Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sits outside the town square and asks God to do something to set her free from Eric. Nicole says for once she's not trying to be selfish and is pretty sure it's too late to save herself so she asks God to save Eric from her.

Eric finishes his call at the Rectory and hangs up. Eric is then grabbed from behind and choked by the same man who attacked them before. Eric tries to say he wants to help but the man says the price has gone up.

Sonny and Will lay in bed together. Sonny says they will need a bigger place especially if Will's daughter is going to be staying with them. Will tells him that he loves him. Nick then bangs on the door, asking Will to open up because he needs to talk to him. Will answers the door while getting dressed and asks if Gabi and the baby are okay. Nick responds that they are not.

Kristen tells Stefano that the only way she could convince Brady to move in was to tell him that Stefano was dying. Kristen thanks him for being so understanding and hangs up as Brady slams the door with a disgusted look, frightening Kristen. Brady declares that he took all of her lies hook, line, and sinker. Kristen says she knows it sounded bad but wants to explain. Brady brings up her lying about the note in the trash can before. Brady believes that everyone was right and he was wrong. Brady calls himself an idiot and can't believe this. Brady says she made up the story about Stefano being sick because she knew he would cave in. Kristen wants to explain so Brady tells her to tell him about all the other lies she's been feeding him because he wants to hear them all.

Stefano makes a call to John. John asks Stefano how he found him. Stefano reminds John that he taught him everything he knows. John tells him to get to the point of what he wants. Stefano says John hates him so much so he's curious why John is still in Rome away from everything he loves. John tells him that he'd never take advice from him. Stefano stops him from hanging up and says he would rather say what he has to say to his face anyways.

Will asks Nick what happened with Gabi. Nick tells him that she's resting now and her condition is the same. Will says he scared the crap out of him which Nick calls good, saying he should be scared since the baby almost died tonight. Nick tells him that it never would've happened if not for Sami. Sonny argues that Nick can't blame Sami but Nick says he also blames Will for going along with Sami's demands for a paternity test. Nick declares he's done being nice and someone needs to control Sami. Nick adds that if Will doesn't, he will.

Nicole continues praying for one last favor until Roman approaches and asks if she's okay. Nicole says she's great. Roman reminds her that he needs her to identify the attacker. Nicole says she can and will as she will never forget his face. Nicole hopes he's caught soon before he hurts anyone else.

Eric struggles with the man choking him. He tells Eric that he only wants the cash and he'll have it with him out of the way.

Abe enters the Pub and sees Marlena seated alone. Abe approaches and Marlena happily greets him with a hug. Abe tells her that she needs to know that John is coming home. Marlena asks if he's talked to him. Abe says that he has.

John meets with Stefano and tells him he has five minutes. Stefano says he rang and John came so he will stay as long as he wants. John warns him about hurting Marlena. Stefano says he couldn't hurt her any more than John has by dumping her. Stefano informs John that Brady and Kristen are going to live together under his roof.

Kristen admits to Brady that she lied about Stefano being sick but promises that she hasn't lied about anything else. Brady questions why he should believe her after this lie. Brady accuses her of trying to pull his strings and says she almost got away with it. Kristen argues that he wanted to live with her. Brady says he did but not in the DiMera Mansion. Brady says she only wanted that to hurt John and Marlena. Brady declares that everyone was right about her and his eyes are now open. Brady storms out and Kristen follows after him.

Will tells Nick to calm down and says that Sami was just as upset as everyone else when Gabi went into labor. Will insists that Sami will back off but Nick says she doesn't know how. Sonny argues with Nick. Will says they all want Gabi and the baby to be okay and they are. Will agrees to keep Sami in check from now on. Nick argues that he can't as no one can from Rafe to EJ. Will asks what he wants then. Nick tells Will to do the right thing and give up his parental rights for good if he really cares about Gabi and the baby.

Roman thanks Nicole for being there with Eric. Nicole mentions Marlena not agreeing. Roman gets a call and exits to answer it. Nicole then asks God now what. Nicole says she has to go back home some time and hopes for Eric to not be alone.

Eric breaks free from the man's choke. The man grabs a knife and goes after Eric but he fights him off. The man holds the knife out and warns Eric to stay away. Eric tries to say it will be okay but the man holds the knife to his own throat and warns Eric not to come closer. Eric argues that he doesn't have to do this. The man says he doesn't know him. Eric tries to get through to him. Eric says there has to be a reason he came here and thinks there's more than just the money. He admits he came for a reason and says he hates everything the place stands for. Eric argues that he's just not thinking straight and tells him not to make any decision that he can't take back. Eric continues trying to get through to him about turning to God. Eric says he can't do it on his own as no one can and he's not alone. Eric asks him to let him help. He questions why after what he did to Eric. Eric thinks God brought him there for a reason. Nicole arrives and watches from the doorway. Eric promises the man that they will get through it and he'll help him. The man drops to his knees in tears as Eric holds his hands out to him. Nicole watches as Eric tells the man that it's okay.

Marlena sits with Abe and asks what John said to him. Abe explains that John wanted him to keep an eye on Brady. Marlena wonders why he didn't ask her and wished she knew he was coming home. Abe insists that John loves her too much to stay away.

John doesn't believe Stefano and says Brady would never move in with the DiMera Mansion. Stefano brings up that he also didn't believe Brady would get with Kristen. Stefano tells him to go ahead and call Brady if he doesn't believe him. John asks about Stefano being happy about it. Stefano says he wasn't at first but it's growing on him. Stefano tells John not to worry because he's going home and can play the father figure to Brady.

Kristen follows Brady out of the town square asking for another chance but Brady says she already had one of those. Kristen argues that he doesn't know the whole truth. Brady doesn't think he'll get it from her. Kristen says he wasn't wrong to believe in her. Kristen admits she shaded the truth. Brady questions why. Kristen says she loves her father and can't admit that he won't be around much longer because he is sick. Kristen talks about Stefano blaming himself for Lexie's death. Brady questions if him moving in was going to make everything better. Kristen admits it was stupid of her and she didn't know what she was thinking. Kristen says Stefano doesn't want to lose another daughter while she doesn't want to lose another parent. Brady asks if that's the entire truth this time. Kristen says that it is. Brady calls her a liar.

Will tells Nick that he thought they discussed this already. Nick brings up Will being willing before to give up his rights. Will says he wasn't and knows now he was wrong. Will insists he won't change his mind and let his daughter's life be a lie because he wants her. Will thought they were going to do this together. Nick says he was on board with what Gabi wanted until Sami nearly killed the baby. Will blames the dehydration instead of Sami. Nick brings up Sami's past of changing paternity tests and kidnapping kids. Will argues that she won't. Nick says Will is not giving him a choice. Nick then threatens to take Will out of the equation himself by taking him to court and having him declared an unfit father. Sonny questions if it's about Will being gay. Nick says he's not doing it to hurt Will but to put Gabi and the baby first. Nick says when his parole is over, he and Gabi may want to move town and start a new life some where. Will tells him that he won't take his daughter away. Sonny brings up seeing Justin work custody cases. Sonny points out that Nick is a convicted murderer and will never get custody over Will. Nick says he served his time and paid his debt to society then asks if Will paid his or if someone paid it for him. Will realizes it was Nick that was blackmailing him and Lucas.

Nicole enters the Rectory and the man remembers her. Eric assures her that it's okay and he won't hurt her. Eric tells him that he can trust Nicole. Eric says they've also been given second chances. Eric asks for his name which he says is Kevin. Eric says he's going to have Nicole call the police and assures him it's okay. Eric gives him his word. Nicole exits to make the call. Kevin apologizes. Eric tells him not to be sorry as he's just taken the first step to turn his life around. Eric can't promise it will be easy but promises God will be with him every step of the way. Nicole returns from finishing the call to police. Eric helps Kevin to his feet.

John tells Stefano that it's never going to happen. Stefano responds that it already has since he talked to Kristen who told him it's a done deal and there's nothing John can do about it. Stefano tells John that he's lost his son and his wife. Stefano toasts to John staying this miserable for all the days of his life. Stefano says he has things to get ready to go home as he then exits.

Brady says what Kristen is telling him doesn't make any sense. Brady talks about willing to get along with Stefano for her but questions why he had to move into his house. Kristen says he wanted it. Brady questions if she's afraid of her own father. Kristen says she is but Brady notes it didn't sound that way on the phone. Kristen says she doesn't like to show it.  Brady asks what's going to happen if Stefano doesn't get his way and demands to know what's going on. Brady asks her to tell the truth or else he'll walk away and not look back.

The police arrive at the rectory and cuff Kevin. Brady apologizes and explains to the cops that he promised Kevin that he wouldn't detox in jail and would be treated with compassion. Eric introduces Kevin to Roman. Roman takes Kevin away with the cops. Nicole questions how Eric could be so kind to someone who tried to kill him.

Kristen tells Brady that she will tell him everything if he promises to be understanding and patient since it's something she never talks about and doesn't want to think about. Kristen talks about the horrible things Stefano has done but he's been good, understanding, and caring to her. Kristen explains that when she left Salem 15 years ago, she was Stefano's sworn enemy and talks about what he had to go through to forgive her. Kristen says if she defied him again then it would be her last chance and life as she knows it would be over.

Nick pretends not to know what Will is talking about. Will goes after him but Sonny holds him back and tells him that Nick is just trying to provoke him. Will tells Nick to get out. Nick asks if Justin or Sonny know or if Will is trying to hide it. Nick tells Sonny that he needs to know that Will tried to kill EJ. Sonny calls it a lie. Will says he has no idea what he's talking about but Nick says he does and knows everything.

Kristen starts breathing heavy and Brady hugs her while noting her heart is beating fast. Kristen begins to panic so Brady agrees to take her home.

Marlena finishes a call from Roman, telling her that they caught the man who attacked Eric. Marlena talks about always thinking each phone call is going to be bad news like something with Sami or Gabi going into labor. Marlena then says it's nothing compared to what Abe is going through. Abe says it's no competition and understands she misses her husband. Abe says he has no reason to be so far away. Marlena thanks him for understanding. Abe talks about Lexie teaching him to seize the moment. Abe says Marlena has every right to be upset and angry. Marlena says she doesn't know what to do. Abe suggests she pick up the phone and reach out to John and asks what she's waiting for.

Nicole asks why Kevin came back and asks if it was for the money. Nicole notices the mark where Eric was choked. Eric says he's fine but Nicole argues that he's not after he hurt them both. Eric asks if she thinks it was wrong to show compassion. Eric says they are all imperfect and deserve a little bit of love.

Sonny tells Nick to leave. Nick says he will go straight to Gabi with what he knows so they can take it to court. Will says there's nothing to come out. Nick asks who else knows since he knows he told T. Nick then realizes Will had told Sonny too. Nick asks Will if he really wants his boyfriend, father, and his friend T to have to testify in court. Nick tells Will that he has him dead to rights so the question is what Will's going to do about it. Nick claims he's not trying to ruin Will's life but that he's trying to take care of his family. Nick asks if Will wants to take care of his and brings up Hope, Roman, and Rafe having to investigate the case. Nick adds that Lucas would have to testify and get charged with perjury for lying the first time. Sonny calls it blackmail. Nick says it's a choice since Will claims the baby and Gabi mean so much to him then he can either put them first willingly or he can force his hand to make sure the entire world finds out what he did. Nick tells him to take some time and think about it. Nick warns him that prison is not fun, especially for someone like Will. Nick then exits. Sonny hugs Will.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't think she deserves love. Nicole says Eric told Kevin that everyone deserves a second chance but she's gotten 20 and ends up where she is. Eric asks if this is not all about Kevin as he thinks it's more about Nicole and why she feels the need to leave Salem. Eric says they need to stop leaving things unsaid and stop lying to themselves and each other which Nicole agrees with.

Abe encourages Marlena to call John as she has nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Abe says John loves her. Marlena picks up her phone to make the call but the battery is dead which she suggests is an omen.

John pulls out his phone and calls Marlena but it goes to voicemail so he hangs up and makes another call to Ben, who he tells to fire up the jet because he's going home.

Brady takes Kristen home and asks how she's doing. She says she's better. Kristen says she just needs to talk to him. Brady sits with her and tells her to talk. Kristen says she's never told anyone but her therapist but Brady trusted her with his past and she felt so much closer to him. Brady felt he had to. Kristen says this is about them too. Kristen says she will be as honest with him as he was with her because she knows he doesn't trust her and she doesn't blame him. Kristen wants him to see her for real. Brady asks if it's about John and Marlena. Kristen says it kind of is but much more. Kristen says she tried to erase it and pretend it never happened to her. Brady asks what she's talking about. Kristen says she will tell him what happened to her while she was gone from Salem.

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