Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny runs up to Rafe at the Pub. Rafe greets Caroline. Johnny jokes with Rafe. Johnny mentions to Rafe that he had a sleepover as Sami had to do something.

Sami wakes up in bed with EJ. EJ talks about watching her sleep and absorbing her beauty. EJ tells her how lucky he is. EJ proposes that they don't screw this up. Sami agrees and kisses him.

Jennifer and Abigail talk at home. Abigail thought she was spending the night with Daniel but Jennifer tells her that Daniel had to bond with Parker while she had a chat with Chloe. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it. Jennifer wonders about Abigail being dressed up cute early in the morning. Cameron then arrives at the door with flowers. Jennifer says she wasn't expecting this.

Nick reads on the computer and says it will take more than this to prove that Will shot EJ. Gabi wakes up and asks if he said something but Nick says he was just waiting for her to get up. Nick offers to get her breakfast and they start kissing in bed.

Kristen wakes up in bed with Brady. Brady tells her how beautiful she is and kisses her. Kristen calls it nice waking up together. Kristen says they could wake up every morning if they get married. Brady thinks she's still joking about it but Kristen says she's not joking.

Johnny asks Rafe about his FBI jacket. Rafe tells him that he doesn't work at the FBI anymore but will try to find him one. Rafe asks about his sleepover. Johnny says it was cool. Caroline brings Rafe coffee and tells Johnny to get his vitamins. Johnny says he wants to tell Rafe a secret first and that's that Sami said he'll be spending a lot more time with them. Johnny says he can't wait and rushes off. Rafe calls him a great kid as Caroline sits down. Rafe asks what's on her mind. Caroline admits she thought Rafe was the reason Sami asked her to watch the kids.

Sami talks to EJ about being happy. EJ says he is too as they kiss. Sami says she doesn't want to worry and just wants to enjoy today as they start kissing again.

Brady asks Kristen about being serious. Kristen knows it's crazy and he's surprised. Brady calls her the most independent woman he's ever met so he didn't think she cared about marriage. Kristen says being with him has changed her. She kisses him and asks if he wants to get married.

Jennifer thanks Cameron for the flowers as he tells Abigail he will see her outside. Jennifer is surprised and asks Abigail about dating Cameron. Abigail says they're just going out for breakfast but she calls it a second chance and she's not rushing into anything. Abigail exits as Jennifer says they are both.

Rafe asks Caroline if it's tiring for her to take the kids all the time. Caroline says she doesn't mind. Rafe asks about Allie but Caroline mentions she's with Lucas. Rafe says Sami must have took the night off and remembers seeing EJ at Sami's. Caroline apologizes if she said the wrong thing. Caroline thinks Rafe looked miserable at the mention of Sami so she wants to know what's going on.

EJ tells Sami that sometimes it feels like they've been together forever. Sami says they have been. EJ jokes about restraint. Sami says the problem with them being at each other's throats so much makes it hard to tell people about their reconciliation. Sami suggests maybe they should wait to announce it until they figure out how to release the information and handle the backlash. EJ thinks Johnny and Sydney will be happy which Sami agrees with. EJ thought Sami didn't care what others think. Sami questions saying that. Sami admits she meant it when she said it but wonders how she couldn't care how people will react.

Brady tells Kristen that he loves her but he thinks marriage is moving way too fast as he thinks it will look like they're just doing it to stick it to John and Marlena. Kristen assures that's not why but Brady thinks that's how it would seem. Brady still wants to work things out with them so he doesn't think it's a good idea right now. Brady clarifies that he still wants her in the picture but he thinks marriage now would make things irreconcilable with John and Marlena. Kristen agrees they need to think about that due to everything he's gone through because of her.

Gabi and Nick lay in bed feeling the baby kick. Nick says he can't believe they're going to be parents soon. Gabi talks about being scared of people finding out the truth but she thinks she feels better now. Gabi is happy that their baby already has so many people to love her including Nick. Nick apologizes and tells Gabi she'll have to get her own breakfast as he has to go to Jennifer's to pick up a letter she wrote for his parole officer. Nick kisses her and starts to get up but Gabi looks at his back and asks him how he got his scar which gives Nick bad memories.

Cameron and Abigail sit together at the town square. Cameron mentions Jennifer seeming surprised. Abigail assures him that Jennifer has always liked him. Cameron asks if she's hungry. Abigail says she has to tell him something first but Cameron thinks he already knows what it is.

Rafe tells Caroline that nothing is going on as he's just not a morning person. Caroline mentions seeing Rafe and Sami at the wedding and how it was like old times. Rafe agrees that it seemed like everything was going great and then it really wasn't. Caroline asks if it's the situation between Will and Gabi. Rafe calls it not a situation but a baby. Caroline asks if a baby is going to come between Rafe and Sami. Rafe tells her that Sami attacked Gabi over and over which he can't forgive.

Nick gets dressed as Gabi wonders why he got mad about the scar. Nick says he's not mad but doesn't want to talk about a stupid accident. Gabi asks if he's nervous about his next parole meeting. Nick says he is not thanks to Gabi and kisses her. Nick and Gabi agree to not talk about the past and just the future.

Caroline tells Rafe that he knows how Sami is going to react in protecting her kids. Rafe remarks that they wouldn't be in this mess if Will thought about protection. Caroline says they are all human. Rafe knows Caroline wants them to work out and he did too but says Sami just went too far this time and he can't go back there. Caroline tells Rafe that if he doesn't go there then he knows who will.

Sami tells EJ that it's not just the negative response that she's worried about. EJ asks what that means. Sami is worried how people could use the information like Kristen to hurt Marlena. EJ sees what she means and suggests they call a truce when it comes to Kristen or at least not talk about her.

Brady tells Kristen that he's trying to find a way for them to be together without losing his family. Brady adds that marriage won't change how they feel about each other but it might kill how his family sees them. Kristen calls him mature for seeing the big picture while she's being sentimental. Kristen says she really cares about him. Brady promises things won't change and kisses her.

Sami tells EJ that they don't want to screw this up but they can't not talk about Kristen. EJ jokes that they went 20 minutes without a fight. Sami says it doesn't have to be a fight if he just agrees that Kristen is trying to hurt her family. EJ doesn't want to talk about Kristen but Sami insists. EJ brings up Kristen resigning from Countess Wilhelmina leading to them being together. EJ wants to cut her some slack but Sami says no. EJ suggests they go back to not talking about her but Sami still says no. EJ jokes about things being different this time as they kiss again.

Brady kisses Kristen and gets out of bed then goes into the bathroom. Kristen thinks back to telling Stefano about her plan to leave Brady at the altar. Kristen says out loud that it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't any challenge. Kristen adds that Brady will be begging her to marry him in no time.

Nick goes to Jennifer and thanks her for writing the parole letter. Jennifer is happy to help and tells him he's done such a good job since getting out. Nick says he's done better than expected thanks to Gabi. Jennifer is sorry about the wedding. Nick says it doesn't really matter since they'll get married in a few weeks and no one will stop them this time.

Gabi comes downstairs to the Pub as Caroline takes Johnny to the back. Gabi greets Rafe, who admits he was waiting for her. Gabi says he could've called and she would've came down but Rafe wants her to get her sleep. Rafe asks if she slept okay. Gabi says sure but Rafe recalls her being very upset last night. Gabi says she shouldn't have let Sami get to her. Rafe wonders how she couldn't since Sami shouldn't have spoke to her like that. Gabi doesn't want to get in the way of Rafe and Sami's relationship but Rafe tells her not to worry as they don't have a relationship.

Kristen enters the coffeehouse and joins EJ. EJ thanks her for coming. EJ mentions signing off on the quarterly results. Kristen asks why he wanted to see her. EJ informs her that he and Sami are back together. Kristen jokes about EJ not getting sleep. Kristen says all of their hard work paid off. EJ agrees and thanks her, adding that he owes her.

Sami walks through the town square and runs into Brady. Brady mocks Sami for her voicemails about his personal life. Sami thinks Brady doesn't care that Marlena and Eric are going through hell because of Kristen. Brady is sick of hearing it. Sami tells him to get used to the fact that nobody likes Kristen. Brady tells her to get her affairs with Rafe in order instead of worrying about his personal life. Sami informs him that she and Rafe are over. Brady asks what she did. Sami says it was Rafe and Gabi who did something. Brady calls her an idiot for letting Will and Gabi get in between her and Rafe. Brady questions Sami now being alone but Sami reveals she's not alone and lets it slip that she and EJ are back together which Brady cannot believe.

Abigail asks Cameron if he knows what she was going to say. Cameron thinks that she was going to apologize for what happened before but he doesn't think she should. Abigail asks if he thinks that behavior was acceptable. Cameron understands that she just lost her father while he lost Lexie. Cameron thinks they were both kinda nuts so he wants to start over, focus on the moment, and see what happens. Cameron doesn't think she should have to apologize. Abigail jokes with him then admits she was going to apologize but Cameron was nicer about it than she ever could have hoped. Abigail thanks him and agrees that they should just see what happens.

Jennifer is glad Nick still wants to get married after everything that happens. Nick says nothing's changed between he and Gabi. Jennifer admits his family was worried about him because they love him so much. Nick says it means so much to him that they all stood by him and went to bat for him to turn his life around. Nick is excited that his daughter will be born into such a good strong family. Jennifer questions him saying his daughter. Nick says that what happened at the wedding changed nothing between them as they're still having a daughter and he's so excited.

Gabi asks Rafe about being done with Sami. Rafe informs her that he called Sami out so he doesn't think she'll be messing with them anymore as long as things continue to go smoothly.

Jennifer says it's good that Nick has a positive attitude and it's great that he's happy with Gabi and excited about the baby. Nick doesn't think Jennifer is happy. Jennifer says everything is moving so quickly for him. Nick doesn't understand what else he should do and if she thinks he should walk away from Gabi. Jennifer clarifies that he should understand that he's getting into a very complicated situation. Nick asks if she thinks he can't handle it. Jennifer explains that his thoughts are black and white after what happened. Jennifer mentions Julie telling her that Nick was attacked in jail a year ago. Nick stops her and asks her not to tell Gabi about that. Nick doesn't think Gabi needs to know that he was attacked in prison because she has enough to worry about and that part of his life is over.

Gabi tells Rafe that everything is going smoothly and they are working things out. Gabi suggests it's time for Rafe to work things out with Sami. Rafe responds that it's never going to happen.

EJ tells Kristen that she was right about he and Sami. Kristen says she's right about everything. EJ brings up Brady. Kristen says they were having a nice chat and asks EJ if he's told Stefano about Sami. EJ says they have decided not to let the world know about their love yet. Kristen jokes that Stefano hasn't recovered from learning about she and Brady. EJ asks how things are going with her and Brady. Kristen says things are on course. EJ jokes that she makes it sound like a business deal and hopes she's happy. Kristen says she's happy and will be even happier soon.

Brady compares everyone talking about him and Kristen when Sami is with EJ who she tried to kill before. Sami calls Kristen his former stepmother but Brady reminds her that Kristen and John never got married. Sami tells Brady that he's wrong about Kristen and it's disgusting. Brady reminds Sami that EJ kidnapped her baby and replaced her husband before. Sami doesn't want to talk about the past and brings up Kristen destroying his family. Brady doesn't blame Kristen. Sami calls him delusional. Brady says adults should be responsible for their own behavior. Sami questions if he really believes that and calls him more selfish than she is.

Gabi tells Rafe that she's not happy about being responsible for him losing Sami. Rafe tells her she's not responsible as he could just never be with someone who treated Gabi like that. Gabi tells him to understand where Sami is coming from considering she lied to her about her grandchild. Rafe calls it ironic for Sami to be so sensitive about liars. Rafe mentions that Sami was the one who broke it off when she went back to being a woman he could never be with. Rafe tells her to take care of herself and the baby as he exits the Pub.

EJ jokes with Kristen about two DiMeras dating Sami and Brady. EJ says they have a little time to enjoy themselves before it all hits the fan as EJ then exits. Kristen says she may have to adjust things a little with Brady to make sure she gets what she wants and that Marlena may have given her the idea.

Brady points out that Sami admitted she's selfish. Sami says they can agree to disagree until he admits he's wrong. Brady starts to leave but Sami wants a favor. Sami asks Brady not to tell Marlena or Eric about her being with EJ as she wants to do it herself. Brady agrees saying he doesn't talk to them anyways. Sami wishes Brady luck and walks away. Brady gets a text message from Kristen and walks on.

Cameron and Abigail joke with each other. Cameron tells her he had a great time. Abigail did too. Cameron gets paged that he has to get back to the hospital. Cameron invites Abigail to go to the movies sometimes. Abigail asks if it's a date. Cameron says it is unless it's too fast. Abigail thinks it would be perfect. Cameron says he'll text her and kisses her on the cheek goodbye. Abigail thanks him for breakfast. Cameron thanks her and exits.

Nick thanks Jennifer again for the letter. Jennifer tells him to take care as he exits. Nick thinks back to Gabi asking him about the scar and has flashbacks to being attacked in prison.

Brady returns to Kristen's room. Kristen says she has big news. Brady thinks he knows what it is and says Sami just blurted out about being back with EJ. Kristen calls it so Sami after she told EJ not to say anything. Kristen says she feels kind of bad for Marlena. Brady talks about Sami wanting to keep it a secret. Kristen suggests sometimes it's good to keep things from others. Brady asks if she means they could get married and not tell John and Marlena.

EJ talks to Johnny outside after picking him up from the Pub. EJ says he's happy because he had a wonderful day.

Sami walks outside the town square where Rafe is standing. Rafe starts to just walk away but Sami stops him and says she thinks they should talk.

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