Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen wakes up with Brady in bed. Kristen talks about how she won't remember anything from being drunk.

Parker plays with his blocks with Daniel from his hospital bed. Chloe enters and joins them. Chloe surprises Daniel with a new cell phone. Daniel wonders how she got all his data on the new phone already. Chloe reveals that she told them that she was his wife.

Hope goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer tells Hope that Chloe ruined her night but Jennifer says she helped it happen.

Will and Lucas meet outside the town square. Will assures Lucas that the text didn't come from T. Lucas says the phone is a dead end and asks if he's sure it wasn't Nick.

Nick sits in Gabi's room listening to Will and Lucas's conversation from his recorder. Gabi enters and notes that it sounds like Will.

Kate wakes up in bed looking around. She then looks over and sees Rafe in bed next to her. Kate grabs for her clothes as Rafe begins waking up. Kate tells him good morning.

Daniel questions Chloe getting all of his data from saying she's his wife. Chloe says she had to convince them and still knew his social security number. Chloe says everything was like before and Daniel is a doctor so people need to be able to reach him. Chloe asks if he's missing anything important. Daniel says not really.

Jennifer talks to Hope about shooting herself in the foot because she got so angry about Chloe. Jennifer says she thought all night that she sunk to Chloe's level. Jennifer mentions calling the hospital to leave a note that she is sorry but hasn't heard anything back.

Will assures Lucas that it's not Nick as he's been great about everything. Lucas doesn't believe it. Will adds that Nick has no idea he shot EJ and wonders how he would know that.

Nick thought Gabi was working. Gabi says she was and asks what Nick was listening to.

Kristen thinks Brady is lying to her and holding something back about why they aren't getting married. Kristen is concerned that he's keeping something from her. Brady wonders how they went from talking about Kristen's hangover to this. Brady reminds her that if they got married now then it would kill any chance of his relationship with John and Marlena. Kristen doesn't believe it's the only reason and claims Brady told her that. Brady says he didn't mean anything. Kristen thinks he was putting her off. Brady says he has to go get his phone back from Daniel. He kisses her and exits.

Lucas says if it's not Nick then he goes back to thinking it's EJ. Will doesn't think so but Lucas talks about how it's something EJ would do to try and save the day for Sami. Will mentions forgetting about Sami and doesn't want to tell her.

Nick tells Gabi that he was just messing with some software. Gabi mentions not feeling well so she lies down. Nick promises that things will work out for them and their baby.

Daniel goes to the counter and checks his messages, wondering if that's all of them. Chloe checks out with Kayla for Parker to be able to go home. Chloe tells Daniel that she has a wonderful idea.

Jennifer thinks Daniel must still be angry with her. Hope thinks he must just be with Parker. Jennifer mentions there being a phone. Hope says they just don't know what's going on. Jennifer gets up and decides to call the hospital. Jennifer says she left a message for Daniel last night and is informed that Daniel just picked up his messages so she hangs up. Hope suggests Daniel must still be with Parker. Jennifer still thinks Daniel is still upset with her. Hope tells her not to assume but to talk with Daniel herself. Jennifer jokes with her about always helping as they hug before Hope leaves.

Chloe says she knows Daniel was supposed to have Parker today but she's not ready to let him go. Daniel agrees to reschedule but Chloe offers to come home with him to spend a few hours to make sure he's settled and then Daniel can have him for the rest of the day. Daniel asks if she's sure. Chloe calls it perfect.

Kate gets re-dressed in bed as Rafe tries to remember the night before. Rafe recalls drinking and then walking her home. Kate says she was going to try and exit before he woke up but Rafe stops her. Kate doesn't think they need to go over the night if Rafe doesn't remember. Rafe says he didn't say that. Kate says they are both adults. Kate calls it a mistake so Rafe agrees.

Chloe and Daniel bring Parker home. Chloe talks about Parker being safe. Daniel says he has to go meet Brady to give him his phone back. Chloe says she remembers where everything is so Daniel leaves her at his place as he exits.

Lucas tells Will that he knows Sami would just make things worse. Lucas advises Will to do nothing. Lucas shows Will the text again and notes that it doesn't say they have proof. Will thinks they must have evidence but Lucas notes that it doesn't say that. Will thinks they would just have to go to the police. Lucas still doesn't believe it and suggests they could just be trying to rattle him.

Nick tells Gabi not to worry about the paternity test and adds that she won't have to take it. Nick says he didn't want to make a big deal with Sami and Will but he thinks they should let it seem like they are on Will's side. Gabi doesn't think Will is going to be a problem as it's just Sami pushing him. Nick suggests that it could be Sonny. Nick recalls seeing them at the coffeehouse and he thinks it's possible that Sonny is behind the paternity test. Gabi thinks back to Sonny warning her that he'll be watching her closely. Nick asks if she's okay and she claims she is.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and Chloe answers the door.

Kristen answers a call from Stefano who says he has wonderful news. Stefano tells her that his work is almost finished so he should be home soon. Kristen calls it good. Stefano thinks she should be happier and asks if she's listening. Stefano thinks it's all about Brady. Kristen admits she's concerned about him.

Brady and Daniel meet up at the town square. Daniel gives him his phone back and says they got Parker back home. They talk about bouncing back and being glad he's okay. Brady asks what's wrong with him. Daniel calls it a messy night but he doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel says he should talk to Jennifer.

Jennifer greets Chloe and asks if Daniel is home but she says he's not. Jennifer asks about Parker. Chloe says he's much better and they didn't want to leave him so they are both spending the day with him.

Nick wants Gabi to tell him what she's worried about. Gabi admits she's worried about losing the baby. Nick says there is no grounds other than her ex-con husband. Nick guarantees it won't go to court and promises he won't cost her the baby. Nick kisses her and exits.

Lucas tells Will not to worry as he thinks it's empty threats. Lucas adds that a bunch of people would want to kill EJ. Will calls it a stupid irrational move that he should've paid for instead of Lucas. Lucas says he didn't give him the choice. Will thinks he should've owned up to what he did. Lucas talks about not wanting Will to start out with a record. Lucas tells Will that he's a good man and will be a good dad which Will says he wants to be.

Kate asks Rafe if he thinks it was a mistake. Rafe says he hasn't been in this position in a long time and doesn't know what to say. Kate decides they shouldn't talk. Rafe says it's coming back to him that they were drinking and she was telling a story then tried to walk. Kate suggests they should get up and clothed if they have to talk about it. Rafe laughs as he remembers going up the stairs to get here. Kate says she'll make sure nothing was broken on her way out but Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to go. Kate thought they agreed it was a mistake but Rafe says she was putting words in his mouth. Rafe holds her hand and Kate decides to get back in bed and they begin kissing as they get under the covers.

Kristen tells Stefano that she's sure Brady is keeping something from her. Stefano tells her not to forget what she's keeping from him so she shouldn't act like a hurt wife. Stefano tells her to keep her eye on what she's chose to do. Kristen is upset that she's missing something as she thought she knew everything about Brady. Stefano tells her not to forget about the prize. Kristen says Brady is going to propose and she'll probably break his heart before Stefano gets back unless he wants to watch. Stefano tells her to get it over with as soon as possible. Kristen asks if he's sure he's ready to come back as he will have to run into Kate all the time. Stefano calls Kate old news and says he doesn't even think about her anymore.

Rafe and Kate make love again and Rafe jokes about that being the second mistake. Kate tells him to speak for himself and jokes about not being responsible for her actions. Kate says this makes no sense and says they could end up on opposite sides with Will and Gabi. Rafe thought they agreed to being reasonable last night. Rafe mentions that Kate said she'd help him with Sami. Kate says they know the odds of that working out. Kate agrees to talk to Sami but says she doesn't trust Nick. Kate warns Rafe to keep his eye on Nick. They joke with each other as Kate says she has to go. Kate thanks Rafe and calls last night unexpected. Rafe agrees in a good way. Kate gets up and says she really has to go. They joke about trusting each other as Kate exits.

Nick goes to Hope's office. She asks about Gabi. Nick says Gabi is stressed because Will asked for a paternity test. Nick guesses the idea came from Sami. Hope doesn't understand since she's not claiming Will isn't the father and he's been involved. Nick wonders why there should be a paternity test. Nick thinks Sami is pushing Will to go for custody of the baby in court.

Rafe goes to Gabi's and hopes he didn't wake her up. Rafe tells Gabi to go back to resting and asks if she's sleeping okay. Gabi admits it's been hard. Rafe wants to know what's wrong. Gabi says she's not sure so he shouldn't freak out. Gabi tells Rafe that he was right that Sami is coming after her.

Chloe tells Jennifer that what she did was cruel. Jennifer says she didn't lie to Daniel but to Chloe. Jennifer brings up Chloe's history of lies. Chloe wonders what would have happened if Parker would've been more sick or died. Jennifer brings up the note to child protective services and what Chloe has done to get Daniel away from her. Jennifer says she knows last night was an unplanned emergency but she also knows Chloe and Ann went to Club Inferno thinking they would be there. Jennifer apologizes that she couldn't reach Daniel and says it won't happen again. Jennifer tells her that none of this will help her get Daniel back. Chloe has enough and tells her to go then shuts the door in her face. Jennifer turns around as Daniel comes out of the elevator returning home.

Gabi tells Rafe that she knows where Will is coming from. Rafe thinks it sounds like Sami. Gabi suggests EJ as well since he's a lawyer. Rafe gets upset and says he's on it. Gabi asks him not to go over there since Sami will get worse. Gabi knows he's trying to help but tells him no. Rafe tells her that he will then help by not going over there to stir Sami up. Rafe says that's how this started but not everyone on that side is nuts. Rafe states that he knows exactly who to talk to.

Brady returns to Kristen's room. Kristen is surprised he's back so soon. Brady tells Kristen that he loves her and she can count on that. Brady tells her that she was right that the reason he can't marry her is not just John and Marlena. Brady admits he did not tell her everything.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she feels like she hasn't seen him in days. Jennifer tells him how happy she is that Parker is okay. Daniel thanks her and asks if that's all she came for. They both try to talk and tell the other to go first. Parker then starts crying from inside so Jennifer tells him to go be with his son. Jennifer exits as Daniel heads inside.

Hope tells Nick that she can't believe it's coming to a custody battle already. Nick says they can't lose the baby because of him. Hope agrees to vouch for him as a good man. Nick thanks her but wonders if that's enough. Nick talks about the rules being different in family court and wonders about evidence. Nick asks about a tape recording. Hope says it would be allowed if the judge feels it's relevant to the case.

Will sits in the town square opening an envelope with a small black box inside that confuses him.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and asks about Daniel checking his messages. Kayla approaches and mentions Parker going home. Jennifer calls it great but says she made a mistake and has a sick feeling Daniel won't forgive her for it.

Daniel starts to call Jennifer but Chloe interrupts so Daniel puts his phone away. Chloe says she got Parker to stop crying. Daniel tells her that he has a lot of food if she's hungry since she'll be around a while. Daniel goes to see Parker as Chloe says to herself that she's going to be there a while longer.

Kristen tells Brady that she didn't mean to pressure him. Brady sits with her and says it's not easy to talk about but she deserves to know the truth. Brady tells Kristen that he can't marry her, not because of John or Marlena since that won't change, but declares that he can't ever marry her.

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