Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's just painful for them and Abigail so she thinks maybe they should take a break and not see each other for a little while. Daniel says she can't mean that. Jennifer says she doesn't see any way for them to go on if he's not willing to cut Chloe off.

Chloe gets a call from her mom who tells her how excited she is to come see her but Chloe says she isn't sure it's such a good time because things got more complicated than she thought. Her mom tells her to tell her all about it.

Abigail finds Cameron in the supply room and walks in on him getting dressed.

Rafe tells Gabi that Arianna Grace is a beautiful name for her baby. Kate enters saying she's there to check on her. Gabi says she's fine and quickly says bye to Kate.

Lucas argues that this is not right. Sami insists that he can't do this. Nick says they don't need to waste any more time. Nick gives the paper to Will to sign. Sami tells Will to think it through. Nick reminds Will of the choices and warns him about prison. Will says in prison he won't drag anyone else down with him so at least his daughter can visit him and he can see her when he gets out.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't want it to be an ultimatum but says Chloe won't stop and it will just get worse. Daniel knows they can't live like that. Jennifer says she knows Chloe isn't going to get him back but she will end up killing what they have.

Cameron apologizes and says he spilled something on his scrubs and had to change. Abigail apologizes for barging in and goes to leave but Cameron says he can tell she's upset and wants her to tell him about it.

Gabi asks Kate to just go so she goes to leave but Rafe asks her to wait. Rafe tells Gabi that Kate is just trying to be nice. Gabi questions why Rafe is defending Kate.

Sami stops Will from signing the paper and asks for a moment alone with Nick. Lucas doesn't think it's a good idea but Sami feels it's important. Will, Lucas, and Sonny exit with the attorney. EJ asks Sami if she's sure. She says she is so he exits as well. Nick tells Sami that he won't back down from any threats. Sami tells Nick that she will do anything to make sure that Will does not lose his daughter. Nick says she can't do anything but Sami says she will take an oath and sign anything to swear that she will stay out of the baby's life. Sami says she won't fight it and she was the problem not Will so she will take the punishment. Nick says it's not a punishment but he's protecting Gabi and her baby. Nick brings up Will taking Gabi for an abortion at first. Nick says Will won't commit to anything unless it's convenient. Sami says it's Will's daughter and that has to mean something. Sami tells Nick that Will being in the baby's life doesn't have to change anything for him. Sami says if Nick promises that Will can be a part of his daughter's life then she will stay away from the child forever. Nick states that he thinks Sami actually means it.

Rafe tells Gabi that he's just wondering why she's so tough on Kate. Gabi complains of being tired and upset and how hard Kate was on Nick. Kate says they were just in negotiations but that doesn't matter as her baby is important to her. Kate adds that she'd do anything to be a part of the baby's life. Kate jokes that she'd buy her affection and gives her a present.

Cameron apologizes to Abigail for running out on her the other day. Abigail understands he had an emergency and says it's not about that. Abigail tells him that something really terrible and awful happened today. Abigail tells him about her huge fight with Chloe and she worries that she screwed up Jennifer's life completely. Cameron hugs her.

Daniel argues that Chloe can't kill their love. Jennifer doesn't want to give up on them and wants to fight hard for what they have so she doesn't understand why they can't draw a line from Chloe. Daniel asks what will happen to Parker. Jennifer talks about how obsessed Chloe is with Daniel and what happened with Abigail. Jennifer mentions Chloe taunting Abigail with Jack. Daniel wants to make sure it won't happen again but Jennifer doesn't believe he can. Jennifer calls Chloe out of control and sees what she's doing to him. Jennifer says she is not going to let her and Abigail go down a path of thinking everything will be okay and believing that Chloe just wants to be a good mom to Parker. Jennifer says they have nothing more to say as he knows why she made the decision and how she feels so it's now up to him.

Chloe tells her mom that she doesn't know if there's anything they can do since if Daniel agrees to what Jennifer wants then she doesn't know if she can do anything to get Daniel back. Her mom assures Chloe that she will find a way to get Daniel back.

Daniel says he has to go tuck Parker in. Jennifer says she understands. They say goodnight. Daniel stops from leaving and goes back and kisses her.

Abigail explains to Cameron what Chloe said to her in their fight and how she attacked her. Abigail worries if Chloe is right but Cameron assures her that she isn't as he saw her love for her father. Abigail wonders why Jack was so determined to save her that day. Abigail cries that it should've been her as Cameron hugs her.

Gabi thanks Kate for a gift certificate to the spa and calls it perfect. Kate jokes about having to buy her a new car.

Will asks EJ if there's any way that he can just serve the sentence and not drag anyone down with him. EJ believes Nick has a case and doesn't think the court would understand everyone else's involvement. Lucas insists that he would be fine. Will tells Lucas that he's suffered enough and he doesn't want to hurt anybody else anymore. Lucas asks if Will really wants his daughter raised by a blackmailing murderer.

Sami tells Nick that she means it. Nick says she does and that's why people keep falling for her lies because she means them. Sami offers to put it in writing and sign anything. Nick doesn't think it matters because she'll wake up and change her mind. Sami argues that she's offering her time with her granddaughter for Will. Sami says no one would argue that she doesn't love her children. Nick brings up Sami threatening to send Gabi to prison. Sami says she was desperate. Nick says she still is and believes she would find her way in and wouldn't be able to stop herself from interfering. Sami screams that she has no rights to the child and is a blackmailer and a murderer. Sami shouts that he doesn't deserve to raise any child. Sami then says she didn't mean it. Nick says they both know she did and the conversation has not been productive so he's going to get Will to sign the paper. Nick exits the room leaving Sami crying.

Will says what Nick is doing is wrong but he's only doing it because he's scared after what Sami did to Gabi. EJ questions Will saying Nick is justified. Will says he's not saying that but feels Nick is right in that what Sami did shows their family's dysfunction. Will adds that Nick will do everything he can to protect Gabi and the baby from Sami. Nick approaches and says that's right that he will.

Cameron tells Abigail that Jack is a true hero for saving her life. Abigail thanks him. Cameron kisses her on the forehead.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's not giving up on her or them because he will make her see that he can do this and make it work while giving Parker everything he needs. Daniel says he loves her. Jennifer says she loves him and kisses him. Daniel then exits. Jennifer decides maybe love is enough and goes after Daniel but he's already gone.

EJ goes back to the waiting room as Sami says she played right into his hand. Nick returns to the room and says there's no reason to put this off. Sonny asks Will to wait for Justin but Nick says another lawyer won't tell him anything and they can't wait any longer. Will argues that Nick knows this is wrong. Nick says he only knows what's best for Gabi and the baby. Nick gives Will the paper to sign. Will looks back at Sami as she cries.

Abigail thanks Cameron for talking to her since she now feels better. Cameron is glad and calls her amazing. Cameron tells her to always feel good about herself which she says she does when with him. Cameron asks to see her tomorrow which Abigail says she would like.

Daniel goes home and Chloe asks if he's made a decision to Jennifer's ultimatum. Daniel says it wasn't an ultimatum but he came to say goodnight to Parker and not talk about that. Chloe says Parker is already asleep and mentions Parker asking for him. Daniel thinks Chloe enjoys making him feel guilty. Daniel tells Chloe to tell her mom to get there as soon as possible until they find a nanny and figure out how things are going to work. Chloe asks how they would go together to different events in Parker's life. Chloe asks if he's going to let Jennifer dictate how they run their son's life. Chloe goes to call her mom. Daniel tells Parker that he's going to do what's best for him but doesn't know what that is.

Will signs the paper. Lucas argues that Nick is not a Horton. Nick says he needs to go find Gabi but EJ stops and asks for a word with him. EJ says four years ago, he stood in court and defended Nick. EJ says Will is like a son to him and he belongs to a family that Nick doesn't want to mess with. Nick says EJ doesn't scare him. EJ calls him a lot more stupid than he looks then. Nick says maybe and exits. Sami hugs Will crying and calls Nick a vicious son of a bitch. Sami apologizes but Will tells her not to. Will exits with Sonny. Lucas tells Sami that it's not her fault. Sami argues that Nick can't get away with it but Lucas says it looks like he just did. Lucas exits. EJ holds Sami as she cries, wondering how Nick could be so cruel.

Nick checks on Gabi. Gabi says she's good. Nick says he's good, happy, and excited as all of their problems are gone. Nick says everyone came to their senses. Gabi asks what he did. Nick says he did what he had to do and now wants to marry her as soon as possible.

EJ follows Sami back to her office. EJ tells her that work can wait because she needs to go home and rest but Sami doesn't want to. EJ asks Sami to let him help her.

Sonny and Will return home to Sonny's place. Will pulls out the picture of the sonogram. Sonny wishes he could say something. Will tells him that it's over now. Sonny sits with him.

Gabi tells Nick that came out of the blue to suddenly get married right away. Gabi mentions telling Rafe that they would wait. Nick says they waited a month and wants the three of them to be a family so there's no more reason to wait. Nick asks her to please marry him. Gabi says yes and hugs him.

Chloe tells Daniel that her mom will be there tomorrow. Daniel is glad it worked out and reminds her to stay away from Jennifer and Abigail. Chloe says she will keep her word. Daniel calls this exhausting and says he will see her tomorrow as he exits.

Abigail returns home and sits with Jennifer. Abigail says she lost it because of Chloe but is fine now. Abigail hates that Jennifer and Daniel are breaking up because of her. Jennifer says they aren't breaking up, just trying to figure this all out. Abigail feels it's all her fault but Jennifer assures it's not their fault. Jennifer hopes Daniel figures out who's fault it is and gets Chloe out of his life for good.

Chloe's mom, Nancy, calls Daniel. She tells him that she can't wait to see Parker again. Daniel calls it nice of her to help them out. She says she knows a lot of what's going on and loves Chloe to death but clearly sees she needs to let go and move on. She adds that she'd like to sit down with Daniel when she gets to Salem and help Chloe find her way through all of this. Daniel says that would be great. She tells him that they will talk and they say goodnight.

Chloe then gets a call from her mom. Nancy tells Chloe that it went great as she stayed on script and he bought it all. Chloe thanks her. Nancy tells Chloe that it's all going to work out just the way she planned. Chloe hangs up and says she's right, just like she planned.

Cameron tells Nick not to forget that Gabi needs her sleep and exits. Nick agrees that she needs sleep. Gabi talks about being too exciting. They say they love each other and kiss.

Rafe and Kate kiss in bed until Rafe's phone rings. Rafe answers the call and says he'll be right there. Rafe apologizes to Kate. Kate understands that duty calls. Rafe tells her that he will make sure it doesn't take long so he tells her to stay if she wants because he'll be back. Rafe kisses her and then exits.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't need his sympathy and doesn't deserve it. Sami gets upset and shouts that she doesn't need him. Sami then apologizes and says she does. Sami cries as EJ hugs her.

Will and Sonny sit in bed as Will says this is all his own fault. Sonny questions Nick being blameless. Sonny asks Will to talk to Justin but Will feels there's nothing to talk about. Sonny asks if he's just going to give up after all that Nick did to him. Will says he gets why Nick did it even though it wasn't fair, was cruel and wrong but he's just doing what he thinks is best to protect Gabi and his family. Will says Nick is right about how screwed up his family is. Sonny calls it just an excuse. Sonny says he's been thinking and states that Nick played Will, Gabi, and everyone. Sonny says Nick didn't just stumble upon the evidence, he went looking for it and found it then waited for something to happen so he could use it. Sonny argues that this whole thing was planned which is why Nick was glad when Sami got involved. Will doesn't believe it but Sonny tells Will that Nick is doing this because of Will being gay.

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