Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/22/13


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Gabi starts to have pains and Sami rushes out to get the doctors. Sami explains that Gabi was having cramps. Rafe questions what she said to her and why she's even there. Sami says she tried to apologize. Maxine and Cameron rush into the room announcing that Gabi is going into labor. Nick declares it's too soon and the baby won't make it.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed together. Brady tells her that he has a big surprise for her. Brady says he's done some research on where they can live together and shows her some brochures. Kristen tells him that she did some research of her own and found a place she liked. Kristen then reveals she means the DiMera Mansion.

Kate sits at the coffeehouse alone and smiles as she thinks back to getting in bed with Rafe. Sonny approaches and notes the look on her face, saying she must like the coffee. Kate comments that she always thought it was boring but tried this new kind that was strong and bold that she feels great after. Kate asks Sonny about seeing Will. Sonny tells her that they are just friends now. Kate thinks they were good together. Sonny agrees that they were for a little while. Lucas enters and joins Kate. Lucas asks Kate why she wanted to meet. Kate tells him that she's worried about Will and the baby.

Nick and Will rush in to see Gabi but Maxine forces them out. Nick argues with Maxine about having to just stand around. Rafe tells Nick that it's not the time or place as Nick questions what Sami said or did to Gabi.

Lucas asks Kate why she's worried about Will and the baby. Kate asks if he's not worried. Lucas thinks back to talking to Will about someone knowing their secret. Lucas tells Kate that he thought everything was fine. Kate informs him that Sami is demanding a paternity test. Lucas wonders why. They argue over Sami. Kate tells Lucas that he needs to stop Sami before she screws everything up.

Nick questions Sami as to what she said to Gabi. Sami says she just wanted to make things better and tried to apologize. Will questions why Sami went in there. Nick accuses her of sneaking in because she knew it was wrong. Sami says she was just talking to her so it's not her fault. EJ arrives and asks Sami about the baby. Rafe wonders who invited EJ. Sami tells EJ what's going on. Nick blames Sami. Rafe wants EJ to get Sami out. Sami says she wants to stay with Will but Will tells Sami that he wants her to leave now. Sami wants to make sure Gabi is okay but Will doesn't care and tells her to leave.

Kayla, Cameron, and Maxine check on Gabi and note that her water hasn't broken but they need to stop the contractions so they are going to give her a medication which makes Gabi worry about the baby.

Brady laughs about he and Kristen moving into the DiMera Mansion but she is serious. Brady tells her that's never happening. Kristen says she'd love to live an apartment with him but she promised Stefano that when he came back to Salem, she would move back in to the mansion. Brady is upset about the thought of living with Stefano. Kristen knows it would be awkward. Brady says it would be horrible and refuses. Brady tells Kristen that he loves her but not Stefano so he's not moving into the mansion.

EJ takes Sami into a room at the hospital. Sami tells EJ all of what happened. She talks about laying into Gabi at the Pub because she was furious thinking Gabi and Nick were keeping Will from his own child and then Rafe showed up and they argued until Gabi started having contractions. Sami explains that she went into Gabi's room to try and apologize but she started having contractions again. Sami worries about it. EJ tells her that he knows she'd never do anything to hurt Gabi or the child. EJ assures her that the doctor will take care of things and everyone will calm down then things will go back to normal. EJ tells her to trust him as he hugs her.

Lucas tells Kate that he will try to tell Sami to leave Gabi alone. Kate wants him to try hard because it's a delicate situation. Lucas agrees to do his best. Lucas then gets a call from Sami. Sami tells him that Gabi is in the hospital. Lucas asks what's wrong with her. Sami says she's having contractions. Lucas asks if she's in labor as Kate worries. Sami tells him that they are trying to figure it out so Lucas should come to the hospital for Will. Kate worries about it being too soon for the baby. Sonny overhears and asks a worker to close up for him as he has to go. Sonny follows Kate and Lucas out of the coffeehouse.

Rafe asks Will how he's doing. Will says he's bad and wonders why they aren't telling them anything. Will thinks it's taking too long. Rafe says it's driving him nuts too. Will talks about wanting to be a better parent than his parent but he was ready to sign off his rights to pretend Nick was the father. Will worries that this is him being punished. Rafe assures him that it's not his fault. Will thanks him. Rafe tells Will that he thinks he will be a pretty damn good dad. Will jokes that he always thinks what would Sami do and then do the exact opposite. Rafe calls it a good plan as Will hopes he just gets the chance. Nick waits outside Gabi's room and hopes for the baby to fight for their family.

Maxine encourages Gabi to calm down for her baby and breathe through the contractions. Gabi's pain starts to ease off. Maxine talks about the same thing happening to her when she was first pregnant and everything turning out okay. Gabi says she wants her baby to grow up to be more than she ever was. Gabi starts having contractions again. Maxine encourages her to breathe.

Kristen tells Brady that she never thought he cared what others think. Brady says he wouldn't if it was anyone but Stefano. Kristen brings up Victor not being the citizen of the year. Brady says he loves Victor like she loves Stefano and adds that Victor would die if he moved in with Stefano. Kristen thinks it could bring the families peace. Brady disagrees and brings up John and Marlena. Brady says it will end any chance of a reconciliation. Kristen believes that they will come around as they have to. Kristen brings up Sami living with EJ in the mansion before. Brady says that was dysfunctional and ended very badly. Kristen tells Brady that she would love to move in with him but she gave Stefano his word that she would move in. Brady argues that she could just visit him a lot but Kristen says it's not the same. Kristen says she's sorry but she's moving in with Stefano so if he wants to live with her then it will have to be there. Brady wonders why it's so important to her.

Lucas and Kate arrive at the hospital and ask Will and Rafe about Gabi. Will hugs Lucas and says they don't know yet. Rafe tells Kate that the doctors are trying to stop the contractions now. Kate worries about Gabi being terrified. Rafe thanks her. Lucas asks Will if he's okay and if he needs anything. Sonny then arrives and sees Will.

EJ finishes a phone call and tells Sami that the babysitter is okay to stay all night with the kids. Sami wants to find out what's going on. EJ assures her that Will is going to tell them if anything happens. Sami complains about her instincts always being wrong. EJ tells her they aren't as they kiss. Lucas enters and Sami asks if there is any news. Lucas says the doctors are in and asks why this happened. Sami blames herself and says they might lose her grandchild.

Sonny hugs Will and says he heard what was going on and they are still friends so he had to be there. Sonny offers to leave but Will wants him to stay. Sonny can't imagine how hard it is for him. Will talks about how the baby was just this idea until he saw the sonogram and felt her kick. Will talks about how everything he looked forward to doing with his daughter. Will hopes he still gets to hold her hand. Sonny jokes with him to make him smile.

Kate asks Rafe about Gabi as it must have been scary. Rafe says he hasn't felt so powerless since Arianna died. Maxine comes out and tells them that the injection to stop the contractions hasn't worked yet so she doesn't have any news.

Cameron notes that Gabi hasn't had a contraction in several minutes. Gabi says she just feels tired and then starts having another contraction. Gabi cries that the baby can't come now because she'd die.

EJ thinks Sami is overstating the case. Sami tells EJ that it's okay and she'll talk to Lucas about it so EJ exits the room. Lucas asks how it's her fault. Sami says right before Gabi's contractions started, she was yelling at her about delaying the paternity test. Lucas can't believe she went after her. Sami claims she was thinking about Will but Lucas says she was only thinking about herself. Sami apologizes. Lucas knows she'd do anything for Will and didn't want this to happen. Sami cries that she's so worried about the baby.

Kayla and Cameron continue to encourage Gabi while Gabi continues to worry. Gabi asks to say a prayer which Maxine calls a fine idea so Maxine, Gabi, Kayla, and Cameron join hands for a prayer.

Rafe talks to Kate about how he told Sami to stay away from Gabi but she still snuck into her room. Kate calls it unbelievable. Rafe thinks Sami must have felt bad since she tried to apologize. They joke about wishing they locked Sami up until the baby was born. EJ walks by and sees them together. EJ asks Will if there's any news. Will says the drugs to stop the contractions haven't worked yet. EJ says he's sorry and Will says he is too. EJ brings up Sami but Will doesn't care and only worries about his daughter.

Maxine finishes the prayer as Gabi says she feels better now. Gabi mentions not feeling anything now and worries about her baby.

Brady asks Kristen if she thinks this is some kind of simple request because he wouldn't have a family anymore if he did this. Kristen brings up Stefano being her family and he's asking her to turn her back on him. Brady declares he can't do this and is going home. Brady says if she sticks to this then he doesn't see how they are going to be together as he exits.

Kate sits with Nick and asks about him being as worried as she is. Kate adds that she knows he loves Gabi and the baby. Nick says they are his life and he finally felt like he knows why he's on Earth. Nick talks about not knowing what family meant until now. Kate calls Gabi a lucky girl but Nick says he's the lucky one as he met Gabi and suddenly everything bad about his life disappeared. Nick says it's like all the bad stuff happened to someone else that he doesn't know but feels sorry for. Nick worries about wanting to go in the room and hold Gabi's hand to tell her he loves her. Kate encourages him that she already knows as Rafe watches on.

Sami suggests to Lucas they go wait with everyone else. Sami promises to be quiet and not bother anyone. Sami says she wants to be with Will when he gets good news about the baby.

Kate encourages Will that he will hear something soon as it can't go on forever. Lucas and Sami return to the area. EJ tells Will that Sami is just as scared and worried as he is. Will walks away from Sami. Nick paces outside Gabi's room. Rafe sits and waits. Will sits against the wall. EJ and Sami sit together holding hands as she worries. Kayla and Cameron come out of Gabi's room as everyone gets up and looks to them for news. Cameron and Kayla announce the good news that the contractions have stopped so there's no reason she can't have a healthy baby. Nick wants to see her but Cameron says she's exhausted and going to sleep so no visitors. Kayla suggests everyone go home and rest. Nick agrees that they all get it. Nick asks what could've caused this. Cameron explains that Gabi could've been dehydrated. Sami questions that causing it. Nick promises to make sure she drinks. Cameron brings up that she also has been under too much stress and thinks that it definitely played a part in it as Will, Rafe, and Nick look to Sami.

Kristen says Brady just walked out on her and she feels she overplayed her hand but Brady doesn't know it. Kristen says she will still get her revenge by telling Brady that she was playing a game and never loved him. Kristen then exits her room.

Sonny asks Will how he's doing. Will says he's just fine now. Sonny suggests he go home and sleep but Will says he can't right now. Sonny reminds him that the doctors said Gabi's fine and sleeping with no visitors. Will still doesn't want to sleep so Sonny invites him to the coffeehouse. Will agrees and they exit together.

EJ takes Sami back into the other room and asks how she feels. Sami says she feels better but worries about Will hating her. EJ tells her the crisis is over and tells her to stay there and not talk to anyone as he goes to get the car. EJ exits.

Rafe asks Cameron if Gabi needs to take any special precautions. Cameron tells him to keep her hydrated and to avoid stress. Rafe and Nick thank Cameron and Kayla. Kate is glad the ordeal is over. Nick says it will be as long as Gabi avoids any stress.

Will and Sonny enter the coffeehouse. Will goes to splash water on his face as Sonny decides to start making them some coffee. Sonny moves Will's bag and finds an envelope inside with his name on it.

Kristen goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. Brady says he didn't get much sleep anyways and invites her in. Brady tells her that he still hasn't changed his mind even though he loves her. Kristen stops him and says she has to tell him something really important.

Kate tells Lucas she forgot her reading glasses so she goes to get them before they leave. Kate goes and talks to Rafe. She says she's glad the night turned out the way it did. Rafe is glad she was there. Kate suggests they get together and talk soon. Rafe agrees to see her soon as Kate tells him to send Gabi her concerns. Kate walks away as EJ approaches Rafe and calls it a beautiful moment between Rafe and Kate. EJ questions what that's all about.

Sonny decides to open the envelope and inside is the card that Will wrote to him after he got his Valentine's gift. Sonny reads the card about Will loving him and thinking he had a second chance. Will returns and they exchange looks.

Sami talks to Marlena on the phone telling her not to worry as Gabi and the baby are okay. Sami finishes the call as Nick enters the room and shuts the door. Nick tells Sami that she blew it and now it's all over.

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