Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady talks with Kristen at the DiMera Mansion about not expecting how John would react. Brady says he has a house warming gift for her and goes to get it. Kristen remarks that John gave a nice try but it's not going to work.

Roman assures Marlena it will be okay and hugs her. John then enters the coffeehouse. Marlena is surprised to see him and says she wasn't expecting him. John says he can see that.

Rafe runs into Lucas at the town square. Rafe asks about Will. Rafe informs Lucas that Nick and Gabi are getting married tomorrow and asks him to keep Sami calm and away. Rafe walks on. Sami joins Lucas as they discuss that Rafe has no idea that Nick blackmailed Will out of the baby's life.

Hope joins Jennifer at the Pub and asks her about the party for Maxine. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it and asks Hope what's up. Hope says she's just getting ready for Nick's wedding tomorrow. Hope wants Jennifer to talk to her but Jennifer insists she's fine. Hope asks what happened.

Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel tells Chloe that he really needs her to go but he stumbles again so she holds him up. Chloe tells Daniel that he's right, talking is overrated and then she kisses him. Chloe tells him not to fight it. Daniel questions what she's doing. Chloe says he's upset and needed a friend. Daniel says he doesn't need this.

Stefano returns home to the DiMera Mansion and asks Kristen if she's going to welcome him home. Kristen hugs him and says the staff has been working so hard to get the house ready for him. Kristen talks about the memories of the place but suggests changing things. Stefano says he doesn't mind the memories. Kristen says Brady is upstairs and will be down shortly. Stefano calls it so quiet. Kristen says EJ and Chad weren't sure exactly when he'd be back. Kristen offers to call them and maybe they will join for dinner. Kristen talks about getting him to eat healthy. Kristen tells Stefano that it will all fall into place as now that he's here, they will come to him. Kristen mentions that John already came by. Kristen says John is back on his game.

Marlena asks John what he means. Roman explains that Marlena was just worried about him. John mentions Roman being her ex husband. John asks for a moment alone with Marlena so Roman exits. Marlena questions why John would be that way towards Roman. John says he doesn't know what to think anymore. Marlena says she's so happy to see him and asks if she's a fool to hope because John called her his wife.

Lucas and Sami talk about Gabi not knowing either. Sami says she has a plan which worries Lucas. Sami brings up making the evidence go away and says EJ is working on it. They talk about not wanting Will to go to prison or to lose his child so they have to go to the station tonight.

Jennifer sits with Hope and explains her run in with Nancy and how it turned into a big fight with her and Daniel. Hope doesn't get why she's mad at Daniel for it.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn't want this. He calls her beautiful but says it's not them as they have moved on and he's with Jennifer. Chloe questions if he is. Daniel says he's trying to be. Daniel tells Chloe to go.

Lucas questions what Sami wants to do. Sami says she has it all figured out. Sami says she found out all the old case files are in a storage room with key card access. Lucas says the problem is that Will already signed his rights away. Sami thinks any judge would toss it out as the baby's not born yet and Nick will not be able to do anything about it. Lucas says he's reluctant about going to jail but agrees to be in and they walk off together.

Chloe apologizes if she misunderstood. Daniel says she did. Chloe says he's in bad shape and shouldn't be alone. Daniel says he just needs sleep. Chloe offers to stay until he falls asleep but Daniel says he needs her to go. Chloe asks if she's sure. Daniel says he is and tells her goodnight then shuts the door. Chloe gets teary-eyed and walks away. Daniel tries to drink more of Chloe's drink to prevent a hangover. Daniel then grabs his phone and calls Jennifer but gets her voicemail. Daniel starts leaving a message but says it's no good, he's sorry and says never mind as he hangs up.

Anne keeps her eye on Hope and Jennifer at the Pub. Hope tells Jennifer that Nancy helping with Parker is not unreasonable. Jennifer argues about it being Nancy. Maxine approaches and asks why Jennifer is still there. Maxine suggests Jennifer go see Daniel. Jennifer pulls out her phone and sees that she has a message. Jennifer plays the message from Daniel on speaker. Jennifer wonders what it was about. Hope says he was reaching out to her. They agree that he sounded like a mess. Hope asks what she's going to do.

Chloe returns home to the apartment and tells Nancy that she was right as she tipped her hand to Daniel. Nancy insists he's drunk and won't remember. Chloe declares she can't seem to make him forget about Jennifer.

John tells Marlena that she is his wife and nothing's changed. John talks about Brady living in the DiMera Mansion and Stefano loving it. Marlena asks if their priority is getting him out. John says it's his priority and he can handle it. Marlena asks about them and how he plans to handle it. John tells her one thing at a time. John says he's sorry but has to go and he exits.

Kristen talks to Stefano about John being so calm and not letting anything get to him while he didn't take any bait. Kristen talks about John's gift to Brady and how he didn't make any trouble about her. Stefano calls it smart. Kristen says John may have won this round but it's a marathon. Kristen decides she's going to go see John. Kristen suggests Stefano get settled in and say hi to Brady. They say goodbye as Kristen exits. Stefano knocks over chess pieces and says he won't even ask. Brady then enters the room and stops when he sees Stefano. Stefano jokingly asks if the gift in his hand is for him.

Sami and Lucas sneak into the police station. Sami decides she will search Hope's office while Lucas keeps watch. Lucas jokes about a code word and steps out. Sami begins searching as Roman arrives. Roman asks Lucas what he's doing there. Lucas says he was just looking for Hope as they enter her office. Roman suggests Hope must be out. Roman asks if Lucas is ready to go. Lucas says he is going to leave Hope a note so Roman exits. Lucas tells Sami that this is it and he's done but Sami mentions using Roman's keycard since he will be in an interrogation. They exit Hope's office.

Brady asks where Kristen is. Stefano says she went to run an errand for him. Brady asks how his flight was. Stefano calls it long. Brady calls it awkward for both of them and explains that he's there because he loves Kristen and she wanted him there. Brady insists he loves her and will make her happy but hasn't lost his sense or memory. Brady adds that he doesn't trust Stefano and probably never will. Stefano calls it fair enough. Brady goes to leave but Stefano says he has something to say to him too.

John sits alone at the town square until Kristen approaches. John notes Kristen having the gondola plaque gift he gave to Brady. Kristen says she got it from Brady and doesn't believe the story about where he got it. John calls it true but Kristen calls it a stupid gimmick that won't work.

Sami and Lucas begin searching the storage room with a flashlight and gloves.

Daniel tries to drink more of the hangover remedy and then goes back to his phone but stops. Daniel says no to drinking and dialing. Daniel then exits his hotel room.

Jennifer decides to go see Daniel. Hope tells her to let her know how things go. Hope says goodbye and exits. Jennifer thanks Maxine for the party and says goodbye as she exits the Pub.

Chloe tells Nancy that she doesn't know how Jennifer does it as she's bland with a whiny voice. Nancy suggests he wants a mother figure but Chloe says he has Maggie. Anne calls and tells Chloe that Jennifer is on her way to see Daniel. Chloe begs Anne to stop her. Anne says she has her back and hangs up. Chloe decides she has to get back to Daniel's. Nancy tells her to think before she goes. Chloe imagines Jennifer going to Daniel's and arguing but ending up kissing. Nancy argues that Jennifer wouldn't just fall back in with Daniel just like that. Chloe says it would work on her. Chloe tells her to watch Parker. Nancy asks her not to make things worse. Chloe takes Nancy's sleeping pills and says she'll bring them back as she rushes out.

Stefano tells Brady that he lost Kristen once and is not going to let it happen again. Stefano says Brady says he loves her but now must prove it because if he gets the slightest hint that he tries to hurt her. Brady cuts him off and assures that he's not going to hurt her because he loves her and questions if Stefano knows what it's cost him. Stefano warns that if he hurts her in any way then he will have to deal with her.

John says Brady will miss the gondola plaque but Kristen claims he just dropped it on the table and went on. John calls her clueless and says she doesn't know Brady at all because it's a connection to his mother. Kristen calls it a connection to John and asks if that's his plan.

Rafe and Hope are in Hope's office as Rafe talks on the phone. Rafe tells the person on an old case to stay there as he is going to pull the evidence.

Lucas and Sami continue searching old case files. Sami and Lucas find a bunch of boxes on DiMera files. Rafe heads to the evidence room and prepares to enter.

Jennifer goes to exit the Pub but runs into Anne. Jennifer asks her to move but Anne stops her and says they need to coordinate the Easter Egg hunt for the hospital. Jennifer says it's next month and they can talk tomorrow because it's after work hours. They start to argue as Jennifer threatens to fight her. Jennifer tells her to get out of her way. Anne insists on now. Jennifer asks her to let her go. Anne bumps her shoulder when she tries to walk on. Jennifer questions her being drunk and if she's going to drive. Jennifer warns her not to drive as she then walks away. Anne says to herself that Chloe better be ready.

Chloe returns to Daniel's room looking for him but he's gone. Chloe overhears Daniel in the lobby asking for where to get ice. Chloe scrambles through her purse and grabs the sleeping pills and puts one into Daniel's hangover remedy. Chloe scrambles to put her purse up and drops the bottle of pills in the process. Chloe then hurries into the bathroom to hide as Daniel returns. Daniel puts ice into the drink and takes a drink.

Kristen tells John that Brady belongs to her now and he won't get him back with cheap gimmicks. John says he can afford more than that. Kristen says there's nothing he can do as she's taken what he loves most.

Lucas and Sami try to get the files but hide when they hear the door. Rafe enters and turns on the lights. Rafe then looks for the case files he needs. Rafe makes a call and says he got the files and he's on his way. Rafe takes the box, stops and looks around, then exits. Sami and Lucas then go back to their search.

Daniel falls asleep in his bed. Chloe's phone rings from Anne. Anne tells her that Jennifer is on her way to Daniel's right now. Chloe calls it too soon. Anne says she did her best to slow her down. Chloe worries that she's not ready. Anne tells her to get ready and take action now. Jennifer then arrives outside Daniel's door. Chloe scrambles to remove Daniel's shirt in bed.

John asks Kristen if she's done. She says she is for now. John asks if she realized how badly she just tipped her hand and asks why she's really there. Kristen claims she came to save Brady the pain of pushing John away. Kristen says Brady will keep pushing away as long as he refuses to accept them. Kristen tells John to keep his presents unless there for her. She kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Sami and Lucas continue trying to get the files down.

Rafe returns to Hope's office. Hope mentions having to get ready for the wedding and asks about a honeymoon. Hope notes Rafe not listening and asks about it.

Lucas holds Sami up to reach the boxes.

Rafe tells Hope that he knows the smell from the evidence room.

Sami gets a hold of the box and says in two minutes they will be home free.

Jennifer knocks on the door so Chloe answers allowing Jennifer to see Daniel passed out in bed shirtless.

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