Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/15/13


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Sami opens the gift box and finds the ring inside. EJ enters and asks what she thinks of his proposal as she smiles.

Cameron goes to Abigail's to join her for lunch. She notes him being right on time as he hopes she's in the mood for something sweet.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and sees Sonny inside. Will thinks back to getting the box in the mail. Will enters and approaches Sonny. Sonny notes that Will is beaming and he bets he knows why.

Gabi worries about Will winning a custody battle but Nick assures that neither Will or Sonny will get near their baby. Nick adds that the real problem is Sami and EJ. Nick declares that with the other gay boy back in the picture there's no way they would win.

Kate goes to see Rafe in his office.

Sami tells EJ that she can't believe he did all of this.

Gabi questions Nick calling Sonny the other gay boy. Nick claims he didn't mean anything by it as he just happens to be gay. Gabi tells him that he didn't have to do that. Gabi thinks it's sounding like Nick wants to keep the baby from Will and Sonny because they are gay. Nick claims that she's reading too much into it and he's just worried about who Will is listening to right now such as Sami. Nick suggests Sami could put ideas in Sonny's head. Gabi says she can't do this as Will's family hates her. Nick reveals he has a plan to protect her to make sure they raise her baby.

Rafe notes Kate being early. Kate says she was in the neighborhood. Rafe says he has something that he wants to talk about. Kate says she knows what he wants to talk about as Rafe puts away papers from Nick's file. Rafe informs Kate that he actually wants to talk about Sami.

EJ tells Sami about the accountant knowing about this which surprises Sami.

Kate and Rafe sit together at the town square. Kate jokes about sticking to soft drinks. Rafe brings up Sami. Kate asks what she did to him now. Rafe reveals that EJ and Sami have bullied Will into demanding Gabi take a paternity test. Kate wonders why. Rafe explains that they are trying to cast doubts on Gabi's promise to let Will be in the baby's life. Kate says she's not surprised. Rafe adds that they've suggested Gabi could put Nick's name on the birth certificate. Kate admits she sees their point which Rafe questions. Kate says it's what she would do if she was Gabi and wanted to keep the baby from Will but Kate says she's not Gabi. Kate says she trusts Gabi and Rafe so she thinks they will do the right thing. Kate thinks Will is going to do the right thing also regardless of Sami and EJ's interference. Rafe hopes so and asks what she is thinking. Kate says she is thinking about who concerns her the most in the situation and that's Nick.

Gabi asks Nick what his plan is but he tells her to just trust him since the less she knows the better. Nick tells her that if it comes down to a judge deciding who is fit to be a parent then he's not the only one with a past and he paid his debt to society. Nick declares that Will may be out of the closet but his family still has plenty of skeletons in theirs. Gabi calls it Nick's family too. Nick says the Hortons and Bradys would do anything to keep their secrets.

Sonny thinks Will is so happy because of his daughter. Sonny talks about how Will is going to be an amazing father. Will reveals he's happy because of what he got in the mail today. Sonny apologizes and says he got it a month ago when he moved in and forgot to cancel. Will claims he knew that and says he just came to give it back but Sonny tells him that he got it for him so he should keep it.

EJ tells Sami that they aren't making any lifetime commitment. EJ reveals the ring is a not a real diamond and will tarnish. Sami can't believe it and asks if EJ is saying it's not worth it. EJ says it gives them a break from work. Sami questions him. EJ calls it a perk of the situation. EJ says Sami can see the children more instead of working overtime. Sami is upset and shoves him.

Cameron and Abigail eat lunch at her place. He asks about the boxes. She explains that her and Jennifer are going through old things to see what they want to donate. Cameron notes one of her boxes. Abigail says it's just old school stuff with nothing in there. Cameron decides to take a look and jokes about an old birthday card from a boy which Abigail jokes that he may have been a first love.

EJ explains to Sami about getting this ring and shows her a box of other rings. Sami is confused as EJ reveals that it's an ad campaign for nail polish. Sami gets embarrassed saying she can't believe what she thought. EJ wants her to tell him. Sami agrees to tell him to honor their deal to be honest with each other.

Rafe tells Kate that he knows she had issues with Nick as he's been there too. Rafe assures her that Nick only has Gabi and the baby's best interests at heart. Rafe adds that Nick has been completely supportive of Will being in the baby's life. Kate questions Rafe still worrying about Nick's prison record so she doesn't think Rafe is ready to give his blessing.

Gabi asks Nick what he's not telling her. Nick tells her not to worry as it's just family stuff. Gabi is worried that it sounds like blackmail. Nick says he'll only follow through if it's necessary and he'd just be telling the truth but it's totally up to Will.

Will sits with Sonny and tells him that it's good music. Sonny jokes with him as Will talks about liking his music. They listen to the song together and agree that Sonny made a good playlist. Will says it's not only the songs but also what he said. Brian then interrupts and asks Sonny if he's ready to go.

Cameron finds Abigail's yearbook and jokes about looking up his competition. They joke together. Cameron continues reading and asks about the Golden Circle Club which shocks Abigail and she drops her plates.

Will tells Sonny he has to go so he exits. Brian asks Sonny if everything is okay and talks about wanting to go rock climbing with him.

Kate thinks Rafe is rattled by Sami but Rafe says he doesn't give a damn about Sami and he doesn't think Gabi would put Nick on the birth certificate. Kate reminds him that Nick convinced Gabi to pretend it was his baby in the first place. Kate talks about how Sami could go after Nick being an ex-con and try to make Gabi out to be an unfit mother so that Will could provide a stable home for the baby. Rafe asks if that's what she wants. Kate praises Will but says he's not in a position to raise a child on his own. Kate declares that Will is not the problem and goes back to Nick. Rafe asks what they should do. Kate thinks they should show him that they are on the same side. Rafe thought they were. Kate says Nick thinks she's on Will's side. Rafe insists that Nick is on their side and wonders what meeting with him will accomplish. Kate says that's what he has her for.

Gabi just wants them to be happy and says having the baby should be a great, exciting time. Nick promises it will be and kisses her. Nick's phone then rings with a message from work saying Kate wants to see him. Nick kisses Gabi goodbye and exits. Gabi tells her baby not to worry since Nick will make everything okay.

Sami admits to EJ that she kept expecting him to propose to her and even told Will about it. EJ asks what Will said. Sami says he was very supportive but thought EJ lost his mind. Sami tells him not to say anything sweet because she's embarrassed. EJ thinks an engagement at this point would've been a bit forward. EJ admits that he's surprised she didn't go running when she thought that. Sami admits she thought about it. EJ says this explains her reaction. Sami realizes now and understands. EJ tells her that life with her will never be tedious or dull and he wouldn't change a second of it as they kiss.

Cameron helps Abigail clean up. Cameron mentions the golden circle club again and thought it was some school club. Abigail says it's nothing like that but calls it no big deal. Cameron gets paged from the hospital and has to go. Abigail tells him that she's free to do it again some time. Cameron goes to leave but Abigail pulls him back for a kiss and she then walks him out.

EJ shuts the office door and locks it. Sami tells him they can't but EJ says he owns the place and can do whatever he wants as he takes off his jacket and kisses her onto the desk.

Will goes to Gabi's and asks what's the matter with him, calling himself an idiot. Gabi asks what's going on. Will asks if she told anyone about he and Sonny maybe getting back together. Gabi says she didn't and wants him to talk to her. Will asks Gabi if they are friends and can still talk without all the baby tension. Gabi assures him that they can always talk. Gabi asks him what happened. Will says nothing happened and nothing is going to happen. Will says he talked to him and is what really excited thinking he wanted to get back together. Gabi insists that Sonny just needs time to get over it and tells him not to give up. Will says he has to as Sonny is with Brian now.

Nick meets with Kate in the town square. Kate informs him that she didn't call him to talk about business. Rafe joins them and reveals it's personal.

Abigail goes back to read her yearbook and mentions the golden circle club, getting frustrated about it.

Cameron talks to a nurse at the hospital and asks about the Golden Circle Club. She calls that inappropriate. Cameron wonders why. She calls it sexual harassment. She adds that it's embarrassing but Cameron doesn't understand it. She realizes he doesn't know what it is so she explains that it's a club that people joined swearing not to have sex until marriage until they got the "golden circle" of a wedding ring.

Will explains to Gabi that the mp3 player was supposed to be a Valentine's Day gift that Sonny ordered a month ago. Will feels he humiliated himself since Sonny left him to go on a date with Brian. Gabi tells him that Sonny's feelings for him won't disappear and are still there. Will thinks it's better this way so he can move on to focus on school and their daughter now. Will adds that he won't have a lot of time to date anyway. Will asks Gabi not to tell anyone about humiliating himself. Will thinks he made Sonny feel bad enough and doesn't want to hurt anyone else. Gabi promises not to say anything. Will decides to leave but stops and asks if she made the appointment for the paternity test.

Rafe tells Nick that they just wanted to talk to him about making sure everything works out with he, Will, Gabi, and the baby and their agreement to raise the baby together. Rafe says they need to make sure they do everything possible to make sure that there's no stress affecting the outcome of the baby. Nick thinks they are talking about Sami and says he doesn't know what her problem is either since they included Will in every decision which won't change. Kate wants them to be clear that they recognize and support each parent's right but they are concerned that someone with a personal agenda might get in the way of that other than Sami. Nick asks if they think he has an ulterior motive so Rafe asks if he does.

Sami and EJ kiss in bed as Sami talks about feeling like an idiot for thinking he was going to propose. EJ says it wasn't silly as they know just about everything about each other and they accept each other with faults and all. Sami jokes about wearing all the rings on. EJ says if they were real, there's no diamond big enough or flawless enough to tell her how he feels about her. Sami calls it quite a line and kisses him. EJ says it won't stop him from trying and says maybe someday soon as they continue kissing.

Sonny and Brian talk outside the town square. Brian hopes they do it again soon. Sonny says he has to go shower and get back to work while Brian has practice. Brian tells him that he had a really great time as Sonny did too. They agree to see each other again soon as they kiss goodbye. Brian walks away as Sonny thinks back to rock climbing with Will.

Gabi tells Will that she hasn't had a chance to schedule the paternity test yet as she wants to ask Cameron if it will hurt the baby or not. Will says that's fine and he just wants to get it out of the way so everyone is on the same page. Gabi says she understands. Will says goodbye and exits. Gabi wonders aloud where Will stands.

Rafe tells Nick that he knows he loves Gabi. Nick assures him that they will get married soon. Rafe tells him not to get defensive as Kate adds that they are not the enemy. Nick says he knows Kate doesn't like him very much. Kate brings up Nick playing her against Sami for a better job offer but Will convinced her that he did that to provide for Gabi and the baby which she respects. Nick declares he plans to protect the baby no matter what. Rafe reminds him that if Sami and EJ push it into a custody battle then his prison record will become Gabi's biggest liability. Nick calls it so unfair as he did his time and paid for his crimes while not everyone does. Rafe informs Nick that he knows exactly what happened to him in prison.

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