Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/28/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to the Rectory and sees Eric inside. She thinks back to seeing him after being

attacked and whispering that she loved him. Eric notices her in the doorway and asks if she just got in. Nicole says she just did.

Sami works in her office until getting up and pacing. She thinks back to arguing with Nick and grabs her things to leave. She opens the door to go but Lucas arrives. Lucas asks what's going on. Sami tells him that Will can't lose the baby.

Will wakes up in Sonny's bed. Sonny asks if he feels better. Will wishes Nick showing up was all a dream but Sonny reassures him that it was real and he knows he shot EJ. Will worries about what Nick will do with what he knows.

Nick has a nightmare about his time in prison and wakes up at Gabi's bedside in a panic. Hope is there and exits the room with Nick. Nick says he didn't want to wake Gabi. They talk about Gabi being okay. Hope asks about Nick since he doesn't look fine.

Abigail and Chloe continue to argue until Abigail declares she's not getting in the middle and is done with the conversation. Abigail tries to walk away but Chloe pulls her back and says she's not done. Chloe asks about the deal with Jennifer and Daniel. Abigail tells her that Daniel is going to cut off all ties with her because choosing between her and Jennifer is no choice at all.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing. Jennifer tells him not to stop as they kiss onto the couch.

Lucas tells Sami that he just came from the hospital and Gabi is fine. Sami tells him that Nick is trying to kick Will out of the baby's life and will get Gabi on board. Sami explains to Lucas what happened at the hospital. Lucas talks about Sami getting Nick angry. Sami talks about Nick threatening her and worries that he has something to back up his threats.

Hope continues asking Nick about his dreams. Hope talks about knowing what it's like. Nick says he just woke up confused. Hope asks what he was dreaming about. Nick claims that he never remembered his dreams but figures he thought Sami was there. Nick tells Hope that Sami is the reason Gabi is in the hospital since she kept badgering about the paternity test. Hope insists Sami didn't mean to and is just trying to get through the situation. Nick points out that Will didn't mean to get Gabi pregnant and calls their whole family trouble based on things they didn't mean to do.

Eric asks Nicole if she gave her statement to Rafe. Nicole says she did and can't wait until they throw Kevin in jail. Nicole thinks anyone who breaks in and tries to hurt him should be behind bars. Eric talks about prison stats. Nicole warns him to be more careful. Father Matt arrives asking Eric about his prison outreach which surprises Nicole. Eric says he spoke to Abe who is trying to arrange it. Nicole questions Eric wanting to hang out in prison. Nicole calls the idea insane. Eric calls it his job. Eric says he has to get to a school meeting and exits. Nicole asks Father Matt if he believes everything will be okay. He calls it a big challenge. Nicole thinks it's a dangerous idea. Father Mat admits he's taking on a lot. Nicole thinks it's death wish.

Lucas asks Sami about Nick's threats. Sami thinks Nick has dirt and she wants to find out what it is. Lucas encourages her to leave it alone. Sami wants to bother Nick until he reveals what it is. Lucas tells her not to create a situation but Sami feels there already is one and they need to find out his plan. Lucas says he will handle it and not her. Lucas says he will let her know. Sami asks what if he can't get the answers but Lucas tells her not to worry and just stay out of it. Lucas exits the office.

Hope hugs Nick. A nurse tells Nick that Gabi is awake and asking for him so he goes to see her. Gabi mentions Nick spending the night there. Nick says there's no place he'd rather be. Gabi asks about the flowers. Nick tries to claim them as his but Gabi assumes it's from Sami. Nick offers to get rid of them but Gabi has him just rip up the card. Nick tells Gabi not to worry about Sami because she won't be a problem for her anyways.

Will and Sonny talk about Nick's threats. Sonny calls him crazy but Will says it was a smart move for him and he has to figure out how to stop him. Sonny says he looked up that Nick can use what he knows so Will needs to get a good lawyer now.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing on the couch until Daniel stops. Jennifer asks what's wrong. Daniel says it shouldn't happen this way because she deserves so much better.

Abigail questions Chloe thinking she had a chance against Jennifer. Abigail says Daniel doesn't need permission to see his son. Abigail calls Chloe obvious and says her look doesn't work outside of a trailer park. Abigail calls her trash and says she's done but Chloe stops her and says it's her turn. Chloe calls Abigail a disgusting trashy person.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't understand. Daniel says they were jumping on a couch like teenagers. Daniel wants to be with her and not like a quickie because he cares about her. Daniel wants to build something beautiful and real with her. Daniel calls her a treasure and kisses her.

Chloe says she gets Jennifer getting desperate for her last shot at a man but Abigail has no excuse. Chloe calls her a hypocrite. Abigail says she's protecting her mother from an evil bitch. Chloe says what Abigail is doing is appalling. Abigail calls her the most evil woman. Chloe asks what her father would think. Chloe asks how Jack would have reacted to what she's doing. Abigail tells her to shut up and says he'd be proud of her for going after a snake like her and sticking up for Jennifer. Chloe asks if she's sure. Abigail tells her to shut up about her father. Chloe accuses her of being horribly disloyal to him and says she's betraying her dad.

Sami sits back at her desk to work but stops again and thinks back to arguing with Rafe. Sami then gets up and grabs her things, saying they have leverage of their own. Sami makes a call to the secretary that she needs to talk to EJ and will be at the hospital. Sami then exits.

Nick tells Gabi that she won't have to worry about Sami or Will again. Gabi asks how that's possible. Nick says he will make it true. Nick talks about keeping her stress level down to not have another day like they had. Nick says they need things to be like they were before Will and Sami were involved and the baby was just theirs. Gabi says she can't just cut Will out and asks why he'd think of that. Nick says it should be up to Gabi as to who gets to be around and when. Nick adds that if everyone calms down after the baby is born then Gabi can have Will around if she wants but nobody should force her. Gabi asks him not to do anything stupid. Nick says he won't risk his parole but will convince Sami and Will that it's the best way for everyone involved.

Will asks what good a lawyer will do. Sonny offers to call Justin but Will says no since they might not need him yet. Will says he is not ready to tell Justin that he shot someone. Sonny insists that Justin will help him. Sonny then asks about Gabi and if she'd let Nick sell Will out to the cops. Will says Nick isn't telling Gabi yet and he doesn't want to go to her. Lucas arrives and asks Sonny to give he and Will a moment alone since something big came up. Lucas tells Sonny to go. Will tells Lucas that Sonny is not going anywhere. Lucas apologizes but says they need to talk about something urgent. Will tells Lucas that Sonny knows everything since Nick came over. Lucas asks what he said. Will reveals that Nick knows everything and is going to use it.

Nick exits Gabi's room and goes back to Hope. Hope asks if she can go say hello but Nick says she fell asleep. Hope decides she'll stick around. Nick tells her she can sit with her if she'd like. Hope promises to stay if she convinces Nick to take a nap. Nick doesn't want to leave. Hope encourages him to rest. Nick agrees as long as Hope gets him when Gabi wakes up. Hope goes in to see Gabi. Nick makes a call asking if the papers are drawn up. Nick asks about a notary and says he needs the papers signed and delivered to the hospital. Nick hangs up and heads to the waiting room as Sami arrives and follows him. Sami enters the room and shuts the door. She tells Nick that they should get some things straight which Nick agrees with.

Daniel holds Jennifer and asks if he made any sense. Jennifer says it made a lot of sense and suggests they could go for a walk or play darts. Daniel suggests ice cream. They joke with each other. Jennifer decides they'll go for a walk and see where they end up. Daniel kisses her and then they exit together.

Abigail tells Chloe that she crossed a line. Chloe keeps bringing up Jack. Abigail yells at her to stop. Chloe says Jack deserves better since he was the love of Jennifer's life and now Abigail is pushing her to move on. Abigail screams at her for being cruel and twisted. Chloe argues that it's what is happening and why she's being defensive. Abigail says Jennifer is trying to be happy and start over so she's supporting her because she deserves to be happy again. Abigail shouts that everyone deserves to be loved. Chloe argues that she should be grieving. Chloe calls it too soon and disrespectful. Abigail screams at her to stop as Chloe continues arguing with her. Chloe asks if she's trying to replace her dad or trying to get back at him for abandoning her. Abigail calls her a vicious slut and grabs her. Abigail chokes her as they continue to fight until Abe arrives to break it up. Abe holds Abigail back as she screams at Chloe. Jennifer and Daniel arrive to hold them apart while they scream at each other.

Father Matt asks Nicole if she's worried about Eric. She says she is and thinks the prison outreach is reckless. Father Matt asks if anything else is bothering her. Nicole calls it quite a week but says she's okay. Father Matt mentions doing confession but Nicole says she's good. He tells her confession is sometimes good so she should think about it. Father Matt exits. Nicole says to herself that she's not sure he'd want to hear what's in her head about Eric. Nicole can't believe she's actually considering it.

Eric and Hope exit Gabi's room. Hope comments on Gabi looking great. Hope goes to leave but Eric stops and asks if she can help with getting into prison ministry. Eric says he spoke with Abe and knows Hope had been inside so he was looking for advice. Hope calls it a great idea but could take months. Hope suggests he work with someone who is about to get out of prison. Eric says he's not afraid but Hope warns him that he has no idea so if he wants it to work then he should start small.

The man who stabbed Nick in prison looks at the circled date on his calendar of March 15.

Lucas wants to know exactly what Nick said. Will explains that he wanted to keep Sami away then wanted him to give up his parental rights. Will explains that Nick knows he shot EJ and about the evidence and that he told T. Will assumes that Nick heard them. Lucas wonders how. Lucas argues that if he recorded them then he can't use it but Will points out that he could in civil court. Lucas realizes Nick's endgame is wanting Will to give up custody.

Sami tells Nick to stop trying to cut her out of her grandchild's life because it won't happen. Nick says she almost killed the baby. Sami says no one wanted that to happen. Nick says he will keep Gabi's baby safe. Nick asks why she keeps pushing when she's toxic for Gabi and the baby. Sami says Will has rights and can control how much access he gets to the baby. Nick declares he loves Gabi and the baby and won't let a bitch like Sami hurt them again. Sami then slaps Nick.

Lucas asks Will if Nick said he wants him to give up custody. Lucas thinks it's always been his plan. Will talks about how they were going to raise the baby together. Lucas wonders what changed everything. Will asks if he really has to ask and says it was Sami.

Nick apologizes for calling Sami a bitch. Nick says she pushes his buttons and asks what she wants. Sami wants Nick to stop the nonsense about trying to cut them out of the baby's life. Sami says he made a lot of threats but accuses him of bluffing. Nick says he's not scared of her and doesn't owe her answers. Sami thinks he has to answer for his threats. Nick says has not violated parole so she can't use his record against him. Sami argues that she can in family court but he has a bigger problem than his record.

Will says all the behavior started with Sami pushing for the paternity test and then she sent Gabi to the hospital. Lucas says she didn't mean to but Will says the problem is that Sami wouldn't listen to anyone. Will says Sami made things worse so Nick wanted to shut it down. Sonny argues about not saying anything good about Nick when he's trying to cut him out of his baby's life and send him to prison. Will says they've been to the breaking point with Sami so they should know what it's like. Lucas brings up Sami promising to stay out of it but Will doesn't believe it.

Jennifer holds Abigail back while Daniel holds Chloe back and Abe is in between. Abe says all he saw was Abigail attack Chloe. Jennifer asks her what happened. Daniel asks Chloe what happened. Chloe complains of being dizzy and claims she just tried to apologize but Abigail went off on her and asks what's wrong with her. Jennifer asks if Abigail if she's hurt. Abigail calls Chloe a manipulative slut and says she used Jack against her.

Nicole goes to Confession and says she sins a lot but what she's thinking and feeling is so wrong and completely out of bounds. Although she does not know that Eric is on the other side of the confessional.

Chloe tells Daniel that she was just trying to explain their arrangement to Abigail and then she was grabbing her by the throat. Daniel doesn't think it makes sense. Chloe agrees and complains about it. Daniel hugs her. Abe gets the crowd away as Abigail says Chloe makes her want to puke. Jennifer hugs Abigail.

Will says there's no other way for him to go. Lucas questions giving Nick what he wants. Will says Lucas has been there for him every time but Will feels he should've owned up to what he did but he didn't so now he pays by giving up his own daughter.

Sami tells Nick that he may have paid for his crimes but Gabi hasn't. Sami says he is going to let them around the child and Will is going to have full access or she will call her family on the police department to tell them who Gabi really is. Sami warns Nick that she knows what Gabi did last summer and she wouldn't just lose her baby but will also go to prison.

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