Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/29/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and knocks on the door. Chloe answers the door dressed in nothing but one of Daniel's shirts.

Kate and Billie walk through the town square as Kate complains about Chloe keeping her from Parker. Billie assumes Kate's going to make her pay. Kate says she already did and Billie then calls it all Kate's fault.

Brady calls Kristen who is outside the Pub. Brady mentions his business taking longer than expected so Kristen tells him to go ahead to her room if she's not back yet and hangs up. Roman approaches and blames Kristen for John leaving town.

Nicole closes Brady's laptop as Daniel arrives. Nicole asks what he's doing there. Daniel asks her the same. Nicole says she's just waiting for Brady but Daniel doesn't believe her. Daniel states that it's real clear there's something she's not telling him. Nicole admits he's right and she shouldn't hide things from him.

Jennifer asks Chloe if she's alone and what she's doing at Daniel's.

Nicole tells Daniel about talking to Sister Margaret and Father Matt so she's trying to better her life but every now and then, she's reminded of the life she thought she was going to have and how much she wanted it and how much she was willing to do to get it. Nicole tells him that she's really happy for Daniel but it's still really hard for him. They talk about being surprised to see each other here. Daniel doesn't think Nicole was surprised. Nicole says she was guilty as seeing Daniel made it hit her all over again. Daniel asks why and Nicole asks what's wrong with him.

Jennifer asks Chloe where Daniel is.

Kate questions Billie rubbing salt in her wounds when she's about to lose her grandson. Billie reminds Kate that Parker is not her grandson and she's not losing him. Kate says she might as well be. Billie thinks Kate wouldn't be satisfied with anything but Chloe's destruction. Billie tells Kate that she doesn't listen and is proud of being stubborn. Kate calls it determination. Billie doesn't think Kate is willing to change her ways. Kate says that's how she got where she is. Billie asks where she is. Kate asks why she's saying hateful things to her. Billie tells her it's time to listen as things are about to change.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she's wearing Daniel's shirt because she was naked. Chloe mentions that Daniel told her that she could stay so she started picking up Parker's things and claims Parker made a huge mess with his food so she had to shower. Chloe thought Daniel was meeting Jennifer for lunch and asks what Jennifer is doing there.

Daniel wants Nicole to tell him what's going on as he believes she is not telling the truth. Victor enters and questions why Nicole is there. Daniel says they are in the middle of something but Nicole says she was just going to apologize to Brady as Brady returns to the living room. Victor tells her that a sincere apology would take all day. Nicole decides she isn't wanted there and should leave. Brady offers to walk her out but Nicole says he doesn't have to as she exits. Nicole thinks back to putting the files on Brady's computer and says to herself that she hopes Kristen is ready because she's no match for her as she walks away.

Kristen tells Roman that she didn't have anything to do with John leaving town. Roman wants to know what happened. Kristen says Marlena doesn't seem like herself lately and she feels like they've switched places. Roman says Kristen would use anyone while Marlena would never. Kristen brings up saving his life. Roman says it wasn't out of the goodness of her heart. Kristen says Salem has been good to her this time around. Roman says they will see. Kristen says she came back to make amends and then Brady made all her dreams come true.

Victor complains about Nicole being in his living room. Brady argues with him about it. Victor questions why Nicole was there. Brady says they may never know and exits to make a call. Daniel tries to leave but Victor stops him and says he's happy for Parker to be there but not Chloe. Daniel explains that he's trying to help Chloe find a place to get settled. Victor adds that he'd rather Chloe darken his doorstep forever than darken Daniel's.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she asked Daniel to meet her there. Chloe claims to understand but asks where he is then. Chloe then points out that he left his phone. Jennifer worries that Daniel must be wondering where she is then. Chloe stops her and wants to finish their conversation but Jennifer thinks it's already done. Chloe talks about jumping to wrong conclusions and senses hostility from Jennifer. Chloe says they shouldn't be enemies with a child involved and they both want what's best for him. Jennifer says that's why she is now going to leave. Jennifer exits and Chloe remarks about blondes having more fun.

Kristen sits in her room with her computer until Nicole arrives. Kristen complains. Nicole informs her that she has the resignation letter from Eric for her to sign. Kristen wishes Eric sent someone else but Nicole says she volunteered and enters, noticing Kristen's open laptop. Kristen threatens to call security. Nicole tells her not to as she feels like they have unfinished business. Kristen questions if she came to attack her again and threatens her. Nicole says she talked to Brady and just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier. Nicole claims she won't stand in the way if she makes Brady happy. Kristen mocks not needing her permission to see Brady. Nicole talks about not wanting to be enemies. Kristen looks for a pen to sign the resignation letter but the phone rings so she answers it. Nicole spots a room key and takes it as Kristen is on the phone. Kristen says she'll be there in ten minutes so she has to go. Nicole reminds her to sign the resignation so she signs it and tells her to go. Nicole thanks her and exits with her room key.

Kate and Billie continue to argue. Kate asks what changes she's talking about. Kate talks about wishing she raised her from childhood. Billie tells her it's too late to play the guilt card. Kate doesn't know what she's talking about. Billie thinks Kate is too busy with revenge on Chloe to ever notice. Billie reveals that she's looking for a new job as she doesn't think they should work together anymore.

Chloe tells Parker that she's going to take him to play with Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe talks about Daniel and Jennifer not knowing that she knows where they are having lunch so she will just happen to show up.

Daniel tells Victor that he hears him. Victor mentions warning him against Chloe and Nicole in the first place. Daniel doesn't want to go over his relationship disasters. Brady comes back in and tells Victor that he's needed on the phone. Victor goes to answer and tells Brady not to leave before they get to talk. Brady tells Daniel that he's about to catch more hell for being with Kristen. Brady suggests he and Kristen double date with Daniel & Jennifer sometime and they shake hands as Daniel then exits.

Victor returns to Brady and is glad he's alone. Brady promises that Nicole won't be showing up on a regular basis. Victor mentions that anyone would be preferable to Kristen too. Brady is sick of everyone telling him about Kristen. Victor questions Brady's judge of character. Brady compares it to Maggie falling for Victor despite her family warning her against him. Victor thinks Brady is only interested in Kristen for sex. Brady says it's not about that but about the person she is. Brady talks about getting out of rehab and believes people can turn their life around. Brady insists that Kristen's changed and what they have is real. Brady declares the conversation done and he exits.

Daniel sits at the Pub as Jennifer arrives and joins him. Daniel greets her and tells her that she looks great. They both say they got hung up on their way. Daniel asks if she's okay and asks what's going on. Jennifer says she's just hungry. Daniel mentions an e-mail he got from Ann. Daniel realizes he left his phone at home. Jennifer gives it back to him, informing him that she went to his place to surprise him. Chloe then arrives and greets them. Chloe says she just ordered take out and didn't expect to see them. Chloe apologizes to Jennifer for earlier as she knows it was awkward. Daniel asks about it so Chloe points out Jennifer not telling him. Chloe calls it all a misunderstanding. Chloe tells Daniel about Parker making a mess and she was then surprised to see Jennifer. Chloe mentions Jennifer seeing her in one of Daniel's shirts. Chloe then exits to take her food. Daniel questions why Jennifer tip toed around what happened rather than just coming out and telling him the truth.

Nicole sneaks back into Kristen's room and puts Titan files from Brady's computer on Kristen's lap top. Nicole mentions Brady hopefully finding something in Kristen's personal file that she put on Brady's computer. Nicole hears the door and worries that Kristen has come back already. Nicole hides as it's Brady who enters, looking for Kristen.

Billie tells Kate that she has to start looking out for herself. Billie mentions her past problems. Billie says she can't go back and has to move forward. Billie says she can't cling on and lose hope. Billie doesn't want Kate to drag her down and says she can't do it anymore. Kate asks if that's what she does. Billie decides she has to go but Kate says they aren't finished here. Billie says they are done and she's already tried as hard as she can. Billie then walks away.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she wasn't trying to hide anything from him and it was no big deal with Chloe. Daniel asks her about going to his place. Jennifer shows him the text message and Daniel realizes that she wanted to change plans and surprise him. Jennifer says all that matters is that they are alone together at last.

Kristen returns to her room and is surprised to see Brady inside. Kristen complains about the problems with the valet outside which is why she had to leave. Kristen sees Brady decorated the bed with roses and she hugs him. Brady picks her up and kisses her, then carries her onto the bed as Nicole remains hiding in the bathroom.

Ann talks on the phone at the hospital firing someone as Chloe arrives. Ann apologizes for her hearing that. Ann says she used to hate firing people but now always imagines it's Jennifer. Ann says her fantasy will never come true as long as Daniel is protecting Jennifer. Chloe tells her that she may get her wish as Daniel will get bored of her and then Jennifer will be someone else's problem. Chloe assures her that she gave Jennifer an image she won't get out of her head for a very long time.

Jennifer talks about her original idea being for them to be at his place alone because she felt like it was the right time. Daniel thinks he screwed up royally but Jennifer reminds him that the day is not over. Jennifer suggests it'd be nice for them to just go away together. Jennifer adds that she doesn't want to stand in the way of he and Parker but maybe they could manage one night for just the two of them. Daniel asks if she's sure she's ready for this. Jennifer says she is so sure and she really wants this night to be special for both of them. Jennifer suggests leaving tonight. They hold hands as Daniel agrees that it works for him.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing in bed until Kristen gets up and says she'll be right back. Brady tells her to hurry up while Nicole remains worried as she hides.

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