Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer knocks on the door so Chloe answers allowing Jennifer to see Daniel passed out in bed shirtless.

Kristen asks Brady if he and Stefano played nice. Brady thinks they are beginning to understand each other but he'll have to get used to it. Brady asks what Stefano sent her out to do since he said he sent her on an errand. Kristen thinks back to seeing John. She claims she just had a message that only she could deliver.

Lucas holds Sami up to get the box of files from the case. They hear someone coming and begin to worry.

Chloe tells Jennifer it's not what it looks like but Jennifer says she makes her sick and storms off. Chloe shuts the door as Daniel calls out for Jennifer in his sleep.

Stefano enters the living room and starts to leave when he sees Brady and Kristen but Kristen stops him so they can spend time together. They all sit together. Kristen tries to talk about the garden but Brady and Stefano decide this can't work. Kristen insists it will get easier and is grateful that they are trying. Kristen calls them the two most important men in her life. EJ arrives and takes a picture on his phone, joking that it will have to be his new screen saver.

Sami and Lucas hide again as Rafe returns to the storage evidence room. Rafe looks around and starts to leave but stops. Rafe moves a box and finds Lucas then asks what he's doing in there.

Chloe looks around the room and remembers drugging Daniel with the sleeping pills. She begins to wonder if she used too much and worries if he doesn't wake up.

Jennifer returns home upset calling it unbelievable. She looks at the couch and thinks back to kissing Daniel there. Jennifer questions if one argument and fight is all it took for him to jump into bed with Chloe.

Chloe sneaks out of Daniel's room and calls Daniel to wake him up. Daniel wakes up and answers the phone. Chloe says she was just worried about how they left things and couldn't sleep. Daniel says it wasn't good. Chloe apologizes for kissing him. Daniel says he was going to call her tomorrow about it. Chloe tells him there's no need as she got the message. Daniel says she didn't and what he said wasn't right. Daniel says they can do this now. Chloe offers to come over but Daniel says he'll come to her. Chloe brings up his drinking. Daniel says he won't drive but could use the fresh air. Daniel talks about not remembering going to bed. Chloe promises he didn't do anything that he will regret but Daniel is not so sure. Daniel agrees to take a cab and see her soon. Chloe hangs up with a smile and wonders if he's coming around.

EJ says he wouldn't want to interrupt their bonding moment. Kristen invites him in and says Stefano is wanting to catch up with him. Kristen and Brady exit. EJ comments that Stefano looks well. Stefano says it's very good to be back in their home. EJ says he never thought he'd step foot in this house again. Stefano says the same but feels their bond is stronger than anything that went wrong. EJ says a lot went wrong. Stefano wants to make it up to him and thought they were beyond it but EJ tells him to think again. EJ then laughs that he's not there to punish him and is glad they are working together and that Kristen brought them together. Stefano is glad too and asks if that's all. EJ calls it a start. Stefano suggests taking the next step with EJ bringing his family there to live and come home.

Rafe questions what Lucas is doing there. Lucas claims to be looking for Hope's office. Rafe says it became a storage office a while back. Lucas says he was just confused and the door was just open. Rafe tells him that the door hasn't been acting up that bad. Rafe questions Lucas just hanging out in the dark. Lucas claims he decided to just sit and think for awhile. Rafe doesn't believe it and suggests he either start making sense or they can go see Roman. Rafe brings up finding Lucas' partner in crime and calls out Sami to get out there now.

Brady and Kristen kiss in bed until bumping the end table. Brady worries about someone hearing them but Kristen reminds him of how big the mansion is. Brady jokes about going weeks without seeing Stefano. Brady says he loves her. Kristen says he's proven it by moving in with her. Brady talks about not wanting to lose her.

EJ tells Stefano that he's not going to come back and live in the house. Stefano tells him to think about it. EJ refuses to ask Sami to move in either and reminds him that he and Sami are back together and things are going very well. Stefano questions them living with each other or if it hasn't gotten that far. EJ says they are together and he's happy so it doesn't need any interference. Stefano says he just wants to help. EJ tells him that there's no need as they have a relationship built on honesty and trust that doesn't need scheming, manipulation, or help. EJ decides to go. Stefano tells him that it was good to see him as he exits. Stefano remarks that it could've been worse but he's not going to let Sami come between him and his son.

Rafe continues calling out Sami and says she has until the count of three before he books Lucas and calls in Roman. Sami comes out and asks how he knew she was there. Rafe says it was the perfume that he bought her for her birthday. Sami tells Rafe that he won and tries to leave but Rafe stops her and asks if she really thought that would work since she's not getting out that easy.

Chloe returns home to the apartment and tells Nancy that it went perfectly and tells her to go hide since Daniel is coming over and they will need privacy. Nancy asks what happened and if Jennifer showed up. Chloe says that reminds her and then she calls Jennifer. Chloe says she wants to explain but Jennifer tells her not to ever call her again and slams the phone down. Chloe says she tried.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's to drop recipes off for Abigail. Jennifer says she will make sure she gets them as she just got back. Maggie asks her what's wrong. Jennifer claims she's fine and asks if Maggie is excited about the wedding. Maggie says she's not sure and talks about how they wanted to keep it small but it's good to have a wedding in the house again. Maggie then asks Jennifer to tell her what's wrong. Jennifer says it isn't fair as it's about Daniel. Maggie asks what happened and Jennifer responds that it's over. Maggie asks if it's something that Daniel said or did but Jennifer does not want to do this. Jennifer says it's not fair for her to talk to Maggie about her son that way. Maggie assumes he really messed up then. Jennifer says Daniel crossed an unforgivable line. Maggie asks if Chloe was somehow involved. Jennifer says she was in a big way. Maggie points out that it could've been a misunderstanding. Jennifer declares that it doesn't matter anymore. Maggie asks what Daniel said for an explanation but Jennifer says he didn't give one and wasn't even awake.

Chloe explains to Nancy that the sleeping pills worked and Daniel was undressed in bed when Jennifer showed up. Nancy tells Chloe that she deserves better than what she was getting. Chloe hugs her and thanks her as she tells her how grateful she is that she's there. Nancy tells Chloe to get her man as she exits to the back room. Daniel arrives and Chloe asks how she's feeling. Daniel says he feels groggy like he got hit by a jeep. Chloe offers to make coffee but Daniel suggests they go out and they need some privacy. Chloe grabs her things and calls out to Nancy that she's going out. Daniel and Chloe exit together.

Jennifer tells Maggie that it's been a rough day like every day since Chloe came back. Maggie thinks Daniel deserves a chance to explain. Maggie tells Jennifer to face Chloe and wake Daniel up. Jennifer doesn't think anything will change but agrees to go. Maggie thinks Jennifer will be surprised.

Brady and Kristen remain in bed. Brady gets up to get her present that he was getting her before. Kristen opens the gift box and it's a keychain with a heart and "Forever begins Today" engraved on it. Kristen talks about it being sweet. Brady asks her where she went when Stefano sent her on an errand but Kristen decides they shouldn't talk about Stefano and they continue kissing in bed.

Rafe asks Sami and Lucas what they were doing there but they say they can't tell him. Rafe asks if they'd rather explain it to Roman but they say they can't tell him either. Lucas and Sami then tell Rafe to arrest them. Rafe realizes it must be about Will and asks them if it is.

Kristen lays in bed as Brady has fallen asleep. Kristen gets up and leaves the room.

Sami tells Rafe it has nothing to do with Will. Rafe questions what's in there for her since it's all old cases and files. Rafe asks if it's about Trent Robbins murder and if they are trying to bring up dirt on Nick since they're afraid of him raising Will's daughter. Rafe talks about Nick marrying his sister and says he'd make sure that nothing's going on with him and he's ok. Sami brings up Nick being a convicted murder and a drug addict so she's worried. Rafe says he would've already found if something was up. Sami isn't sure he'd tell her. Lucas says they weren't thinking straight. Rafe tells them to get out and they'll agree it never happened. Lucas thanks him. Rafe doesn't want them telling Gabi that they were snooping around for dirt on Nick as it would stress her out. They agree. Rafe says Gabi told him that they have the custody thing all worked out and are communicating so they shouldn't mess it up. Rafe warns them that they will go to jail if he ever catches them in there again. Lucas and Sami then exit. Rafe follows them out.

Daniel and Chloe walk out of the town square. Chloe says she knows what happened was a surprise and claims it shocked her too. Daniel asks what she expected and thought was going to happen by kissing him. Chloe says she didn't think. Daniel says he didn't either and shouldn't have been so harsh with her. Chloe asks what he wanted to say. Daniel says he'd say the same thing just nicer. Daniel adds that it never should've happened. Daniel says Chloe will always have his respect as the mother of her son and he'll always be sorry for what happened to her after they broke up. Chloe doesn't want his pity but Daniel calls it concern. Daniel says he will make sure she has whatever she needs for Parker and he's going to be a hands-on father so they will be in each other's lives but that's all since he only loves Jennifer. Chloe says she gets it. Daniel says if she doesn't, then changes will be made and they would have no contact with each other outside of handling Parker.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's looking for him but he's gone. Jennifer calls it no surprise and wonders how she could be so wrong and so stupid. Jennifer questions how Daniel could say he loves her and then sleep with Chloe.

EJ goes to the coffeehouse where Sami and Lucas are and asks what happened. Sami admits Rafe caught them. EJ asks why they aren't locked up. Sami says he gave them the perfect alibi that they were digging up dirt on Nick so Rafe let them go. Sami says they will try again but Lucas says he's out and not doing this again. Lucas tells EJ that Sami is all his. Sami thanks Lucas for saving her before as Lucas exits. Sami asks EJ how she's making it worse. EJ warns Sami that if she gets caught then Nick will know what she was looking for and will pull the trigger. Sami talks about Nick still blackmailing Will. Sami suggests telling Rafe but EJ says she is absolutely not discussing it with Rafe.

Stefano joins Kristen in the living room as she says she couldn't sleep. Stefano calls it too quiet. Kristen tells him that he will get his family back and they will both get what they want. Stefano asks about her meeting with John. Kristen says she made him understand that he won't get his son back but that there's still chance for them. Stefano asks if she's crazy. Kristen says she's not a fool but it doesn't hurt to have John think she is.

Brady wakes up and sees Kristen is gone as he looks around the room.

Jennifer leaves Daniel's room upset, not noticing the bottle of sleeping pills on the floor.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn't want to cut off all contact with her as it would be harsh and unnecessary. Chloe agrees and calls it humiliating enough. Chloe says there's something he should know about Jennifer but it can wait as she needs to get home. Chloe then walks away and Jennifer walks up to Daniel. Daniel asks Jennifer what she's doing out there so late. Chloe turns around and watches them.

EJ tells Sami that she can't trust Rafe and wonders why she insists on trying. Sami says she wants to help Will. EJ says Rafe has made it clear that he's loyal to Gabi. Sami thinks Rafe would want to protect Will. EJ says she can trust him but not Rafe. EJ questions Sami wanting to place Will's life in Rafe's hands. Sami admits she doesn't and can't trust Rafe with it but she can't give up on Will and must find a way to help him. EJ hugs her and assures that they will.

Daniel says he didn't think he'd see Jennifer again tonight. Jennifer says she bets he didn't. Daniel asks if she has a minute as he's been thinking about her all night. Jennifer then slaps Daniel.

Stefano tells Kristen to be careful. Kristen says she can handle John. Stefano reminds her of almost destroying her life. Kristen says she'll never be that weak or trusting again so he shouldn't worry. Stefano hugs her as Kristen says it's all going exactly according to plan in her destruction of John as Brady appears in the doorway and sees them. Kristen says Stefano is going to love the endgame.

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