Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/8/13


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Kristen dreams of being in a wedding dress with Brady banging on the door begging her to be his wife and not to do this to him while she talks about getting her revenge. Kristen looks at herself in the mirror and wonders who wouldn't want to propose to her. Kristen says it's time to take this up a notch starting tonight.

Brady and Maggie talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie brings up Brady's double date. Brady tells her not to worry about Kristen. Maggie says she's worried about him. Brady says she and everyone else think Kristen can't possibly love him. Brady tells Maggie to go have fun with Parker while he goes to Chicago and he exits.

Jennifer agrees that Chloe should know where they are going to be but then claims they will be at Club Inferno in Salem. Jennifer thinks back to talking to Daniel about Chloe not knowing where they will be. Jennifer says that's everything and tries to get Chloe to leave but Daniel enters asking what Chloe is doing there. Chloe tells Daniel that he forgot his stethoscope so she brought it back. Chloe mentions Jennifer telling her about their plans. Daniel says he was going to text her but Jennifer says now he doesn't have to.

T enters the coffeehouse and greets Sonny. T talks about being stuck studying for mid-terms and now has found out his gay friend is going to be a dad. T asks what's going on. Sonny asks how much time he has as it may take a while.

Lucas walks through the town square assuming his phone is ringing from Allie but instead Lucas looks at his phone to see an anonymous text message reading "I know your son shot EJ DiMera." Lucas looks around wondering what's going on.

Nick stands in Gabi's room looking proud. Nick puts on his earpiece to listen in on Will and Gabi from the pen recording device. Will talks to Gabi about not wanting any problems. Gabi assures him that they are all on the same page with wanting what's best for the baby. Will wants to just get his paternity test ovr with. Lucas calls Will and asks if he just sent him a joke message. Will says he didn't so Lucas tells him that they need to meet now. Will asks what's going on. Lucas tells him to meet him at his office because it's important. Will agrees to be right there as Nick continues listening in from Gabi's room. Gabi asks what's wrong. Will says it's probably nothing and he will call her to schedule the paternity test. Will takes his things and says goodbye as he exits the Pub. Nick removes the earpiece and hides it in his bag as he exits Gabi's room. Gabi says to herself that if only it was Nick's baby then everything would be so much simpler for everyone. Outside the Pub, Will walks away and Nick comes around the corner to follow him. Gabi goes to her room looking for Nick and then wonders where he went.

Jennifer asks Chloe if she needed anything else. Chloe doesn't think so. Jennifer says they are in a hurry so she has Chloe leave. Chloe says Club Inferno is perfect as she walks away. Daniel asks Jennifer if she's ready for Chicago. Jennifer reminds him it was her idea as she kisses and hugs him while looking at the information paper she hid from Chloe.

Brady goes to Kristen's and they talk about being ready for tonight. Kristen says it will be great to catch up with Jennifer but admits she'd rather have alone time with him. Kristen hugs him and says it will be a night to remember.

Sonny fills T in on everything. T tells him he's sorry but hopes they can work it out. Sonny appreciates his concern but doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Gabi enters as T jokes about seeing her pregnant. T congratulates Gabi and apologizes for not knowing what to say since it's awkward. T talks about Will being gay and asks if Gabi was trying to change him back. T says the kid will have a really interesting life as he exits. Sonny asks what Gabi is doing there. Gabi says she's looking for Nick. Sonny wonders why he'd be there. Gabi asks if he would kick Nick out if he asked for coffee. Sonny says he wouldn't. Gabi tells Sonny that Nick and Will are trying to work this out so she asks if it's too much for Sonny to try.

Will joins Lucas in his office asking what the big emergency is. Nick sits outside the town square with the earpiece to listen in. Lucas shows Will the text he received. They talk about not knowing who sent it. Lucas declares their secret is out and somebody wants them to pay.

Chloe goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie thanks her for the time with Parker. They say goodnight to each other. Maggie goes into the living room as the doorbell rings and Ann enters. Chloe compliments her look and they talk about going to Club Inferno together. Ann wants to toast to Jennifer's misery. Chloe decides they should get going so they exit.

Daniel, Jennifer, Brady, and Kristen arrive at the club Android Lounge in Chicago. Jennifer wants to take a picture before sitting down. Jennifer then realizes she left her phone at home so Daniel uses his and they take a group photo. Daniel and Brady go to get drinks while Jennifer and Kristen take seats at the table. Kristen comments to Jennifer what a nice guy Daniel is and how glad she is that they are doing this. Jennifer feels the same way. Kristen mentions being the most hated person in Salem. Jennifer disagrees. Kristen assumes Jennifer doesn't want to be best friends again after everything that happened but she's glad to get another shot. Jennifer admits there's another reason she came tonight.

Sonny tells Gabi that he and Will is none of Gabi's business. Gabi doesn't blame him for being angry with her but says they both care about Will. Sonny mocks her and says she won't watch her hurt him. Gabi says Sonny already hurt Will more than she ever could.

Will asks Lucas what he means by someone wanting them to pay. Lucas calls it blackmail as he can't trace the text so it must be a disposable phone. Will questions who would do this. Lucas says only a few people know like Stefano and EJ but it's not like them to make anonymous threats. Lucas assumes it's someone they don't know who came across the information and are trying to use it to their advantage. Lucas adds that he knows Will has a lot going on but thought he should know. Will says he's sorry as it was him that did it while Lucas went to prison for it. Will talks about being blackmailed three times for the same thing. They flashback to Will first admitting that he shot EJ to Lucas years ago. Will says Lucas should've just let him go to jail because he didn't deserve what he did for him and now it's all for nothing.

Chloe and Ann walk through town square with a bottle that they plan to sneak into Jennifer's drink. Ann says it will ruin Jennifer's night with Daniel and asks if Chloe is having second thoughts. Chloe says no as it's for a good cause since Parker deserves to have two parents.

Jennifer admits to Kristen that she wanted to come to Chicago to put distance between Chloe. Jennifer says she hates lying but it was just a white lie. Kristen encourages her without knowing what she lied about. Jennifer tells Kristen about Daniel just finding out he had a son. Kristen recalls meeting with Chloe. Jennifer says she already ruined one of their nights so she told Chloe they'd be out a club in Salem. Kristen encourages her.

Daniel tells Brady that he and Jennifer are probably going to bail and get a hotel room but he's a little nervous as he just wants to make her happy. Brady thinks that's exactly what he's doing.

A man joins Jennifer and Kristen to begin flirting with them by offering to buy them a drink but Jennifer informs him that their boyfriends are coming. Kristen tells the guy that Jennifer has another girl at home for him.

Chloe and Ann talk about being sure where they are going. Chloe says Jennifer told her they'd be there but then realizes that Jennifer tricked her. Ann points out that Jennifer hates her. Chloe calls Jennifer a lying bitch.

Will and Lucas argue over it being Will's fault. Lucas insists that they will get through it again. Will calls himself a screwup and says he always will be. They flashback to Will being brought home by a cop for drinking. Will brings up that night and says he was with T before then so he told him about shooting EJ. Will recalls that T didn't even believe him and never brought it up again. Nick continues listening in.

Brady and Daniel continue waiting for their drinks and wonder where their drinks are.

The man tells Jennifer and Kristen that they are different from other women. They remind him that they are taken. He calls it their loss and walks away. Kristen gets up to go to the ladies room. She pours her drink out and orders another. The man returns to Jennifer and continues trying to flirt with her, saying she deserves better in him.

Chloe and Ann return to the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe complains about Jennifer being a pathological liar. Maggie enters and says she's glad Chloe is home as Maggie has a friend from AA that called and needs to be with her. Chloe thanks her for everything as Maggie exits. Chloe then says thanks for nothing as they can't go around town looking for Daniel and Jennifer. Ann goes to check on Parker and tells Chloe that he feels warm. Chloe feels and agrees that Parker is burning up.

Brady and Daniel notice the man trying to flirt with Jennifer. She tries telling him to leave but he wants a dance. Daniel interrupts and tells him to let her go. The man tells Daniel to make him and tries to punch him but Daniel knocks him out.

Lucas asks Will if he thinks T sent the text. Will says there's no way. Lucas wonders who else would. Lucas questions who else could use it against him. Lucas adds that T doesn't have any evidence or proof. Will reveals that he let T shoot the gun before he shot EJ as they were drunk. Will says T probably doesn't even remember it. Lucas talks about the police gathering up all the evidence. Will wonders why they'd still have it. Lucas tells him that Roman keeps everything. Will decides he just needs to find out what T remembers. Will promises to be smart about it. Lucas says if it wasn't T then someone else is behind this. Lucas then brings up Nick. Will says he has nothing to do with this but Lucas brings up Nick working for EJ before and he may want Will out of the picture. Will tells Lucas that they are all working together for the baby. Will decides to go find out what T knows so he exits. Nick puts his earpiece back into his bag and walks into the town square where he runs into Will. Nick asks how it's going. Will claims it's great but he's in the middle of something. Nick asks if everything is okay and then claims to see Gabi. Nick asks if Gabi is over there and when Will looks, Nick takes the pen recording device out of Will's bag. Will exits as Nick declares he has everything he needs to get Will out of the picture permanently.

Sonny questions Gabi judging him and tells her not to talk to him about hurting people since he knows who she is and what she's done. Gabi says she's carrying Will's baby and that will keep them together for a long time and adds that it's something he and Will are never going to have. Nick enters as they say they were looking for one another and then they exit together.

T meets with Will outside the town square. Will asks where he's been. T says he's been studying. T asks him what's up. Will thinks he already knows. T says he knows everything so Will assumes it's him. Will grabs him asking about blackmail but T wonders what he's talking about.

The guy that Daniel punched is carried out of the club. Jennifer checks on Daniel's hand. Brady notices Daniel dropped his phone and it was smashed on the floor. Brady goes to make sure they got the guy out. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer for leaving her. Jennifer worries about his hand. Daniel jokes about having to take MMA. Daniel tells her she's so beautiful and they agree to get out of there. Daniel wants to check his messages so Brady comes back and gives Daniel his phone to use. Kristen comes back pretending to be drunk. Daniel and Jennifer exit together. Kristen grabs her empty glass and pretends to be drinking. Brady tells her to slow down but Kristen hugs him saying she knows exactly what she's doing.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the hotel. Daniel offers to take it slow and wait but Jennifer doesn't want to. Jennifer declares tonight will be absolutely perfect as they kiss.

Chloe and Ann bring Parker to the hospital saying he has a temperature of 105. Chloe sends Parker with a nurse and then calls Daniel and wonders why he isn't answering. Chloe decides to try calling Jennifer. Chloe wonders where Daniel is, saying his son needs him.

Will apologizes to T and tells him to forget it. T wonders what he'd be blackmailing him over. Will says he's losing it with everything going on. T says he's been an ass but he can trust him. T tells him not to forget it as he exits.

Nick and Gabi walk back to the Pub. Nick asks her what Sonny said to her. Gabi thinks Sonny knows as Chad told him what she did. Nick reminds her that he and Chad signed an agreement that Chad couldn't say anything. Gabi reminds him that Sonny's dad, Justin, signed that agreement. Gabi worries that if Sonny ever told Will then Will would hate her. Nick hugs her and assures her that Sonny won't tell Will if he even knows. Gabi isn't sure. Nick guarantees that everything will be okay and promises they will be together.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he has things covered at the hospital so nothing will ruin their night but he's just going to check in with his patients. Daniel calls to check his messages.

Kristen continues pretending to be drunk while telling Brady how great it is to be out of Salem. Kristen tries to get up but Brady pulls her back and holds onto her.

Daniel sees a call coming in on Brady's phone so he answers it. Chloe assumes it's Brady and tells him that Parker is so sick and she's so scared.

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