Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric goes to the rectory and thinks back to when he and Nicole were attacked. Nicole enters and asks if he tried to get any sleep. She tries to encourage him to rest. Eric then hugs her.

Sonny reads the card Will sent him, thinking they were getting back together after getting his gift for Valentine's Day. Will comes back and sees Sonny with it. Will tells him that he wasn't supposed to see that but Sonny says it's too late.

EJ tells Rafe that he and Kate seemed to have a lovely moment and asks what that was all about. Rafe thinks back to being with Kate but tells EJ that he has no idea what he's talking about. EJ says he saw them together and doesn't think he could be more obvious.

Nick confronts Sami in the waiting room and tells her that she blew it and now it's all over. Sami tells him he must be exhausted and it's not a good time for this conversation. Nick disagrees and hopes Sami will for once think before she acts because her actions could've killed her son's child.

Kristen tells Brady that she has been keeping a secret ever since she came back to Salem and thinks it's time he knew what it was. Brady asks what secret she's talking about. Kristen tells him that Stefano is very ill and is living on borrowed time. Brady tells her that he's sorry and hugs her.

Stefano remains in Europe having wine with a woman.

Brady sits with Kristen and says he didn't know Stefano's condition was so life threatening. Kristen says nobody knows but her not even EJ and Chad since he made her promise not to tell anyone. Kristen talks about how difficult it had been to carry the burden on her own but feels Brady needed to know. Kristen tells Brady that he's the only person she truly trusts. Brady asks what exactly is wrong with him. Kristen talks about the diabetes affecting everything in his body. Kristen says Lexie was monitoring his condition but nobody was there after she passed away. Brady asks for the prognosis. Kristen tells him it's not good and doctors have left it up to her to care for him and take care of his rehab. Kristen says that's why she needs to be close with him but didn't want that to mean she couldn't be with Brady and that's why she asked him to move into the mansion. Brady says he gets it now but is sorry as that just can't happen.

Eric apologizes to Nicole as it just hit him again how much danger she was in last night. Nicole says she's fine and worries about Eric. Marlena arrives and hopes she's not interrupting. Eric hugs her and says it's always good to see her.

EJ warns Rafe about forming an alliance with Kate. Rafe says there's no alliance as he's just relieved that she can be rational. EJ reminds him of Kate's marriage to Stefano for a long time. EJ tells Rafe that it would be a mistake to let his pain over losing Sami cloud his judgment over Will and Gabi. Rafe tells him to check his facts since Sami's clouded judgment put Gabi in the hospital. Rafe says he shouldn't be surprised since Sami kept EJ's own child a secret from him and then shot him in the head. Rafe sarcastically congratulates EJ.

Sami tells Nick that she's sorry for what happened to Gabi and the baby as she never meant for them to be hurt. Nick doesn't believe her and says the baby almost didn't stand a chance because of her. Sami says she will work very hard to make sure Gabi is not upset again. Nick questions her always going back to her selfish agenda. Sami says she is making sure that Nick doesn't shut Will out of his daughter's life. Nick declares that he thinks the best thing that could happen is for Will and his whole family to be shut out of the baby's life for good.

Sonny tells Will that he can't pretend he didn't read the card. Will doesn't want it to be a big deal as it's embarrassing. Sonny asks if he wrote it because of the note with the mp3 player. Will admits he did but now knows the new beginning was supposed to be them moving in together. Will says he gets that there's no new start because of the lies he told and that Sonny is with Brian now. Sonny apologizes for the mix-up but assures him that his thing with Brian is not in the same league as he and Will.

Brady apologizes to Kristen. Kristen says it was unfair of her to pressure him into moving in with her and her father. Kristen talks about it being a disaster if Stefano's condition got out and she won't do that to him. Kristen talks about not wanting to face it alone. Kristen says she's going to have to adjust since Brady doesn't want to get married or move in. Brady wishes things were different. Kristen says she does too but her father needs her and she won't let him down so she will stand by him. Brady says he understands. Kristen admits she hoped Brady would stand by her.

Marlena tells Eric that Roman told her what happened so she had to make sure he was okay. Eric says he is okay and Nicole is too. Marlena mentions not hearing details. Eric explains that the guy was an addict coming for money for more drugs and had a gun. Eric explains that the guy jumped Nicole and she refused to give up her mother's necklace. Nicole adds in that Eric stopped the guy and how scared she was. Nicole says they are lucky that Eric is fine and she decides to exit. Eric mentions Sami calling him and asks what she wanted. Marlena explains what happened to Gabi but everything is fine now. Marlena wishes she could say the same for Sami and Brady's relationships. Marlena asks about Eric. Eric says he's well all things considered and asks why she asked. Marlena says she always thought he'd be the son she didn't have to worry about. Eric says she doesn't. Marlena asks if he's sure.

Sami tells Nick that he's not going to keep Will from his baby. Nick says he's dealing with facts that people want to keep buried. Nick says everything he did is out in the open and he went to prison but others never answer for what they've done. Sami claims to have no idea what he's talking about but says Nick won't keep Will or his family from the baby since Will is the father and not him. Sami tells Nick to accept his role so they can all move on. Sami then exits as Nick smirks.

Will tells Sonny that he understands what they had is not in the same league as what he has with Brian and talks about all of Brian's good qualities. Sonny says he only hung out with Brian because Will said he wanted to just be friends. Will says he didn't want to drag Sonny down in his drama. Sonny tells him that he doesn't think he can just be Will's friend. Sonny adds that even if they tried, they can never be just friends.

EJ tells Rafe that he and Sami may have had a rocky start but they are on solid ground now and it will stay that way. Rafe mocks how stable, loyal, and reliable they are. EJ tells him that he's going to stand by Sami and Will no matter what and if it comes down to a custody battle, he brings up Gabi's reputation and Nick's history. Sami approaches as Rafe tells EJ to go to hell and take Sami with him.

Brady tells Kristen that standing by her is his first priority but this is coming out of left field since she never mentioned Stefano or his health. Kristen says she knows her relationship with Stefano is complex but she can't say no to him now when his life depends on it. Kristen tells Brady that she was just trying to say that if they were going to live together then the DiMera Mansion was the only option. Brady talks about how John and Marlena would react and his whole family would be disgusted so he doesn't know how he could hurt them more. Kristen says they all have to make their choices. Kristen says she's doing it out of duty to her father and she doesn't know how much longer she has. Kristen says them living together must have just been a fantasy of hers. Kristen goes to leave but Brady stops her.

Eric tells Marlena that he's fine and wonders why she would worry. Marlena calls it a habit and says she'll try not to worry about him. They talk about John and Eric suggests he could be on his way home. Marlena hopes so. Eric says he's going to go check on Gabi at the hospital while he doesn't think he can do much for Brady or Sami. Marlena asks him to please stay safe. Eric reminds her not to worry. Nicole returns with coffees in case they were thirsty. Eric gets a call from Father Matt and steps out to take it. Nicole stops Marlena and tells her that she doesn't have to worry about anything happening between her and Eric. Marlena tells her that she knows because she knows what kind of man and priest Eric is. Marlena exits as Nicole determines Marlena is right that she's the one people have to worry about.

EJ tells Sami that he was just waiting for her. Sami mentions not knowing Rafe was still there. Rafe says Gabi needed him so he stayed. Sami asks about Gabi. Rafe asks how she thinks she's doing after almost losing her baby. Sami says she never meant to hurt her. Rafe tells her that she will have a hell of time convincing Gabi of that. Rafe agrees to call Will if anything happens.

Sonny asks Will if he still wishes they could start over. Sonny says he's glad he sent him the present and kisses him.

Brady tells Kristen that he will move in with her. She excitedly hugs him and says she can't tell him how much it means to have him in her corner. She thanks him and asks if they should start packing. Brady says he has something to do first. Kristen tells him there's no rush and thanks him again with a hug. Kristen talks about Brady being there to help her through the ordeal. Brady says it will be a process but says he wants to be the one to break the news to people. Kristen promises not to tell anyone. Brady says that people will think she has him wrapped around her finger. Kristen asks who cares since they know the truth and hugs him again.

Nicole remains in the Rectory as Eric returns and asks if she had something on her mind. Nicole says she was just thinking about the guy who attacked them as it brought back a lot of memories for her about her dad. Nicole hates that the guy is still out there. Eric promises they will get him. Nicole hopes it's soon. Eric promises she will never be left alone there again. Nicole calls it very sweet but says it doesn't really matter. Eric asks what she means. Nicole tells him that she has decided to go away.

Sonny and Will go back to Sonny's place kissing and kiss onto the bed. Will tells him that he really wants to do this with him but there's something else. Will says he kept a secret from him before that cost him everything and he doesn't want to make the same mistake again.

EJ and Sami go to the office. EJ asks if she's sure she wants to work after being up all night and exhausted. Sami feels she doesn't have a choice as she's too wired after what happened to Gabi. EJ insists that what happened to Gabi was not Sami's fault. EJ mentions Sami taking a long time in the waiting room and asks if something happened. Sami responds that Nick happened.

Nick goes to see Gabi but Rafe stops him and tells him he can't go in because Gabi is sleeping and needs her rest. Rafe asks how Nick is doing. Nick says he's fine and everything's under control. Rafe asks what that means. Nick tells him that he'll see. Rafe asks what he's talking about. Rafe reminds him of his parole and warns him not to do anything stupid. Nick assures him that he's not stupid and he will protect Gabi and the baby because he loves them. Rafe asks Nick what's going on. Nick gives his word that what happened last night will never happen again. Nick decides to go be with Gabi and watch her sleep.

Brady exits the Kiriakis Mansion and runs into Marlena. Marlena tells him she's glad to run into him as she has something to tell him. Brady responds that he also has something to tell her.

Kristen returns to her hotel room on the phone with Stefano. She asks when she can expect him home. Stefano responds that he's not too sure. Kristen thought his return to Salem was all set. Stefano looks at the woman he's with and says he's encountered a pleasant delay. Kristen tells him that she finally convinced Brady to move in with her and asks when she can expect him. Stefano is upset by the news and responds how about never. Kristen then calls him so annoying.

Eric asks Nicole where she's going. Nicole says she's leaving because of what happened last night and the memories it brought up of her dad and she wants to spend time with her sister. Eric says he understands but she can't leave because Roman needs them to identify the thief once they catch him. Nicole says no. Eric asks what's really going on but the phone rings. Eric answers a call from Sister Margaret and has to talk in private. Eric asks Nicole if they can talk later. Nicole exits.

EJ asks what happened with Nick and if he threatened her. Sami says not really but he admitted that he doesn't want Will to be a part of the baby's life. Sami adds that Nick said he paid for his crimes but others haven't. EJ pulls out his phone but Sami stops him and says she can't have Nick thrown in prison or else everyone will think it's because of her. Sami blames herself for what happened to Gabi but EJ assures her that it had nothing to do with her. EJ asks her to stop blaming herself and hugs her. EJ says the only thing important now is how they deal with it going forward.

Nick sits at Gabi's hospital bedside. She wakes up and greets him. Nick asks how she's feeling. Gabi says she's tired. Nick assures her that the baby is fine. Nick tells her that he's sorry for not protecting her. Gabi tells him not to blame himself. Nick promises to never let anything happen to her or the baby ever again.

Will sits with Sonny and says he wouldn't blame him if he wanted to walk out the door and never look back even though he doesn't want that. Sonny tells him that he didn't have to tell him all of that. Will insists that he wanted to because he wants things to be different this time. Will says he doesn't want to make the same mistakes he did before. Sonny insists that neither of them will. Sonny feels he made everything Will was going through all about himself instead of thinking what it meant for Will. Sonny says he wants to be there for him when his daughter's born and see each other holding her. Sonny says he loves him so much.

Kristen tells Stefano to calm down. Stefano refuses to have Brady in his house. Kristen says they've been over this and he knows it has to be this way because of her plan. She tells him to calm down and imagine the looks on John and Marlena's faces when they learn Brady is in her bed under Stefano's roof. Stefano then laughs and agrees it'd be like a dagger in their hearts. Stefano mentions John still being in Rome and suggests he'll tell him personally. Kristen is glad he saw the light and calls it a wonderful idea. Kristen wishes she could tell Marlena but says that's not up to her.

Marlena tells Brady what happened to Eric and Nicole and that they are okay now. Marlena then tells him about Gabi's premature labor scare but everything is fine now. Brady asks why nobody called him with all that going on. Marlena says nobody thought he would take their call. Brady calls it inaccurate and unfair as he would have taken any call. She asks what he wanted to talk to her about but he calls it not important now and says it can wait. Marlena tells him that they love him very much and still need him in the family. Marlena then walks away. Brady pulls out his phone but then decides to just walk on.

Rafe sits at Gabi's bedside now as she wakes up again. Gabi mentions Nick being so worried about her. Rafe says they all were. Gabi tells him that she loves them so much. Gabi asks where Nick is. Rafe tells her that Nick said he had to take care of something.

Nick walks through the town square and stops.

Sami suggests sending Gabi flowers. EJ tells her not to blame herself in the note. Sami thinks she has an idea that if she wins Gabi over then maybe Nick will come around too. EJ tells her that she doesn't need Nick to come around. Sami agrees, saying there's nothing Nick can do to keep Will from his baby.

Sonny and Will lie in bed together. Sonny says they will need a bigger place especially if Will's daughter is going to be staying with them. Will tells him that he loves him. Nick then bangs on the door, asking Will to open up because he needs to talk to him.

Kristen tells Stefano that she has something important to tell him. She tells him that she needs him to pretend that he's on death's doorstep when he comes back to Salem. Stefano questions why he'd do that when he hasn't felt this good in years. Kristen says she's aware but the only way she could convince Brady to move in was to tell him that Stefano was dying. Kristen thanks him for being so understanding and hangs up as Brady slams the door with a disgusted look, frightening Kristen.

Nicole sits outside the town square and asks God to do something to set her free from Eric.

Eric finishes his call at the Rectory and hangs up. He is then grabbed from behind and choked.

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