Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe enters the Pub where Gabi greets him with a hug. Gabi hopes this means he's coming to city hall because she can't get married without him. Rafe informs her that he thinks she should cancel the ceremony.

Will and Kate talk in the town square. Will asks about her but Kate is concerned about him since the wedding. Kate offers to have Nick's parole revoked.

Marlena and Hope talk in Hope's office at the station about John going out of town. Hope talks about how they belong together but Marlena says he doesn't trust her anymore. Hope tells her that she's sorry for ever suggesting using a wire. Marlena says they both know who's to blame.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing in bed until Kristen gets up and says she'll be right back. Brady tells her to hurry. Kristen goes into the bathroom where Nicole is hiding behind the door. Brady then looks over at Kristen's laptop and notices confidential documents from Titan. Brady questions how they got on there which Nicole is glad to hear. Kristen says she has no idea. Brady talks about how he's the only one that has access to those documents. Kristen suggests he must have forgotten he used her computer. Brady questions her trying to turn it around on him. Kristen doesn't like his tone. Brady wonders if he should be suspicious. Kristen decides she's going to leave as Brady continues wondering why the files are on her computer. Brady then follows Kristen out of the room. Nicole comes out of hiding and declares her work done.

Brady follows Kristen out of the town square and tells her that one way or another they are getting to the bottom of this.

Will tells Kate he doesn't want her going after Nick. Kate thinks Nick is trying to keep Will from his baby but Will says he is not anymore. Will blames himself for initially agreeing to it as he thought it would be best for the baby. Kate thinks Will is going to be a fantastic father. Will says he couldn't act like the baby wasn't his after seeing the sonogram and feeling the baby kick. Will reveals to Kate that the baby is a girl.

Rafe sits with Nick and Gabi as Gabi questions him not wanting them to get married. Rafe clarifies that he thinks it'd be better if they held off for now. Nick disagrees since they love each other and the baby. Rafe goes over how things became a disaster last time they tried to get married and they almost started their marriage off with a big lie. Rafe thinks they should wait so it doesn't seem like a reaction. Nick insists they love each other. Rafe suggests they wait until it feels right.

Hope tells Marlena that her family was being threatened so John should understand that. Marlena blames herself for not having faith in John. Hope suggests they go somewhere else to talk but Marlena doesn't feel up to it. Hope hugs her and says she's sorry. Marlena exits.

Kristen tells Brady that she wouldn't be so stupid to leave the computer open if she was going to spy on his company. Kristen suggests she was set up by Nicole. Brady argues that he was there but Kristen reveals that Nicole came a second time. Brady then recalls Nicole coming to the mansion acting strange. Kristen tells him that he should've thought it out before blaming the wrong person. Brady apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Brady adds that Nicole wins if Kristen walks away now. Brady hugs her and apologizes. Brady thinks he's figured out a way to prove that they got played and asks to see those documents one more time.

Nick tells Rafe that he and Gabi need some time to discuss this. Rafe agrees that's fair. Rafe tells Gabi that he loves her and Gabi says she loves him too as Rafe then exits the Pub. Gabi asks Nick what he thinks. Nick tells her that she knows what he thinks.

Kate is excited for Will having a daughter and hugs him. Will talks about his whole life changing after seeing the sonogram. Will adds that he's relieved he's on the same page with Nick and Gabi so he asks Kate not to do anything to Nick. Kate admits she was just trying to be protective but doesn't want to interfere. Kate says she just wants her children and grandchildren to be happy. Will wants to know what's been bothering her. Kate admits that she and Billie had it out and Billie is deeply disappointed in her. Will asks if they will be okay. Kate says she's sure they will eventually work it out.

At the coffeehouse, Billie talks on the phone about starting a new job. She says she's excited for the new opportunity and they will talk later.

Nicole joins Eric at the church rectory. Eric asks about getting Kristen to sign the resignation letter. Nicole tells him it was easy and gives it to him. Eric decides to go have the letter sent in so he exits and Brady then enters. Nicole asks Brady what's wrong. Brady doesn't know where to start. Brady says he needs someone to hear him out. Brady claims he thinks she was right about Kristen. Nicole asks if she hurt him. Brady hopes Nicole can help him make sense of things.

Hope sits in her office frustrated as Rafe enters and says it sums up his mood too. Hope asks about Gabi. Rafe says he spoke to her and reassured her so he hopes the lies don't get worse. Rafe mentions that Nick and Gabi are planning to get married today which Hope didn't know about. Rafe says he asked them to put it off and he thinks Gabi agreed but not Nick. Hope offers to talk to Nick but Rafe doesn't want them to feel ganged up on. Rafe notes Hope being a bit edgy lately and asks if anything else is going on such as when Bo is coming back.

Gabi asks Nick if waiting to get married would really be such a bad idea. Nick wonders if they wait and then Rafe wants them to wait more and is never okay with them getting married. Gabi insists that Rafe just wants what's best for them. Nick questions if Gabi is giving in to Rafe like this. Gabi says Rafe has done so much for her and suggests that waiting could be good for their friends and family to be supportive. Gabi still wants everyone there when they do get married so maybe waiting isn't such a bad idea. Kate enters and declares that someone is finally talking sense.

Kristen runs into Marlena outside of the town square as Kristen finishes a phone call. Kristen tells her the call wasn't about her. Marlena doesn't want to do this but Kristen does.

Brady tells Nicole about seeing the documents on Kristen's computer. Nicole talks about how Kristen could use that against him. Brady says he can't be involved with someone he can't trust but adds there's more to it than that. Brady says he can't figure out since the documents were brand new and time stamped so there's no way Kristen could've stolen them. Nicole asks if he's sure that she didn't hack into the system. Brady notes that Nicole was at the mansion and asks if she saw anything. Brady says he, Victor, and Daniel didn't do it. Brady says Nicole was the only other one there so he needs her help figuring it out. Brady asks how documents that Kristen couldn't have stolen ended up on her computer right after Nicole left his place for hers. Nicole questions him thinking she did this. Nicole suggests it could've been Victor but Brady argues and calls her a lying little bitch.

Marlena tells Kristen that she must be so proud of herself. Kristen jokes about wanting to make sure she isn't wearing a wire. Kristen is glad she moved on from stupid tricks that made her look like an idiot. Marlena tells her that she's won since she and John are suffering. Kristen thinks Marlena thrives on self pity and mocks her. Kristen tells her to take responsibility for what she's done. Kristen says Marlena always wants to be the victim. Kristen tells her that it will never be over for them. Kristen calls her a hypocrite that doesn't own up to it as she walks away.

Brady goes after Nicole for trying to pull this on him. Brady yells at her until Eric comes back and gets in between them. Brady declares this the stupidest thing of everything Nicole's ever done. Brady continues to accuse her of taking the documents and tells her not to deny it because he has proof. Brady tells her that she tried to break them up but now they're stronger. Brady tells her he doesn't want to see her and they are done as she's crossed the line. Nicole wants to explain but Brady storms out and Eric asks what she's done.

Kate agrees that Gabi and Nick getting married is a mistake. Kate mentions that Will convinced her not to fire Nick. Gabi thanks Kate. Kate tells her to thank Will. Nick mentions Gabi wanting to tell people about having a daughter herself. Kate thinks it's also up to Will. Kate tells Nick to rest up for work because he will be very busy and won't be seeing Gabi much as he will have to make sacrifices. Kate then exits the Pub.

Brady walks through the town square and runs into Marlena. Brady tells her that he doesn't have time but Marlena asks him to take a minute because it's important.

Billie re-enters the coffeehouse where Kate is seated. Billie joins Kate. Kate tells her that she's already looking for a replacement for her at work. Billie says that's not why she's there. Billie mentions running into Will who convinced her that she deserved better than to hear later. Billie tells her that the job she was after came through and it's in Europe so she's leaving tonight. Kate asks Billie if she really hates her that much.

Nick tells Gabi that no one is on their side but them. Gabi thinks he's overreacting. Nick says Kate only came by to let him know how short the leash is and he thinks Rafe was doing the same thing in his own way. Gabi questions comparing Rafe to Kate. Nick thinks Rafe should be helping Gabi get what she wants but he's putting restrictions and limits up. Gabi tells him to stop. Nick apologizes for upsetting her and says they will figure it out. Gabi knows what Rafe wants her to do and she knows what Nick wants her to do. Nick asks what she wants. Gabi doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Gabi says if they get married today or in a couple of months, either way they will be getting married so it doesn't matter as it will still be beautiful and they can make everything work like they want it to. Nick decides if that's what makes her happy then that's what they will do. Gabi thanks him and hugs him.

Hope appreciates Rafe's concern but says she's not on edge and certainly not because of Bo. Rafe notes that Bo has been gone awhile. Hope says he's just spending some long overdue time with the kids. Hope admits she's envious and wishes she could be there. Rafe gets a call from Gabi. Gabi tells Rafe that she and Nick talked it over and they are going to postpone the wedding for now. Rafe calls that great and knows it wasn't an easy decision. Rafe tells her he loves her and hangs up. Rafe tells Hope that they agreed to hold off for now. Hope thinks it's for the best too. Hope has to go pick Ciara up from school. Rafe doesn't think they were finished but Hope insists that everything is fine as she exits.

Nick uses the computer in Gabi's room to search Lucas's prison sentence and declares that it's time to play hard ball with Will.

Eric questions how Nicole could do this. Nicole explains that she was trying to help Brady and Eric. Eric wonders how. Nicole talks about Eric trying to lead her to a better path. Eric says he's failed if she thinks that. Nicole tells him that he can't turn her into a virtuous person overnight. Nicole says things she does come from her heart and she thought she could make things better since she knows Kristen is tearing them apart. Nicole thinks he'd be thanking her if it worked but Eric says he wouldn't. Nicole says even if she loses Brady, she'd do it again because she wants Brady to see the light and for Eric to be happy while this was the only way she could think of to make it happen.

Marlena tells Brady that business was only part of the reason John left as he needed a break from her. Marlena adds that she needs to tell Brady something that he won't like. Marlena explains that she went to see Kristen while wearing a wire which John didn't know about. Marlena admits she was hoping she could get Kristen to say what she wanted but the whole thing backfired and John was upset which is why he left. Brady questions why she's telling him now. Marlena assumes Kristen would have told him already since she was on to her from the beginning. Marlena mentions that Kristen held up a note that said "I know what you're doing" which Brady remembers asking Kristen about where she said it was work related. Brady then gets upset and decides he has to go as he walks away.

Billie tells Kate that the reasons she came back are now irrelevant and it's time to move on. Kate asks if this all happened after one argument. Billie says it's not about that. Kate doesn't want to accept her resignation. Billie doesn't want to hurt her but says she wants this change for her and has to do this for herself. Billie says they'll still see each other as Kate could come visit and Billie will come back. Kate doesn't want to say goodbye. Billie tells her that she doesn't have to. Billie tells Kate that she loves her and wishes it wasn't so hard to be in her corner. Billie adds that she'll always be in her corner no matter what even if she can't see her. Billie says she loves her but needs to do this. Billie and Kate hug while crying. Billie then exits.

Gabi and Will sit together at the Pub. Gabi gives Will a picture from the sonogram and Will thanks her then asks where Nick is.

Nick reads about Lucas going to prison after taking the fall for Will. Nick reads about Will and remarks that the gay boy tried to murder EJ. Will then enters the room.

Eric tells Nicole that he's glad she said that but is sorry it cost her friendship with Brady. Eric suggests maybe things can cool down but maybe she should prepare herself just in case. Eric warns her that she broke the law by stealing those documents so if they press charges, she could wind up in jail.

Kristen sits alone with a glass of wine. She said after the way this day started, she couldn't have ended in a better position. After a knock on the door, she says maybe she spoke too soon. Brady enters and Kristen asks what happened after confronting Nicole. Brady says Nicole confessed to everything. Kristen hugs him and wants to celebrate but Brady stops her and wants to know why she lied to him. Kristen says she didn't but Brady asks why she lied about Marlena.

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