Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady asks Kristen to move in with him in their own place but Kristen says no as it won't work and none of this will work. Brady is surprised and asks what she means.

Marlena sits at the coffeehouse and answers a call from John. She says she can hear him well and asks if he's in Salem but the connection cuts out. Marlena hangs up and EJ joins her asking if John is back in town. EJ says he's interested to know what John thinks of he and Sami being back together. Marlena says she'll ask him and asks if EJ wants to know what she thinks. EJ says he thinks he already knows.

Nicole questions Eric thinking she's hung up on Lucas. Eric admits he thought it was possible. Nicole admits she's still hung up on one man but it sure as hell isn't Lucas. Eric says they then know who she's talking about.

Daniel walks away from Jennifer's and runs into Abigail. Daniel tells her about running into Lucas. Abigail asks Daniel if he's really going to do this to Jennifer again.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she's moving in and that she can ask Daniel if she doesn't believe her. Chloe adds that Victor threw her out so Daniel understood she needed a place to stay. Chloe talks about Daniel not going over it with Jennifer first when they are so close.

Daniel goes into the house with Abigail. Abigail talks about seeing pictures of Parker and how she's happy for him but she's wondering what it means for Daniel and Jennifer. Abigail brings up what Nicole did to try and be with Daniel and now Jennifer is back in the middle again.

Jennifer tells Chloe that this obviously just happened so she shouldn't read too much into it. Chloe mentions needing to unpack. Jennifer says she always brings baggage. Chloe remarks that she will be putting all of her things back where they belong and Daniel will be back to help her get settled in as she shuts the door and Jennifer walks away.

EJ tells Marlena that they have a situation to deal with as he knows how she feels about him being with Sami but Sami feels differently. EJ thinks they owe it to Sami to try and get past their differences. EJ adds that Brady is about to marry into his family. Marlena thinks he's sounding like a lawyer. Marlena tells EJ that he's wrong and she knows he and his sister will only cause her family misery so she won't let them. EJ brings up Brady and John not speaking and asks if she wants the same for her and Sami. Marlena says he and Sami won't last as they never do and then Brady and Kristen won't last either. Marlena says she and John will be there for them. EJ reminds her that John is not in town. Marlena asks EJ not to break Sami's heart as she then exits the coffeehouse.

Kristen tells Brady that this is not an easy conversation but they have to have it. Brady's phone rings and he tries to ignore it but she tells him to take it. Brady checks it and says work can wait but Kristen understands if he has to go. They argue and Kristen tells him that she needs some time to formulate. Brady agrees to go then. Kristen says they will see each other later so Brady walks away.

Eric tells Nicole that it can be hard to face changes for someone you care deeply about. Eric believes Nicole has too much to invest in something that no longer exists. Eric insists that Nicole will get over Daniel. Nicole goes along with it being Daniel. Eric talks about being comforted by God. Nicole asks if he's telling her to pray. Nicole says that's the best thing he could say to her.

Daniel tells Abigail that he knows it's a big adjustment and there's a lot to work out which is why he came to see Jennifer. Daniel talks about how important Jennifer is to him. Abigail thinks he sounds sincere. Daniel assures her that he is. Abigail mentions Jennifer being unhappy and talks about Daniel didn't do anything to stop Nicole and now isn't stopping Chloe from doing the exact same thing. Jennifer returns home as Daniel asks what exactly Chloe is doing. Abigail warns Daniel that she will make him sorry if Jennifer gets hurt again as they then notice Jennifer entered the room.

EJ enters the Pub and sits with Brady as he talks about running into his family everywhere. Brady is annoyed as EJ says that Kristen tells him he's a real catch.

Kristen gets upset and says she should've just ended it. She throws a can as John appears. John says Kristen got in too deep and developed real feelings. John says he knows her whole plan was to break Brady's heart but she herself got hurt. John says he will get Brady and Marlena back while Kristen will end up the big loser again. Kristen swings at him but John then disappears as just a figment of her imagination. Marlena arrives and is happy to note that Kristen seems upset.

Eric tells Nicole to say what's in her heart as Hope enters, apologizing for interrupting. Eric asks for a few more minutes but Nicole insists on Hope staying. Hope talks about a field trip. Eric wants to take care of it but Nicole assures him that she can do it so Eric exits.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and sees Chloe. Maggie asks about Parker. Chloe explains about Victor kicking her out but Maggie doesn't believe her. Maggie declares that the only reason Chloe has moved in is because she can't stay away from Daniel.

Jennifer tells Daniel about Chloe rubbing it in that she moved in with Daniel. Daniel doesn't want her to start yelling. Daniel explains that he won't be living with Chloe and he only cares what Jennifer thinks. Daniel reveals that he already booked a hotel which is what he came to tell her and he won't move back until Chloe moves out. Daniel understands that Chloe blindsided her and he sees that she will be a problem but there is no problem with them. Jennifer says there wouldn't be a problem if Daniel would've told her ahead of time but he didn't and now he comes to tell her to deal with it. Daniel says she has a problem with him and not just Chloe. Daniel brings up Nicole and declares the problem is that Jennifer doesn't trust him. Jennifer argues that it's not about trust but about Daniel always doing the right thing for everyone when some people should fend for themselves instead of being rescued. Jennifer complains that Chloe is walking all over her. Jennifer says she isn't trying to insult him but make him see what's going on. Jennifer tells Daniel that he's too trusting. Daniel brings up Parker and thinks Jennifer is calling him a moron that can't deal with women. Daniel declares he's done and storms out.

Maggie goes over what she thinks happened with Chloe. Maggie says Chloe knew what buttons to push with Victor so she could get closer to Daniel. Chloe denies it but Maggie doesn't believe her. Chloe brings up Maggie being the one that walked in on her and Daniel when she was married to Lucas. Chloe thinks Maggie is just afraid that it will happen again and Daniel will dump Jennifer for her. Maggie suggests she shouldn't unpack yet because it may not last. Maggie then exits. Chloe says to herself that sometimes lightning strikes twice.

Hope talks about Nicole working at the rectory because Eric wants her to be there. Nicole thinks Hope thinks she's just causing problems. Hope says Eric cares about her and that's his concern. Nicole tells her that she no longer wants to be Eric's concern as she is thinking about leaving. Hope tells her that it's her decision. Nicole says it's all getting to her. Hope doesn't think it will make much difference if she's doing it to get away from Eric.

Kristen tells Marlena that she only cares that she's alone and unhappy. Marlena reveals that John called and they are going to work things out. Marlena tells her that they are stronger than her and Brady will figure out that she's just using him. Marlena then suggests he already has. Kristen responds that she doesn't know what she's talking about as usual. Marlena tells Kristen that her luck won't last forever. Marlena then gets a call back from John and steps out to answer it leaving Kristen upset.

Chloe plays with Parker as Daniel returns home. Daniel reveals to Chloe that he needs to pack as he got a hotel room which surprises Chloe. Chloe argues that there's enough room for them but Daniel feels it's about what's appropriate. Daniel gets a call from Maggie who asks if he can talk. Daniel tells Chloe that he needs to talk privately so Chloe takes Parker into the other room as Daniel talks to Maggie.

Nicole asks Hope what she means that it won't make a difference. Hope tells her that no matter where she lives, Eric will still be invested in helping her turn things around and he won't walk away from her. Hope talks about knowing Eric all of his life and knows the look on his face when he looks at Nicole. Hope assures that Eric isn't giving up on her as she exits. Nicole agrees that it doesn't matter where she moves as Eric will still try to help her. Nicole exclaims that she can't get involved with another man that she could never be with.

Marlena talks to John on the phone. John says he is still in Europe and asks how things are going. Marlena talks about running into Kristen and she seemed rattled. Marlena asks what his plan is. John reveals that he's going to be there for awhile. Marlena wishes he was in Salem so they could talk face to face. John says he has to go and just wanted to make sure everything was alright. Marlena says they can't be alright until he's home but John hangs up.

Eric joins Brady at the Pub and offers to buy him lunch, thanking him for not pressing charges against Nicole. Brady asks if Eric is the one that got Nicole going towards Kristen. Eric says he had no idea she would do anything like that and doesn't want to go there. Brady wants Eric to admit he was wrong about Kristen but Eric says he can't so Brady says he's sorry to hear that and won't sit there to listen to another lecture. Brady tells Eric that he knows Kristen better than him and maybe better than the whole town as he storms out of the Pub.

Kristen returns home furious and throws her jacket off. Kristen slams a pillow on the bed shouting that she hates Marlena. Kristen screams that she was going to cut him loose and do the right thing. Kristen looks at a picture of her and Brady as she says she started to feel sorry for him and forgot that he's the enemy. Kristen declares that she's sorry but she's going to have to destroy him after all as she slams down the picture. Brady enters and greets her. Brady tells her that he's been thinking a lot about what happened earlier and realizes he must have threw her for a loop by asking her to move in. Kristen tells him that he doesn't have to apologize. Brady asks if she's changed her mind.

Maggie tells Daniel that she has a couple of things she wants to talk about and asks if he saw Jennifer today. Daniel says he did but doesn't want to talk about it over the phone so he suggests bringing Parker over to see her. Daniel tells Chloe that he's going to take Parker and go see Maggie then leave him there while he goes to check into a hotel. Chloe agrees saying she has a couple of things to do also.

Abigail returns to Jennifer and asks about her being upset and if she's upset with her. Jennifer says she's upset with herself for letting Chloe get to her and taking it out on Daniel. Abigail asks about Daniel coming to make things right. Jennifer says she just let him have it and needs to figure out how to fix it. Abigail says she's going to give her some time. Abigail adds that she's decided she wants to go get a dress. Jennifer offers to go pick it up for her and thinks she can think better if she's moving. Jennifer says maybe by the time she gets back she'll figure out how to undo what she did to Daniel. Jennifer then exits.

Nicole goes walking outside the Pub and runs into Sydney with her babysitter. Nicole greets Sydney and explains to the babysitter that she used to be her stepmom. The babysitter mentions having to take Sydney to a playdate. Nicole hugs Sydney goodbye and tells her she loves her as the babysitter walks away with her. EJ then approaches with a smile.

Kristen tells Brady that she doesn't know what made her act like she did as she's not in control of her feelings. Kristen says her pride was hurt when he didn't want to marry her. Brady says it's not about her or how he feels. Kristen says she hasn't been in love in a really long time and forgot how crazy it can make her. Kristen says she still loves him and wants to live with him. Brady says he wants that more than anything. Kristen tells him to make it happen and they kiss.

Chloe goes to the Horton house and sees Abigail. Chloe asks to see Jennifer so she can clear up their misunderstanding. Abigail tells her that Jennifer isn't there and slams the door in her face. Chloe goes off to find Jennifer.

Jennifer walks through the town square and sees Daniel walking with Parker. Daniel walks on with Parker as Jennifer tells herself to just stop thinking and take action. Jennifer follows after Daniel.

EJ notes that Nicole looks upset and asks if everything is okay. Nicole says she's standing there with him. EJ is glad she had a chance to say hello to Sydney. EJ adds that he knows it can't be easy as she's a reminder of everything Nicole has lost. Nicole tells EJ to go to Hell. EJ remarks that she'd be a part of the welcoming committee. EJ mentions strolling by and thinking of taking Sami to a romantic new restaurant. Nicole asks about poisoning Sami. EJ informs her that they are back together and things are better than ever after getting past their differences. Nicole asks how he does it. EJ says it's by not being a complete loser as he walks away. Nicole declares if that wasn't a sign then she doesn't know what it is. Nicole decides she's leaving this town and never looking back as she walks away.

Eric returns to the rectory reading the bible. He puts it down and kneels in front of the cross to pray. A man then enters the rectory and holds a gun to Eric's head.

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