Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/8/13


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Marlena sits at the coffeehouse holding her phone. Hope enters and encourages her to call John. Marlena responds that John knows she wants to talk to him but he doesn't want to talk to her.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Kristen calls it crazy as they begin putting their clothes back on. Kristen looks out the window and then lowers her top back down. Brady comes in behind her as she opens the door to see John has returned to Salem. Brady says he didn't know John was back in town and asks what he's doing there.

Ann continues to watch as Chloe asks what they are doing now. Daniel hugs Jennifer. Ann tells Chloe about it and that they are still hugging. Ann declares that something big just went down between them. Chloe asks if they are kissing. Ann thinks they are about to. Chloe orders Ann to get out there and do something to break it up.

Abigail texts Cameron that she's there and will see him soon at the town square. Abigail looks around and remembers her fight with Chloe. Chad approaches and asks if she's okay.

Daniel and Jennifer almost kiss but Ann rushes out of the Pub and tells Daniel that he's needed inside. Daniel says he'll be there in a minute. Ann tries to argue but Daniel repeats himself so Ann goes back in. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer and says he'll go make his appearance then they can go somewhere private and talk because they have a lot to say. Daniel suggests they meet back up at the town square. Jennifer says she'll be waiting for him and she walks on. Daniel heads back into the Pub as Ann watches. Ann calls Chloe back and tells her that she interrupted the kiss. She tells Chloe that Daniel asked Jennifer to meet him in the town square to talk in private. Chloe declares that's even worse and decides she must do something herself. Chloe tries to think of a reason to get to the town square. Chloe sees Daniel's ID card that he left and starts to leave with it but Nancy stops her and tells her not so fast. Chloe asks what's the matter with her. They agree that she can let Daniel and Jennifer get back together. Nancy tells Chloe that she can't be the one to break up the reunion. Nancy says she will do it and tells Chloe to stay and watch Parker. Nancy says she has the experience so she shouldn't worry. Nancy exits.

Hope apologizes to Marlena for her plan to help her with John against Kristen backfiring and driving a wedge between them. Marlena blames Kristen and says John is taking his anger out on her. Roman arrives and says John's an idiot if he's doing that.

John tells Brady he came to see him. Kristen calls it embarrassing thinking they had the house to herself and lets her top fall. Brady steps out. Kristen talks to John about getting an eye full.

Cameron answers a call at the Pub and says it's a bad time as he's at a party. Cameron then says he's listening and exits the Pub. Daniel asks around about Ann saying he was needed. Daniel spots Ann but she runs out of the Pub. Kayla stops Daniel and asks him to speak in front of the staff. Daniel suggests Cameron but another doctor encourages Daniel to speak from his heart which he says he plans to do.

Jennifer runs into Nancy outside the town square. Nancy hugs her. Jennifer questions what she's doing there. Nancy talks about Chloe asking her to watch Parker and Daniel jumping at the idea. Jennifer questions it. Nancy tells Jennifer that she's sorry to hear about Jack's death. Nancy begins talking about how kind Jack was and then she asks about her brother Mike. Jennifer gets mad at her for what she did to Mike in the past. Nancy claims to care. Nancy says she knows their families have history but thought they moved on. Nancy talks about being happy to be back in Salem and Chloe and Daniel may need her for awhile. Nancy asks if they can all just get along but Jennifer says they can't.

Kristen mentions to John that she and Brady are living together and claims she hopes it won't be a problem for him. Brady comes back in and asks if everything is okay. Brady suggests Kristen go upstairs and freshen up but she says she's okay. John enters and says he's not going to rehash old issues or try to talk him out of living there. John then hands Brady a gift.

Abigail tells Chad that she's fine. He asks if she's sure about that and mentions not seeing her around lately. Chad suggests they go get coffee and catch up but Abigail says she's meeting someone in a little while. Abigail then admits she could use someone to talk to right now so they sit together. Chad asks what's going on. Abigail tells Chad about being in this same spot in the town square when someone said something awful to her and she can't let it go. Chad says he's sorry and assures her that whatever was said is not true. Abigail then states that she thinks it is true in a way.

Ann goes to Chloe's and says Daniel is probably off to see Jennifer. Chloe says she's handling it and sends Ann out. Chloe tells Ann to just go back to the party. Ann says she's tired of being treated like hired help. Chloe thanks her and tells her to go so she exits.

Nancy questions Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she has no intention of getting along with her or Chloe ever again. Nancy talks about how sweet she used to be. Jennifer says she's not a pushover anymore. Nancy claims she's just there to be helpful and thought they were passed it. Jennifer says she holds a grudge for everything she did to her brother and mother and ended up running Mike out of town. Nancy brings up Mike's affair with Austin's wife. Jennifer warns her. Nancy repeats that they thought it was behind them and recalls when Chloe was sick and in need of a bone donor and how kind Jennifer and her family was. Jennifer calls Chloe a liar, a schemer, and a manipulator. Nancy says she was just trying to be helpful. Jennifer yells at her until Daniel arrives and asks if there is a problem. Jennifer tells Daniel that Nancy is back to her old lying ways. Daniel asks what's going on and if Parker is alright. Nancy says Chloe is watching him so she just went for a stroll and ran into Jennifer. Jennifer asks Daniel if he asked Nancy to come to Salem. Daniel explains that Chloe suggested it and he agreed that it was a good idea since they needed a nanny. Jennifer gets upset. Nancy comments that it seems like they have a lot to talk about. Nancy exits. Daniel tells Jennifer that Nancy has been nothing but helpful. Daniel asks if there's bad blood between them. Jennifer questions how long he's worked at the hospital since everyone knows about her history with Mike. Daniel doesn't know. Jennifer says he's clueless and goes on about how Daniel can't get away from Chloe. Jennifer says if Nancy is the best he can do then she's not doing this and is done. Jennifer then storms off.

Marlena says she can't blame John for being angry. Hope blames Kristen. Roman offers to talk to John. Marlena responds that she has no idea where he is.

Brady opens John's gift. John explains that he got it in Venice which was Brady's mother's favorite city. John says that his mother just wished for Brady to feel peace and happiness. John reveals that the gift is a plaque from the original gondola that they took in Venice and gives it to Brady as something to remember his mom by. Brady thanks him.

Jennifer goes back to the Pub and stops outside the door. Inside the Pub, Kayla gives a speech about Maxine running the hospital. Jennifer re-enters the Pub and Daniel follows her in as Kayla gives Maxine her plaque to honor her as nurse of the year. Maxine thanks her and begins her speech. Daniel and Jennifer exchange looks as Ann watches. Daniel pours a drink as Jennifer and Ann watch on. The crowd applauds Maxine finishing her speech. Kayla asks Jennifer if everything is alright. She claims it is. Maxine approaches Daniel and thanks him for his kind words. Daniel tells her that he meant every word. Maxine goes to have her picture taken for the hospital newsletter. Daniel starts to approach Jennifer but stops and continues drinking. Cameron goes to leave but Daniel stops him. Cameron mentions having an early day tomorrow. Daniel asks him to drop him off at his place but Cameron doesn't have his car. Cameron asks if he's okay. Daniel says he just shouldn't be driving so he will call a cab. Cameron exits. Daniel looks back at Jennifer as she's talking to Kayla. Daniel then exits the Pub which Jennifer notices. Ann watches with a smile.

Chad asks Abigail about Jennifer being happy but not her. Chad talks about Abigail feeling guilty. Abigail blames herself for forgetting for a second that her dad gave his life to save hers. Chad understands. Abigail apologizes if it made Chad think of his mom. Chad says he likes to think about her and won't miss her any less. Chad talks about thinking of the happy times and not the sad times. Chad encourages her that Jack would want that for her too. Abigail thanks him and says it's exactly what she needed to hear. Cameron arrives and sees them together.

Nancy returns to the apartment and tells Chloe about what Jennifer said to her. Chloe gets a call from Ann and asks what they are doing. Ann tells Chloe that Daniel is gone as they couldn't stand to be in the same room. Ann mentions Daniel drinking and calls it trouble in paradise. Ann adds that Jennifer is still there. Chloe thanks her and tells her to enjoy her evening which Ann says she will. Chloe hangs up and tells Nancy that she was right. Nancy reminds Chloe not to push but Chloe gets up and declares that Daniel is drunk and alone so he will need someone to lean on. Chloe then exits as Nancy wishes her luck and says she'll watch Parker.

Daniel arrives at his hotel room and pulls out his phone. Daniel starts to call Jennifer but tosses his phone aside. Daniel then pours another drink.

Cameron tells Abigail that he's sorry he kept her waiting but the party is still going on. Chad tells Abigail to have fun as she deserves it and walks away. Abigail hopes Cameron didn't get the wrong idea as they were just talking. Cameron says it's cool that they are friends. Cameron then remembers this is where she fought with Chloe and he apologizes for inviting her there.

Roman talks to Marlena about what Kristen did to her years ago and says he's sorry she's back. Marlena tells him not to worry as John will come home eventually and they'll make things right like they always do. Marlena adds that she loves that he cares. Roman assures her that he will always care.

Brady tells John that he doesn't know what to say. John tells him to just remember his mom which he says he will. John decides he'll let him settle in. Brady stops him and says he's welcome to stay but John declines. Brady thanks John again and says it means a lot to him. John tells him to take care as he exits.

Kayla tells Jennifer that she doesn't want to push if she doesn't want to talk but sometimes it helps. Jennifer admits that she and Daniel just had a big fight and she overreacted because she was angry. Jennifer adds that Daniel should've known better and not gotten upset with her. Maxine tells Jennifer not to go to bed mad. Maxine suggests Jennifer tell Daniel that she overreacted since it can't get any worse and she'll have nothing to lose.

Daniel sits in his hotel room drinking until Chloe arrives. Daniel asks what she's doing there. Chloe gives him his hospital ID badge that he left. Daniel thanks her and says he needs some sleep. Chloe asks if he's okay. Daniel says he is and probably doesn't need any more drinking. Chloe warns him about a hangover and suggests making him a cure. Daniel thanks her but says all he needs is some rest. Daniel thanks her for his ID and says she can let herself out as he goes to the bathroom to splash water on his face. Chloe shuts the door.

Abigail tells Cameron that he doesn't need to apologize as she isn't going to stop going to the town square after one fight. Cameron worries that it made her upset. Abigail says it's more about her dad and the grieving. Cameron talks about losing Lexie. Abigail compares their grieving being similar and mentions talking to Chad about grieving. Cameron tells Abigail that she deserves a good time tonight and they walk off together.

Marlena tells Roman that she can't believe she let Kristen get to her. Roman encourages her that she's better than Kristen. Roman assures her it will be okay and hugs her. John then enters the coffeehouse.

Brady talks to Kristen about his only memories of his mom. Brady says John went through a lot of trouble to get this. Brady adds that they may never get his seal of approval but he feels like now they can still be a family.

Stefano sits in his plane as it lands in Salem. Stefano declares he's home at last and home for good.

Jennifer says things always seem to get worse but they have more important things to talk about than her love life. Maxine tells Jennifer that her specialty is advice and suggests she compromise. Jennifer says she will talk to Daniel in the morning because she doesn't know what to say right now. Maxine reminds her that he'll be at work in the morning. Maxine gives Jennifer her keys and wonders if tomorrow is too late.

Daniel comes out of the bathroom and is surprised Chloe is still there. Chloe gives him a drink that she calls her special recipe for preventing hangovers. Daniel doesn't think it will work. Daniel staggers back so Chloe sits him on the bed. Chloe says she's sorry and knows he never drinks like this unless he's really upset. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel tells her that he really needs her to go but he stumbles again so she holds him up. Chloe tells Daniel that he's right, talking is overrated and then she kisses him.

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