Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric asks what Nicole wants. Nicole says she'll tell him exactly what she wants and then imagines kissing him but instead tells Eric that she wants out from this life and away from him.

Rafe sits alone in the town square and thinks back to his last argument with Sami as he finishes a drink. He then gets up and walks away.

Sami freaks out over finding the ring box and says she can't believe it. She then quickly puts it back as she hears EJ coming back. EJ talks about the kids as Sami tries to hide her emotions. EJ tells her that he has something important to ask her.

Kate sits at the Pub and gets a call from Stefano. Stefano says he heard from his lawyer that she wants to speak. Stefano comments that he almost forgot her voice. Stefano asks if it's personal or business.

Daniel argues that Jennifer wouldn't lie to Chloe. Jennifer approaches so Chloe tells him to ask her. Daniel turns to Jennifer and asks if she lied to Chloe about where they were tonight.

Sami tells EJ that she wasn't expecting this. EJ says he wasn't either. Sami tells him to just ask. EJ says he's just looking for Johnny's toy. He finds it and goes to bring it to Johnny, leaving Sami confused.

Kate tells Stefano that it's business but slightly personal as it's tax time. Kate says they were married so they need to file a joint tax return as the last thing they do together. Stefano tells her that he won't pay extra. Kate says she's the best reduction he ever had. Stefano talks about how good he was to her. Stefano calls her careless and says that's why she is sitting there alone.

Eric asks Nicole where she's going. Nicole suggests she'll go to a club. Eric tells her not to do that. Eric wants her to let him help but Nicole says he can't as this is not the life for her. Eric wants to know what made things seem worse and wants to help. Eric offers to find someone who can help her. Eric asks if she's really going to throw away all of her hard work and lose their friendship.

Jennifer admits to Daniel that she lied to Chloe about where they would be. Kayla comes over and calls Daniel and Chloe to see Parker after his tests. Daniel tells Jennifer that they will talk about this as he walks away with Chloe. They enter Parker's room. Kayla talks about his fever being down. Kayla declares the crisis is over but wants to keep Parker overnight. Daniel and Chloe both say they want to stay with him.

Jennifer confronts Ann and asks about going to Club Inferno. Jennifer accuses her and Chloe of trying to ruin her night with Daniel. Ann says it was all about Parker. Jennifer says Parker is fine. Ann talks about what could've happened. Ann walks away.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't want to lose her friendship but she doesn't think he can help her and will end up hating her. Rafe arrives. Eric asks if everything is okay. Rafe comes in drunk and complaining about Sami. Rafe informs Eric that Sami is back with EJ and comments that Nicole is looking good.

Kate and Stefano continue their argument until Kate ends their conversation.

EJ and Sami talk as Sami mentions celebrating. EJ realizes that she knows. Sami claims to be clueless but EJ says they'll just do this and goes to his jacket pocket.

Rafe rambles to Eric about Sami putting EJ in her bed. Eric tells him that he will check on Sami but he's busy with Nicole so he suggests Rafe go home and get some sleep. Rafe says that's on the list but he has something to do first. Nicole asks where he's headed. Rafe says he's going to the bar at the town square which is still open. Rafe invites Nicole to join him. Nicole tells Rafe that she'll meet him there. Rafe exits. Eric questions Nicole. Nicole tells him that Rafe is her friend and they both hate Sami. Eric tells her that's enough. Nicole tells him that she'd rather go dancing. Eric warns her that if she leaves then she can't come back. Nicole says she is real clear on the rules.

Sami continues to say that she has no idea what EJ is doing as he pulls out his cell phone and shows it to her.

Rafe sits at the town square and resumes drinking.

Daniel returns to Jennifer and they go to find a quiet place to talk.

Kate approaches Rafe and says she wants to have a few words with him.

Nicole checks her wallet and decides she doesn't have enough but figures someone will buy her a drink. Nicole finds extra money in a drawer that she had. Eric suggests she just take it all and says goodbye to Nicole.

Rafe doesn't want Kate to bust his chops over Gabi and says she can get in line behind Sami. Kate says no as she doesn't want to be hit by all the debris with Sami. Kate says she and Sami are both on Will's side. Rafe doesn't want everyone picking sides and tells Kate to talk to Sami. Kate asks about Sami making things worse already. Kate asks Rafe if he's alright with Will being the father to the baby. Rafe agrees not to interfere with it so Kate declares they don't have any problem. Kate doesn't see any reason to make things unreasonable. Rafe decides he's going to buy Kate a drink.

EJ shows Sami the profits they are making at Countess Wilhelmina on his phone. Sami asks if that was his big surprise. EJ calls it one of them but says Sami already knew about it. Sami denies it, saying she only knew the report was coming out. EJ thinks Sami was expecting something else. Sami denies it but EJ says he can read her and knows she was expecting something else. They talk about taking things to the next level with a big step. Sami thinks they are ready. EJ kisses her and goes back to his jacket pocket. EJ then pulls out lipstick and says they are ready to roll out their new project.

Kate talks to Rafe about getting over Sami. Kate says things will get better because Rafe is a good guy. Rafe calls her one hell of a woman. Rafe brings up Kate not having it that easy and having to fight for everything she got. Rafe says she's a tough independent woman that gets the job done. They laugh together. Rafe calls her beautiful. Kate thanks him and mentions Stefano calling her a witch. Rafe calls Stefano an idiot as they joke together. Kate thanks him for the laugh. Rafe asks why she ever hooked up with Stefano. Kate informs him it was blackmail.

Nicole and Eric don't say another word to each other as Nicole takes her things. She stops at the door and they exchange looks.

Daniel sits with Jennifer and doesn't get why she would lie to Chloe. Jennifer talks about knowing Chloe would try to ruin their night. Daniel talks about Parker being in the hospital. Jennifer admits she feels horrible now. Daniel doesn't believe she's sorry. Jennifer argues that she feels horrible about Parker but admits she's not sorry about lying to Chloe.

Rafe asks Kate about how Stefano blackmailed her into marrying him. Kate doesn't think she knows him well enough. Rafe says it makes sense and could see Stefano forcing her into marriage. Kate adds that he turned out to be the love of her life. Rafe calls it gross and says she's better off. They drink to that. Kate decides it's time for her to leave. Rafe tells her not to drive as she can barely walk. Kate jokes with him. Rafe gets up to walk her home so they walk off together.

Allie returns home and hugs Sami. EJ asks the babysitter to stay awhile and put Alile to bed as he and Sami have work to do and he wants to take Sami out. She agrees to stay while Sami decides she wants to put Allie to bed. Sami tells EJ that he's up to something as she takes Allie to her room.

Jennifer finds it hard to be sorry for trying to stop Chloe from ruining their night. Jennifer tells him that she was right but the details don't matter compared to what did happen. Jennifer tells Daniel that Chloe was up to another one of her tricks and asks if Daniel is okay with that. Daniel says he wouldn't let it happen. Jennifer talks about what if Chloe said Parker was crying or made something else again. Jennifer says Chloe is using it against him that he'll jump when she calls. Daniel says it won't work and Chloe can't win if they don't react. Daniel insists that Chloe will stop or he'll find a way to manage it so he never disappears on his son. Daniel questions Jennifer not trusting him to manage this on his own. Jennifer thinks Daniel is too trusting and a good man so he reacts before he thinks when he sees a woman in trouble.

Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't expect her to live like he does or do what he does. Eric tells her that she's not a priest or a nun so he doesn't expect her to live like he does. Eric apologizes if he made her feel that way. Nicole tells him that he has no reason to apologize but Eric feels he does if he drove her away. Eric says he won't stand in front of her. Eric adds that he knows her and who she is. Eric brings up Nicole saying that if she stayed then it would hurt him. Eric asks if that's really what she thinks. Nicole says it is. Eric tells her that she can't and won't hurt him as she's a good person. Nicole holds back tears as Eric tells her that he has faith in her.

Rafe walks Kate out of the town square and holds her back as she stumbles. Kate calls it embarrassing. Kate tells Rafe that it was fun and she feels better. Rafe says he does too. Kate says Rafe was kind. Rafe tells her to forget what Stefano said. Kate says it becomes hard to do at a certain point of life. Rafe tells her that he meant what he said that she's beautiful. Rafe and Kate then begin kissing.

Jennifer holds Daniel's hand and asks him to say something. Daniel tells her that she could not be more wrong about this. Jennifer disagrees in the big picture. Daniel decides he needs to get back to Parker. Jennifer turns and exits the room as Daniel sighs in frustration.

Nicole tells Eric that it's getting late and she blew the whole night standing here. Nicole asks if they can talk tomorrow. Eric agrees to as Nicole goes to exit but stops again. Nicole tells Eric that she wishes she could see the person that Eric sees in her as she then exits.

EJ and Sami walk through the town square. EJ brings up Sami's reaction every time he brought up business. Sami says she's happy about how they are doing. EJ tells her that he didn't want to talk about business as he wanted to rip her clothes off and kiss her. EJ says he didn't trust himself with the kids around. Sami points out that they aren't there now. EJ suggests they go somewhere together so they walk out of the town square together.

Rafe and Kate continue kissing outside the town square gate.

Daniel suggests Chloe take a nap. Chloe thinks Daniel must be just as tired. They talk about the stress. Chloe decides to go get some coffees if Daniel is going to stay up. Chloe remembers how Daniel has his coffee as she exits. Daniel tells Parker that his dad will always be there.

Jennifer returns home and says Daniel is so right that they just have to deal with Chloe and not sink to her level. Jennifer repeats that Daniel is so right. Jennifer decides to call him at the hospital. Nurse Samantha answers the phone. Jennifer asks to leave a note for Daniel, saying it's Jennifer and she's so so sorry. Chloe walks by and overhears the nurse leaving the message. Chloe tells the nurse that someone was calling for a nurse so she rushes off. Chloe then takes the note and rips it up. Chloe returns to Daniel with the coffees.

Nicole gets in bed and prepares to go to sleep but again dreams of Eric joining her.

EJ and Sami walk out of the town square and begin kissing until EJ's phone rings with a call from their banker. Sami tells him to take it and she'll see him tomorrow. Sami kisses him and walks away with a smile as EJ answers the phone.

Rafe and Kate continue kissing in bed.

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