Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole works at the Rectory until Chloe enters and asks why she's really working there since she doesn't need the money or believe in the church.

A guard introduces Eric to the prisoner named Vargas. They shake hands and sit together. Eric wants to help people like him with life on the outside. Vargas doesn't think the church will want him back with what he's done with his life.

Nick admits that he wants Will out of his baby's life because he's gay. Will thought they were okay with that and brings up the sonogram. Will talks about not believing Sonny when he said Nick was setting him up but Nick says that Sonny was right.

Sonny wishes he could've been a part of Will's life when all of this started. Kate says they all have regrets but asks if there's something happening with Will that she doesn't know about. Kate asks if Will needs her help.

Gabi talks about how Nick never really talks about his time in prison and says obviously something horrible happened as someone tried to kill him.

EJ and Sami continue kissing in bed. EJ says he'll do anything for her. Sami whispers that she wants Nick gone as they then continue kissing. EJ smiles and they continue kissing. EJ asks Sami about what she said. Sami says Nick is hurting her son and he had his chance to stop but blew it so now he has to go.

Nicole tells Chloe that Eric is her friend and needed a secretary while she needed a sanctuary. Chloe calls it an old dusty church. Nicole asks what she can do for her. Chloe tells her that she misses her and their friendship. Nicole feels the same. Chloe thinks Nicole has something on her mind. Chloe wants to know what it is and offers to help.

Eric tells Vargas that the outreach program won't be based on religion but just to help them find a way on the outside. Vargas says he's been in prison for ten years after only being sentenced to seven.

Will talks about Nick letting him believe they were going to raise the baby together but now he's saying that he wanted him out from the beginning. Nick says he's doing what's best for the baby. Nick says Sami made him have no choice and he did it to protect Gabi and the baby. Will asks if he really hates him that much because he's gay.

Sami continues telling EJ that Nick is hurting Will and she can't allow that. Sami adds that Nick does not know who he's messing with as she will do anything to protect her son. EJ kisses her then asks Sami if she really means that she wants Nick dead and they continue kissing.

Nicole explains to Chloe that she's been a little tormented and conflicted about some things. Chloe gets a message from her mom and tells Nicole about her coming to help with Parker. Chloe informs Nicole that she moved out of the Kiriakis Mansion and moved into Daniel's apartment but Daniel moved to a hotel. Nicole reminds her she told her it'd be hard to pry Daniel away from Jennifer. Chloe hopes Nicole will share some stories about going against Jennifer.

Rafe tells Gabi that he knows about Nick being stabbed in prison because he read his file. Rafe says four years in prison could do things to someone like Nick. Rafe talks about knowing what goes on behind bars. Gabi talks about how smart Nick is. Rafe thinks that would make him more of a target and wonders why Nick didn't give the attackers name.

Eric asks Vargas for his first name but Vargas says he's always been Vargas and wants to keep it that way. Eric asks about his sentence. Vargas says he accepted responsibility. Hope enters. Eric introduces Hope to Vargas and they resume their conversation. Vargas thinks he's talked enough and wants to listen to what they have to say.

Sonny tells Kate that Will is just going through a lot right now. Kate mentions knowing what Sami did but she thought things calmed down and they worked things out. Sonny claims they did but Kate notes that Sonny flinched when she mentioned Nick's name. Kate asks if Nick is causing problems for Will.

Nick tells Will that he doesn't hate him and it's not personal but he's just protecting Gabi's baby. Nick says he will be there for the baby and asks why that's not good enough for Will like it was before. Will says it's wrong and he wasn't thinking straight. Nick suggests he's not thinking straight now. Nick talks about their original plan but Will says he was never content with giving up his baby. Will says he was confused. Nick argues that he still is. Will talks about feeling a connection at the sonogram and everything changing. Nick says he warned him that it would happen and blames Will for not listening. Will blames Nick for separating from his child. Nick shouts that the baby would be better with two loving parents and not being confused by Will's life. Will says he's with Sonny. Nick questions what other guys he would end up with. Will says he and Sonny were both looking forward to the baby. Nick tells Will that if they want to love something then they can get a duck because he's not going to allow them to screw up Gabi's baby.

EJ continues kissing Sami until Sami stops and says they can't do that so they have to find another way to get Nick out of the way without actually killing him. Sami says Nick makes her sick the way he judges them all. Sami thinks there must be another way to take care of him without actually killing him. EJ asks what if there's not another way. EJ asks what if Nick has to die to make sure he never hurts Will again and if Sami can live with that.

Chloe asks Nicole what happened with her and Daniel but she gives her a church flyer and suggests she pray because she is out of answers. Nicole says Chloe didn't come because she misses her or their friendship but just to get information about Daniel to get him in bed. Nicole tells Chloe that she's out of luck. Chloe accuses Nicole of still being in love with Daniel but Nicole says she's not in love with anyone. Chloe calls her a liar.

Vargas says a lot has changed since he entered prison but he has too and is not the same man that made all the mistakes. Eric talks about knowing people to get him help. Vargas feels blessed to have the opportunity and says he's definitely interested.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick doesn't know who stabbed him and that's why he can't identify him. Rafe thinks Nick is hiding something but Gabi doesn't want to talk about the past anymore and says that's why they are getting married tomorrow.

Sami tells EJ that there has to be another way to deal with Nick. Sami mentions knowing EJ is trying to be a better man for her and they're both trying to be better people. EJ asks again what if there isn't another way. EJ says Nick isn't just hurting Will but the baby by depriving her of her father and he knows how that is. EJ declares he's going to do what's right by the baby and hugs Sami.

Will calls Nick sick. Nick says Will is sick for wanting the baby to have three fathers. Nick argues that the baby will be normal and says Will and Sonny are sick. Nick says this isn't going anywhere as he signed away his rights and isn't getting them back. Nick says Will at least saved his own ass and his family for having to pay the price. Nick says it's a win win and he should be thanking him for stepping up and providing his child with a home. Nick promises Will that his daughter will have a wonderful life and is sorry that he can't be apart of it but will have to learn to live with it. Nick then walks away. Will kicks the bench over in anger.

Chloe tells Nicole not to try and deny it because she knows her and how hard it is to want someone they can't have. Chloe argues that she and Daniel belong together as having a son means something. Nicole tells her that Daniel wouldn't be happy with Chloe. Chloe questions if he'd be happy with Jennifer and asks how she can't hate her. Nicole says she's been there. Chloe questions Nicole caring about doing the right thing. Nicole doesn't want to be used to get to Daniel. Chloe says Nicole is worse than she is and will never be a good girl. Chloe then goes to leave but runs into Eric. Chloe talks about barely recognizing him. Nicole says Chloe was just leaving but Chloe stops and says she wanted to see Eric.

Sonny tells Kate that Will and Nick are cool and it's just been a rough couple of months. Sonny goes to continue working at the coffeehouse as Will enters. Will greets Kate. She wants to speak with him but Will says it's not a good time. Kate claims she had to get it out of Sonny but knows all about his problem and wants to help him.

Gabi asks Rafe if he will be there tomorrow. Rafe says he will do everything he can to be there when she marries Nick. Gabi hugs him and tells him how much it means to her. Nick enters the Pub as Gabi reveals that Rafe gave his blessing. Nick is surprised and thanks Rafe. Nick promises to dedicate his life to keeping Gabi safe and making her happy. They shake hands as Rafe says he'll hold him to it. Rafe hugs Gabi and they say they'll see each other tomorrow as Rafe exits the Pub. Gabi asks Nick if everything is okay. Nick hugs her and says he's better than okay as he's marrying her tomorrow and no one can get in the way of their happily ever after.

EJ suggests to Sami making it appear that Nick violated his parole causing him to go back to prison. Sami says it sounds good to her. They both try to talk at the same time. Sami says she'd be grateful to EJ and they continue kissing.

Chloe sits with Eric and tells him about having Parker christened at St. Luke's and wanting to attend services as a family but things fell apart. Chloe talks about getting the miracle she prayed for with Daniel being Parker's father. Chloe says it made her want to return. Eric tells her that the door is always open. Chloe asks about an opening on the music commitee to volunteer her time. Eric agrees to talk to someone and get back with her. Eric says he needs to get going so Chloe walks him out. Chloe comes back in and tells Nicole that she made a typo on the church flyer by writing sex instead of six. Chloe jokes that someone's not getting any as she then exits.

Sonny tells Will that he wanted to bounce some ideas off of him for St. Patrick's Day. Kate tells Will that she wants to help him. Will claims to have no idea what she's talking about but thanks her. Kate hugs Will goodbye and exits. Will asks Sonny if he said anything. Sonny says he didn't even though Kate said he did. Will tells Sonny that he was right that Nick is a bigot and he just gave his daughter away to an ignorant, homophobic bigot and there's nothing he can do about it.

EJ continues kissing Sami while joking about her being turned on by the idea of him killing Nick. Sami talks about being with someone so powerful and praises him being handsome, charming, and the father of her kids. They continue kissing and joking with each other. EJ says he adores everything about her as they kiss until EJ stops and says they have to get back to the matter at hand. EJ says he's given some thought and sees they only have one problem. EJ says if Nick goes back to prison then he will work out who sent him there. Sami doesn't care if he knows but EJ says the first thing Nick would do is tell the authorities everything he knows about Will shooting him.

Nick asks Gabi if she needs more food or a refill. Gabi wants him to sit down and talk so he asks what she wants to talk about. Gabi wants to know why he got so upset when asked about his parole officer. Nick says that's in the past and doesn't matter anymore. Gabi says it's not in the past since he still has to talk to his parole officer. Nick agrees to call him tomorrow after the wedding. Gabi brings up Nick not knowing who stabbed him in prison. Nick says he doesn't and asks why they are talking about it. Gabi mentions Rafe reading his prison file and said the authorities thought Nick knew who stabbed him and was trying to cover it up.

Nicole tells Eric it's one thing to offer his services to prisoners because some may want his help but Chloe is ridiculous. Nicole says Chloe is just using him and God to get points with Daniel and calls it wrong. Eric responds that he thinks he finally understands the depth of what's going on with her and it's time they talk about it.

Hope enters Rafe's office at the station. Rafe asks where she's been. Hope talks about working with Eric on the prison outreach program. Rafe brings up Nick and how his time in prison affected him.

EJ tells Sami that they have three things to do to deal with Nick with first being making the evidence of Will shooting him disappear and then destroy Will's taped confessions. Sami says they then need to set him up to violate his parole. EJ adds that he'd go back to prison for a long time and kisses her.

Will questions how he couldn't see Nick for who he really is. Sonny says he just tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. Sonny explains how people like Nick hide their feelings and try to rationalize it but it's just hatred and fear. Will says he sees that now. Will wonders what Nick is so afraid of.

Vargas does pushups in his cell. He gets up and looks down at a pillow then remembers a past time in prison with Nick where he told Nick that he'd protect him for now even though his big mouth was the reason he was still in prison and that his day was coming.

Nick asks Gabi why she's pushing him to talk about it. Gabi says she wants to take care of her like he takes care of her and the baby. Gabi wants to know if something is bothering or hurting him.

Eric tells Nicole that it really hurts him to see someone he cares about in so much pain. Eric says he knows Nicole was starting to tell him in confession. Nicole questions why he doesn't see what's right in front of him. Nicole tries to leave but Eric stops her and asks her to tell him what it is that he doesn't see.

Nick tells Gabi that not long ago he entered the Pub and met her and she changed his life making nothing else matter. Nick says he didn't deserve it but was lucky enough to fall in love and now they are going to raise a child and be a family as they build a new life together. Nick gets up and gets a gift bag from his jacket.

Sami tells EJ that she can take care of the police evidence locker as she can get in with someone who will help her. EJ says the audio recordings will probably be on Nick's computer and they just have to erase them. Sami says they have time as Gabi's not due for another month.

Gabi opens her gift and an outfit for the baby is inside.

Sami tells EJ that they have time to get Nick out of everyone's life since Gabi's not due for another month. EJ says they have a plan and kisses her.

Gabi looks at the baby outfit that Nick got that reads "Daddy's Little Girl"

Vargas sits in his cell with his calendar crossing out dates.

Nick asks Gabi if she likes it as he never picked out baby clothes before. Gabi says she loves it and loves him so much. Nick asks if she thinks the baby will like it. Gabi assures him that she will. Nick says everything will work out for them from now on as she hugs him.

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