Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe returns to bed and wakes Kate up with kisses. Kate can't believe she slept there all night. Rafe tells her that he's glad she did and kisses her body. Kate asks what they're doing. Rafe jokes with her. Kate says she means it by asking what they're doing.

Hope joins Nick in Gabi's room at the hospital. They talk about Gabi getting released. Nick reveals to Hope that they have big plans for a wedding tomorrow and asks Hope if she wants to come.

Kristen joins EJ at the office and asks him if he is going to stop by and see Stefano when he returns. Kristen notes EJ is not paying attention and asks what's going on. EJ says it's just a problem with Sami.

Eric goes to the rectory and finds Sami there. Sami asks if he has a minute and greets him with a hug. Eric asks if she's okay but Sami says everything is not okay.

Will wakes up in Sonny's bed and says he didn't sleep much after thinking about what Sonny said. Sonny wonders why else Nick would make Will sign his rights away. Will continues to blame it on Sami and not him being gay. Sonny suggests that if it wasn't Sami then Nick would have came up with something else. Sonny insists that it's not about Sami or Will's family but the fact that Nick doesn't think gay people should be parents.

Kate talks to Rafe about him being a cop and she being Stefano's nefarious ex wife. Rafe jokes with her about analyzing their relationship and talking about their feelings. Kate tells him to forget what she said and kisses him.

Kristen asks EJ what's going on with Sami. EJ tells her that they are in the middle of a serious problem. Kristen comments on not being surprised. EJ says he's torn on how best to deal with it.

Eric asks Sami why she's upset but she says she can't talk about it. Eric asks if it's about Will's baby because he thought Gabi was okay. Sami says Gabi is fine. Eric asks if it's Will and talks about how excited he was about being a father the last time they talked. Eric asks Sami again what has her so worked up.

Will reminds Sonny that Nick is his cousin and talks about how Nick let him be at the sonogram and everything. Will recalls Nick agreeing to the paternity test and talking Gabi into it. Sonny points out that Gabi never took the test and now Will has lost the rights to his daughter. Sonny says Nick is very smart and uses people to get what he wants. Sonny insists that Nick was working Will.

Nick tells Hope that they waited over a month like Rafe asked but they love each other. Hope asks about Nick's parole officer. Nick doesn't think it's any of his business. Hope calls it a responsibility but Nick is sick of people second guessing the wedding. Nick apologizes to Hope and says they got through a tough couple of days and are so happy so he's ready for the responsibility. Nick says he wants to start building a life with Gabi and the baby. Gabi adds that she wants to get married as soon as possible. Nick says they aren't telling many people but would love for Hope to be there. Hope says she'd love to be there and is happy for them. Hope hugs them goodbye and exits. Nick complains about people telling him it's too soon for the wedding. Gabi asks Nick what's been going on lately. Nick says he's just been scared about her and the baby. Gabi doesn't believe that's it and asks him to tell her what's going on.

Sami tells Eric that nothing happened and it's not why she came. She gives him a donation from the company and says it was EJ's idea. Eric remarks about EJ. Sami insists that EJ has changed. Eric brings up Stefano returning. Sami assures him that it won't affect EJ. Eric reminds her that a few weeks ago she was saying the same things about Rafe.

Sonny continues telling Will that Nick was setting him up and never had any intention of letting him in his baby's life. Will defends Nick by saying he acted weird because he just got out of prison. Sonny recalls Nick calling Will gay boy. Will doesn't want to believe it but Sonny insists that it's true. Will says Sonny has to be wrong or else it means he signed his daughter away to be raised by a bigot.

Nick tells Gabi that he's just been worried about losing the baby. Gabi assures him that everything is fine now. Nick says it just had him freaked out. Gabi says she does neeed to know if he's told his parole officer. Nick admits he hasn't as he doesn't like the guy because it reminds him of prison. Nick recalls how bad it was in prison with no privacy. Nick says he doesn't like thinking about it. Gabi asks him what's wrong and to not shut down on her.

Kristen suggests EJ rethinks what he wants. Kristen asks if the problem is between EJ and Sami but EJ says it's someone else upsetting her. Kristen asks if it was Rafe. EJ says someone else is making her life a living hell. Kristen suggests there is always the DiMera solution.

Sami accuses Eric of throwing Rafe in her face. Eric says it's the truth. Sami claims Rafe turned his back on her as soon as he found out Will was the father of Gabi's baby. Eric questions her getting back with EJ. Sami says EJ has been good to her and she informs Eric that they are sleeping together. Eric thinks it must be tough for her and Rafe. Sami complains about Will having a baby while Rafe acts like a jerk at every chance. Sami tells Eric about Nick blaming her for Gabi going into early contractions since they argued and caused her stress. Sami says she wanted a paternity test to protect Will's rights as a father. Sami says she can't tell him the rest of the story but she feels like they are all ganging up on her and Will including Nick and Rafe. Eric says he doesn't know Rafe very well but sees he's a very passionate guy who cares about his family and maybe he says things in the heat of anger that he regrets later which he thinks Sami can relate to. Sami says she gets his point. Eric suggests Sami giving Rafe one more shot to talk and not be a jerk before she moves on with a guy like EJ. Sami calls it too late since she's committed to moving on with EJ and is really happy about it. Sami hugs Eric and says she loves him as she then exits.

Kristen asks EJ what's stopping him from getting the ball rolling. She says she wasn't suggesting he do anything extreme but that the DiMeras have options that others don't. EJ admits the options have crossed his mind because of the satisfaction of eliminating him.

Nick tells Gabi that he doesn't like to relive those days with his parole officer or with Gabi. Gabi says she's going to be his wife so she thinks she should know about any memories that make him feel that bad. Nick talks about seeing the way people look at him and thinking he's not good enough for her. Gabi says she's not perfect either as he knows what she's done but she learned from it like he did and they both want to live a different kind of life. Nick calls it hard to be hopeful in prison. Nick talks about guys being in there so long and guys that got out but either went back or died. Gabi assures that he's not one of those guys. Nick says maybe now she understands why he doesn't like to talk about that time. Nick decides to go check for her release forms.

Rafe tells Kate that he doesn't know why it happened but he's glad it did. Kate thinks she knows why it happened for her. Kate says it had been quite a long time since a man told her she's beautiful. Rafe jokes that she must be hanging out with blind men. Kate kisses him until his phone rings. Rafe gets a message from Gabi that she needs him. Kate encourages him to go since she's had to deal with Sami and needs support. Rafe kisses her and then gets out of bed.

Will tells Sonny that Nick will send him to prison if he tries to do anything and brings up all his family being affected. Sonny calls Nick a jackass and wants Will to ask someone for help. Will points out that EJ was there and would've done something if something could have been done. Sonny suggests that he could be wrong about Nick and maybe Will can get visiting rights. Will says that's the best he can hope for.

Sami walks through the town square and runs into Rafe. Sami tries to keep on going but Rafe asks her to wait. She asks what he wants. Rafe informs her that Gabi is out of the hospital and going home today. Sami calls it good news and is glad she and the baby are okay. Sami tries to leave again but Rafe asks if they can clear the air. Rafe says he knows how much she loves the baby and knows that's why she was pressuring Gabi. Sami says she won't be doing that anymore. Rafe wants to put it all behind them with no hard feelings. Rafe says he wants it to work out for Gabi, Will, and everyone involved.

EJ tells Kristen that his impulse to deal with things directly is something he had to cancel out. EJ talks about not being ruthless for Sami's sake. EJ says Sami tries to do the right thing. Kristen mocks the idea. EJ says he lost Sami once because Rafe convinced her that he was the better man but now he has another opportunity so he has to prove he's a good father and a good man or at least a better man. Kristen laughs and says he'll do okay as he makes good choices like accepting her. Kristen talks about DiMeras being born struggling to be good and that makes them interesting. Kristen says she has to go but hopes to see more of EJ with Stefano back. Kristen then exits.

Eric and Abe go to the prison talking about the prison outreach. Hope joins them and says she got some information on the prisoner they are going to meet with. Hope and Abe talk about being glad that Eric is doing this. Eric says there is nothing better than helping someone turn their life around.

Nick returns to Gabi and says she's good to go home. Gabi hopes she didn't hurt him by asking him to talk about prison. Nick says she didn't because it's all in the past while he's looking at his future. Nick then helps Gabi up to get ready to go home.

Will kisses Sonny. Sonny asks if he'll be okay. Will says he doesn't have a choice. Will says Sonny has to go to work while he has to study. They kiss goodbye and Sonny exits. Will goes back and looks at the sonogram picture.

Hope talks to Eric at getting prisoners to agree to the program. Eric says he will do what he can. Abe suggests he do what he did with Kevin. Hope gets a call and exits. Abe has to go to a meeting. Eric thanks him and Abe exits. Eric sits down and prays for God to help him help the prisoner.

Rafe reminds Sami that he's known Will almost as long as he's known Sami. Rafe calls Will a great kid that will be great with the baby. Rafe says he and Sami will both love the baby. Rafe wants to put it all behind them. Rafe says Gabi is waiting for him so he walks away. Sami says to herself that Rafe has no idea what Nick has done to Will.

Nick brings Gabi to the Pub and offers to get her food but Gabi wants to wait for Rafe since she texted him and wanted to tell him in person that they are getting married tomorrow. Nick hopes she doesn't let him change her mind. Gabi insists that he won't. Rafe arrives so Gabi tells him that they are getting married tomorrow. Nick adds that they would love to have his blessing but they are going to do it either way.

Chad joins Kristen at her room and asks why she called. Kristen gives him the DiMera family genealogy that she found while cleaning. Chad asks her about moving in to the mansion with Brady. Chad says they must be really tight. Chad says Kristen has Brady and EJ has Sami so everyone's all tied up. Kristen comments that he must be sad being all alone. Chad says it's even harder knowing it's his own fault. Kristen reminds him that he has his family and suggests he think about moving into the Mansion too. Kristen says when all else fails, he has his family.

Sami goes to the office and EJ starts to talk about work but Sami stops and kisses him. EJ comments that she seems in better spirits. Sami says she will be once EJ takes her somewhere where the secretary won't hear her scream. EJ follows her out.

Kristen asks Chad not to tell anyone about Brady moving in with her since he hasn't had a chance to tell his family yet. Chad jokes about why they'd want him around. Kristen says it's a big house. Chad says he doesn't have many good memories of the mansion. Kristen says she doesn't either but they are a part of the family. Chad appreciates it but says he's not ready to make a decision about that yet. Kristen tells him not to be a stranger since Stefano is returning this afternoon and will want to see him.

Sami and EJ kiss in bed and undress.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse and gives Sonny her order. She notes that he doesn't look happy and thought he and Will were working back to each other. Sonny says they did. Kate calls it wonderful and asks why Sonny looks like his worst nightmare came true.

Rafe sits with Nick and Gabi. Gabi tells him that she and Nick are very sure that this is what they want. Nick points out that they waited like Rafe asked but after being scared of losing the baby, they realized how much they love each other and don't want to wait. Nick gets a text from Will saying they need to talk outside right now. Rafe assures Gabi that he'll be at the wedding. Will looks through the door and texts Nick that if he doesn't come out, he'll come in. Nick makes up an excuse to exit the Pub. Rafe talks to Gabi about having all the time in the world. Gabi is glad he didn't say that in front of Nick. Nick exits the Pub and Will tells him to follow him.

Sami and EJ continue kissing in bed. EJ says he's grateful for whatever lifted her spirits. Sami reminds EJ of promising that he'd do anything for her. She asks if he really meant it as they continue kissing.

Nick follows Will out of the town square and asks what it is since they settled things and have nothing left to discuss. Will says Nick got everything he wants and he gave up his daughter. Nick says it was all for Gabi. Will says he has an important question and feels he deserves an honest answer after what he did. Nick asks what the question is.

Kristen talks on the phone to Harold about everything at the mansion being ready for her, Stefano, and Brady. She talks about being so excited to go home again. She hangs up and says this is the endgame.

Kate tells Sonny that she's worried and asks if something happened. Sonny says he's just hoping that Will is okay as he went through a lot thinking Gabi was going to lose the baby. Kate says Gabi and the baby are fine. Sonny wishes he could've been a part of Will's life when all of this started. Kate says they all have regrets but asks if there's something happening with Will that she doesn't know about.

Rafe tells Gabi that nothing he can say can change her mind. Gabi talks about Nick wanting to be married and she thinks it will make him feel secure. Gabi talks about how Nick never really talks about his time in prison and she thinks it still haunts him.

A guard introduces Eric to the prisoner named Vargas.

Nick asks Will what his question is. Will asks if Sami never attacked Gabi and didn't have the baby scare, would he still have used what he knows to get him out of his daughter's life. Nick admits he would have. Will then asks if it's because he's gay and Nick admits that it's true.

EJ and Sami continue kissing in bed. EJ asks what she wants from him. Sami whispers that she wants Nick gone as they then continue kissing.

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