Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/31/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/31/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wants to know why Kristen lied to him. Kristen says she didn't but Brady asks why she lied about Marlena. Brady asks her about the note she wrote. Kristen explains it was because Marlena was wearing a wire. Brady questions why she had no trouble lying to his face.

EJ walks through the town square and gets a call from Sami. EJ suggests having fun but Sami says she has something to take care of and then she would like to see him as they need to talk. Sami agrees to text him when she's on her way home. EJ hangs up and walks on where he comes across Rafe. EJ asks how Gabi is. Rafe says she's better no thanks to Chad. EJ thinks things worked out in everybody's best interest. Rafe questions that as EJ talks about the Hernandez family trying to keep fathers from their child. Rafe compares it to EJ kidnapping babies. EJ warns Rafe that Gabi should stay away from Will and Sami or he'll be seeing a lot more of him than he'd like.

Sami calls Will and leaves a message that she heard a nasty rumor from City Hall and they have to talk about this regarding his baby.

Nick reads about Lucas going to prison for Will meaning he lied for him. Nick remarks that the gay boy tried to murder EJ. Will then enters the room. Surprised, Nick asks what he's doing there. Nick closes things on the computer and asks Will what's up. Will says he just wanted to thank him for letting him be at the sonogram. Will asks Nick what he thought about seeing the baby and feeling the kick. Nick calls it awesome as Will shows Nick the picture Gabi gave him. Nick says they made it the computer screensaver as well. Will says this is how it should be with all of them being good to each other.

Rafe questions EJ about he and Sami. EJ says they work together and talks about Will having rights to his child. Rafe asks if it's a case. EJ informs Rafe that he did hire a lawyer just in case for Will. EJ warns Rafe that if he interferes with Will or Sami in any way then he will regret it. Rafe asks if he's fighting for Sami now. Rafe tells him that Sami likes when people treat her like she's helpless. EJ doesn't want Rafe telling him about Sami. Rafe assumes EJ knows everything about her. EJ says they have a bond. Rafe tells EJ that he threw in the towel on fighting for Sami which is the only reason EJ has a chance now. Rafe says Sami was going to tell EJ that she chose Rafe but they decided to wait until after the wedding. Rafe adds that EJ should make no mistake that he was out.

Sami enters the Pub and tells Gabi that she knows what she and Nick are trying to pull and they can forget about it because it's not going to work.

Brady talks about Kristen not missing a step while lying. Kristen mocks his accusations. Brady says he's not playing as he defended her to Nicole and ended a long relationship with her today. Kristen talks about not being the one who stole the documents and worries that Brady isn't so sure.

Chad takes a seat at the coffeehouse and sees Abigail at the counter. Abigail orders a latte from Sonny. Abigail thinks Sonny is miserable and talks about mistakes. Abigail tells Sonny that Will's mistake was him trying to do the right thing for everybody including Sonny. Abigail knows Sonny still loves Will and wants to be with him. Sonny calls it two different things. Abigail asks Sonny to try and give him a chance. Chad watches Abigail as Cameron enters and comments on Chad looking at her. They talk as Chad says he blew his chance with Abigail. Chad talks about not meaning to do that and the worst thing is that he destroyed Sonny and Will's relationship. Abigail continues telling Sonny that she knows what Will did was wrong and wonders if the way Sonny is acting means Will was right to keep it secret.

Will thanks Nick for understanding and talks about families that share kids who are happy. Will says that will be them. Will hugs him goodbye and exits. Nick goes back to the computer and continues reading about Lucas' prison sentence.

Sami goes after Gabi about her wedding with Nick at City Hall. Sami accuses Gabi of this being her first move to get custody. Sami brings up Nick being a convicted felon on parole. Gabi says Sami didn't care before. Sami brings up trying to keep Will from his son. Gabi doesn't want to do this. Gabi tells her that they postponed the wedding and no one is trying to take the baby from Will. Gabi adds that it is and always has been Will's choice. Gabi mentions Will going to the sonogram with her which surprises Sami. Gabi tells Sami that she should talk to Will to find out what's going on with him. Sami asks how the baby is. Gabi tells her it's okay and reveals it's a girl. Sami starts talking about all the plans they have to make. Gabi stops her and says she won't be a part of the birth. Gabi adds that she can't attack her for no reason if she thinks she's going to be a part of the baby's life. Sami takes that as a threat as Nick intervenes and asks what's going on.

EJ questions Rafe's story. Rafe tells him that he could ask Sami. Rafe says EJ and Sami obviously have that great mysterious bond so he's sure she'll tell EJ all about it.

Gabi tells Nick it was nothing but a misunderstanding. Sami says she won't stand for them trying to take her grandchild away. Nick tells Sami to leave Gabi alone because the stress and drama is bad for her. Nick asks her to go. Sami claims she didn't mean to upset her and is just trying to help. Sami mentions she could help with shopping and says Will's daughter deserves the best as she then exits the Pub and Gabi hugs Nick.

Sonny sits with Abigail and asks if she's trying to start a fight with him. Sonny says he just needs some room to deal with what Will did to see how he feels. Abigail thinks that means it's not 100% over. Abigail wants Sonny to admit he still loves Will so he does. Sonny isn't sure if he can live with what Will did and if he can trust him.

EJ enters the coffeehouse and talks to Chad at the counter. EJ wants Chad to tell him about the wedding and asks about Sami and Rafe. EJ wants to know if they were together. Chad says people were talking about how they were happy. Chad figures people just jumped to conclusions after seeing them together. Chad asks what's going on with he and Sami. EJ warns him to never be a woman's second choice.

Kristen tells Brady to leave if he isn't going to trust her and listen to her side of the story. Brady wants to know what happened with Marlena. Kristen asks if he's sure since he won't like it. Brady thinks he deserves to know. Kristen agrees to tell him about Marlena and everything. Kristen explains that Marlena came saying she wanted to clear the air and she knew something was up because she'd never do that. Kristen talks about Marlena trying to goad her into saying she was using Brady but Kristen claims they are wrong and she's sorry that they can't accept their relationship then she realized she was wearing a wire. Kristen says Marlena made her mad so she held up the note. Brady mentions Marlena never played the tape for him. Brady says he was upset that Kristen lied to his face. Kristen claims she was trying to protect Marlena but Brady doesn't believe it after how Marlena's treated her.

Chad approaches Abigail and asks how he can make things better but Abigail doesn't know if he can and she exits. Sonny's friend Brian appears and greets Sonny. Brian jokes about hearing what happened with Will.

Nick gives Gabi a glass of water. Gabi talks about how she feels every time Sami comes around. Nick suggests they need some space from Will but Gabi says Will is great and Sami's the problem. Rafe enters and offers to take them out to dinner tomorrow night. Rafe asks what's wrong and Nick says it's Sami.

Sami goes back home where EJ arrives. Sami thanks him for coming and for being good to her the last few days. EJ asks if that's all. Sami says it's not as she's waited for a long time and has something she has to tell him.

Kristen tells Brady that she knows it's hard to believe but claims she didn't want to add to John and Marlena's problems and wanted to protect Brady as she sees what it's doing to him. Kristen wonders who it could've helped if she told him about another horrible thing Marlena did. Kristen says she can handle Marlena, John, Sami, and Eric but can't handle Brady looking at her like they do. Brady says he didn't mean it but Kristen thinks he did and tells him to leave. Brady apologizes. Kristen wants him to go if he doesn't have her back as she'd rather be alone. Brady shuts the door and tells her that they don't want to be alone. Brady says he knows what she wants and knows who's side he's on as they then kiss.

Abigail goes to the hospital and finds Cameron. Abigail mentions seeing him at the coffeehouse and he didn't say hello. Cameron says she was talking to Chad. Abigail talks about Chad trying to make amends but what he did was so over the top. Cameron knows Lexie would want him to try. Abigail talks about second chances.

Will walks through the town square and runs into Chad. Chad asks for two minutes.

Gabi hugs Rafe and agrees to dinner another time. Rafe tells her to get some rest. Gabi mentions the baby being a daughter. Rafe already heard from Will. Gabi notes that Will is excited as she heads to her room. Rafe asks Nick how bad Sami was. Nick says it was pretty bad and ruined Gabi's appetite. Nick adds that this is the first reason why they didn't want Will involved since Sami will make Gabi's life a living hell now.

Sami begins telling EJ starting with last fall when she said she had to stop bouncing between EJ and Rafe but she didn't stop and kept bouncing towards Rafe. Sami admits she kept trying with him even up to New Year's Eve. Sami talks about a romantic date they had and ended up kissing at midnight. Sami informs EJ that Rafe asked her after if they could try again and she said yes. Sami adds that she agreed to tell EJ but she could never do it because she didn't want to hurt him and get all upset before the wedding. Sami thinks now that she was being selfish. Sami thinks part of her was trying to save herself and says the wedding was a complete disaster but she saw Rafe for who he really is. Sami talks about how she kept trying to make it work with him and wonders why. Sami apologizes for taking so long and says EJ doesn't need to listen to her go on about Rafe. Sami reveals there's another reason that she didn't tell him about Rafe and that's because she knew that if she told him then she'd be throwing EJ away. Sami says she's been such a coward and afraid of how EJ makes her feel. Sami declares this is right and it feels right. Sami thinks losing EJ would be the biggest mistake of her life. Sami adds that she deserves to lose him but it's never stopped her from asking for what she wants. Sami tells EJ that she wants him and asks if she's too late. Sami asks if they still have a chance.

Brady and Kristen lay in bed. Kristen says the rest of the world can go to hell as Brady falls asleep.

Cameron talks about Abigail working Sonny over about Will. Abigail insists they love each other and could be happy again. Cameron gets paged and has to go. Abigail stops him and says she'd like to see him if he has time even if just to talk about what happened between them. Cameron agrees and walks on.

Sonny talks about not seeing Brian around lately. Brian jokes about Sonny turning him down.

Chad tells Will that if he knew he was the father then he would've taken it to his grave. Will says what he did and how he did it kind of sucked but at least he's having his baby now. Will shows Chad the sonogram picture. Chad says he'll be an awesome father. Chad suggests Will go see Sonny since he overheard him talking about how much he loves him. Will jokes about Chad eavesdropping. Chad wishes Will luck and walks away.

Rafe tells Nick that things will calm down with Sami. Nick asks what makes him think so since Sami never backs down. Rafe tells him that he will take care of it and tells Nick to take care of Gabi.

Sami apologizes to EJ for it not being a fair question. Sami says EJ has deserved better from her all along. Sami says there's been something between them from day one. Sami says they danced around it always letting something or someone get in the way but no matter what they said or did or how angry she got, it always comes back to him. Sami tells him that she just can't stay away and she's tired of fighting it. Sami says EJ has been patient with her so now it's her turn. Sami says EJ can tell her off but she's not giving up and is not going anywhere. Sami puts EJ on notice that she is willing to do what she has to for as long as it takes until she gets him to come around because she believes they belong together.

Sonny starts closing up at the coffeehouse as Brian finishes his coffee. Sonny jokes about it keeping him up all night. Brian says if you want something just do it. Brian adds that it's good to hear him laugh. Sonny says it feels like forever since he has. Brian says it shouldn't be like that for him and then they start kissing. Will walks up and tries to enter the coffeehouse but it's locked so he tries looking through the windows.

Nick gets up from bed and goes back to the computer to read more about Lucas' prison sentence.

EJ stands and starts pacing as Sami begins to cry. Sami gets up and says EJ has to say something. EJ turns to her and says as usual, she said everything. EJ says Sami may have patience but he's at the end of his. Sami understands and wants to explain but EJ smiles and kisses her. They kiss as Rafe arrives knocking on the door. Rafe continues knocking as Sami and EJ continue kissing.

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