Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/28/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to see Kristen. Kristen claims it's nice to see her but Nicole is not sure it's going to be so nice.

Marlena tells Brady that she doesn't want to go into specifics and doesn't want to talk about the foolish decisions she's made because of Kristen. Marlena thinks Brady will feel that same way too. Brady doesn't want to hear it. Marlena thinks they are going to end up paying a terrible price. Brady complains about Marlena, Eric, and John not wanting him to be with Kristen. Brady insists that Kristen makes him happy. Eric calls and tells Brady to come back to the rectory as they have one more thing to settle.

Hope approaches Jennifer at the hospital and invites her to lunch but Jennifer has a date with Daniel. Hope asks about Chloe being back. Jennifer claims to be fine but admits that she thinks Chloe is dead set on getting Daniel back.

Chloe suggests she and Parker move in to Daniel's together as the best way for Daniel to get to know Parker.

Nicole tells Kristen that she wants to talk to her about Brady since he's stupid when it comes to women. Kristen points out Brady being with Nicole before. Nicole calls Kristen a phony bitch. Kristen responds that it must take one to know one.

Brady goes to the rectory and asks Eric if he's going to let him back on the board. Eric says he needs a formal letter of resignation from Brady so he can get a replacement. Brady signs the paper and tells Eric that he and Kristen will still support the school and church. They argue. Brady says he's going to live his life his way no matter what anyone else thinks. Brady exits as Eric calls it the Kristen DiMera way.

Kristen mocks Nicole. Nicole tells her to think about Brady who is losing John and Marlena. Kristen claims she never wanted it to happen. Nicole talks about Kristen always going after what she wants and wanting to hurt John and Marlena. Nicole brings up Kristen trying to kill Marlena in the past and everything she did with Susan and Roman. Nicole says she knows all that because Brady told her. Kristen insists that Brady believes she's changed. Kristen admits she's made mistakes and says Nicole is the master of past mistakes.

Hope asks Jennifer if she thinks Daniel sees that Chloe is out to get him. Jennifer talks about Daniel's incredible qualities but says he doesn't see some women for who they are like Nicole. Jennifer thinks it would be stupid to underestimate Chloe.

Daniel puts Parker in his crib to play so he can talk with Chloe. Daniel tells Chloe that she's kind of scaring him by thinking she could really move in. Daniel reminds her that they are divorced and he's with Jennifer now.

Marlena goes to the rectory to see Eric. They talk about it all being a mess with Brady. Eric explains his reasoning for not having Brady and Kristen on the board. Marlena hopes it's a wake up call for Brady as she doesn't want him losing anyone else. Eric talks about all Marlena has lost. Marlena blames herself for it.

Kristen brings up Nicole dumping Brady for EJ and dumping Eric for Lucas. Kristen then talks about Nicole marrying Victor. Nicole admits it was awful and bad but she'll always be a loyal friend to Brady. Kristen believes she's concerned but mocks her for her life being empty. Kristen says they both have a past but claims she's changed while bringing up Nicole lying about her baby's death. Nicole warns her to stop but she continues. Nicole tries to slap her but Kristen catches her hand and tells her that she just made another mistake. Kristen warns her about raising a hand to a DiMera. Kristen mocks Nicole some more and tells her to leave if she knows what's good for her. Nicole instead shoves Kristen back onto the bed and tries to attack her but Brady arrives and pulls Nicole off. Nicole shouts about Kristen as Brady takes Nicole out of the room. Brady warns Nicole that if she ever does that again then they will no longer be friends. Nicole argues that Kristen is not worth it. Brady tells Nicole that she's wrong about Kristen. Kristen wonders a loud what she's doing to Brady.

Marlena talks to Eric about losing John. Eric asks what she's talking about.

Jennifer and Hope go to Jennifer's office. Jennifer talks about loving Jack for so long and now being nice to be with someone less complicated. Jennifer talks about Daniel regretting not seeing Melanie grow up but now has Parker. Jennifer talks about wanting to be fair to Chloe and how it'd be better for Parker if they were back together. Hope admits that she thinks Chloe is weak and has hurt a lot of people. Jennifer feels Chloe is strong for her son. Jennifer says it was wrong and unfair what Chloe and Daniel went through. Hope stops her and says she won't let Jennifer talk herself into this.

Daniel tells Chloe that they need to talk and clear the air about them. Daniel reveals that he knows Chloe didn't get back with Phillip and is now talking about moving in with him. Daniel wants Chloe to be honest if she wishes they could get back together. Chloe admits she does.

Brady talks to Nicole about not speaking to his family so he won't speak to her if she tries this again. Nicole questions Eric being nothing to Brady now. Brady accuses Eric of judging him. Nicole brings up Kristen trying to kill Marlena. Nicole apologizes but says it's not about her and Kristen but about Brady and what it's doing to his family. Nicole says this is killing Eric and Brady. Nicole insists that Kristen doesn't care about anyone but herself. Brady tells Nicole that she's wrong and heads back into Kristen's room. Kristen claims she tried to keep it together but Nicole attacked her. Brady tells her to cut Nicole some slack after she's been through a lot. Kristen questions if Brady is defending her. Kristen continues to claim that Nicole came in and attacked her. Brady talks about spending the last week defending Kristen and straining all of his personal relationships. Brady points out that Nicole did just lose her second baby and all the pain she's been through. Brady thinks Kristen should just let it go. Brady also believes Kristen gave as good as she got. Kristen says she wasn't going to just take it. Kristen tells him that Nicole doesn't deserve his sympathy and she doesn't think Brady should be around Nicole anymore. Brady suggests Kristen is jealous. Kristen denies it but Brady asks why she is jealous.

Marlena explains to Eric that she went too far in trying to prevent John from finding out about Kristen and Brady. Nicole listens from outside the door. Marlena prepares to leave as Nicole enters, apologizing for interrupting. Eric walks Marlena out. Nicole remarks that it sounds like Kristen is the hot topic of the day. Nicole says to herself that Marlena seems to be giving up the fight so it's time to bring in the reserves to expose Kristen. Nicole declares sometimes it takes a lie to get the truth. Nicole sees the resignation letter of Brady's. Nicole comments on Brady and Kristen working for different companies. Nicole looks through Eric's desk and finds a flash drive.

Hope tells Jennifer not to give Chloe an opening to move in on Daniel. Hope thinks it's time to fight fire with fire and asks Jennifer where she's going for lunch. Jennifer says she'll be at the Pub.

Chloe tells Daniel that he's right that they need to be totally honest with each other. Chloe admits it took her a long time to realize that it wasn't about sleeping with Phillip but that she lied about it over and over. Chloe says she had never been so unhappy and knew Daniel sensed something was wrong. Chloe says all the terrible things she did after losing Daniel was because she lost herself. Chloe gets emotional talking about living with Daniel and waking up with him. Chloe calls it the first time she felt at home. Chloe admits she hasn't been with Phillip or anyone else since leaving Salem because she lived to be a good mother to Parker. Chloe adds that no other man or life could possibly touch what she had with Daniel so she admits she wants it back and thinks about it every day. Chloe doesn't think Daniel even remembers it but he says that he does.

Kristen tells Brady that she's not jealous. She says she can tell Nicole is out of control because she doesn't like Brady being with someone while she's alone. Brady questions her not wanting him around Nicole and he doesn't like taking orders. Kristen admits she was upset and may not have meant it but she thinks Nicole is using him. Kristen mentions John leaving town and says she's worried about Brady since she knows what being with her is doing to him. Brady insists that everyone else is wrong and they shouldn't let anyone get between them. Brady says he must go run his company. Kristen gives him the key and says to make himself comfortable if he gets back while she's out. Brady kisses her and then wonders who is going to get on his case next. Brady exits. Kristen then grabs her purse and exits as well.

Nicole talks to Eric about seeing Brady's resignation letter. Eric talks about his latest fight with Brady about how he thinks nothing else matters but Kristen. Eric calls Brady delusional and says it's pulling the whole family apart. Nicole asks if he needs a resignation letter from Kristen and offers to handle it. Eric agrees since he doesn't want to see her for a long time. Nicole tells him to consider it done. Eric goes to get an aspirin as Nicole agrees to track Kristen down to get it done. Nicole says to herself that she has somewhere else to stop first as she exits.

Jennifer tells Hope that the Pub is where she and Daniel like to go as it was their first date. Hope says they all love the Pub but certain things can't happen at the Pub. Hope suggests Daniel would enjoy being reminded of how well they get along one on one. Jennifer agrees and suggests they could go to the park with hot chocolate. Hope likes the idea and tells Jennifer to go for it. Jennifer mentions hearing Chloe say that she was taking Parker back to the Kiriakis Mansion so she could pick Daniel up at his place. Hope calls it perfect.

Daniel tells Chloe that she's not the only one who made mistakes as he made plenty. Chloe says he didn't like she did. Daniel is just happy that Parker is back in his life and that he has such an amazing, strong mother. Daniel adds that he's got to be honest in that the time has passed and they can't undo the hurt they did to each other. Daniel doesn't think they can. Daniel thinks they can be forgiving because he's not the same man he was then. Chloe understands as she's not the same woman either. Chloe is glad that Daniel moved on and found someone he really likes. Daniel hopes Chloe ends up as happy as he is with Jennifer. Chloe hopes so as well. Daniel says he has errands to run before his date with Jennifer so Chloe goes to get Parker but Daniel tells her not to wake him up. Daniel tells Chloe to just lock up when she leaves and give Maggie the key after Parker wakes up. Daniel tells her that it was good to talk and Chloe agrees. Daniel then exits leaving Chloe in his apartment. Chloe sits with Parker and says once upon a time, Daniel loved her so much. Chloe promises that he will again.

Hope brings Ciara to see Eric. Ciara talks about enjoying her first communion class. Hope then sends Ciara to go to class. Hope tells Eric that she thought he handled the wedding situation well. Eric asks if she's seen Marlena. Hope says it's been a few days. Eric informs her that John left town. Hope wonders if Kristen won.

Kristen walks through the town square and looks at the bracelet Brady bought her. Kristen reminds herself that Brady is just a means to an end. She turns around and runs into Marlena.

Chloe plays with Parker. She tells him that Daniel is wrong in that they can have what they had back. Chloe says she just needs to find out how to derail "that broad." Daniel's phone rings so Chloe realizes he left it there. Chloe checks it and reads Jennifer's text message that she's coming by to pick him up for a private lunch. Chloe says to herself that Jennifer will be coming to an empty apartment and then suggests maybe not. Chloe then goes back to playing with Parker.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson goes to alert Brady that she's there. Brady enters thinking they had talked enough for one day. Nicole says she just came to apologize since he doesn't need more drama. Nicole then begins to claim she's been getting headaches. Brady asks if she'll be alright. Nicole asks him for a cup of tea with honey so Brady sits her down and goes to get it. While he's gone, Nicole opens up his laptop and inserts the flash drive then plants files onto the computer.

Eric asks Hope if she thinks Kristen is the cause of this. Hope says Kristen has been causing problems with John and Marlena since she came back. Eric can't believe Kristen could win. Eric tells Hope that Marlena implied that she herself did something that really upset John.

Kristen asks Marlena if John is really gone. Marlena says he is so she can stop torturing Brady but Kristen says she loves Brady and hopes they will be together for a very long time as she walks away.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and knocks on the door. Chloe answers the door dressed in nothing but one of Daniel's shirts.

Nicole closes Brady's laptop as Daniel arrives. Nicole asks what he's doing there. Daniel asks her the same. Nicole says she's just waiting for Brady but Daniel doesn't believe her. Daniel states that it's real clear there's something she's not telling him.

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