Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/25/13


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Daniel sits at home with Parker, talking on the phone with Chloe about how Parker is doing. Chloe thinks Parker knows Daniel's his dad. Daniel mentions Maggie coming by. Chloe says she'll be there as soon as she's finished with her errands. Daniel hangs up as there's a knock at the door. Daniel takes Parker to help him open the door, assuming it's Maggie but it is instead Nicole with a present in hand.

Chloe enters Jennifer's office at the hospital. Jennifer asks what she's doing there. Chloe hopes it's okay. Jennifer tells her it's fine as she's free. Chloe thinks they should talk face to face about Parker and Daniel.

Brady and Kristen enter Eric's office at the rectory. Eric informs them that he cancelled the board meeting but wanted to speak with them privately. Brady wonders why. Eric brings up their public relationship and Brady's fight with John. Eric says the idea of them all working together on building the school is a bit naive and no longer happening.

John and Marlena meet at the coffeehouse. Marlena asks if he's changed his mind but John reveals that he called her because he's leaving town today. Marlena sits down surprised that he's leaving. John says he has meetings set up in Paris and Milan. Marlena accuses him of running away and not wanting to fix things. John says he wants to break up Brady and Kristen but he can't think in this environment. Marlena asks when he's coming back. John responds that he doesn't know and is thinking about staying in Italy for awhile. Marlena brings up everything they've been through and survived and asks if he's going to throw it all away just because she didn't tell him about Brady and Kristen. John says if she would've told him sooner then maybe he could've done something to stop it. Marlena points out that John always thought Kristen was right and she was wrong. John accuses her of not believing in him.

Nicole gives Parker a toy as his present and she sits with Daniel and Parker. Nicole talks about not knowing Parker would be there and thought she'd just drop the present off and tell him how happy she was for him. Daniel understands if she's reminded of what she lost. Nicole blames herself for trying to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart. Daniel tells her not to say that. Nicole says Daniel's with Jennifer now and she's with the convent now. Daniel encourages that she will find someone that's right for her. Nicole says she found someone but the hard part was getting him to see she was right for him. Daniel apologizes. Nicole asks about how Jennifer is handling Daniel having a son. Daniel says she was shocked but happy. Nicole asks about Chloe being back in his life. Daniel says Jennifer knows that's in the past. Nicole feels there's something Daniel should know. Daniel asks what it is. Nicole hopes he doesn't take it the wrong way but before she can continue, there's a knock at the door. Daniel takes Parker to answer the door and it's Maggie. Maggie greets them. Nicole decides she was just leaving. Daniel tells Nicole that she was in the middle of something but she claims it's not important and she just wanted him to know how happy she is for him. Nicole tells Daniel he'll be a great father as she then exits. Nicole holds back tears outside the door.

Jennifer asks Chloe what she wants to say about Daniel and Parker. Chloe looks at a photo of Jennifer and Jack on her desk and says she's sorry about Jack and knows she must miss him. Jennifer doesn't think Chloe came to talk about Jack but Chloe says she kind of did. Chloe talks about growing up in Salem and knowing how much Jack and Jennifer meant to each other. Chloe says it makes her wonder if Daniel is a transition for Jennifer to get over Jack. Jennifer says she knows her feelings. Chloe talks about Parker having to get used to seeing Daniel and not Phillip. Chloe adds that Parker needs to get to know Jennifer too so she's afraid that if Jennifer and Daniel broke up then Parker would end up hurt and confused. Jennifer doesn't believe Chloe came to talk about Parker.

Brady questions Eric ending the school project. Kristen suggests keeping Brady on the board and tells them to work it out. Kristen exits. Brady questions Eric. Brady adds that he's not staying on the board without Kristen. Eric responds that he doesn't think they'll ever work together on anything.

Marlena asks John again how long he will be gone but he doesn't know. She asks how she's supposed to keep the family safe on her own. John says Kristen is into mind games now so Marlena should just stay away and not engage. Marlena wonders if she should change the locks. John says he wouldn't leave if he thought she was a physical threat. John tells Marlena to stop thinking about Kristen and let her go. John says he has a lot to do and starts to leave but Marlena rushes up and hugs him as she gets teary-eyed. Marlena then kisses John.

Maggie puts Parker to sleep and talks to Daniel about how she was able to do it. Daniel talks about having so much to learn. Maggie encourages him but Daniel is impatient that he's missed two years of Parker's life. Daniel wishes Parker never left. Maggie reminds Daniel that he has Parker back. Daniel feels he's still a stranger to Parker.

Chloe asks if Jennifer is questioning her concern for her son. Jennifer explains that she just doesn't believe she came because of Parker. Jennifer doesn't believe Chloe has accepted that Daniel has moved on. Chloe understands her suspicions and says it's time to clear the air between them.

Nicole runs into Father Matt in the town square. Matt talks about Nicole doing wonderful things in the church office. Nicole says she's finally doing something right. Matt notes that she doesn't sound too happy and offers to talk about it. Nicole agrees and they sit on a bench. Nicole admits that she's worried about a guy that she used to be involved with because he's dating someone who is so self-righteous, annoying, and dull. Nicole continues talking about another woman from his past wanting him back. Matt suggests she still has strong feelings for this man so she can't be entirely objective. Nicole admits she does and talks about how she almost warned Daniel but doesn't know why she'd help him stay with Jennifer when she should sit back and let Chloe scheme. Matt suggests she do nothing because it's not her business.

Brady and Eric argue about Brady's involvement with Kristen and the fight with John. Eric doesn't want their relationship to have a poor reflection on the church. Eric says he's talking to Brady as his brother. Eric calls Kristen as dangerous as Stefano. Brady argues that he doesn't even know her but Eric feels all he needs to know is that she tried to kill Marlena. Eric questions how this is affecting his whole family. Eric calls Brady selfish and adds that Brady doesn't care about this causing John and Marlena's marriage to fall apart. Brady thinks they should give Kristen the benefit of the doubt. Brady thought being a priest would change Eric but declares he was wrong and storms out.

Kristen goes to the coffeehouse but backs out when she sees John and Marlena kissing so she watches through the window. Marlena asks John not to go because she has a terrible feeling that he won't come back. John doesn't know what's ahead for them but says he will be back. Marlena promises to hold him to that and hugs him. Marlena holds back tears as John then exits. Marlena sits down crying as Kristen watches through the window with a joyful smile. Kristen then rushes off.

Maggie tells Daniel that she's very happy that he's her son but still wishes she had him from childhood. Daniel is glad to have her as his mother. Maggie admits their life may be unconventional but they are happy and is sure Parker will be too. Daniel says she always knows what to say and calls himself so lucky to have her in his life.

Chloe tells Jennifer that she accepts Daniel is with her now. Chloe admits she was hiding something and says before she left Salem, she was a prostitute. Jennifer says she knows but it's not her business. Chloe thinks it's best for her to hear the whole story as she feels it could change everything.

Father Matt suggests Nicole focus on doing something good for someone else that doesn't focus on her own needs. Nicole calls it a good idea and just has to figure out what that is.

Kristen follows John out of the town square. John asks what she wants. Kristen calls it some scene at the coffeehouse and asks if it's for real. John questions if she's spying on them. Kristen asks if he's really leaving town. John says he's only leaving long enough to make Brady see her for the monster she is. Kristen asks if there's trouble between John and Marlena. John tells her to go to hell and walks away. Kristen remarks to herself about revenge being sweet.

Jennifer tells Chloe that she's sorry for her horrible story and doesn't think anyone could hold it against her so she won't. Chloe thanks her and appreciates it, calling it such a relief. Chloe adds that she keeps thinking someone else would've fought back but she let Vivian convince her that Daniel was having an affair with Carly and she let Phillip seduce her while having no idea about Stephanie, her friend, and Caroline changing the DNA test results. Chloe states that she let other people ruin the best thing to ever happen to her. Chloe suggests if Daniel knew Parker was his son then maybe they could have worked things out for Parker but he turned and walked away. Jennifer doesn't understand the point she's trying to make. Chloe talks about Jennifer always doing the right thing. Jennifer questions if she thinks the right thing for her to do would be to give up Daniel. Chloe blames herself for losing Daniel so she'd never ask Jennifer to give him up if she makes him happy. Chloe adds that she's worried about what Jennifer could do to Parker as she heard from someone at the hospital that she had the number for child protective services. Jennifer denies it as Chloe questions if she was going to call child protective services on her. A nurse enters and tells Jennifer that the hospital administrator wants to speak with her. Chloe says she has to pick up Parker and asks Jennifer to think about what she said as she exits.

Nicole goes to Eric's office and bringing him his mail. She finds Eric's collar on the floor and he admits that he threw it at Brady earlier. Nicole asks if it was about Kristen. Eric admits that he asked them to resign from the board because of their relationship but Brady didn't want to hear a negative word about Kristen. Eric talks about how Brady thinks she's changed and they're in love. Eric doesn't know what it will do to Brady when he finally realizes that Kristen is playing him. Eric doesn't understand how one woman could tear a family apart.

John and Brady run into each other at the town square where Brady had just bought roses. John talks about running into Kristen who was glad things are bad between he and Kristen. Brady asks about him leaving town. John says he'll be back eventually and wants to figure out a way to get rid of Kristen. Brady says he'll be gone a long time and suggests John not come home until he realizes Kristen's a part of his life. Brady then walks away.

Kristen calls Stefano and tells him how fantastic it was that Marlena was begging John not to go. Stefano states that John has lost his wife and son because of her. Kristen says his life will never be the same. Stefano tells her that now that she got what she wanted, it's time for her to dump Brady but Kristen doesn't think she's going to do that.

Eric tells Nicole about John leaving town for awhile. Nicole wonders about Marlena. Eric thinks they are separating. Nicole calls them the world's most devoted couple. Eric says it's all about Kristen. Nicole thinks the only way to get their family back together is if Kristen is out of the picture. Eric questions what Nicole is thinking. Nicole declares it's time for her break and tells Eric not to give up hope. Eric says he's been praying a lot. Nicole exits and says she's counting on God helping people who help themselves.

Stefano tells Kristen to give Brady his walking papers since she got what she wants but Kristen is not sure she got what she wants as she wants to keep sticking it to John and Marlena. Stefano questions that being all there is to it. Kristen assures him that she knows exactly what she's doing.

Brady enters the coffeehouse and places his roses aside when he spots Marlena wiping tears. Brady mentions running into John so he knows about him leaving town. Brady mentions Eric telling him that he's caused their problems. Brady apologizes for it but Marlena says it's not his fault, it's hers. Brady asks what she did.

Maggie joins Jennifer in her office. Jennifer asks her to promise to not to tell Daniel what she's about to say. Jennifer reveals that Chloe came to see her to talk. Jennifer talks about Daniel apologizing and he knew that she'd never be calling child protective services. Jennifer tells Maggie that it's about a horrible incident in Chloe's past that Daniel now knows. Maggie wonders how he got the idea that Jennifer would use the information against Chloe. Jennifer thinks Chloe is trying to make her look bad. Maggie wonders what the incident was but Jennifer can't say. Jennifer says she can tell her why Chloe is doing this. Jennifer believes Chloe still loves Daniel and she'll do anything to get her out of the way to get him back.

Chloe joins Daniel and Parker. Daniel talks about Parker taking two naps. They talk about Parker getting used to everything. Chloe thinks Parker will end up having as much happy memories at Daniel's as she does. Chloe then declares she has the best idea.

Maggie tells Jennifer that Chloe should save her energy as she will never replace Jennifer in Daniel's eyes. Jennifer feels they are just getting back together while Chloe gave him a son. Maggie tells her that Daniel won't just forget the past. Jennifer believes Chloe still thinks she has another chance. Maggie admits Victor thinks so too. Maggie suggests she and Jennifer keep a very close eye on Chloe.

Chloe thinks Parker should stay with Daniel. Chloe talks about how they'd be able to spend the most time together and bond in no time. Daniel asks if she thinks they could work it out. Chloe then says that she could move in with Parker today.

Marlena tells Brady that she doesn't want to go into specifics and doesn't want to talk about the foolish decisions she's made because of Kristen. Marlena thinks Brady will feel that same way too. Brady doesn't want to hear it. Marlena thinks they are going to end up paying a terrible price.

John goes to Eric's office and hugs him. Eric asks if he can't talk him out of this. John says he's made up his mind. John tells Eric to watch out for Marlena and keep trying to get through to Brady. Eric says he'll pray. John thinks it will take more than prayers to stop Kristen as she really is the devil.

Kristen tells Stefano not to worry as she's going to ruin John and Marlena's lives like they ruined hers and no one can stop her. There's a knock at the door so Kristen hangs up and answers the door to see Nicole.

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