Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/1/13


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Nicole goes to confession. She says she sins a lot as what she's thinking and feeling is so wrong. Though she does not know, Eric is the priest on the other side of the confessional. Nicole continues that she's having a hard time saying this but is going to try. Eric tells her to go ahead but Nicole recognizes his voice and runs out.

Chloe cries to Daniel about Abigail attacking her. Daniel says it doesn't make sense and hugs her. Abe gets the crowd away as Abigail tells Jennifer that Chloe makes her wanna puke. Jennifer hugs Abigail and tells her it's okay. Rafe arrives with a cop and asks what's going on. Chloe says Abigail attacked her. Abigail questions her calling the police but Abe reveals he did.

Gabi sleeps in her hospital bed and dreams about being with Nick and her baby and having Sami take the baby away from her.

Sami tells Nick that she knows what Gabi did last summer so she stands to lose her baby and her freedom because she will go to prison. Nick argues with her. EJ enters asking what's going on. Nick and Sami argue over threats. EJ asks for a moment. Nick suggests EJ explain the facts to Sami as he exits. Sami tells EJ that Gabi did something that she deserves to go to prison for and EJ knows what it is. EJ says it pains him but he can't tell her.

Lucas thinks there has to be another way. Sonny wants to call Justin but Lucas doesn't want him involved. Lucas wishes Sonny didn't know so he didn't have to lie. Lucas knows Will doesn't want to give up his child. Will feels he has to tell the truth as the only choice he has is to turn himself in for shooting EJ.

Rafe says that Abe said he saw Abigail attacking Chloe. Rafe asks if she did. Chloe says they were both at fault and it's over. Chloe says she hurt her arm. Daniel offers to take a look at it. Rafe asks Chloe about pressing charges but she says it's done. Daniel is glad and walks Chloe off to the side. Abigail cries that she's sorry as Jennifer hugs her.

EJ takes Sami outside of the town square and explains Chad's signed agreement not to testify against Gabi and could go to prison if he breaks it. Sami argues that there has to be another way. Sami worries about making things worse and wants to call Will but realizes she left her phone.

Lucas tells Will to rethink this. Sonny talks about researching the statute of limitations. Will talks about charges still being pressed. Will gets a message from Nick asking to see him. Lucas says they should go. Sonny offers to go with them for strength in numbers. Sonny says he's part of this now as the three of them exit.

Nick stands in Gabi's hospital room and tells her not to worry as he will take care of her and the baby always.

Abe finishes with the cops and joins Abigail and Jennifer. Abe says he knows Abigail is upset. Jennifer tells him that it wasn't her fault. Rafe comes back over and says he will still need a statement. Daniel sits with Chloe and checks her arm. Chloe says she'll be fine and just wants to go home. Daniel tells her to let him know if she wants to be alone and he'll get Parker. Daniel looks back over at Jennifer. Chloe tells him it sounds good and he can come over when he's ready. Daniel gets up and goes over to Jennifer. Rafe finishes up getting Abigail's statement and tells her that she's lucky that Chloe isn't pressing charges. Daniel comes over and apologizes for what happened. Jennifer says they are going to head home. Daniel apologizes again. Jennifer says they need to go and she exits with Abigail. Rafe jokes with Daniel about things being complicated and walks away.

Nicole goes back to the rectory and Eric follows her asking about her feelings. Nicole says it's none of his business so she's not going to talk to him about it.

EJ talks to Sami about not making the situation worse. Sami says Gabi would freak out if she knew what Nick was doing. EJ reminds her of how fragile Gabi can be. Sami agrees to no more threats. Sami claims she's just trying to make it right. EJ says he understands and hugs her. EJ tells Sami not to do anything.

Will, Lucas, and Sonny meet Nick at the hospital waiting room. Lucas asks what he wants. Nick says Will knows what he wants and once he knows what's at stake, he thinks he'll give it to him. Lucas argues that there's no way Will is giving up the rights to his child.

Jennifer and Abigail return home with Abigail apologizing for causing more drama for Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer wants to know what Chloe said about Jack. Abigail tells her what Chloe said and she doesn't think she would've lost it if not for that. Abigail argues that she should've just walked away but Jennifer feels she was defending Jack and herself. They talk about how Jack would feel. Jennifer is proud of Abigail for sticking up for her and her family. Jennifer hugs her and assures her that Jack would be proud of her.

Rafe enters Gabi's room and asks Cameron how she's doing. Cameron says she's fine but needs to take better care of herself. Rafe agrees to make sure she does. Cameron tells him that she's lucky to have a brother like him as he exits. Rafe sits with Gabi and tells her that she and the baby are fine. Gabi complains of having the worst dream about Sami.

Nick tells Lucas that he has a lot in his favor as he has all the information about the shooting on tape which is admissible in civil court. Nick warns Will to think about all of the family members that will be affected and have to testify. Lucas calls it unbelievable. Nick says the court will see it as a cover up. Will says he will turn himself in for shooting EJ since if he doesn't then Nick will for him. Sami enters with EJ and she says it will happen over her dead body.

Nicole apologizes for Eric for coming down so hard on him as she was just shocked that he was in the confessional. Nicole says there's some things that she can't talk to him about. Eric agrees not to push. Nicole thanks him. Eric jokes about it being a gratifying moment thinking she had accepted the church. Eric gets a message that he has to go to a meeting. Eric apologizes again for what happened. Nicole calls it an honest mistake. Eric exits as Nicole worries about what she almost said and calls it way too close.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she hates that she's in the middle of this. Abigail calls Chloe the most despicable human that would do anything to get Daniel. Jennifer says Chloe feels that she was cheated out of the love of her life. Abigail brings up what Chloe did to Phillip and Lucas. Jennifer tells her not to go there. Abigail says she doesn't know how Chloe lives with herself. Jennifer says she justifies everything she does. Abigail hates that she lost it still. Abigail says it doesn't matter since they are already done since Cameron is going to hear about what she did. Jennifer says she can just explain that Chloe provoked her and Cameron will understand. Abigail thinks she's right and decides she has to go. Abigail says she has to talk to Cameron. Abigail hugs her goodbye and then exits.

Daniel goes home where Chloe is with Parker. Chloe talks about enjoying Parker after the incident in the town square. Daniel asks what happened there. Chloe claims she just went to Abigail to talk to her about why she was staying there and not make things up then she freaked out on her. Daniel finds it really out of character for Abigail. Chloe says it's over and just wants to be done with it. Chloe mentions the nanny that she wanted taking another job so he says she came up with a brilliant idea that she thinks he will like.

Sami argues that Lucas shot EJ but Will tells her that Nick knows everything. Nick explains that he has the confession recorded and knows about the evidence. Sami can't believe Nick would do this since Will gave him the benefit of the doubt. Nick says he had no problem with Will until his family got involved. Sami questions Nick threatening him with prison. Nick then asks if it was better when she threatened to send Gabi to prison.

Daniel plays with Parker as Chloe mentions their busy schedules. Chloe says instead of another interview process, she suggests her mom could come be with her and Parker for a few weeks since she's been dying to see Parker. Daniel agrees to think about it. Chloe calls it a win-win for everyone and thinks it could also help with Jennifer. Daniel asks what she means. Chloe mentions Abigail telling her that Jennifer wanted him to cut off all contact with her. Chloe figures her mom would be a good go-between but Daniel says they don't need a go-between and he never agreed to cut off contact with her. Daniel says he wouldn't do that since they share a child. Chloe says she's just trying to make things easy for Daniel. Chloe mentions that her mom is Parker's grandmother too.

Gabi tells Rafe that her dream was awful. Rafe reminds her that it was just a dream and Sami has no say in this. Rafe says he and Nick are looking out for her baby's best interests.

Will and Lucas question Sami threatening to send Gabi to prison. EJ says it's nothing and goes to make a call. Nick argues that EJ will go try and find a way out of this. Nick tells Will to understand what Gabi would be facing for the rest of the pregnancy and that's why Will has to give up his rights. Sonny doesn't think it has to go that far and doesn't want to see him hurt Will. Sami says Nick can threaten all he wants as there's no way Gabi would go along with it. Will thinks she should stay out of it. Nick says he couldn't convince Gabi but Sami's constant threats and badgering have terrified Gabi. Nick says if anyone's responsible for Will losing his baby, it's Sami.

Sister Margaret enters the rectory looking for Eric but Nicole tells her that he just left. She starts to leave but Nicole asks to talk. Nicole asks if she thinks the confessional is weird talking about personal stuff to her boss. She says it's not weird because the priest's job is not to judge but to listen and help understand. She tells Nicole that confessional can help clear their heads and shine new lights on what they need to take care of. Nicole says that answers her question.

Chloe tells Daniel that her mom would be great for Parker and a huge help to them. Chloe adds that she wouldn't feel so alone in Salem. Daniel mentions always getting along with her mom. Chloe talks about how it could work. Daniel feels that he needs time and says they will talk about it. Daniel offers to take Parker for the rest of the day but Chloe says it's okay as he made her feel better. Chloe asks Daniel to watch him for a second as she exits the room. Daniel tells Parker how precious he is to him and says he wants to do right by him.

Rafe finishes a phone call with he and Gabi's mom and tells Gabi that she is lighting candles for them. Gabi mentions thinking about Arianna lately. Rafe says he has been too. Gabi reveals that she wants to name the baby after her. Rafe thinks it's a great idea. Gabi adds that she also wanted to name her after Grace since Rafe practically raised her as his own and loved her like Gabi loves her baby. Rafe likes the name of Arianna Grace and calls it beautiful.

Sami tells Nick that he can't blame her for this as she's just trying to protect her son. Nick says he's not blaming her. Nick calls he and Gabi's love the only constant. Sami argues that he barely knows Gabi but Nick tells her that she's wrong since they are in love. Sami laughs it off. Nick asks what's wrong with her. Lucas argues that he has no right to punish Will. Nick brings up Gabi bringing a baby into a dysfunctional family. Nick brings up everyone saying at the wedding that Sami and Rafe would be next down the aisle but now she's back with EJ. Nick brings up their family history. Sonny argues that it's not fair. Nick tells him that it's not his business and doesn't know why he's there. Will says he asked him to be there as they are in love. Nick argues that they've only been back together for a short time. Nick says his prison time made him understand that he needs to stand up for what's right. Nick tells Will to realize the hell that his daughter would be in because of Sami's obsessive behavior. Sami calls it a lie. Nick tells Will that he can either turn himself in and hurt a lot of people in the process or he can give up his parental rights and give his daughter a chance at a stable life.

Abigail goes to the hospital looking for Cameron. A nurse sends her to find him at the supply room.

Eric returns to the rectory looking for Nicole but finds Sister Margaret. She tells him that Nicole was there but just left.

Nicole walks through the town square and says Sister Margaret is right that Eric won't judge her for her feelings about him. Nicole talks about Eric being so committed to God now that he won't understand how she feels about him. Nicole declares she has to make her feelings go away.

Abigail finds Cameron in the supply room and walks in on him getting dressed.

Chloe sits with Parker and shows him a picture of her mom. Chloe says maybe things will finally start to go their way.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and apologizes to her. She invites him in as Daniel insists on apologizing but she doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel hates that she had to worry. Jennifer says Abigail was hurt and that breaks her heart since she did not deserve that. Daniel again says he's sorry. Jennifer says they can't keep doing this. Daniel asks what she means. Jennifer tells Daniel that it's just painful for them and Abigail so she thinks maybe they should take a break and not see each other for a little while.

EJ returns to the waiting room. Will tells Nick that he doesn't have to do this. Sami tells EJ that there has to be something. Lucas worries about the family's reaction. Nick says everyone will see that Will made a great sacrifice for his daughter. Sami argues that no one will believe that. Nick's attorney enters and gives him the papers for Will to relinquish custody. Sami calls it ridiculous to believe that Will would sign it. Nick says that's why they are there. Lucas argues that it's not right. Sami insists that he can't do this. Nick says they don't need to waste any more time. Nick gives the paper to Will to sign.

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