Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John arrives to where Stefano has been staying. Stefano jovially greets him calling it a nice surprise. John tells him that it's time they have a talk about Stefano's daughter.

Brady and Kristen walk through the town square as Brady talks about feeling stupid because of their argument. Kristen kisses him and tells him that he's forgiven as Marlena watches from a distance.

Caroline sits with Will at the Pub and talks about not seeing him much since Gabi's wedding. Caroline hugs him and says she'll always love him.

Nick continues reading about Lucas going to prison for Will. Nick declares that he must prove that Will was the one who shot EJ.

EJ and Sami kiss at Sami's place as Sami tells him that she wants him and wants this. EJ carries her into the bedroom.

Chloe calls the lodge to tell Daniel that it's Parker and she needs him. Daniel asks what's going on so Chloe puts the phone to Parker's crying. Chloe claims not to know what's going wrong and that Parker's been crying since Daniel left. Chloe talks about not knowing what's wrong. Chloe tries to say it's because he misses Daniel. Daniel insists that she's a great mother and will find a way to handle it.

Brady realizes he forgot his phone and needs it for work. Brady kisses Kristen and they agree to meet at the coffeehouse later. They kiss and go their separate ways. Kristen runs into Marlena and accuses her of spying because she's lonely without John.

Sami and EJ kiss onto the bed and begin to undress.

Stefano asks John about the family. John says there's never a dull moment and assumes Stefano has already been filled in. John says he's here to put Stefano on notice. John talks about Kristen slithering her way back into their lives. John says it won't last long and she'll just be a memory. John warns Stefano that Kristen's interference won't allow Stefano to renew his obsession with Marlena.

Marlena tries to walk away but Kristen follows her and asks her about how it feels to lose the one person that means everything. Marlena refuses to engage with her. Marlena calls Kristen a complete bitch. Kristen tells Marlena that she could end up her daughter in law sooner than she thinks. Marlena responds that she knows exactly how this ends.

Sami and EJ continue kissing in bed.

Will tells Caroline he's sure she has a lot of questions about what happened. Caroline is proud that he is trying to straighten things out and spend time with his child which is all that matters. Will shows Caroline the sonogram picture. Caroline calls it amazing. Will talks about feeling the baby kick and how it turned his life upside down. Will says it will all be worth it when he gets to hold her for the first time.

Nick continues reading online and thinks back to the sonogram. Nick shuts the computer and states that he must find a way to get Will out of his life, Gabi's life, and the baby's life.

Chloe tells Daniel that this has been going on since he left and she can't calm Parker down. Jennifer tells Daniel to just go home and be there. Daniel agrees to check out and get home as soon as he can. Chloe thanks him and hangs up. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer but she tells him not to be sorry. Daniel says it seems strange to him. Jennifer says she isn't going to stay there with him so she's not in the way. Jennifer tells him to make sure his son is okay and then call her after. Daniel thanks her.

Chloe sits with Parker in the living room who is now fine. Chloe tells him that she's excited because Daniel's coming home as Brady walks in. Brady greets her and asks if everything is okay. Chloe says she is now but Parker was crying and she couldn't stop him until just now. Chloe thought Brady was out for the night. Brady says he was but just forgot something. Brady grabs a gift box and exits. Chloe tells Parker that he's always a good boy and they're both happy now because Daniel's on his way back.

EJ and Sami lay in bed together after making love. Sami calls it different and new like seeing him for the first time. EJ tells her how long he's dreamed about this. Sami tells EJ that she loves him but also trusts him. EJ responds that he trusts her and they kiss.

Stefano assures John that he's moved on from Marlena as he's been there and done that. Stefano compares it to Kristen being done with John. John tells Stefano to keep his passport handy because Kristen will need him to fly to Salem and pick up the pieces when it all falls apart. Stefano says they will have to see who breaks who. John then exits.

Kristen suggests they sit down so Marlena can tell her how it's all going to end. Marlena calls deception Kristen's game and says she's unstoppable. Marlena decides her best strategy is to sit back and be patient because she'll eventually self-destruct when her lies come caving in. Marlena says Brady will leave her just like John did as she walks away.

Johnny runs up and greets Will at the Pub. Will asks about his sleepover and then shows Johnny the sonogram picture. Nick comes down and sees Will telling Johnny that it's his baby and he's going to be a dad.

Sami and EJ finish making love again. Sami admits she's surprised to be there with him in an amazingly good way. EJ says he's not surprised at all because he always knew they'd end up back together. They joke about knowing even when they were at each other's throats. EJ says other people may be surprised. Sami doesn't care what anyone thinks as their kids will be happy. Sami adds that people they know aren't living great lives either. EJ decides he should go but Sami tells him the kids are at sleepovers and the night's still young. Sami insists that he stay so they kiss again.

Nick asks Will if he told Sonny that it's a girl. Will says he did. Nick asks how things are going with Sonny and if he wants to be part of the baby's life. Will asks if Nick would have a problem with that. Nick says he was just curious. Will admits he and Sonny haven't had a lot of time to work things out. Nick tells him he's sorry. Will says he's just focusing on helping Gabi through the pregnancy. Marlena enters the Pub and greets Will and Nick. Will goes to get Johnny as he knows he'd love to see Marlena. Marlena asks Nick for a minute as she wonders how he's doing. Marlena calls it a tough transition for Nick but he insists that he's fine since he's marrying the girl of his dreams and starting a family. Nick tells her he has to go and then exits.

Kristen joins Jennifer at the coffeehouse and tells her she looks pretty, asking if it was a big night but Jennifer says not really. Kristen offers to talk about it since she still feels like they're friends and she thinks Jennifer deserves to be happy. Jennifer thanks her. Kristen offers to help if someone is standing in the way of her happiness.

Daniel returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Chloe and Parker. Chloe claims Parker literally just stopped crying like 15 minutes ago. Daniel asks why she didn't call him. Chloe says she didn't know if it would last and if he'd start again. Daniel takes Chloe aside and says he's new to being a dad to Parker. Chloe insists he's getting there. Daniel says he's been around his share of sick children as a doctor and one thing he knows is that Parker doesn't look like a boy who's been crying all night.

Sami wakes up in bed and finds EJ is not there. EJ returns with a tray of food with candles and wine. They toast to them and new beginnings.

Marlena hopes she didn't interrupt Will and Nick. Will talks about Nick coming around to understand that he is always going to be in his baby's life.

Nick goes back to Gabi's room and the computer. Nick declares that at least Sonny is out of the picture so that's one gay boy down and one to go.

Jennifer tells Kristen that she's confident the whole situation will work out for the best. Brady enters and says it seems like old times seeing them together. Kristen gets a call and steps outside. She answers and it's Stefano. Stefano informs her that John came to visit him which surprises her. Kristen figures he was so rattled by her. Stefano wonders why John is wasting his time. Kristen tells Stefano to wait until John sees her next move. Kristen reveals that she's going to convince Brady to ask her to marry him and then she's going to leave him at the altar like John did to her. Stefano admits he was scared she was really going to marry Brady. Kristen calls it payback and says karma is a bitch named Kristen.

Brady tells Jennifer of his idea that he told Daniel about a double date. Brady asks what Jennifer is doing tomorrow but Jennifer says she has to check Daniel's schedule. Brady notes that she obviously had plans tonight. Jennifer tells him that something came up. Brady thinks she seems on edge about it. Jennifer admits she's questioning the timing of this interruption but she'll have answers soon.

Chloe questions if Daniel thinks she was lying about Parker's crying. Chloe says he heard the phone. Daniel asks when he started crying. Chloe says it was right after Daniel left and for most of the hour non stop. Daniel asks about his feeding. Chloe assures him there's no hunger or fever. Parker says "daddy" which excites Daniel and Chloe. Daniel sits with Parker and asks if he said daddy as Chloe watches with a smile.

Sami talks to Johnny on the phone about his sleepover. She says she misses and loves him then tells him goodnight. Sami hangs up and gets back in bed with EJ. EJ calls Johnny an amazing kid. Sami agrees. EJ says they are lucky as Johnny and Sydney are proof that they can do incredible things together. They kiss again until EJ's phone rings.

Jennifer gets a call from Daniel and asks if Parker is okay. Daniel says it's better than okay as he called him daddy. Daniel decides maybe Parker really was missing him. Jennifer calls it really great and tells Daniel to just spend some time with Parker and they'll talk in the morning. Daniel apologizes about tonight. Jennifer says they'll have other nights and she's happy about Parker so he should enjoy that. Daniel promises to make it up to her. Jennifer tells him to have a good night and hangs up. Brady asks about Daniel's call. Jennifer tells him about Parker crying uncontrollably to cut their night short but he's fine now. Jennifer says it was about an hour ago but Brady reveals he went to the mansion and Parker seemed fine even though Chloe said he had been crying. Brady shows her the club he was talking about for their double date and then exits. Jennifer wonders out loud if Chloe faked it and used her two year old son to break up their date.

Daniel plays with Parker as Chloe returns to them. Daniel asks Chloe for some time alone with Parker. Chloe tells him to stay as long as he wants as she exits with a smile.

Stefano asks Kristen how she's going to convince Brady to propose. Kristen says Brady's coming so she has to go and she hangs up. Brady joins her outside the coffeehouse. Kristen talks about never being this happy. Brady tells her that he lied to her about losing his phone as he went to the mansion to get something else. Brady pulls out his gift box and wishes her a happy three month anniversary. Kristen calls him so sweet and handsome and says she loves him as they kiss.

Marlena asks Will about things working out with Nick and Gabi. Will says he just wants to be in his daughter's life without interfering in their relationship. Marlena hopes things don't get complicated and hopes they don't go back on their word down the road. Will doesn't think that will happen as he really trusts Gabi and they both want what's best for the baby.

Nick searches surveillance devices on the computer.

EJ finishes talking to Johnny and says goodnight. Sami talks about Johnny knowing they're so happy as they lay together.

Kristen and Brady lay in bed talking about how happy they make each other. Brady kisses her and Kristen says she doesn't ever want to stop feeling like this. Kristen wonders if they should take it to the next level with marriage. Kristen adds that she knows it's crazy. Brady calls her funny assuming she's joking.

Daniel tells Parker how glad he is that he called him daddy.

Chloe goes to Jennifer's and apologizes for ruining her night with Daniel and says she knows as a mom how these things go. Jennifer is surprised that Chloe felt so overwhelmed as a mom as she's sure Parker has thrown tantrums before. Chloe claims it was different this time as he was missing his father. Jennifer says it's nice to know a child's needs. Chloe decides to go but Jennifer stops her and tells her there's no hard feelings since she and Daniel will get their time together sooner than later. Jennifer then shuts the door and Chloe says the hell they will as she walks away. Jennifer looks at the club photo that Brady gave her and suggests maybe tomorrow night. Jennifer adds that she won't let Chloe wreck things for her and Daniel this time.

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