Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole has a dream about Eric kissing her at the church rectory then wakes up in a panic.

Sami talks to Marlena at home. Sami wonders about John being gone and when he's coming back but Marlena doesn't want to talk about that, instead wanting to talk about Sami. Sami tells Marlena she has something to tell her. Marlena admits to being nervous. Sami suggests she brace herself. Marlena wants her to just tell her. Sami reveals that she is back together with EJ.

EJ calls Stefano from the town square. Stefano is glad to hear from him. EJ doesn't think he'll like what the call is about. Stefano tells him to spit it out.

Kristen falls over and Brady catches her as she pretends to be drunk. Brady wants to get her home but she argues that the night is young. Kristen tries to order another drink but Brady asks for the check. Kristen climbs up on the table pretending to be drunk and proclaims her love for Brady.

Chloe calls Daniel and tells him that Parker is burning up with a fever. Daniel tells her to calm down and explain what's going on. Chloe explains that Maggie had to go and then she couldn't find Daniel. Chloe says she took Parker's temperature and it was 105. Chloe says she's never been so scared. Chloe then gives the phone to Kayla to tell Daniel what's wrong. Kayla says they don't know what's causing the fever but they are working on it. Daniel says he'll be right there. Daniel hangs up and tells Jennifer it's real so they rush off.

Chloe tells Kayla they have to save her son so they go to fill out paperwork.

Marlena asks Sami how and when this happened. Sami claims it was the last couple of days. Marlena brings up her disagreement with Rafe. Sami calls it a lot more than that and declares it over for good. Marlena brings up them being through this before. Sami says she's seen Rafe for who he really is and doesn't want to be with a man like that. Marlena brings up EJ being cruel to Sami in the past. Sami gets upset. Marlena brings up the tension from Will and Gabi and how Sami could go back to EJ. Marlena calls it a reaction that is hurting Rafe and herself. Sami wants her to talk to her like her mother and not a shrink. Marlena questions what Sami is doing.

Nicole turns the light on from bed and thinks back to Kristen warning her not to fall in love with a priest. Nicole turns the light back out and goes back to sleep but then dreams about Eric being in bed with her and wakes up again. Nicole wonders what is wrong with her. Nicole decides that's enough and gets out of bed.

Brady takes Kristen down and she grabs another drink. Kristen kisses him while Brady wants the check. Kristen rambles about wanting dinner and another drink. Brady looks for service. Kristen pours her drink out again in a plant but Brady sees her and asks what she's doing.

Kayla tells Chloe to stay there and she'll be right back with an update.

Brady brings Kristen back to the hotel. Kristen talks about embarrassing him being drunk. Kristen talks about Brady not wanting to get married so as to not upset John and Marlena.

Marlena apologizes to Sami and tells her she loves her. Sami knows she thinks it came out of left field but explains she's been working closely with EJ for months and it happened naturally over time. Sami talks about how EJ has been kind and there for her. Marlena wants to be happy for her but says it will take some time. Sami wants Marlena to see that EJ has changed a lot. Marlena wonders if EJ changed after Stefano left town. Marlena then wonders if EJ will stay the same when Stefano returns.

Stefano can't believe EJ is back with Sami. EJ tells him it's better than ever. Stefano asks how he managed that. EJ calls it interesting as he didn't manage anything but it all just happened naturally and effortlessly. Stefano insinuates that Sami started the situation since she goes after what she wants. EJ says he admires that about Sami but insists that they just fell in love. EJ adds that he thinks it is all going to work out.

Nicole sneaks in to the rectory but gets caught by Eric who asks what she's doing.

Daniel arrives at the hospital as Chloe freaks out about being told that Parker was having convulsions. Daniel tells her to stay there while he goes to find out what's happening.

Kristen continues telling Brady how he makes her happy and kisses him. Kristen tells him she loves him and wants him to say yes to getting married. Kristen then continues kissing Brady.

EJ goes to Sami's and mentions bringing work. Sami kisses him. EJ asks about the kids. Sami says they are already asleep so they are alone and then they continue kissing. Sami mentions Johnny saying that he's so happy that EJ is happy all the time and she agrees. EJ jokes with her to stop talking as they continue kissing.

Marlena walks out of the town square and her phone rings. She answers and it's Stefano, who calls it lovely to hear her voice while she is surprised to hear from him.

Nicole tells Eric that she's going out as she's wearing a dress. Eric asks where she's going. Nicole says it's none of his business. Eric asks about her attitude. Nicole suggests she'll go out and find a better attitude as she's been missing fun in her life. Eric reminds her of the rules at living in the convent. Eric comments on her dress. Nicole asks if he likes the dress. Eric says it's irrelevant and doesn't matter. Eric stumbles over his words as he says she can't go out like that. Nicole tells him that he's wrong as she can and will go out.

Daniel returns to Chloe and tells her that Parker's convulsions were not life threatening and they are figuring out the fever but he will be fine. Chloe hugs him. Daniel tells her she did the right thing by bringing him in immediately. Chloe talks about trying to call him. Daniel explains that his phone broke and Jennifer didn't have hers. Daniel suggests she could've called the club in Chicago but Chloe reveals that Jennifer told her that they would be at Club Inferno in town. Daniel is confused and says that wasn't where they were.

Brady tells Kristen that he's touched by everything she said. Kristen tells Brady that she loves him with all her heart and soul and wants to tell the world. Kristen adds that it's not just to shove John and Marlena's faces in it but she claims she hasn't been this happy before and is afraid of losing him so she wants to make it official. Kristen talks about wanting a big dress and wanting to say vows so the world can know. Kristen wants her happy ending. Brady kisses her and hugs her. Brady tells her that he believes everything she's saying to him but they have to go home. Brady tells her to stay there while he goes to get her coat.

Nicole calls Eric a hypocrite. Nicole says priests and nuns get caught doing bad things all the time. Nicole brings up Eric firing Brady and Kristen from the church board and thinks it's because they were having sex. Eric says that's not what happened. Nicole calls it normal and healthy for people to have sex. Nicole questions if Eric remembers that or not. Nicole suggests he's a freak like the rest of the people there or he does remember and is jealous of other people having fun without him. Nicole declares she's sick of leading a boring, unsexy life so she's going to make up for list time by going out and having some fun. Eric stares back at her. Nicole tells him to go ahead and say it.

EJ and Sami continue kissing on the couch. EJ notes that Johnny and Sydney could wake up or Allie could come home. Sami thinks they should tell the kids that they are together. EJ agrees as he doesn't like keeping how he feels about her from anyone. EJ says staying there is dangerous. They kiss until hearing the kids. EJ gets up to go check on them.

Marlena asks why Stefano is calling her. Stefano says he just wanted her to know that John was there.

Jennifer finds Ann at the hospital and asks about Parker. Ann talks about Chloe going out of her mind when she couldn't find Daniel. Ann adds that Daniel was apparently with her. Jennifer questions if Ann was with Chloe when she found out Parker was sick.

Daniel tells Chloe that he and Jennifer always planned on going to Chicago. Kayla comes over and tells them that the fever broke and it was just a virus but they can go see him now. Daniel and Chloe enter the room to see Parker and they smile seeing that he's okay.

Eric tells Nicole that she's doing it again. Nicole says she's just living her life. Eric says she's acting out by jumping all over him for no reason. Eric doesn't understand what it's all about. Nicole says it's about fun and nothing else. Eric tells her to cut the crap and wants to know why she's begging for a confrontation. Nicole tells him that she doesn't want to hurt him.

Jennifer questions Ann about hanging out with Chloe. Ann says they are friends that go way back. Ann adds that Chloe is Parker's mother and talks about how upset she was when she couldn't reach Daniel while Parker was sick. Jennifer apologizes but Ann tells her that sorry won't cut it as Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child while Jennifer is nothing.

Daniel tells Parker that he will be fine and get better fast. Chloe says they love him more than anything. Kayla suggests letting Parker sleep so Chloe and Daniel exit with Kayla. Daniel hugs Chloe as Chloe is thankful that Parker is alright.

Brady brings Kristen home as Kristen complains about being an idiot and a drunk. Brady tells her that he's not upset at her as they had a good time. Kristen says she meant what she said about loving him and they kiss. Kristen adds that there's something else she should say out loud but it's hard for her. Kristen brings up Brady thinking she was joking when she first brought up marriage. Kristen says that really hurt her feelings like a knife in her heart.

Daniel talks to Chloe about Jennifer. Chloe says Jennifer lied to her so she couldn't find him. Chloe brings up Jennifer shutting down when they talked about it. Chloe adds that she saw Jennifer crumbling a piece of paper. Chloe says there was no misunderstanding, just what Jennifer wanted.

Jennifer thanks Kayla for letting her know about Parker. Kayla says she's sorry her evening was ruined and exits. Jennifer thinks back to the child protective services number being put on her desk and then asking Ann about it.

Brady tells Kristen that he didn't mean to hurt her. Kristen knows it wasn't intentional. Brady adds that he had no idea she was hurt. Brady tells her they can't get married right now and she knows why. Brady says it's not just John and Marlena as it would still be impossible. Kristen asks what he means. Brady says it's just him but he can't talk about it right now. Brady says it's been a long night and says they'll talk about it after sleeping so they lay down in bed.

Marlena asks Stefano why he's doing this and what he wants. Stefano tells her that he just wanted to let her know that John is in good hands. Stefano calls it the second of many talks they will have as their families are getting closer with Brady and Kristen as well as EJ and Sami. Stefano knows Marlena is not happy about the new closeness. Stefano tells her that the heart wants what the heart wants. Stefano jokes with her to be happy that her other son is a priest. Stefano laughs as Marlena hangs up.

Eric asks why Nicole thinks that. Nicole talks about not being able to be a good Christian that Eric wants her to be. Eric tells her that he wants her to be her and be at peace the way God wants it. Nicole tells him that will never happen. Eric says it's getting late and suggests she go to bed then they can talk about it tomorrow. Nicole tells him she's not going to go count rosary beads, she's going out. Eric tells her not to come back if she leaves.

Sami goes looking for a pen in EJ's jacket and finds a ring box in his pocket.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed. Kristen wakes up after Brady falls asleep and she sneaks out of bed. She takes her phone and sneaks out of the room. Outside the door, she calls Stefano. Stefano asks how the night ended. Kristen calls it an epic failure since Brady won't propose. Kristen says she at least knows it goes beyond John and Marlena. Stefano wonders what else it could be. Kristen says she will find out and have Brady begging her. Stefano warns her to be careful. Kristen tells him not to worry, calling it a small battle in a big war. Kristen sneaks back into the room and back into bed with Brady. Kristen whispers to herself that she will get what she wants and what she needs.

Sami freaks out about finding the ring box in EJ's jacket.

Eric thinks there's a lot Nicole is not saying and asks her to just stay and get some rest so they can talk about it tomorrow or she can go, ending their conversation for good. Eric asks what she wants. Nicole says she'll tell him exactly what she wants.

Daniel tells Chloe that he knows she's upset. Chloe says she's relieved about Parker but this is about not being able to find him when his son needed him. Jennifer approaches so Chloe tells him to ask her. Daniel turns to Jennifer and asks if she lied to Chloe about where they were tonight. Daniel asks if Chloe is telling the truth.

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