Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will goes to Sami's office and asks about her engagement ring but Sami informs him that it didn't happen. Will thought she said it was a sure thing but Sami says she was totally off base and ended up looking foolish. Will responds that he's been there and done that with Sonny but he doesn't want to talk about it. Will asks Sami why she wanted to meet. Sami asks about the paternity test and if he has the results. Will says Gabi just hasn't taken it yet. Sami wonders why the hell not.

Gabi gives Cameron his food order at the Pub. Gabi stops him and asks about the paternity test. Cameron asks why she would need one as Julie overhears, wondering what's going on now.

Abigail goes to the hospital and asks a nurse if Cameron is on duty. She informs her that Cameron just went on break. The nurse then tells Abigail about telling Cameron what the golden circle club was which upsets Abigail.

Jennifer walks through the town square and sees Daniel walking with Parker. Daniel walks on with Parker as Jennifer tells herself to just stop thinking and take action. Jennifer follows after Daniel but runs into Abe. Abe tells her about a project he's working on to repair damage done by the tunnels last year and wants the hospital's help with the fundraiser. Jennifer agrees to help while keeping her eye on Daniel. Abe takes Theo to go eat and Jennifer then loses track of Daniel. Jennifer walks on but runs into Chloe, who says they really need to talk.

Nicole meets with Rafe at the coffeehouse. She hugs him and says she really needed to talk to him as she wanted to say goodbye since she is leaving Salem.

Eric kneels in front of the cross to pray. A man then enters the rectory and holds a gun to Eric's head.

Julie questions why Gabi is discussing a paternity test and if she's not sure Will is the father. Gabi assures her that Will is the father and introduces Julie to Cameron. Cameron offers to take Gabi for a walk but Gabi says she's okay and will call him. Cameron then exits the Pub. Julie tells Gabi that she doesn't understand why she's thinking about a paternity test since they can be dangerous for the baby. Gabi admits she's afraid of that but says Will won't back down. Julie wonders why then realizes it has Sami written all over it.

Sami tells Will that Gabi has to take the paternity test. Will says it will happen but they just haven't set a date yet. Sami thinks Gabi is playing games with him. Sami reminds him that Gabi could just marry Nick and put his name on the birth certificate.

Rafe questions why Nicole is leaving Salem. Nicole says there's nothing for her here. Rafe argues that's not true. Nicole says she doesn't have family or friends and is living in the convent. Rafe suggests she get an apartment in Salem and asks if it's about Daniel. Nicole says part of her still cares about Daniel but he's not the reason. Rafe asks what she's not telling him and then asks if it's about Eric.

The man orders Eric to stand and give him all of the money from the safe. Eric notes the man's hands shaking and wants to help him. Eric tells him that stealing to buy more drugs is not the answer. The man punches Eric in the face and orders him to give him the money.

Nicole asks Rafe why he would think Eric is the reason she is leaving. Rafe recalls the last time he was in the church and felt tension between them. Nicole says it's not Eric's fault as she just thinks it would be best for everyone if she left. Rafe thinks it's strange. Nicole says everywhere she looks is a bad memory so she wants a clean break. Rafe tells her that he will miss her. Nicole calls him one of the very few. Rafe jokes that he never would've thought he'd be missing her a year ago but he will. Nicole jokes with him not letting Sami hear him say that. Rafe doesn't think there's danger in that. Rafe adds that everything Sami said about Nicole is wrong. Nicole mentions running into EJ earlier, who said he's back with Sami. Nicole says she's sorry but Rafe says he doesn't give a damn about Sami. Nicole tells him that they both know that's not true.

Gabi asks Julie about the paternity test being a danger to the baby. Julie wants her to be safe. Gabi mentions Nick thinking they won't even have to go through it. Julie warns her to be prepared for a fight with Sami since she won't back down. Gabi says it gets her so mad since they had it all worked out but it's like Sami wants them to be enemies. Julie advises her to take care of herself and the baby. Julie hugs her and tells her that everything will be fine as Gabi goes back to work. Julie then says to herself that she'll make sure it will be fine with Sami.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she just wanted to clear up any confusion. Jennifer thinks she misled her purposely and says every move Chloe has made has been on purpose. Jennifer mentions Daniel not staying with Chloe. Chloe calls her insecure and then drops her shopping bag with revealing clothes inside. Jennifer tells Chloe that she's not insecure or stupid as she knows exactly what she wants and she won't get it.

Rafe tells Nicole that he couldn't care less that Sami is with EJ since they deserve each other. Nicole asks if him getting drunk had nothing to do with Sami. Rafe says it didn't but Nicole doesn't believe him. Rafe tells her not to leave town without calling first. Nicole agrees and hugs him goodbye. Rafe asks if she's sure she wants to go. Nicole thinks she has to and then exits.

Eric gets the money from the safe, telling the man that he doesn't have to do this. Eric tries to get through to him by talking about going through addiction. The man tells him to shut up and quit stalling.

Abigail goes to the Pub and asks Gabi if she's seen Cameron since she is only getting his voicemail. Gabi tells her that he was just there and asks what's wrong. Abigail says maybe nothing but maybe everything.

Will talks about how Sami is trying to control his life and mocks her. Sami tells him to stop. Will feels he's handling things very well as Nick and Gabi will be apart of his child's life so he thinks it's best if they all get along. Sami says she's just looking out for him. Will talks about making sure it's safe. Sami suggests he talk to a doctor. Will tells her that it's not her decision to make. Julie arrives and says Sami doesn't quite understand that concept. Julie tells Sami that they need to have a little talk.

Chloe asks what Jennifer is talking about. Jennifer calls her a desperate, needy woman trying to get Daniel back into her life. Chloe denies it as Jennifer says Chloe keeps doing these underhanded things. Chloe claims she's only brought Daniel his son. Chloe apologizes if it's difficult for her to hear. Jennifer insists that she knows what Chloe is doing. They continue to argue as Jennifer says she doesn't admire Chloe's efforts to get Daniel back when he doesn't want anything to do with her. Chloe claims she isn't doing that and insists that everything she's doing is for her son. Chloe says she is just trying to give Parker as much time as possible with his father.

Eric gives the man the bag of money from the safe and says he will pray for him. The man takes the bag and spits at Eric. Nicole arrives and the man grabs her as Eric shouts for him not to hurt her.

Gabi and Abigail sit together at the Pub as Abigail explains about taking a pledge in high school to not have sex until she was married. Abigail calls joining the golden circle club a way to stay strong. Abigail tells Gabi that she's still a virgin and is worried that Cameron now knows. Gabi suggests she could talk to him about it and he may admire her for it. Abigail worries that he'll think she's a freak.

Sami tells Julie that it's not a very good time but Julie says it's important and won't take long. Will says he will let them talk but Sami says they aren't done talking. Julie asks Will to stay since it concerns him. Julie tells Sami to back off because the paternity test is totally unnecessary and possibly dangerous. Sami assumes Gabi sent Julie.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie and pick up Parker. Maggie tells him that she has to talk to him about Chloe. She says they are actually doing the changes Chloe wanted made in the mansion. Maggie tells him that she's convinced that Chloe deliberately pushed Victor's buttons to get herself thrown out so she could get closer to him. Daniel tells her that she and Jennifer need to trust him as he loves Jennifer and Chloe can't change that. Maggie asks why he's so angry with Jennifer if he loves her. Maggie brings up everything Jennifer's been through with Nicole and Chloe. Maggie calls it a mistake. Daniel says it would've been nice if Jennifer apologized. Maggie tells him that she did and asks if he got her message.

Jennifer questions Chloe being all about Parker and not Daniel. Chloe repeats that she wants what's best for her son but Jennifer doesn't believe her. Chloe tells Jennifer that she'll get nowhere in life without charisma. Jennifer tells Chloe that she doesn't have a kind heart or character. Chloe talks about too many women putting too much into being sweet. Jennifer asks Chloe if she thinks Daniel will choose her. Chloe doesn't answer as Jennifer thinks her grin says it all. Jennifer wishes Daniel would see Chloe for who she really is. Chloe questions who Jennifer really is. Jennifer says anyone could see through Chloe. Chloe calls her sweet and adorable. Jennifer tells her that Daniel is getting wise to her manipulating. Chloe reminds her that she is the mother of his child so Daniel will never push her too far away. Chloe tells her that Daniel liked it when she wore one of the outfits in her bag or nothing at all. Chloe then walks away.

Maggie tells Daniel that Jennifer left a note at the hospital that she was sorry. Daniel says he never got it. Maggie figured since he would've talked to her and that's why she told Jennifer to talk to Daniel in person. Daniel realizes now that Jennifer went to his place and found Chloe moving in while he went to her place to apologize but neither of them got to. Daniel then gets a message from Jennifer asking to see him. Maggie says that's good and jokes with him not to screw it up this time as Daniel hurries out.

Julie tells Sami that she doesn't take orders from anyone. Julie says she came to plead Gabi's case but she didn't send her. Sami continues to think Gabi is manipulating Julie. Will can't believe Sami is accusing Gabi of manipulating. Will reminds her that this is his life. Julie thinks they are handling the situation and doesn't want Sami to get in the middle to stir things up. Sami questions why Julie is on Nick's side when Will is her family too. Julie says she's not on any side as she's just trying to stop Sami from making things worse. Will agrees with Julie and asks Sami to not do anything this time. Sami agrees to try to back off. Will and Julie both thank her. Julie thinks everything will be just fine. Julie tells Will that she is very proud of him as she exits. Will apologizes to Sami if he hurt her feelings. Sami asks Will to stay to talk about other things and offers him snacks. Will agrees and goes to get snacks. After he leaves, Sami makes a call that she's going out for a bit so she takes her things and exits the office.

Eric tries to reason with the robber since he has the money. The man wants Nicole's jewelry and orders her to put it on the desk. Nicole removes her earrings and puts them on the desk. The man demands the necklace as well. She argues that it was her mother's and not even worth that much but he orders her to give it or else she'll die.

Ann joins Chloe at Daniel's. Ann jokes about the place being no mansion but cozy. Chloe says she wanted it cozy with just her, Daniel, and Parker but Daniel moved into a hotel. Ann comments on another of her schemes not going as planned. Chloe says she needs a friend and talks about blowing up at Jennifer. Chloe thinks she overplayed her hand.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and tells her about how he didn't like how they fought and he was a jerk. Jennifer feels she was just as bad. Daniel mentions Maggie sharing with him that Jennifer left a message that he never got. Daniel talks about how he should've talked to her and he was going to but they were both going to apologize and things got screwed up. Daniel says Jennifer was right and he apologizes for reacting. Daniel wants things back to the way they were. Jennifer wants that as well. Daniel tells her that he's glad to hear her say that. Jennifer apologizes for lying and tells her that she's had a gutload of Chloe. Jennifer apologizes for jumping all over him. Daniel is glad they talked. Daniel says he just didn't want to tell her over the phone. They agree not to talk about it anymore and they kiss.

Sami goes to the Pub and greets Gabi. Sami questions Gabi using Will's own family against him by sending Julie. Will arrives and says he knew it right after Sami agreed to back off. Sami just wants to know why Gabi hasn't done the paternity test. Gabi doesn't want to hurt the baby like Julie said. Sami argues that Julie wouldn't know and suggests they go talk to a doctor right now as Rafe enters and questions what Sami thinks she's doing.

Nicole refuses to give her necklace as the man demands it. They struggle and she steps on his foot to break his grip. Eric knocks him down to try and save Nicole but the man grabs the cross and hits Eric from behind, knocking him out as the man then runs away.

Abe and Theo talk to Cameron at the hospital. Abe tells him that it would make Lexie happy to see Cameron and Theo. Cameron calls it one of the reasons he stayed in Salem as they agree to meet Tuesday. Abe and Theo leave as Abigail arrives and asks if Cameron has time to talk.

Chloe tells Ann that it's not really about Daniel but about Parker. Chloe says she's determined to give Parker a stable, loving home with both of his parents but she's worried that she pushed it too far this time. Chloe wonders what Jennifer will do to fight back now that she knows she's after Daniel. Ann warns her that Jennifer is going to turn Daniel against her.

Daniel tells Jennifer that they need another getaway together. Jennifer says they still need to talk about Chloe. Daniel offers to do whatever he can. Jennifer thinks Daniel needs to make it clear to Chloe that he's moved on and there's no chance they can get back together. Daniel thinks he's made it clear but Jennifer doesn't think so, mentioning that Chloe was buying lingerie. Jennifer tells Daniel that Chloe isn't going to give up and she thinks there's only one thing he can do that they both won't like. Jennifer thinks Daniel needs to not have any contact with Chloe. She adds that she knows they share custody of Parker but she thinks he needs to not see or hear from Chloe at all.

Rafe tells Sami to back off but she refuses and goes on about the paternity test. Sami thinks Gabi and Nick are trying to pull something on Will. Rafe threatens Sami with a restraining order. Will asks Sami to go back to her office but she claims she's not doing anything wrong. Sami and Rafe get into an argument which Gabi tries to stop. Gabi then starts feeling stomach pains and worries about the baby as Sami rolls her eyes.

Nicole checks on Eric as he's unresponsive. She cries for him to say something as she worries about him dying on her. Nicole then says that she loves him.

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