Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen asks Brady if he wants to get secretly married and says she'll think about it if he wants but Brady says that's absolutely not.

Eric talks with Nicole at the rectory. Hope arrives on police business to ask Nicole some questions. Hope says she is investigating illegal activities about corporate espionage with Titan. Eric says Nicole has nothing to do with Titan anymore. Hope asks if he's sure.

Julie talks to Gabi at the Pub and thanks her for turning Nick's life around. Gabi thanks Julie for being so good to her and says she's never met anyone as focused as Nick. Julie talks about Nick being stabbed and not being sure if he would survive. Gabi is surprised to learn about him being stabbed. Julie apologizes for Gabi not knowing and is surprised he never told her. Gabi says Nick gets upset whenever asked about it. Julie says no one knows what exactly happened. Nick interrupts and tells Julie not to say another word.

Will goes to the coffeehouse and sees Sonny through the window. Will looks down at having the key to Sonny's place. Will thinks back to the night Sonny gave it to him. Will enters the coffeehouse to see Sonny.

Sami walks outside the town square where Rafe is standing. Rafe starts to just walk away but Sami stops him and says she thinks they should talk. Rafe thinks everything has already been said. Sami tells him to listen but Rafe doesn't want the details of her and EJ.

Nicole objects to Hope blaming her and accuses her of harassment. Eric wonders why Hope is wanting to talk to Nicole since she's not with Titan. Hope says files were stolen from Brady's laptop. Eric questions that leading to Nicole. Nicole thinks she just wants to blame everything on her. Hope asks where Nicole was that night. Hope adds that she took over the case and a complaint was filed against Nicole. Hope says the person that filed the complaint was positive that Nicole was responsible. Nicole assumes it was Brady and says she can't believe it. She then blames Kristen for putting Brady up to it.

Brady continues telling Kristen that marriage would make it impossible to make up with his family. Brady tells her that he doesn't want their eventual marriage to be secret since they hid from everyone before. Brady doesn't want to hide anything as his family already knows he loves her. Brady wants to invite everyone to see what they have together if they get married. Brady gets a call from Eric. Eric asks Brady to meet him at the police station as it's important but he can't explain over the phone. Brady agrees to be there. Brady tells Kristen that Eric wants to meet him at the station. Brady says he'll text her and kisses her goodbye. Brady then exits. Kristen wonders out loud what she has to do to get a marriage proposal.

Rafe tells Sami that he was wondering how long it would take for her to throw it in his face that she slept with EJ. Rafe doesn't know what else there is to talk about since that's all they've done. Sami says EJ helped her see that she could've handled the Gabi situation a little better. Rafe mocks the idea that Sami and EJ did nothing but talk while she had the kids out.

Nicole and Eric talk at the station. Nicole tells Eric that him being there was the only good thing about the morning. Nicole asks if she can call him as a witness. Eric agrees to testify that Hope asked her questions. Eric thinks Hope was just asking questions. Eric assures that he's on her side but she's acting like she has something to hide. Brady arrives asking what Nicole is doing there. Nicole accuses Brady of setting her up with Kristen. Brady asks what he did. Nicole says Brady set her up with stealing those files. Hope enters and asks if she's admitting she stole them. Nicole brings up her record. Brady insists he didn't turn her in. Nicole thinks he had Kristen do it for him.

Kristen talks on the phone with Stefano, telling him that Brady turned down her offer to get married in secret. Stefano questions secret since she wanted to humiliate Brady in front of people like John did to her. Kristen says she would've found out a way to make the private ceremony public. They argue about not enjoying talking to each other. Stefano calls it like old times as Kristen would never think her plans could blow up. Kristen doesn't care that Stefano doesn't have faith in her. Kristen declares that she will get what she wants no matter what.

Gabi tells Nick to calm down as Julie apologizes. Nick says he's calm and just wants to put it all behind him. Nick says it never happened as he hugs Gabi.

Will and Sonny sit together with coffee as Will wants to talk to Sonny for a minute. Will gives him his key back. Will says there's no reason for him to keep it since he moved out.

Sami tells Rafe that what happens between EJ and her is none of his business. Rafe agrees. Rafe adds that two weeks ago she was going to dump EJ for him but now she jumps right back in with EJ. Sami accuses him of being jealous. Rafe tells her she wishes and brings up how she treated Gabi. Rafe tells Sami to do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. Sami asks why he's so upset. Rafe says it's because he fell in love with a woman who doesn't exist. Rafe tells Sami that she makes him sick and he wants to erase all memories of her.

Kristen arrives at the station saying she didn't call the police on Nicole. Kristen says she tried to respect the fact that Brady considers her a friend. Hope says it doesn't matter since Nicole all but admitted she did it. Nicole turns to Eric and says she's scared. Eric warns them that pressing charges could send Nicole back to prison. Kristen says Nicole should've thought about what she did but they agree not to press charges. Nicole asks if she can go but Hope says no since the person who reported the crime still has a say in the matter. Victor arrives and reveal it is he who wants to put her back in jail.

Julie asks Nick and Gabi if they worked things out with Will. Gabi says yes but not Sami. Julie offers to talk to her but Gabi says they have everything under control. Julie thinks it's wonderful that the baby will have three loving parents. Julie tells them to call if they need anything and exits. Nick talks about the outfit Julie got for the baby. Gabi brings up Nick getting so upset when he heard Julie talking. Nick says he doesn't want anyone to worry her. Gabi knows he doesn't want to talk about the stabbing but she thinks that they should. Nick has flashbacks to being stabbed in prison and starts shaking.

Sonny points out Will leaving his watch. Will says he left that for him because he wants him to have it. Will jokes about Sonny needing it to not be late. Will hopes that they can still be friends.

Sami tells Rafe that it's an awful thing to say. Rafe compares being mean to her to Sami being mean to Gabi. Sami thinks Rafe just said it to hurt her. Rafe says it couldn't be any more true and talks about all he had to deal with because of her. Sami says she's having a great life now and admits she had sex with EJ last night which she calls the best night of her life.

Nicole calls Victor a son of a bitch. Victor calls her a sore loser. Victor explains to Hope that the Titan security team were notified that files were downloaded from Brady's computer without consent revealed when it happened. Eric asks if there's anything Hope can do. Hope says she will need to speak to Victor alone. Kristen mocks Nicole for getting on Victor's bad side. Kristen, Brady, Eric, and Nicole exit the room. Hope asks what Victor is doing and if he's acting like a child. Hope points out that Nicole stole the file to get Brady away from Kristen, who he hates more than Nicole. Victor wonders if he does hate Kristen more than Nicole. Hope says she can go tell Ciara what a jerk he was today. Hope tells Victor not to do this. Victor agrees that he won't press charges and admits he thinks Nicole could be helpful in getting Brady away from Kristen. Victor just enjoys taunting Nicole but Hope doesn't like her time wasted. Victor promises to make it up to her.

Sonny hopes he and Will will always be friends. Will does too. Sonny knows things are weird between them but offers to be there if he ever needs to talk. They say they care about each other. Will just wants Sonny to be happy even if it's not with him. Sonny thinks back to being with Will. Sonny starts to say something but Will suggests they just be friends since his life will be crazy with the baby. Will shows Sonny the sonogram picture and admits he's starting to get excited about being a dad. They agree that they are friends now. Sonny warns Will to be careful with Nick and Gabi as he doesn't trust them.

Gabi apologizes to Nick for upsetting him. Nick says he's sorry but fine. Nick doesn't want to think about the past, only about Gabi and the baby. Gabi says she loves him and wants him to share things with her because she's tougher than she looks. Nick knows he can share things with her but says there are things that happened in prison that he had to learn how to get through and put out of his mind like it never happened. Nick calls it the only way to survive.

Rafe tells Sami that she's having a new experience by telling the truth unlike last time where she lied to him about being with EJ. Sami talks about how Rafe would only care that she cheated on him and not that she was in grief. Rafe declares what they had dead and says it doesn't matter why. Sami agrees. Rafe says they can't make a clean break because of the baby but if Sami keeps up her deal not to harass Gabi then they might be okay. Sami agrees if Gabi doesn't stop Will from having his rights as a father and then she'll have no problem. Rafe assures her that Gabi has no problem with Will seeing the baby. Sami clarifies that she doesn't mean Will just seeing the baby but having equal rights and shared custody. Rafe questions her wanting to put the baby through a custody battle. Sami doesn't see why Gabi would keep Will from his baby but if she does then she'll be in court pleading with Will to let her see her baby. Rafe points out that Gabi is the mother and says Sami is crazier than he thought. Sami talks about Gabi marrying a murderer and ex-con along with her own problems so she wonders what judge wouldn't give the child to Will. Rafe warns Sami that if she pulls any dirty tricks, he will come after her. Rafe talks about Sami justifying anything including attempted murderer. Sami doesn't care as she mentions Nick being a convicted murderer. Rafe tells her to go to hell and walks away, leaving Sami wondering what she just did.

Will tells Sonny that he's going to have to be around Nick and Gabi for the rest of his life and will have to deal with it. Will adds that Gabi's been great and is the one who gave him the sonogram picture. Sonny worries that working it out was a little too easy. Sonny suggests that they could be stringing Will along. Will wonders what he has against Gabi. Sonny tells him that Gabi is not as sweet and innocent as he thinks. Sonny brings up them wanting Will to give up the baby and how they lie and manipulate to get what they want. Will declares that he didn't give up the baby for them but for Sonny.

Brady and Kristen walk through the town square. Kristen catches up to Nicole and asks if they can walk back to the church together to clear the air. She agrees so Kristen tells Brady that she'll see him back at her place. Kristen and Nicole walk on together. Brady and Eric hope they play nice. Eric thanks Brady for not pressing charges. Brady admits he doesn't like how things are for them. Brady asks if things will ever be like they were as long as he's with Kristen.

Nicole and Kristen go to the rectory. Nicole doesn't want to fight so Kristen suggests calling a truce. Kristen says she can be civil if she minds her manners and suggests some day they could be friends. Kristen says they have a lot in common. Kristen respects how she went after her with a decent plan. Kristen adds that Nicole is off her game and she can understand why. Kristen talks about Nicole working closely with Eric and implies it could be forbidden love.

Victor asks Hope what's really going on with Bo. Hope claims to not know what he means. Victor says Bo wouldn't be away this long without a very good reason. Hope tells him it was good seeing him and Victor exits. Hope goes back to her desk.

Nicole claims not to know what Kristen is talking about. Kristen brings up their past. Nicole says she and Eric are just friends now. Kristen suggests she shouldn't fall in love with a priest as she exits.

Rafe goes to see Gabi in her room. Gabi shows him the outfit Julie gave her. Gabi asks Rafe what's wrong. Rafe says he just talked to Sami and he doesn't want to scare her but he thinks there's trouble ahead for Gabi and the baby.

Sami walks through the town square muttering about what she did being stupid and tipping her hand. Sami decides she needs to do damage control and calls Will.

Nick goes to the coffeehouse and stops when he sees Will and Sonny inside. Sonny asks Will about giving up the baby for him. Will says he was worried that he'd lose Sonny if he knew about the baby which he did so it wasn't Nick and Gabi. Will adds that he felt he couldn't have Sonny and the baby so he chose Sonny. Will says he know it's messed up to choose him over his own kid but that's how much he loved him. Will calls himself selfish. Sonny touches his hand and says if he would've known. Nick sees that and walks away. Will says it's okay as he screwed everything up already and it's too late. Will then takes his things and exits.

Brady and Kristen return to her room. Kristen tells him that she and Nicole called a truce. Kristen says she knows Nicole was just looking out for him. Brady jokes with her about not being so tough. Kristen calls it her one good deed. Brady thinks she went above and beyond. Kristen says she doesn't want him to lose another person from his life and kisses him. Brady declares he'll have to think of something very special to reward her. Kristen hugs him and says she's sure he'll think of something as she looks at her hand.

Eric returns to the rectory and asks Nicole how things went with Kristen. Nicole says they went fine and Kristen was actually nice which surprises Eric. Nicole decides she has to work to do and has no time to talk. Eric stops her and asks why she's pushing him away like this.

Rafe tells Gabi that he thinks Sami will push Will for a mutual custody agreement. Gabi says they already agreed that Will could see her whenever he wants and they are getting along great. Rafe warns her that Sami can get Will to do whatever she wants. Rafe adds that he's worried Sami will take them to family court. Nick arrives outside the door and listens in. Rafe informs Gabi that Sami threatened the court would take issue with Gabi marrying a murderer.

Sami returns home and Will joins her. Will shows Sami the sonogram picture and mentions feeling the baby kick. Sami knows Will loves the baby already. Will thinks this made it real in a good way. Sami is glad and says the baby isn't coming for a long time but it will happen soon. Sami suggests Will contact the lawyer that EJ set him up with as she thinks he should ask Gabi to take a paternity test immediately.

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