Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer see one another at the hospital. After exchanging looks, a nurse takes Daniel to work on a patient. Maxine and Kayla talk about how they've been like that all day. Kayla reminds Maxine of the ceremony tonight to honor her. Kayla talks about Daniel and Jennifer being there and how they can bond. Kayla says they need to find a way back to each other tonight.

Chloe puts clothes away at home as her mom Nancy arrives. Chloe hugs her and tells her she's so glad she's there. Nancy says she and Parker needed her and she loves a good challenge. Chloe thought it'd be simple to get rid of Jennifer. Nancy says she got rid of her brother Mike so they will get rid of Jennifer.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows what she was going to tell him in confession. Nicole questions why he doesn't see what's right in front of him. Nicole starts to leave but Eric asks her to help him see it. Nicole says he's so smart so she wonders why he can't come close to knowing what she's feeling.

Maggie enters the Kiriakis Mansion living room and sees all of Brady's bags packed. Victor complains about it. Maggie asks for Brady's address. He writes it down as the DiMera Mansion which shocks Victor.

Kristen goes to the DiMera Mansion. Harold tells her that the locks have been changed and the staff won't be back until tomorrow. Kristen jokes about not being there in so long and needing a map. Kristen comments about rising from the ashes just like Stefano.

Chloe and Nancy put Parker to sleep as Nancy talks about how great he is. Nancy hugs her and asks Chloe about losing weight because of the Jennifer and Daniel situation. Nancy talks about having sleeping pills for insomnia. Chloe worries about them addictive. Nancy tells Chloe that they will put their heads together and come up with a remedy to get rid of Jennifer. Chloe says she'll then have a clear path to Daniel and adds that it would be for Parker too so he'd have parents who love each other. Nancy doesn't blame her for wanting Jennifer out of her life but says when it comes to Daniel, she can't make someone love her.

Kayla tells Jennifer that she hopes she cleared her schedule tonight for the party to honor Maxine as nurse of the year. Jennifer says she'd love to go but can't make it. Kayla asks why since she's not busy or sick. Maxine talks with Daniel on the opposite side about everyone making a bigger deal about it than she is. Maxine tells Daniel that she will see him tonight but Daniel says he won't make it.

Victor continues to complain about Brady moving in with Kristen to the DiMera Mansion. Maggie doesn't understand. Brady says Kristen needs to be there and he loves her so he'll be there with her. Maggie asks if this means he's stepping down from Titan. Brady doesn't see why since he won't be working out of the Mansion. Brady promises not to compromise his job but Victor tells him not to come back if he walks out the door.

Kristen walks around the living room and looks at the photo of Stefano, telling it to welcome her home.

Eric apologizes to Nicole because he has no idea what she's trying to tell him. Ciara comes in and shows Eric a picture she made in first communion. He asks if it's a picture of God or Jesus but she says it's him because she loves him so much. Eric hugs her and says he loves her too. Ciara says when she grows up, she wants to marry him and asks if he wants to marry her.

Nancy reminds Chloe that a lot has happened with her and Daniel. Chloe says that's all in the past and only now matters. Chloe adds that she just wants Parker to have parents who love each other like her parents. Chloe talks about wanting to give that to Parker. Chloe recalls how happy they were once and insists that they can be again. Chloe says she has to show him that she can give him what Jennifer can't and that's unconditional love.

Maxine questions Daniel not coming to her party. Maxine talks about why she's getting the award and how she's only as good of a nurse as the doctors she works with. Maxine calls Daniel her biggest inspiration and questions him not being there. Daniel then agrees to be there. Daniel apologizes for considering not coming and praises her as an inspiration. Daniel tells her it's her night and she deserves to be honor. Daniel congratulates her and goes to check on a patient. On the other side of the hospital, Jennifer tells Kayla that she had a video chat planned with her son JJ's teacher that she needs to do. Jennifer apologizes and walks away. Maxine approaches and Kayla tells her she struck out. Maxine says she got Daniel to agree by guilt tripping him. Maxine says whatever is between them seems to be much deeper than a lover's quarrel as Ann hides behind the corner listening.

Kristen pulls the curtain down from over Stefano's photo and looks at it.

Brady gives Victor his Titan ID card but Victor calls it not necessary. Brady asks if he can stay on then. Victor complains about Brady's personal life but says he's good at his job and business is business. Victor exits. Brady apologizes to Maggie. Maggie hopes he one day comes to his senses and can salvage his personal relationship with Victor. Brady asks about their relationship as he's concerned about what the move will do to them.

Kristen talks to the photo of Stefano about being grateful to him and using his invitation to get the ball rolling on extracting revenge on those who wronged her. Kristen pours a glass of champagne and says she has Brady exactly where she wants him and will make the most of it.

Maggie tells Brady she cares about him and is upset about him moving into the DiMera Mansion. Brady feels like he let her down. Maggie admits she's concerned about him but despite what Victor said, the door will always be open to him as will her heart. Maggie hugs him as Brady thanks her.

Chloe talks to Ann on the phone. Ann informs her that Daniel is going to the party and Jennifer is not. Chloe calls it perfect and thanks her as she hangs up. Nancy brings Parker into the room. Chloe mentions being on the phone with Ann. Nancy reveals she got a text from Daniel that he's coming over so Chloe rushes to go make sure she looks good.

Jennifer sits at home and finishes a video chat with JJ's teacher. Kayla then arrives and says she was on her way to the Pub and wanted to come give her a ride to the party. Jennifer reminds her that she's not going. Kayla didn't believe it and points out that she's logged off from her video chat. Kayla tells her that she'll wait for her to get changed. Kayla says she knows it's about Daniel and they obviously had a disagreement but are crazy in love and everyone knows it. Jennifer appreciates her support but says what they had was not just a disagreement. Kayla asks what happened. Jennifer responds that Chloe happened.

Daniel goes to the apartment and Chloe greets him. Daniel greets Nancy with a hug. Chloe says she has to run to the store to get a few things so she asks Nancy to watch Parker. Chloe thanks her and exits. Daniel plays with Parker. Nancy says she's glad they have a moment without Chloe around because they need to talk.

Eric explains to Ciara why they can't get married. Ciara points out that they are cousins. Eric states that priests never get married. Ciara asks if it makes him sad. Eric says it's a choice he made and in a way he's married to the church which takes the place of a wife and family. Nicole decides she'll let them talk and exits.

Nancy says she knows Daniel has moved on from Chloe. Daniel says he doesn't have a whole lot of time so she says she will get right to the point. Nancy tells him about Chloe being nostalgic for the love and passion they shared but he's not her man anymore and never will be again. Daniel lays down his hospital ID. Nancy promises to do everything to get Chloe to back off.

Kayla tells Jennifer to let Chloe try if she thinks she can win Daniel's heart since his heart belongs to Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't believe it. Kayla suggests she talk to Daniel and cut him some slack. Kayla admits that's why she had been so determined to get her to the party. Kayla hopes Jennifer still comes to the party. She mentions that Daniel will be there and she thinks Jennifer owes it to herself and Daniel to show up. Kayla then exits.

Daniel plays with Parker and tells Nancy that he appreciates her help as he's tried with Chloe but doesn't want to hurt her. They talk about it being good that she's there. Chloe returns with grocery bags so Daniel helps her take them in. Daniel has to get going and hugs Nancy goodbye then says bye to Parker and Chloe. Daniel exits. Chloe asks Nancy how it went. She responds that it went flawlessly.

Nicole sits outside the town square. Nicole imagines Eric joining her and admitting to him that she loves him and always has. Nicole gets up and says Eric is going to want an explanation as Eric then appears behind her and says she's right that he does.

Brady joins Kristen at the DiMera Mansion. She notes him looking overwhelmed. Brady calls it strange and can't believe he will be living there. Kristen pours him a glass of champagne. Kristen hopes they can turn it into their home and replace the bad memories with good ones which they toast to. Kristen asks if he's upset. Brady talks about getting into it with Victor and Maggie about it. Brady says Maggie was sweet and gentle as always but Victor essentially disowned him. Kristen tells him she's sorry for all he's had to give up because of her. Brady says it's ok because she's worth it and they hug.

Chloe praises Nancy for letting Daniel think she's on his side. Nancy hopes it will buy Chloe some time and suggests Daniel will come to trust her opinions and take his family first instead of Jennifer. Chloe mentions Jennifer avoiding Daniel like the plague.

Kayla talks with Daniel at Maxine's party at the Pub. Jennifer arrives outside and sees Daniel through the window. Ann arrives and says she didn't know Jennifer was coming. Jennifer says she's sorry to disappoint her. Maxine arrives happy to see Jennifer and they go in together while Ann calls Chloe. Ann tells Chloe that Jennifer is at the ceremony. Daniel and Jennifer see each other. Kayla says she's glad Daniel came and walks away. Daniel approaches Jennifer as they smile and greet one another. Daniel tells Jennifer she looks beautiful and asks if they can talk. Maxine steps away as Daniel and Jennifer head outside while Ann watches them. Ann warns Chloe that they went outside. Chloe yells for Ann to do something to stop them.

Eric asks Nicole why so many things have changed between them. Nicole responds that he hurt her feelings. Eric apologizes, not knowing what he did or when. Nicole says it wasn't just one time or one thing. Nicole says she's not upset over Chloe and is not still pining over Daniel. Nicole says she'll always have feelings for Daniel but he's in love with another woman and she's moved on. Nicole says she's trying to change and it's not easy. Nicole talks about seeing Chloe so desperate for something she can't have which reminds her of herself and she doesn't want to be that way anymore. Nicole adds that she's determined for her sake and everyone who comes in contact with her.

Kristen tells Brady that she isn't taking for granted what he's giving up for her. Brady asks when the others come home. Kristen informs him that the staff is off until tomorrow and Stefano won't be back for awhile. Brady clears off the chess table and kisses her onto it.

Daniel and Jennifer sit outside as Ann spies on them from inside. Chloe wonders what they are saying. Chloe suggests Ann get closer to hear them. Ann says she can read lips. Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows he put her through a lot and knows it's been difficult with her. Daniel tells her that something happened in the last hour that might help them both and it's something she needs to know. Ann then decides she can't read lips but can read body language. Ann says it doesn't look good for Chloe.

Eric and Nicole return to the rectory. He apologizes to her for not being able to understand what she's been going through. Nicole apologizes for lashing out at him. Eric gets a phone message that he must go to someone's house for last rites. Nicole understands. Eric says they will talk later and he exits. Nicole sits down and tells herself to accept that she can't have him so she can move on.

Jennifer asks Daniel what he's been thinking. Daniel says he's crazy in love with her. Ann continues to watch as Chloe asks what they are doing now. Daniel hugs her. Ann tells Chloe about it and that they are still hugging. Ann declares that something big just went down between them.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Brady worries as Kristen says it's too early for Stefano to be back. They wonder if it could be EJ or Chad. Kristen calls it crazy as they begin putting their clothes back on. Kristen looks out the window and then lowers her top back down. Brady comes in behind her as she opens the door to see John has returned to Salem.

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