafe suggests he was wrong and being a jerk.

Will tells Sonny that he will make Gabi promise not to tell Nick why she's breaking off the engagement. Sonny reminds him that she's crazy in love with Nick and brings up what if she doesn't believe Will. Sonny says he gets worked up talking about Gabi and Nick. Sonny mentions not trusting Gabi. Will says he isn't telling her why. Will adds that he trusts Gabi. Sonny assures Will that Nick will figure it out and will be out for revenge. Will is glad to have someone who cares so much. Marlena arrives. Sonny tells Will to think about what he said as he goes back to work. Marlena sits with Will and asks if he wants to tell her what's wrong. Will says he's just regretting decisions that he wishes he could undo.

Brady tells Kristen that he heard her say he's essential to her happiness and calls it a hell of a task. Kristen says she was just trying to get through to Stefano that he has to accept him. Brady says Stefano won't change how he feels about her because he really loves her. Kristen says she feels the same and they kiss.

Chloe returns home to the apartment. Nancy asks how it went. Chloe says the bad news is that Daniel is still upset and threatening to cut off all contact with her but the good news is that Jennifer slapped him and says she never wants to see him again. Chloe thinks she has a way to cover her tracks and turn it all around. Nancy says she needs to get to bed. Chloe checks her purse and realizes she doesn't have the sleeping pills. Chloe worries that she left them in Daniel's room.

Daniel returns to his hotel room and sits on the bed wondering what happened as the pill bottle sticks out from underneath the bed.

Chloe worries about dropping the pill bottle in Daniel's room. Nancy suggests she go get it back but Chloe fears that Daniel will put it together and know that she slipped them in his drink. Nancy says it's sloppy to leave evidence behind. Chloe worries that it's all over if Jennifer tells Daniel what happened. Nancy tells her to get the bottles before they find it but Chloe says she can't after the way they left things. Nancy says she doesn't know what Chloe would do without her and she exits.

Rafe tells Gabi that sometimes he may be stubborn and he might have been wrong. Gabi jokes about knowing the real him. Rafe says it's hard for him to accept as she's his baby sister and admits he may have had reservations about Nick. Rafe says it's obvious they love each other so he's sorry for making things harder. Gabi asks if this means he's coming to the wedding tomorrow. Rafe says he wouldn't miss it for the world so Gabi hugs him.

Will hugs Marlena goodbye and goes to exit but Sonny stops him and asks him not to do it. Will says he has to in order to move forward. Sonny reminds him it's not only about him. Will says it is mainly about him and his daughter. Will kisses Sonny goodbye and exits.

Brady sits with Kristen as she wants him to admit that living in the mansion is not half bad. Brady admits it's not and jokes with her about it. Kristen wants him to feel at home. Brady says he could get used to a mansion and talks about all the perks. Kristen mentions Brady playing piano and suggests he play. Kristen jokes with him as he asks what her favorite song is. Kristen picks Beautiful Dreamer so Brady begins playing piano.

Anne goes to see Chloe. Chloe says she's sorry but she needs Anne to look after Parker so she can cover her tracks. Anne asks about Nancy. Chloe informs her that Nancy is doing damage control. Chloe says she needs to take care of Jennifer and make her more miserable than ever. Anne calls it a good cause and asks what she's going to do. Chloe says when she's done, Jennifer will want to hide under the covers. Anne wishes her luck as Chloe exits.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and tells her that she just saw Daniel and asks what's going on. Jennifer says she took her advice and went to see Daniel. Hope asks what exactly happened.

Brady finishes the song on the piano and Kristen starts crying. Kristen calls it wonderful. Kristen calls it amazing how a song can make someone so emotional. Brady gets a call that he has to go to the office. Brady kisses Kristen goodbye and then exits. Kristen remarks that there's so much Brady doesn't know about her like how it's breaking her heart that she has to break his.

Will goes to the Pub to see Gabi and talks about wanting to see her after what Sami did. Gabi knows Will had nothing to do with what Sami did. Will asks where Nick is. Gabi says Nick is up doing a project before the big day tomorrow. Will asks what big day. Gabi then reveals to Will that she and Nick are getting married tomorrow.

Daniel starts to get in bed but Nancy arrives so he gets up to answer the door. Nancy apologizes and says she needs to talk to him. Daniel says he needs to talk to her too. Nancy apologizes for Chloe kissing him and says she keeps trying to convince her to move on. Daniel mentions Nancy not telling him about her history with Jennifer. Nancy claims she didn't know Jennifer still resented her from so long ago. Nancy says she hopes she didn't cause a problem but Daniel tells her that she has no idea.

Jennifer thanks Hope for coming but says she needs some time alone to think. Hope asks if she's sure she doesn't want to talk about it. Hope tells her to call if she changes her mind. Jennifer says she just needs a warm bath and a good night sleep. Hope hugs her goodbye and then exits. Jennifer heads upstairs but stops when Chloe arrives at the door. Jennifer tries to shut the door but Chloe says she wants to explain the truth about what happened.

Rafe goes to the coffeehouse and asks Sonny how Will is doing. Sonny says he's okay given the circumstances. Rafe says it seems like everything is turning out ok with the baby. Rafe just hopes Gabi will slow down a bit before the wedding. Sonny asks about it. Rafe reveals to him that Gabi and Nick are getting married tomorrow. Rafe adds that it seems a little quick to him but it doesn't look like anything will stop them.

Gabi tells Will about how the baby scare made Nick want to get married right away but she doesn't want to wait either. Will sits with her and tells her that there's something she needs to know but Hope enters and greets them. Hope mentions the big day tomorrow. Gabi says she loves Hope a lot for being so nice to her. Will says he does too as he thinks back to Sonny telling him that it isn't just about him. Gabi asks what Will was going to tell her but he claims it's not important. Will hopes everything is how she wanted it and that they are really happy together. Will says that's it and exits. Gabi wonders what that was all about.

Nancy apologizes to Daniel. Daniel tells her it's late and he's on duty tomorrow. Nancy starts coughing and asking for a glass of water. Daniel gets a call and steps out to answer. Nancy then searches the room for the pill bottle.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she had to come clear things up. Jennifer threatens to call the police. Chloe tells her that she and Daniel did not sleep together.

Nancy finds the bottle of pills under the bed as Daniel returns to the room and asks what the hell she's doing.

Jennifer questions what she saw. Chloe says it was a misunderstanding and she was trying to tell her that nothing happened. Chloe explains that she went to give Daniel his hospital ID badge and Daniel was drunk and angry. Chloe says she left and then had to go back and get her phone as Daniel was already asleep then Jennifer came. Jennifer tells her to cut the crap and tell her what this confession is all about.

Brady sits with John at the town square. Brady thanks him for the plaque, saying it meant a lot. John suggests they hang out together. Brady tells him that there will be a condition and he knows what it is.

Stefano goes to the living room and asks Kristen where Brady is. Kristen says he had a work emergency. Stefano asks how she knew Brady was listening to them before. Kristen says she saw him in the mirror. Stefano says now that he's gone, they can talk about her fantastic wedding plan. Kristen says she still has to get Brady to propose and is pretty sure she can manage that. Stefano brings up the plan for a big wedding to dump Brady in front of his friends and family. Kristen says what he doesn't know is her plan for John and Marlena. Kristen adds that she has to make sure Brady doesn't get them closer together. Stefano mentions worrying about that also. Kristen says he doesn't know the best part of her plan.

Nancy claims she dropped her blood pressure medicine and it rolled under the bed. She notes Daniel not looking good and asks if it was a bad phone call. Daniel says it wasn't the news he was hoping for and it's getting late so Nancy exits. Daniel looks at his phone but says if Jennifer isn't going to talk to Hope then she sure won't talk to him.

Chloe tells Jennifer to believe her because everything she said is true. Chloe assures her that she and Daniel didn't have sex. Jennifer questions why Chloe would tell her and not let her believe the worst. Chloe says she cares about Daniel and doesn't want him to suffer. Chloe claims she's just trying to do the right thing. Jennifer accuses her of lying and orders her to get out so Chloe exits. Chloe says she tried and walks away.

Hope tells Gabi that they can get married at the Horton House and will have just a few people like Nick wanted. Gabi can't wait to tell Nick as he will be so happy. Gabi thanks Hope and says now she knows everything will be perfect.

Will goes back to the coffeehouse and sits with Sonny. Sonny asks how it went. Will says he didn't tell Gabi since Hope walked in and it then hit him that it's not just about him but the whole family. Sonny brings up the wedding tomorrow since Rafe told him earlier. Will says Gabi is so happy but has no idea what Nick is like and now he's going to raise his kid and there's nothing he can do about it.

Jennifer looks at a photo of Alice and asks the picture of her Grandma if Chloe is telling the truth. Jennifer says she knows Daniel and that he wouldn't sleep with her that easy so it makes sense. Jennifer feels Chloe is playing mind games with her but doesn't know what's going on.

Daniel lays in bed with his phone, looking at Jennifer's number.

Chloe returns to the apartment and tells Anne that she told Jennifer the truth because she didn't have a choice but she was able to put her own spin on it. Chloe hopes enough damage was done that the truth won't make a difference.

Jennifer looks out the window and then gets her phone out of her purse. Jennifer calls Daniel but he has now fallen asleep.

John tells Brady that he does know the condition is that he has to accept Kristen in his life. John admits it won't be easy but he hopes for a chance to try. Brady asks if he means it. John says he does and suggests they talk about it over breakfast tomorrow. Brady agrees that it sounds great. Brady tells John to text him when and where as he walks away.

Stefano tells Kristen that her plan is brilliant. Kristen thanks him and says she thought so. Stefano declares that if Kristen can pull it off then John and Marlena will be miserable for the rest of their lives. Kristen says it's what they richly deserve. Stefano smiles and tells Kristen that she is a true DiMera.

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