Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric tells Nicole that they need to stop leaving things unsaid and stop lying to themselves and each other which Nicole agrees with. Eric is glad she feels the same way. Nicole asks what he thinks she's lying about. Eric says she's never said why she felt the need to leave town. Nicole asks if he really doesn't know. Rafe then arrives and says he's glad they are both there as he needs to take their statements. Rafe apologizes if he was interrupting something which Eric says he was but Nicole says he wasn't.

Marlena goes to the hospital and sees Kate so she asks about Gabi. Kate tells her that she's resting comfortably with no more contractions since Sami hasn't been back. They joke about being proud great-grandmothers. Kate asks if she's alright. Marlena says she's had better months. Kate is sorry to hear. Marlena says it has to get better.

Kristen tells Brady that Stefano is the only other person who knows what she's about to tell him. Brady asks if she's sure she wants him to hear it. Kristen says she never thought she'd share it and understands if he doesn't want to hear it but she hopes if he stays that he believes the lies she told were not about him but about herself and the things she's done and things that were done to her that she has to pay for forever.

Abigail talks to Jennifer at home about not going to work. Jennifer says she just decided to work from home with no distractions. Abigail notes Jennifer pacing and asks if she's avoiding Daniel. Abigail asks what happened. Jennifer says nothing happened while she thought she did the right thing by giving Daniel an ultimatum but she hasn't heard back so she's worried that she pushed him away for good.

Daniel goes to see Chloe at his apartment. Chloe mentions not expecting him so soon and says he can always come by. Daniel says the hotel has been fine. Chloe goes to get Parker and Daniel stops her and tells her to lay off Jennifer.

Jennifer says Daniel said they'd speak today so she didn't want to press him for answers but didn't expect to hear nothing. Abigail encourages her to call him but Jennifer refuses since she left the ball in his court so he has to know that his silence is speaking volumes.

Chloe tells Daniel that she doesn't understand where this is coming from. Daniel asks how naive she thinks he is. Chloe thinks there's been some misunderstanding. Daniel tells Chloe that she is the problem.

Abigail tells Jennifer not to second guess herself as Daniel knows how evil Chloe has been. Jennifer tells her that she asked Daniel to cut off all contact with Chloe. Abigail calls it good but Jennifer doesn't want to stand in the way of Daniel and Parker and now thinks it's cruel. Abigail says it'd be cruel to let Chloe break their hearts. Jennifer hugs her and thanks her. Abigail insists that Jennifer is doing the right thing by standing up to Chloe instead of letting her walk over her.

Chloe asks if Daniel is saying her being there with Parker is a problem for him. Daniel says he loves Parker and would do anything for him but he wants her to stop playing mind games with Jennifer. Chloe asks what Jennifer told him. Daniel says it doesn't matter as he just wants Chloe's word that she'll stop. Chloe asks if Daniel hates her. Daniel says he doesn't but he wants her to tell him what she really wants.

Kristen tells Brady that when she left Salem, everyone thought she died but after a few years word got out that she was alive in Europe. Kristen talks about wishing she had died. Brady asks her about hiding out on an island. Kristen reveals she was being held prisoner and horrible things were done to her. Kristen says she can't talk about it but what made it worse is that she brought it on herself. Kristen says she alienated everyone who ever cared about her but what's worse than being hated is being completely forgotten. Brady tells her that she's not forgotten now and asks her what happened. Kristen informs him that someone set her free but she had to pay a huge price.

Marlena talks to Kate about not pushing Brady too hard as he's having a hard time walking away from his family and they have to be patient. Kate offers to do anything she can as she had to suffer through Kristen so she'd love to see Brady leave Kristen's heart on the floor. Marlena says it sounds vindictive and she likes that. Marlena asks how she is. Kate says she's good. Marlena thinks she's more than good and invites her for coffee to tell her secret.

Rafe apologizes if it's a bad time but says this can't wait. Eric says he told Roman everything already and doesn't want Kevin dumped into the system. Rafe questions him being on a first name basis with the mugger. Eric says he gave his word and is not going to press charges. Rafe asks if he's serious. Nicole asks Eric to be less perfect. Nicole says Kevin could've killed them both and thinks he should try to be more normal. Eric argues that he thought she understood this is who he is now. Nicole calls it abundantly clear. Nicole tells Rafe that she has no problem making a statement if Eric won't press charges. Eric tries to argue but Nicole says it's important. Nicole suggests God holds Eric to a higher standard. Nicole exits with Rafe.

Kristen wipes away tears as Brady asks what price she paid. Kristen says one day she had a visitor and it was Stefano. Kristen says Stefano felt sorry for her. Brady asks what happened. Kristen says she was so desperate to get out and away from those people so she was grateful and would've done anything. Kristen declares that she made a pact with the devil.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she knows it's easy to tell herself that she doesn't deserve to be happy but it's not true. Jennifer tells her that she loves her and that she deserves to be happy too. Jennifer asks about Abigail seeing Cameron again. Abigail says she's just waiting for the phone to ring but isn't sure it will. Jennifer says it would be his loss if he didn't call. Abigail assures her that Daniel will call and bets he's laying down the law with Chloe right now.

Chloe doesn't know what Daniel wants her to say. Daniel wants the truth. Daniel thought they had things settled. Chloe asks what she's supposed to want. Daniel tells her to stop messing with Jennifer's head because if she doesn't, then Parker will be the one who gets hurt.

Abe goes to the Rectory and talks with Eric about his attack. Eric sits with Abe and says everything that happened got him thinking. Eric says he has a problem and needs someone with a little pull like Abe to make it happen. Abe reminds him that he's the ex-mayor and suggests Roman but Eric says he can't bring this to him.

Nicole sits with Rafe at the coffeehouse. Nicole tells Rafe what happened with Eric and Kevin. Nicole questions why Eric has to be such a saint. Rafe says he understands but points out that Eric is making a stand and he has to admire that. Nicole talks about staring death in the face then goes to the bathroom to splash water on her face. Rafe then pulls out his phone who calls Kate, just as Kate arrives and greets him.

Chloe asks Daniel what he means by Parker getting hurt and asks what Jennifer said to him. The phone rings to Chloe answers it. Daniel goes to see Parker while Chloe answers the call from the nanny agency. Chloe calls Daniel back into the room and tells him that the nanny agency postponed the interview. Daniel says it's okay as he has to go anyways. Chloe thought they weren't done but Daniel says he said what he needed to say and she knows what she needs to do. Daniel then exits. Chloe sighs and goes back to Parker. Chloe tells Parker that Daniel is mixed up from listening to Jennifer. Chloe tells Parker not to worry as they will still live happily ever after.

Kristen tells Brady that Stefano bought and paid for her freedom so she went from being in Hell to being in a five star hotel in Paris where she saw a therapist every day to cope with all the things she's done and all the things done to her. Kristen says one day she was a different person and was able to go out in the world with nobody knowing her or her past so she felt free. Kristen says she never thought she'd have to show her face in Salem again. Brady asks why she did. Kristen says Stefano summoned her to collect on her debt as he wanted her to help him rebuild the DiMera family with Lexie gone. Kristen talks about wanting to scream and run away in her first weeks back but she was trapped. Kristen says then the most amazing thing happened to her meaning Brady. Kristen adds that she never thought something as amazing as him would come out of her deal with Stefano. Kristen states that Brady is in her life because of Stefano and she could lose him because of Stefano. Kristen says Stefano wants her in the mansion and she owes him. Kristen says there will always be something else since Stefano can't be trusted. Kristen says that's why she always felt alone and feels like she can't trust anybody. Brady hugs her as she cries and tells her that she can trust him.

Ann goes to see Chloe. Chloe thanks her for coming and asks her to watch Parker. Chloe says it's important to take down Jennifer since she said something to Daniel to turn him against her and now she has to figure out what she said. Ann wishes her luck on getting something out of Jennifer. Chloe thinks Abigail has inside information and has a perfect way to get it out of her. Chloe then exits in a hurry.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and she invites him in. Daniel says he didn't mean to keep her waiting. They both start to talk and tell the other to go first. Daniel says he was up all night thinking about what she said. Daniel mentions the nanny agency canceling allowing he and Chloe to talk. Daniel tells Jennifer that he totally understands why she wants him to cut Chloe out of his life and he knows it's not what she wants to hear but he can't do it.

Kate tells Rafe that she was going to call him. Rafe says he was calling to let her know that Gabi and the baby are okay. Kate informs him that she was already there. Rafe asks why she was calling him then. Nicole returns and asks what's going on here.

Chloe walks through the town square and meets with Abigail. Abigail asks what she wants. Chloe says she wanted to clear something up since she realized she forgot to tell her that Daniel was moving out when she said she moved in. Chloe says she doesn't know how she missed that important detail. Abigail calls it almost unbelievable. Abigail says they are clear on a lot of things and tells her to cut the act. Abigail asks Chloe what she's up to.

Kate says she just came from seeing Gabi. Nicole apologizes to Rafe for being so caught up in herself that she forgot to ask. Kate tells her that the danger has passed and Gabi is alright. Rafe thanks Kate for stopping by and says he'll see her soon as she exits. Nicole assumes Rafe has to be civil with Kate for Gabi's baby's sake. Nicole gives her sympathy and calls Kate a bitch of a great-grandmother. Nicole says Kate is the one woman in Salem that everyone hates more than her. Rafe changes the subject back to getting her statement. Rafe asks if Nicole will still be in Salem for the trial.

Eric talks to Abe about saving people's lives. Abe asks what he suggests. Eric reveals he wants to start a prison ministry. Abe points out him not having experience working with felons. Abe warns him that he doesn't know what he's getting into. Eric talks about building relationships and saving people but says he will figure a way out if Abe can't help him. Abe notes that it sounds like something Lexie would say so he'll make a few phone calls to see what he can do. They shake hands.

Brady apologizes to Kristen for making her relive all of that. Kristen says it's okay and good that she got it out since she never wants to keep anything from him ever again. Brady asks if there's nothing else. Kristen doesn't think it gets much worse and mentions that Stefano still wants her to move in. Brady tells her he will not let her move in there alone. Kristen says Stefano wants her living there. Brady says he will deal with that. Kristen asks if he'd do that for her. Brady says he would. Kristen thanks him and they hug. Brady suggests they go get some air but Kristen is tired and wants to rest. Brady says he loves her and kisses her. Brady then exits. Kristen looks into the mirror and wipes her eye.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he heard what she said and knows how much it took for her to ask him that. Daniel adds that he doesn't want Chloe to be an issue between them but the idea of having a third party handle their kid makes him worry about what it will do to Parker when he grows up and finds out his parents hate each other. Daniel says he doesn't want to hurt Jennifer and won't hurt Parker so there has to be a middle ground. Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer responds that she loves him so much. Daniel promises that he won't let Chloe interfere in their lives in any way. Daniel asks for a chance to make this right and he promises not to let her down. Jennifer believes him and believes in them as they then kiss.

Abigail tells Chloe that she knew she'd find out and lied to her just to see the look on her face. Abigail says Jennifer has been through enough and never done anything to her. Chloe asks if she ever did anything to Abigail. Abigail says she won't give her the chance. Abigail tells her that Daniel won't take her back and will want zero contact with her because she's a lying, manipulative bitch. Abigail tells her that Jennifer asked Daniel to cut off all contact with her and says he'll do it because he loves Jennifer and not Chloe.

Rafe asks Nicole for an answer. She says maybe but Rafe says he needs a yes or no. Nicole agrees to stay in Salem to testify. Nicole says she knows now that she needs to see this thing through to the end.

Stefano calls Kristen as she's laying in bed. Stefano says he's still in Rome but will be on his way soon. Stefano asks if she's alright as she holds back tears. Kristen says she's just exhausted as she let her guard down with Brady and almost blew it all. Stefano asks what happened. Kristen says it doesn't matter as she had to work hard to reel him back in but got it under control. Stefano thinks she has enough tricks up her sleeve to get rid of Brady. Kristen reveals that she had to use something she never thought she would and that's truth as she hangs up.

Brady exits the Pub and runs into Marlena. She invites him for coffee but Brady says he must make arrangements. Brady says there's no easy way for him to say this and realizes it's too much for her to be happy for them but he's moving in with Kristen. Marlena admits she was afraid that he was going to say he's getting married. Marlena asks if they are just getting an apartment together but Brady informs her that they are moving into the DiMera Mansion. Brady says he knows it's not easy to hear but he wanted to be the one to tell her. Brady says he obviously upset her. Marlena says John will be upset. Brady states that he doesn't want to hurt anyone and is sorry as he walks off.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing. Jennifer tells him not to stop so they continue.

Abigail and Chloe continue to argue until Abigail declares she's not getting in the middle and is done with the conversation. Abigail tries to walk away but Chloe pulls her back and says she's not done.

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