Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole decides she has to work to do and has no time to talk. Eric stops her and asks why she's pushing him away like this. Nicole just talks about everything that has to be done. Eric says he knows she was trying to help with Kristen but thinks she should've talked to him first. Eric adds that there's nothing she can't talk to him about but Nicole asks him to leave her alone.

Lucas talks to Allie on the phone from the town square about picking her up late. Chloe approaches and tells Lucas that he's still a wonderful father. Lucas brings up hearing she was back in town. Chloe says long time no see and guesses that Lucas wishes it was longer.

Daniel looks at photos of Parker on his phone at home until there's a knock at the door and Jennifer arrives, immediately greeting him with a kiss. Daniel says he's not complaining but asks what that was about. Jennifer says she's just picking up where they left off last night.

EJ sits with Johnny at the coffeehouse. Johnny talks about how Sydney will wish she was there. Johnny brings up Rafe and asks if he will be at Sami's later because he asked for a bigger FBI jacket.

Sami suggests Will contact the lawyer that EJ set him up with as she thinks he should ask Gabi to take a paternity test immediately. Will wonders why when everyone knows he's the father. Sami implies that Gabi could say something else and put Nick's name on the birth certificate to keep Will away.

Nick arrives outside the door and listens in as Rafe informs Gabi that Sami threatened the court would take issue with Gabi marrying a murderer. Gabi worries about the baby being taken away from her. Rafe tells her that it's why she has to take it serious. Gabi asks if he's saying that she shouldn't marry Nick. Rafe says he's not telling her what to do, just saying she must face reality. Rafe tells her that Will is going to use every weapon he has if they get into a custody battle including Nick's past. Gabi argues that Will would never do that to her. Rafe tells her that with Sami involved, she'll convince him.

Will assures Sami that Gabi won't put Nick's name on the birth certificate and says Nick and Gabi both want him to be a part of the baby's life. Sami still wants a paternity test but Will doesn't think it matters since he's the father. Will says if that happened then he could get one. Sami tells him how difficult it could be. Will thinks she just wants him to do what she wants. Sami tells him to talk to the lawyer and talks about how Gabi and Nick want each other. EJ arrives with Johnny, who runs up and hugs Sami. Johnny tells Sami about going ice skating. Johnny asks Will to play a game which he agrees to later. EJ asks how everything is. Sami says all is fine. Johnny asks if EJ is leaving. EJ says not now as Sami takes Johnny to clean up. EJ asks Will how everything is going. Will tells him that Sami had an insane idea that he needs to take a paternity test but EJ calls it not insane at all and exactly what he needs to do.

Eric talks to Nicole about being upset with Kristen. Nicole thinks back to Kristen telling her not to fall in love with a priest so Nicole admits to Eric that Kristen did say something to upset her.

Lucas asks if Chloe came back because of Daniel being the father. Chloe talks about people messing with the DNA tests. Lucas mocks the idea of someone betraying her. Chloe asks about Phillip. Lucas says he's not doing good and continues to mock Chloe. Lucas assures her that he's over her. Lucas adds that she blew it with Daniel but he wishes they were back together so that Daniel would leave his sister Jennifer alone.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she understands about last night and she knows how much it means for Parker to call him daddy. Daniel thanks her and says they didn't get to finish their night so he wants to pick up where they left off. Jennifer brings up Maggie taking over for Parker tonight and she knows Daniel is not on schedule tomorrow. Jennifer tells him that she called Brady. Daniel asks what part of that is picking up where they left off. Jennifer mentions Brady's idea for a double date. Daniel asks if she's okay with Kristen. Jennifer says Kristen has been lovely to her lately and has connections to get front of the line in the hottest club in Chicago. Daniel talks about it being a long drive back and they agree on a hotel reservation. They say they are on and Daniel says he just has to see Parker before they leave while Jennifer has a couple errands. Jennifer says they are just going to go and nothing's going to stop them as they kiss.

Gabi doesn't care what Sami says as Nick is not the same person. Rafe tells her that it's still a prison record for a violent crime. Gabi doesn't care and calls Nick the most gentle person she's ever met. Gabi says she wants a life and a child with Nick and she thinks that should make a difference. Nick thinks back to Lucas saying he went to prison for Will and he walks away. Rafe tells Gabi that he just wants her to know the consequences since Sami won't give in and she doesn't have a choice. Gabi wonders why things have to be like this since the whole reason they lied about the baby was to keep their families from battling.

Will is not surprised that EJ agrees with Sami. EJ talks about knowing about custody battles and not wanting to be away from their children. EJ tells Will that he will understand when he has his daughter. EJ talks about how the situation can become volatile so Will needs to be prepared. EJ says if Will has a legal document saying he's the father from a paternity test then that will be his protection.

Nicole tells Eric that Kristen threatened her by saying she'd come down on her hard if she does anything else to her. Eric warns her not to mess with her since she means it. Eric asks if she wants to talk. Nicole says she just told him what was wrong and wants to drop it now. Eric apologizes for pushing her to talk and says he was just trying to help. Eric then exits. Jennifer enters asking if it's a bad time. Nicole asks what she's doing there. Jennifer says she came to see her if that's okay as she wants to talk to her about Chloe.

Daniel sits with Parker at the Kiriakis Mansion and has him hear his heartbeat with his stethoscope. Chloe walks in and watches them together with a smile. Chloe joins them as Daniel talks about not being able to stay away from him. Chloe says they always have time for him. Daniel mentions Maggie telling Jennifer that she was taking over for her today. Daniel adds that he made plans with Jennifer.

Gabi tells Rafe that everything is such a mess now as Rafe and Sami would've been together if not for this. Rafe thinks they don't deserve to be together if they couldn't get through this. Rafe says he is sick of trying to sell himself on a version of Sami that doesn't exist. Rafe adds that Sami is back with EJ anyways and says they deserve each other.

EJ tells Will to meet with the attorney but Will declines, saying he trusts Gabi as his friend and doesn't want her to take a paternity test. EJ calls it commendable but hopes his faith in Gabi is well placed. Will insists that it is. Will questions why everyone is hinting at what Gabi's done that he doesn't know about. EJ says he's not allowed to discuss it. EJ says Will wouldn't think about Gabi the same way if he knew what he knew. Sami says Gabi should be able to take a paternity test if she's so trustworthy. Will wonders how he's supposed to go about doing that. Will says if he does it, he'll do it himself in his own way. Sami promises that he won't regret it. Will thanks her and says he's going to figure it all out and get it settled as he exits.

Nick buys a wired pen recorder that he claims is to record from his class. Nick asks for a disposable phone along with the pen and earpiece.

Chloe tells Daniel that she would hate to do anything to stop Parker's progress of taking to Daniel. Chloe suggests Parker could be uncomfortable if Daniel is gone for a whole day. Daniel assures her that he won't let Parker forget him but he's still going away. Chloe suggests Parker staying the night with him but Daniel says Victor and Maggie are looking forward to him. Daniel says he will set up Parker's room after. Daniel adds that they have the number and Chloe can always call his cell. Chloe hopes Parker has a better night. Daniel tells her to let Maggie take care of it and for Chloe to take care of herself. Daniel then exits.

Nicole questions Jennifer wanting to talk to her about Chloe and asks why she'd discuss Chloe with her. Jennifer says they are friends and she wants a little insight into what Chloe wants. Jennifer says they don't like each other but she thought that Nicole wanted to make amends for what they went through. Jennifer calls this her chance to not let her go through this nightmare all over again.

Rafe and Gabi go down to the Pub as Rafe apologizes for dumping this all on her. Gabi can't believe he's thinking about her after everything with Sami. Rafe tells Gabi that she and her baby are two of the most important people in the world to her. Rafe hugs her. Nick arrives as Rafe was preparing to leave. Rafe says goodbye and exits the Pub. Nick asks what's wrong as Gabi doesn't look happy. Gabi says they have to talk about something. Nick guarantees that they will be okay. Will arrives and says there's something that he wants to talk to them about.

Eric talks to a nurse at the hospital. Lucas arrives and Eric thanks him for meeting him. Lucas asks if it's about fundraising for the new school. Eric mentions Billie saying Lucas was interested in taking her spot on the board. Lucas admits he's reluctant because of Nicole. Lucas agrees to work on the board if Eric can make sure that he's never in the same room with Nicole ever.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she's not going to talk about Chloe behind her back. Jennifer tells her that it's about Daniel's happiness. Jennifer asks if Nicole thinks Chloe ending up with Daniel is what's best for him. Nicole warns her to watch herself and not give Chloe anything at all that she could use against her. Jennifer then exits.

Chloe cleans up Parker's toys while complaining about thinking Daniel would stay around after Parker called him daddy but now Jennifer still has him right where she wants him. Chloe notices Daniel left his stethoscope and suggests maybe not.

EJ and Sami sit together and talk about Johnny. EJ mentions to Sami that Johnny is still talking to Rafe, who promised him a bigger FBI jacket but Sami says that is absolutely not happening.

Nick asks Will what this is about as Gabi notes he looks serious. They sit down as Will says it doesn't have to be serious. Will says they all want what's best for the baby and they want him to be in the baby's life. Nick asks what it's about. Will says he thinks they should get a paternity test before the baby is born. Gabi quickly questions it.

Daniel and Jennifer prepare to leave at Jennifer's. Jennifer says she will call Brady to check on their plans. Daniel jokes with her and tells her she's perfect as they kiss. Jennifer notices Daniel's paper with the information as to where they would be that he meant to give to Chloe. Jennifer asks about Daniel seeing Chloe. He explains about being with Parker. Jennifer asks if Chloe knows they're going to Chicago. Daniel says she only knows they are going out and nothing will ruin their night. Daniel goes to put their bags in the car. Jennifer says it will be okay as she'll just call Brady. Chloe then arrives saying it's good Jennifer is home and asks to come in.

Eric says he can't change Lucas's feelings but he sincerely believes Nicole wants to change. Eric asks if he doesn't want to be on the board because he can't guarantee he won't run into Nicole. Lucas agrees to be on the board since it's what Billie wants and it's a good cause. Lucas agrees to not cause a scene with Nicole but he'll believe she's changing when he sees it. Lucas then exits as Eric goes on to visit his patient. Nicole walks by and sees him in the room.

Gabi asks Will why this is necessary. Will talks about wanting to go on record to make it legal so his daughter knows he's proud to be her father. Gabi can't believe he let Sami and EJ push him into this. Nick says it's okay and thinks he understands where Sami and EJ are coming from. Nick thinks they're probably just trying to protect Will. Will says he thinks so too and adds that they would know since they had been through it. Nick doesn't see why a paternity test should be a problem. Will thanks him and admits he didn't expect that which Gabi says she didn't either. Nick says they will all think about what's best for the baby and he intends to make sure that's what happens.

Chloe gives Jennifer the stethoscope that Daniel left. Jennifer hides the paper with information on where they'll be with the phone numbers. Chloe tells Jennifer that last night really changed everything for Parker and Daniel. Jennifer calls it wonderful. Chloe adds that she wants them to spend as much time as possible. Jennifer tells Chloe to call Daniel tomorrow as they have plans set in stone that they can't change. Chloe asks about the information on where they would be that Daniel was supposed to give her. Jennifer says she has his cell phone number but Chloe insists that it's important to know where Daniel is at all times just in case.

Nicole watches as Eric says a prayer for the patient. The nurse asks if she can help Nicole. Nicole gives her flyers from the church. Nicole continues watching Eric and then walks away saying she can't have feelings for him.

Jennifer agrees that Chloe should know where they are going to be but then claims they will be at Club Inferno in Salem. Jennifer says that's everything and tries to get Chloe to leave but Daniel enters asking what Chloe is doing there.

Sami tells EJ that she can't believe Rafe is working Johnny to get back at her. Sami is angry that Rafe is using Johnny to cause problems between them. EJ says he can't change the fact that Johnny loves Rafe. EJ adds that he doesn't think Rafe is just using Johnny since he does care about him. EJ talks about not being threatened by Rafe. EJ believes in them and wonders why he'd worry about Rafe. EJ and Sami then kiss.

Will thanks Nick for being so understanding. Nick says all he ever cared about is Gabi and the baby. Gabi agrees to talk to the doctor and says she's okay if it's not dangerous. Nick says they are good then. Nick says he has stuff to do. Will shakes his hand and thanks him. Nick then gets up and drops the pen device into Will's bag. Will admits to Gabi that he was scared to talk about this as he doesn't want any big fight.

Nick goes on up to Gabi's room and locks the door. Nick uses his disposable phone and texts Lucas. Lucas walks through the town square assuming his phone is ringing from Allie but instead Lucas looks at his phone to see an anonymous text message reading "I know your son shot EJ DiMera." Lucas looks around wondering what's going on as Nick stands in Gabi's room looking proud.

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