Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/1/13


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EJ stands and starts pacing as Sami begins to cry. Sami gets up and says EJ has to say something. EJ turns to her and says as usual, she said everything. EJ says Sami may have patience but he's at the end of his. Sami understands and wants to explain but EJ smiles and kisses her. They kiss as Rafe arrives knocking on the door. Rafe continues knocking as Sami and EJ continue kissing.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and greets her. Jennifer informs Hope that she's going away alone with Daniel.

Daniel and Chloe talk about Parker and Daniel mentions going away with Jennifer.

Brian and Sonny kiss in the coffeehouse as Will arrives and tries to go in but sees them through the window.

EJ and Sami continue kissing as Rafe continues knocking, saying he knows she's in there.

Brian suggests he and Sonny go somewhere more private so Will hides around the corner while they walk off together.

Jennifer and Hope talk about Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer wonders if it's too soon but they agree that it isn't.

Daniel gives Chloe the number to the lodge they are staying at in case of emergency. Chloe says there is something big that they need to discuss. Chloe wanted to talk about her past and how Kate tried to use it against her but she says it can wait. Daniel insists that he will make the time.

Rafe continues knocking saying he needs to talk to Sami and he knows she's in there. Sami and EJ continue kissing. Sami tells EJ it will only take two minutes but EJ jokes that it won't. Sami promises it will be different. Sami answers the door. Rafe tells her to leave Gabi alone. They argue about Gabi and Will. Sami wants Rafe to leave but Rafe says he's not going anywhere until they get something straight. Rafe walks in and sees EJ is inside.

Chloe tells Daniel that it's hard to talk about that dark time in her life but she has overwhelming guilt over everything that's happened and feels terrible about her choices. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to bring it all up again but Chloe feels it helps a little to talk about it. Chloe talks about being so in love with Daniel and then things fell apart but she says there's no excuse. Daniel tells her that she's been an amazing mother to their son and he is their number one priority. Chloe agrees that's all that matters. Daniel says he's got to go. Chloe apologizes. Daniel tells her not to worry. Chloe comments that she'll always worry about her friend and Parker's father since things are moving pretty fast. Chloe says they just went on their first date recently and she thinks things are moving fast especially for Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Hope that she's ready to be with Daniel. Jennifer talks about never forgetting Jack. Jennifer says she'd never move on if it weren't for Daniel. Jennifer says this isn't about Chloe but about her and Daniel and her feelings. Jennifer declares that one thing she's learned in the past year is to never take time for granted. Hope agrees and hugs her.

Will walks through the town square and Justin runs into him. Justin mentions going to the coffeehouse to see Sonny but Will informs him that he's not there. Justin asks if he knows where he went.

Rafe calls it a speed record even for EJ and Sami. Sami doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe questions Sami about barging into the Pub to make a scene. Sami says she made it clear to Gabi that her tricks aren't going to work and she and Will aren't going anywhere. Rafe questions Sami's rights. EJ says she has plenty but Rafe tells him to stay out of it. Sami says she left Gabi alone. Rafe tells her that she can't just keep causing problems for her. Sami agrees to be more understanding of Gabi if she respects Will's right as a father. Rafe accepts that and declares they are done. Rafe exits and EJ follows him out. EJ says Rafe may have finished with Sami but EJ is not quite finished with Rafe.

Justin asks Will again if he knows where Sonny is. Will says he doesn't know and starts to walk away but Justin stops him and asks how he's holding up since he hasn't seen him since Christmas. Will calls Christmas a great night where he felt at home. Will says he's good but had been keeping a big secret obviously. Justin asks if Will has a good custody lawyer. Will asks if he thinks he needs one. Justin thinks back to meeting with Nick.

Sonny and Brian drink wine at Brian's and they toast to better days. Brian tells Sonny that he deserves it because he's special. Brian talks about Sonny always knowing who he was. They start to talk about when Brian came out but Brian stops and says he's waited a long time for this as he kisses him.

Daniel tells Chloe that he and Jennifer can figure out how fast or slow they want to take things. Chloe apologizes. Daniel assures her that he and Jennifer are solid and he adds that Jennifer will be a constant in Parker's life. Daniel then exits the room leaving Chloe frustrated. Daniel goes to leave the mansion as Maggie arrives. Daniel talks about getting ready to go to Green Mountain Lodge and he just came to say goodbye to Parker. Maggie asks how it went. Daniel talks about still feeling like Parker doesn't know him. Maggie assures him that he'll get there with him. Daniel tells her goodbye and exits.

Rafe tells EJ that he has nothing to say to him. EJ says that will make it go faster then. EJ tells Rafe that he's finished here. Rafe says he already told him that but congratulates him on coming in second. EJ questions Rafe thinking Sami chose him. EJ brings up why Sami never told him. EJ says Sami told him everything that happened. Rafe says Sami lies so maybe she lied to him since she lied to EJ. Rafe tells EJ that he and Sami deserve each other. EJ agrees. EJ tells Rafe to be clear that he's gone and should stay gone. Rafe tells him to keep her away from he and Gabi then she's all his. Rafe walks away and EJ heads back inside. EJ tells Sami that Rafe is gone and not coming back. Sami calls that good. Sami apologizes about Rafe and says she doesn't care what he says or does since it's over. EJ is glad and they toast their drinks. EJ calls it disorienting to see Sami to calm. Sami admits she wasn't calm earlier when she went after Gabi for trying to sneak off and get married. Sami wonders what stopped them. EJ suggests it could've been Will. Sami says Will is very trusting which is surprising considering he's her and Lucas's son.

Justin tells Will that it's just good to know his rights. Will mentions that EJ has someone on retainer for him. Justin tells him that he's in good hands then. Will doesn't think he will need it since they're all on the same page. Will talks about being at the sonogram and feeling the baby kick. Will says he's not going to miss anything. They talk about Will originally agreeing to not be in the baby's life. Will admits he was afraid of what he would lose and now did lose. Will then walks away.

Brian and Sonny kiss in bed and begin to undress but Sonny stops him and gets up. Sonny apologizes and says he can't because it would just be sex. Brian doesn't think that's a bad thing. Sonny tells him that he likes him but needs more time. Brian gets up and kisses him. Brian agrees to walk him out.

Maggie walks in and greets Chloe and says they must have had a good visit. Chloe wishes it was longer. Maggie reminds her that Daniel will only be gone for a night. Chloe worries about Daniel and Jennifer's relationship going south. Chloe talks about giving up everything to be with Daniel but it still went down. Maggie argues that Daniel and Jennifer are strong. Chloe brings up Jennifer dumping Daniel without a second thought the moment that Jack showed up before.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and asks if she's ready. Jennifer says she is and calls it a big question. Daniel talks about never thinking they'd be here again. Jennifer is thankful for second chances and she kisses him. Daniel and Jennifer then exit together.

Maggie tells Chloe that she's the mother of her grandson so she is welcome in the house but she isn't going to trash Daniel and Jennifer in any way. Chloe says she's not trashing but just saying what happened. Chloe states that Daniel is easily hurt but Maggie tells her it's not as easy as she thinks. Maggie tells her to enjoy her evening and exits. Chloe says to herself that it will be harder to get Daniel away from Jennifer if this night happens so she's going to have to stop it.

Daniel and Jennifer arrive at the lodge. Daniel tells her that dinner reservations are in half an hour and then they kiss. Daniel suggests they could go eat now. Jennifer suggests they could just get room service and they resume kissing.

Justin goes to the coffeehouse where Sonny is. Justin notes Sonny closing early. Sonny says he just left for a bit but now he's back. Justin asks how he is. Sonny claims to be okay. Sonny says his classes are fine and the coffeehouse is running well and his friends are fine. Justin points out that he's not talking about one thing. Sonny says there's nothing to say. Sonny admits he's hurting as everything in his life is perfect with nothing wrong but everything still feels screwed up. Justin asks if it's because he doesn't have Will.

Brian enters the Pub where Will is seated. Brian greets him and asks how it's going. Will ignores him.

EJ tells Sami that he should have the custody lawyer call Will as an introduction so he will know his options. EJ talks about Will having someone else to talk to about it. Sami asks why he's avoiding her. Sami wonders what's wrong with them and what they are doing. EJ says that they are waiting for all interruptions to stop. EJ declares there's nothing in the way this time. Sami wonders if that's even possible since there's always been something. They call it terrifying and say they should probably run as they get close and end up kissing. Sami says she's glad he didn't run and that she finally asked him for a chance. EJ says his feelings were clear. EJ tells her it's always been her. Sami apologizes for wasting so much time trying to make the right choice. Sami says EJ is a good man. She talks about always seeing it when he's with the kids but now she looks at him and he's stepped into himself as the man he was meant to be. Sami suggests he couldn't have done that if he were with her. EJ believes he did it because of her.

Hope sits in her office with Rafe and asks what's going on. Rafe complains about Sami hounding Gabi. Hope offers to talk but Rafe says no. Hope tells Rafe that it's okay and she thinks they will work it out. Rafe declares that it's over and they're done.

EJ says it's been a long day so she should go to sleep but Sami asks him to stay which makes EJ smile. Sami doesn't want him to go. Sami says before their last interruption, it felt very right. EJ asks if it still does. Sami kisses him.

Sonny tells Justin that Will lied to him. Justin says he knows. Sonny says Justin can't think that's okay. Justin says people lie to him all the time for all sorts of reasons. Justin adds that sometimes they are really good people in lousy situations trying to do the best they can. Sonny says this was big. Justin tells him that Will was willing to give up all rights to the child and asks if Sonny knows why.

Will asks what Brian is doing there. Brian says he was just getting some air. Will says it's not a game to him. Brian knows Will saw he and Sonny at the coffeehouse. Brian says he had an incredible night and walks away.

Daniel and Jennifer continue kissing at the lodge.

Chloe decides to make a call but Parker starts crying. Chloe takes her phone and heads upstairs.

Daniel and Jennifer are still kissing. Daniel asks if she's sure about being ready and they continue kissing.

Hope tells Rafe that Sami and EJ won't last as they never do. Rafe feels they're doing good acting like it. Rafe states that Sami lies and he can't believe anything she says which was his mistake. Rafe is not sure Sami even has a heart.

Sami and EJ lay on the couch together kissing.

Daniel and Jennifer kiss onto the bed but the phone rings. Daniel assumes it's room service. The phone keeps ringing so Jennifer decides to pick up the phone and it's Chloe who shouts that it's Parker and she needs Daniel now.

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