Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe tells Sami to back off but she refuses and goes on about the paternity test. Sami thinks Gabi and Nick are trying to pull something on Will. Rafe threatens Sami with a restraining order. Will asks Sami to go back to her office but she claims she's not doing anything wrong. Sami and Rafe get into an argument which Gabi tries to stop. Gabi then starts feeling stomach pains and worries about the baby as Sami rolls her eyes.

Abigail thinks back to Cameron finding out about the Golden Circle Club. Abigail asks Cameron about it. Cameron says he was just curious and now he knows.

Chloe goes to the Kiriakis Mansion thanking Maggie for watching Parker. Maggie starts to go get him but Chloe asks if she's talked to Daniel in the last hour or so. Maggie asks what Chloe wants to know.

Daniel questions Jennifer wanting him to cut off all contact with Chloe. Jennifer knows it sounds extreme but she thinks it's the only way if they're going to be together.

Nicole checks on Eric as he's unresponsive. She wipes blood from his head. She cries for him to say something as she worries about him dying on her. Nicole then says that she loves him. Eric then begins waking up in pain. Nicole thanks God as Eric grabs her hand.

Sami acts concerned for Gabi as Gabi wants her to stay away. Will tells Sami to wait outside as Rafe tells Sami to get the hell out while Sami watches on shaking her head at Gabi. Rafe and Will have Gabi take deep breaths. Will offers to call the hospital but Gabi insists that she's fine and the pain is going away. Nick enters and asks what's going on. Gabi tells him that she's fine now after some pain. Will goes to get her some water. Sami suggests Gabi lay down and rest. Rafe questions what Sami is still doing there and decides to take Sami aside. Gabi feels the baby kick as Nick asks why she was upset. Will tells Nick it was Sami so Nick walks over to Sami and tells her to leave now.

Abigail goes into a room at the hospital with Cameron. Cameron tells her that she doesn't have to talk about the golden circle club. Abigail says she doesn't mind as it was a long time ago in high school. Cameron tells her that now everything kind of makes sense.

Chloe talks to Maggie about arguing with Jennifer and claims she's sick because of it. Maggie thinks she just wants to know if Daniel is mad at her and thinks he should be. Maggie doesn't think Daniel was too thrilled about Chloe telling Jennifer that she was moving in with Daniel. Chloe claims she didn't mean to upset her. Maggie brings up Chloe purposely getting Victor upset to end up on Daniel's doorstep. Chloe thought she and Maggie were friends. Maggie says she won't be friends with someone who manipulates her son. Maggie tells Chloe that Daniel is with Jennifer now and is over Chloe.

Daniel gets that Jennifer is upset but wants her to think about what she's saying because he has to contact Chloe for shared custody of Parker. Jennifer suggests a nanny to go in between. Daniel suggests how it would be the other way around if he forbid her to have contact with Jack. Jennifer calls it not the same at all. Daniel thinks she's overreacting but Jennifer feels he's wrong.

Nicole calls the police on what happened at the rectory as Eric gets the bleeding to stop. Nicole wants to call an ambulance. Eric asks about her. Nicole worries that he could've been killed. Eric hugs her and assures her it's okay and all over. Nicole cries about how scared she was. Eric says he knows as he heard her. Nicole asks what exactly he heard.

Sami questions Nick asking her to leave her grandma's Pub. Nick wants her to stay away from Gabi but Sami refuses until she takes the paternity test. Rafe tells Sami that everyone in the room thinks she's wrong including her own son. Sami calls Nick a loser ex-con. Nick says they can discuss it later but what's important now is making sure Gabi is okay. Nick warns her to leave if she ever wants to see her granddaughter so Sami steps aside. Nick goes back to Gabi as she starts having more pains. Sami watches on as Nick decides he's calling the ambulance.

Eric tells Nicole that he heard her calling his name and could tell she was worried. Roman arrives checking on Eric. Nicole tells him how bad Eric was bleeding. Eric jokes it off. Roman asks about Nicole. Nicole explains that the man tried to steal her necklace but Eric stopped him and saved her life.

Abigail asks Cameron what he means. Cameron explains that when they broke up, he thought it was about her losing her father and dealing with it but that wasn't the whole reason. Cameron says if they're going to try again then they need to be honest with each other. Cameron understands if she doesn't want to talk about it but he doesn't want to embarrass her. Abigail admits that she's a virgin as Maxine enters and tells Cameron he's needed for an emergency so Cameron exits with Maxine leaving Abigail embarrassed.

Chloe says it was stupid to even try to talk to Maggie about it since she'll always side with Jennifer. Chloe brings up Jennifer lying about where Daniel was. Maggie calls it justified. Chloe doesn't think Jennifer is the best influence on her son. Maggie then agrees it's stupid of Chloe to talk to her about it and walks away.

Daniel asks Jennifer if Chloe threatened her. Jennifer explains how Chloe tells her about her bond with Daniel and things she doesn't want to know which she is tired of. Jennifer talks about how defensive Chloe got when talking about Daniel not wanting her so Jennifer doesn't think Daniel is getting through to Chloe. Daniel stops her and says he's sorry as he knows what Chloe is putting her through. Daniel promises that Chloe won't get to him and that will sink in. Daniel tells Jennifer to trust him. Jennifer says she trusts him but is scared that Chloe won't give up. Jennifer says Chloe will keep chipping away until what they have is gone and she is refusing to go through that again.

Gabi is brought in to the hospital as Cameron orders Rafe, Nick, and Will to wait outside. Cameron says he'll let them know what happens and asks what happened to Gabi. Rafe talks about the pain she was having and Will tells Cameron that Gabi was arguing with Sami as Sami arrives at the hospital. Nick asks Cameron not to let Gabi be hurt as he goes inside. Rafe goes over to Sami and warns her to stay out of the way. Will confronts Sami and asks what the hell she's doing there. Sami tells Will to know that she would never do anything to hurt his child but Will responds that he doesn't know that.

Roman and Eric joke around as Roman checks on him. Roman asks for a description of the robber. Nicole insists she can pick him out of a lineup. Roman notes that the money is still there so he wants to stop the guy now. Eric brings up timing as Nicole thinks back to planning to leave Salem.

Abigail goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Chloe where Maggie is. Chloe tells Abigail that Maggie is getting Parker ready to come home because she and Parker moved into Daniel's apartment.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he will tell Chloe to stop harassing Jennifer. Jennifer argues that Daniel is not getting that Chloe won't stop. Daniel says he will keep Chloe away from Jennifer but he can't not deal with her. Daniel asks how Jennifer would feel if he missed out on her kids' first two years. Daniel talks about Parker's parents needing to get along. Jennifer says she'd agree if they weren't talking about Chloe. Jennifer talks about how Parker will think about Chloe when he grows up. Jennifer warns him to stop this now but Daniel declares he's done and they can talk tomorrow. Jennifer claims that she's not thinking about herself. Daniel says he knows what she wants but is not going to give it to her right now.

Nick complains about not being there for Gabi. Rafe tells him that he couldn't be there 24/7 and did everything he could have done. Nick thinks back to recording Will and tells Rafe that he's wrong as he should've shut this all down. Rafe asks what he means. Nick says he should've made it clear to Sami to stay away from Gabi. Rafe feels he should've helped him on that.

Will and Sami go in to a room at the hospital as Sami can't believe he said that. Will explains that he doesn't think she'd intentionally hurt the baby but she doesn't stop and think before acting. Will talks about how Sami made him run an errand so she could go scream at Gabi. Will warns her that he will never forgive her if something happens to the baby. Sami claims she didn't mean for this and didn't want to hurt the baby. Will declares that other people's feelings don't matter to Sami. Sami tells Will that he matters and she's doing it for him. Will tells her that he had everything worked out but now who knows what will happen. Sami hugs him and promises that nothing will happen to his baby as she cries.

Maxine has Gabi keep breathing as Cameron checks on her while she worries about her baby.

Nicole says time is not an issue and she'll do whatever it takes to put the guy away. Eric worries that he needed to get to the hospital to see a parishioner but Roman tells him he's not going anywhere. Nicole offers to drive him to see a doctor. Eric agrees, saying she always gets what she wants in the end.

Abigail questions Chloe living with Daniel and Jennifer being okay with it. Chloe says Jennifer doesn't matter since it's Daniel's home and he wants them there. Abigail calls it unbelievable and she exits. Maggie comes down and asks about Abigail not taking the pans she left for her. Chloe suggests she may have had something else on her mind.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel if he thinks she's forcing him to make a decision but feels it's the only way for them to work out. Daniel agrees to think about what she said and they will talk tomorrow. Daniel kisses her and says they will talk in the morning. Jennifer tells him that she loves him. Daniel says he loves her too as he then exits. Jennifer sits down holding back tears. Daniel stops outside and leans against the door before walking on.

Kayla checks on Gabi and tells her the baby's heartbeat is strong and steady. Gabi says she's no longer in pain but just scared. Gabi asks if her baby is alright. Cameron tells her everything is alright at the moment. Gabi wonders what caused it. Kayla assumes she's dehydrated. Gabi starts to blame herself but Kayla tells her to stay calm and rest as they do a few more tests. Gabi asks if Nick can come in. Cameron agrees if she promises to stay calm. Kayla and Cameron exit. Nick asks about Gabi and the baby. Kayla says Gabi is resting and the baby is fine. Cameron tells Nick that Gabi wants to see him. Kayla wants to keep Gabi in the hospital under observation. Rafe asks what she's not telling them. Kayla says Gabi was dehydrated and she wants to make sure it's not a prelude to premature labor. Cameron talks about using medication. Nick worries about the baby not making it. Kayla says they just want to be sure. Nick goes in to see Gabi. Rafe says everything looks like it's going to be okay as Will agrees that it looks that way for now.

Nick talks to Gabi about everything looking good but blames himself for this being fault. Gabi argues that none of it is his fault. Nick tells her that from now on, he will protect her and their baby no matter what. Nick tells her to get some sleep and he'll be outside if she needs him. Nick tells her he loves her as he exits the room. Nick then sees Sami and Will together.

Abigail returns home questioning Jennifer about Chloe moving in with Daniel. Jennifer explains that Daniel moved into a hotel and calls Chloe unbelievable. Abigail doesn't know how Jennifer deals with Chloe's games. Jennifer hopes she won't have to deal with it much longer.

Daniel walks through the town square and gets a call from Chloe, who is at home with Parker. Chloe asks if he wanted to say goodnight to Parker so she puts the phone to Parker. Parker tells Daniel that he misses him. Daniel says he misses him too. Chloe invites Daniel over to read Parker a story and tuck him in.

Will tells Sami that Kayla and Cameron are being cautious but the baby will be okay. Sami hugs him and says she's been texting EJ and he wished he could be there for him too. Will tells Sami that she can go now. Sami asks if she can do anything else. Will asks her to leave Gabi alone and not talk about a paternity test anymore. Will warns her that he won't deal with her if she doesn't back off. Sami says she understands. Rafe walks by so Sami tells him that she's glad Gabi is doing better and is sorry for upsetting her. Rafe tells Sami that it's not all her fault and blames himself for blowing up at her. Rafe tells Sami she needs to understand. Sami says she learned her lesson to stay out of it which Rafe calls great. Rafe suggests Sami should go on home now that Gabi and the baby are okay. Rafe walks away. Will tells Sami that he's right that she should go. Sami doesn't want to leave Will alone. Will says he's not alone as Maxine is there. Will agrees to call her if anything changes. Will hugs Sami goodbye. Will walks away as Sami says she will go but first wants to apologize to Gabi. Will, Rafe, and Nick talk while Sami sneaks behind them in to Gabi's room. Sami approaches Gabi who is sleeping. Sami sits next to her as Gabi wakes up worried.

Roman tells Nicole that he can't believe he's saying it but he's really glad she was there tonight. Eric adds that he is too and calls Nicole like his very own guardian angel.

Abigail asks Jennifer what she means. Jennifer explains that she talked to Daniel about Chloe and drew a line in the sand when it comes to her so now it's up to Daniel as to whether or not he lets Chloe cross it or not.

Daniel declines Chloe's invite and says he'll see Parker tomorrow when he comes over to interview nannys. Chloe mentions that Parker will be disappointed. Daniel says he'll come over early as they need to talk about some things and he will fill her in tomorrow. Daniel says goodnight and hangs up as Chloe notes that it sounded ominous. Chloe wonders what Jennifer said to him and tells Parker that she'll find a way to make sure he never has to see Jennifer again.

Gabi asks what Sami is doing there. Sami says she came to apologize. Gabi says she doesn't know what she did to make Sami hate her so much. Sami says she doesn't hate her and just wished she and Will told the truth from the start. Gabi starts to have pains and Sami rushes out to get the doctors. Sami explains that Gabi was having cramps. Rafe questions what she said to her and why she's even there. Sami says she tried to apologize. Maxine and Cameron rush into the room announcing that Gabi is going into labor. Nick declares it's too soon and the baby won't make it.

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